A New Doctor 2

Note: All science fiction here. Don’t try this at home or in the hospital.

Part 2:

The next day:

I stayed up almost all night reading the ‘thesis’ that explained the founding of this hospital and the solutions to curing the various forms of mental illness. I was further shocked reading it and was ready to query Dr. Henderson about it. Instead, he brought me over to yet another room with a one-way mirror. Inside was Catherine Granger, still tightly bound in her straitjacket, gagged and cuffed at her ankles.

“Doctor,” I began, but he just held up his hand. With his other, he adjusted a knob on the wall. Suddenly, I saw the girl start to shiver. A few minutes later, he twisted the dials the other way and I saw the girl start to sweat profusely.

“Temperature gauge,” He said, not looking at me. “By varying the temperature in that room, it will affect her psychological thoughts and perhaps her mood.”

“I read that all in manual. Does it really…”

“It’s in a doctoral thesis…” he started, not looking at me and continuing to change the temperature levels and ‘torturing’ the poor patient for the next twenty minutes until Nurse Roberts entered from a secluded side room. Catherine immediately tried to move away but a stern command from the nurse–we couldn’t hear her words but I could sort of lip read–stopped the poor girl from shifting further. The nurse bent down and removed her panel gag then with some command began to spoon feed her–I couldn’t tell what.

“I can’t believe she was gagged all night,” I commented.

“She was tape gagged with medical tape that’s hypoallergenic. All our mouth guards are hypoallergenic and cleanses their oral cavities. They hardly need to brush their teeth. Shall we get a move on?”

I actually started to feel an attachment towards Catherine so was reluctant to leave her. I followed the senior doctor through another set of corridors that revealed some more ‘cells’. As he randomly opened each one, I saw females, well mostly females, straitjacketed and gagged. Some of them were in underwear while some of them had something thick around their waists.

“Don’t look so surprised Jamieson,” Dr. Henderson said again without looking at me. “All patients are gagged to ensure the lowest possible noise so as not to instigate altercations or assaults and to present uniforminty amongst all. Some patients labelled medium-level and above are made to wear incontinence briefs,” clearly he didn’t want to use the word nappies or diapers, “as their retraints have to be on 24/7. The nurses will allow some to use the toilet at fix hours of the ay but otherwise, the briefs get used.”

Still bewildered, I found myself looking at an open area–we were on an upper level. More patients still in straitjackets, nappied and leg restraints were walking–more like shuffling about, with various nurses near them and guards at the corner. “These patients get some movement outside their rooms,” Henderson stated. “Some leg movement helps. And allows them to have some social activity.” As I looked closer, some patients were seated in tables of two or threes, never largely than that. Some device was place over the foreheads, something like a head band.

“That’s our latest invention, the neural recognition. The thoughts of each individual patient is transmitted to a tablet on the tablet or hand-held.” I indeed could se tablets next to each female patient and the nurses themselves also had smaller tablets. “Instead of try to waste their voice through the gags, patients will communicate to each other via thesse devices. The nurses and us doctors can also read converse with them–we type back what we wish to say–while each patient is gagged and straitjacketed.”



The Wet Hostage

Warning: 1) Young girl. 2) Mentions wetting/urination, desperation.

It was suppose to be a normal school trip to the Middle East, a region filled of wonder and beauty as well as conflict. Our flight was slight delayed but soon enough we were all headed home. As it was an early morning flight, most of us were sound asleep. That is, until there was a commotion, which grew in volume. An eerie, accent voice came on the intercom announcing that they plane was hijacked!! I literally shot up in my seat as I saw masked men with submachine guns and pistols walking down the aisles instead of the flight attendants. We were all ordered to turn in all electronic devices and I regretably handed over my iphone which contained pictures of the sights we had visited. The plane turned sharply to the left and began to descend. Within minutes, land could be seen out of the window until the accented voice told all of us to close the shutters.

The plane did a hard landing but thankfully I remembered to put on my seatbelt before landing. Then came the errie accented voice. “You all will be allowed to disembark. All of you, except one person. We will take one hostage for a collateral. ” Immediately everyone started to mummur, wondering who it will be . “Silence!” The voice continued. “Everyone quiet, stay in your seats and look straight ahead.” I did so, trembling. Who would be picked? I surmised so sort of young and good looking person. But a boy or a gir…

“You,” I heard the same voice from the speakers and turned to see a masked man. “You, stand up!”

“Noo….” I cried not believing I was chosen.

“Mister, look she’s only a kid, pick someone…OW!!!” I turned to see my teacher Mrs. Seagger interjected only to receive a large blow on her head. “SHUT UP!! Girl, get up NOW!” With my feet trembling I did so and was yanked immediately my a second masked man.

“NO! Don’t take…OW! OW!!” My teacher was again struck on the head but before I could turn around, I was pushed towards the front of the aircraft. The accented voice was on the speakers again: “All passengers will now disembark. Slowly and no heroics. We will watching you.”  As I heard the movement of the passengers, I was turned around to face the masked men again.

“What’s your name girl?” The senior one asked.

“Catherine..” I mumbled more because of my fear of their looks and their weapons.

“Well Catherine,” he continued, now with a softer tone, “don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you, unless you try to resist. We will fly on to another airport where after a short while you will be released. OK?” I slowly nodded but didn’t expect the next part. “Tape her up, and watch things from here,” he ordered his companion.

WHAT?! My hands were yanked behind my back and I felt the feeling of thick duct tape surrounding them. “Ha…mmmmppph!” something cloth-like was jammed into my mouth and then I felt another sticky duct tape plastered over my lips. Before I could move any further, he knelt down and wrapped tape around my nylon-covered knees and ankles. Her further wrapped tape above and below my small breasts. With tape literally all over me, he lifted me up and carried me to front cabin. He buckled me in and said, “now stay here.” I certainly couldn’t move anyway; the tape was really tight!

A few minutes later, I felt the plane moved–we were flying off again! It made me even more apprehensive since they didnt say where we were heading. What if the hijackers/kidnappers didn’t keep their promise and left me in some deserted place? What if they threw me in some hell hole or fed me to some animals or evil people? Or worse what if they killed me?

As I thought about my fate, I then felt a signal from my bladder. Yeah, I drank alot of water, juice and soft drinks during the flight and the meals provided. As the plane continued move, I felt a stronger signal from my bladder and began to struggle against my bonds. Suddenly, the plane banked and started to descend. Well, that was fast I thought. And thankfully too. Hopefully they would release me and I would run straight for the toilet.

The land was even rougher than before. As the plane finally halted, my bladder pressure was unbearable. “MMMMpppp…” I groaned through my gag. One of the masked men appeared and asked, “WHAT?”

“Mmmm…..” I cried again and finally he peeled or rather yanked off the tape and took out the cloth. “Please, mister, can you let me use the toilet?”

“No, no way girlie. You want a quick escape,” he replied and attempted to replace the cloth. “Please, mis….mmmppph!!!!” He jammed the cloth back and taped it up. “Mmmmmppph…” I wailed but he disappeared.

Shit they wont even release me for a pee. I squeezed my legs tight together, knowing that wasn’t going to help but still did so. Please, please, please release me. Five minutes later, I felt that my bladder was really going to burst. “MMMMMMPHHHH!!!” I cried and the man reappeared.

“I said no.” He snapped but I continued to wail and give him  a pleading look. Finally, he reached down and cut away the tape around my knees and ankles. My hands were shortly freed. “Mmmp?” I said, pointing at my gag. “You don’t need your mouth to pee. Two minutes max.”

I scooted off but just as I got past the end of the cabin, my bladder gave way. Warm pee soaked my knickers and trickled down my tights. Oh SHIT SHIT SHIT! I thought silently as I pushed open the door to the cubicle. I had just managed to unclip my skirt and lower my undies as another lot of pee shot out. Oh man, I thought, I’m so embarrassed. Then again, it was that hijacker’s fault for not releasing me the first time. I cleaned up as best as I could but the stained undies and tights felt just terrible against my crotch.

“Good, you are back,” he said seeing me. “Accident?” I was still too embarrassed and in any case was gagged so I couln’t reply. Suddenly,”BANG! BANG! BOOM!!!” The air suddenly turned smoky and I gave a muffled yelp as I smelled pungent fumes. My body collapsed to the ground more from the odour rather than the ear-shattering explosions. Just over a minute later, I heard cries of “She here! Hostage safe!” The smoky air suddenly dissipated and my vision cleared to see many masked men with MP-5 submachine guns. One knelt down and gently removed the tape across my lips and eased out the soggy cloth.

“Are you ok Miss? Everything fine no..oh dear, looked like you had an accident,” the HRT man said, causing me to turn bright red all over.


A change of underwear

It all was because of the damn bus….


Usually the bus which I take from school back to my neighbourhood would arrive on time. But for some reason or the other, it was late. Not your late by a few minutes late. Like more than n hour late. And that wouldn’t have been a worried had my bladder not given the signal that it need to empty itself.


“D..amn,” I said. Usually I don’t swear, not even using mild words like the D word but this was one exception.


“Did I hear you swear?” My partner and one of the close friends, Jemimah asked. We ere both of the same age but definitely did not look so. Jemimah was a tall girl, tall at the age of 13, with feminine curves and growing breasts. Many judged her cup size to be nearly B and guessed that she would have a voluptuous size by her mid-teens. I on the other hand was a short, scrawny 13-year old with a flat chest. Many people commented that I could pass as a ten or even right year old, which made me embarrassed.


“Yeah, I uh need to pee,” I replied.


“Well, surely you can hold. We’ll be at my house shortly,” she replied. I was heaing over to Jem’s place to work on our English project. Mum also wanted me to stay there to until she could pick me up–for some strange reason, my mother didn’t trust me to be home alone, even if I was already a teen.


I didn’t reply to Jem and crossed and uncrossed my legs, hoping that I could really hold it. It was probably the vast amounts of Coca-colaa I had across snack and lunch time. Oh darn it, where’s the freakin’ bus?


The rickety old bus arrived as I dashed up immediately, almost forgetting to flash my ID until the driver reminded me. The ride went smooth until a red light halted the vehicle. My bladder again gave a signal and I squeezed my nylon-clad legs together again.


“Oh gosh, Lauren, you’re not a kid. Hold it,” Jem commented. I didn’t reply again as I squeezed my legs tighter, hoping that I could really hold myself till we got to her place. Darn it, move bus, move!


Finally, we reached our stop and I scooted out of the bus. Jem’s house was at the top of a hill which meant another eight to ten minutes of walking. I started to pick up my pace and then after a few house, stopped.


“What’s wrong?”


“I don’t think I can hold it,..”


Jem shook her head. “Bloody hell, you’re not a baby! Come on, another few more houses and we’re there!”


I moved again then pass another side road I bent and felt a warm dampness between my legs. “Oh my gosh, are you peeing?!”


“I…I…” I turned bright red as pee continued to soak my underwear and travel down my tights.


“Come on, we’ve got to get to my house.” She yanked my arm and half dragged me up the hill, A few minutes later, we were inside her bungalow. Just as I kicked off my flat heeled shoes I felt the dampness between my legs again and stopped.


“Quick! Up to my room!” She again dragged me up the stairs, but not before pee another trickled down my legs and onto the floor! “Bloody hell Lauren!” She screamed.


“I’m so sorry…”


“The bathroom is over there and use the spare towel. I’ll clean up.” Nodding and giving her a “I’m sorry” looking, I did so. I just couldn’t believe it, me a thirteen year old wetting myself! And in another person’s home!


After a grateful shower, I dried off and head into her bedroom. “Jem, I’m so so sorry. That was so stupid of me and I’m so ashamed.”


“Well, I guess it can happen,” she said, crossing over to give me a hug, I started to feel a bit better.


“You skirt, knickers and tights are in my washing machine. Should be ready after an hour or so. Here’s the rest of your uniform,” she pointed.


Nodding, I buttoned my blouse (I told you I had no boobs yet) and donned the blazer. Turning to my friend, I remarked, “Uh, can I borrow underwear and shorts or something?”


Jem began to cross over to her drawers then stopped. “Uh, I don’t think that’s possible.”


“Why not?”


“Well, look at me and look at yourself.” I then realised what she meant. We were so different in height a build. There was no way I could fit into her undies, let alone any of her clothes.


“But…I can’t just stay around semi-naked!”


“Well, you’re lucky I’m a girl as well. Still…” she paused then continued. “I’ve got an idea. Be right back.” Five minutes later, she was back with some sort of package under her right arm and carrying a rather large bag with her left hand. Settling the bag down, she remarked, “I’m sure these are your size.”


It was then I saw the picture on package. “Are those diapers?”


“If you want to use the American term yeah they are nappies. You know my mum’s a nurse and my father’s a doctor? My cousin is a special needs person and often visits us. She needs to wear these.”


“Wait, wait, are you suggesting I wear a nappy?!”


“Well, as you said, you don’t want to stay semi-naked right? And I don’t think you and I want another accidental wetting.”


I started to back away. “No…no way I’m gonna put them on.”


“Lauren Bebbington, you will or you walk back home with nothing on you!”


I wasn’t really the type of person to defend myself in arguments. “Ok, but this stay between us. No one knows ok?”


“Yeah, now,” she tossed the package over to me. “Get them on. I don’t want to see your crotch anymore.”


I extracted one of the nappies out of the open package and unwrapped it. It looked alot like a baby’s nappy, except much larger and somehow, it did look like my underwear, except cut open.




“You don’t know how to put it on?”


“Well no, it’s not a pull on knickers…”


“Get up from the bed,” she said, with a commanding tone. I did so and reaching into the bag, she extracted and unfolded a sort of mat and laid it on her bed. It look exactly like a changing mat, except bigger.


“Wait, are you going to nappy me?!” I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.


“Hurry up and lie own on it. We’ve got to finish the project for Mrs Granger.” I did so, turning red in the face again. I heard her rumaged through the bag and then extract out something. From my horizontal position, I saw her squeeze something on her hands and then ow!!


“Yikes!” I felt the cold sting around my groin and private part.


“This is called Destin. It’s cream to prevent any rash from the urine. Espeially given your accident just now.” But I just bathed I thought.


“No powder?” I murmured from my position.


“Not that my mother taught me,” she continued, and I felt another cold sting.


“Roll over,” she commanded again. I felt the nappy positioned around my crotch. Next the sound of adhesive was heard as the dreaded device was secured around me. “All done.”


I got up and felt like I was transported into another dimension. Moving around slowly, I realised how thick the nappy really was and I was waddling more than walking, Plus there was that sound. “Do you hear that?”


“Most nappies crinkle,” she commented, gathering up the stuff.


“It feels really weird.”


“Well Lauren, you were the one who wet yourself like a child. Plus as you said, you dont want to stay around naked. Now, let’s get on with the project.”


We did so as I sat with a thick bum. Time flew by and we easily completed most of the project. Then, i felt my bladder signal again.


“Urm, can we pause? Need to use the loo,” I said.


“Don’t you realise what you have on?”


“Huh?…wait you want me to pee in the nappy?”


“Well, that’s what they are for. But wait, let’s still go to the toilet. Just in case, it leaks through onto the floor.” I did so and then my bladder couldn’t hold any longer. I couldn’t believe it as the nappy swelled, catching my yellow urine. I  was certainly turning red.


“Well that’s a huge piss. Don’t think you should sit around in that,” Jem said.


“You mean to get changed?”


“Of course. ”


“I think my clothes should be ready,” I countered. Let me out of this.


“No, into a nappy. Your clothes need to dry off.” Oh shit.


Back into her room, I was place flat down on the large changing mat and the soggy nappy removed. “Ow, ow, ow,” I said, as she wiped my privates and even bum with wipes. Then another sting with the Dermatological cream and within minutes, I was in a fresh nappy.


“I’ll put your clothes in the dryer and then we’ll finish up.”


While she was gone, I looked down at the babyish underwear. Despite the crinkling, I slowly realised I wasn’t really waddling around as I walked. Perhaps it was a good safety after all, but I couldn’t imagine myself wearing nappies in public just to prevent accidents. That wetting just now was an exception, I told myself. But wearing this, well, it feels kinda cool.


Jem returned and we quickly finished off our work. “Well, we’ve still got time to kill, your mum’s not coming until five.”


“When will my clothes be ready?”


“Another oh hour or less. But frankly you do fit into that nappy perfectly. And look cute.”


“I’m not a baby….” i didn’t want to tell her what I thought of it truthfully.


“Well, 13 year olds dont wet themselves in public.” I turned red again. “Seriously, you should go to a doctor to get checked out.”


“Then my mother will have to know…”


“Yeah well. What do you want to do? Watch TV? Snack?”


“Snack,” I replied, realising I haven’t eaten since lunch. Soon we were both snacking on tortilla chips and dips, cookies and soft drinks. As I drained my cup of soda, she let out a giggle. “What?”


“I bet you’ll need to pee again.”


“I won’t.” I never told her how much soda I drank before the darn bus ride though.


“Bet so.”


“So not.”


Well, she was right in the end and nature did call once again. And yes, the nappy was quite full. “Man, maybe you really ought to see a doctor,” she comment as she untapped the nappy and stung me again with the wipes and cream. Maybe, I thought.


I stayed and did pee a bit in the third nappy before she brought my clothes up. As I pulled up my own clean knickers, I again felt I was transported back to a new dimension. Just as I adjusted my uniform, the doorbell rang and it was my mother.


“How was your day?” she asked.


“Oh, just the usual,” I replied, waving goodbye to Jemimah. Maybe I’ll come back again, I thought. For the nappies.


The End.


Too Late!

“Pull! Pull! Pull!” I constantly kept of tugging at the handcuffs that locked my wrists behind my back, ignoring the pain that had tripled over the last few hours. There was no way I was going to stay cuffed, bound and gagged with my ankles stocks as stuffing to prevent more noise from emitting. I had been trussed up in the bathroom for hours, so tight that I couldn’t move and as a result,  couldn’t prevent myself from wetting myself.


SNAP! The chains linking the cuffs finally broken free. Success! It was simpler from then on, wriggling to remove  the ropes around my breasts and then working at the knots around my ankles and knees. Finally, again ignoring my damp panties, I stood unsteadily up, and move to work on the door. It snapped open, and I cautiously moved out.


I was shocked to see my sister, gagged and bound on a chair, still in her swimming costuming. Blood was flowing down from  what looked like a shot to her arm. “Oh Leanne!” I cried rushing forward.


“You lose the game,” The dark figure emerging from the side room  said.


“Evil man! I’ve enough of your games!” I cried.


“Haha!” he snapped of his mask, My brother then walked over to my sister and used a cloth to rub of the tomato sauce and freed her.


(So yes, this was a real act I played and no one got hurt at all. Unfortunately, I did get damp clothes as a result).

Diapers as Rehab

Diapers as Rehab

By Claire Harrison

For 18 year-old Leanne Perkins, stepping out of a non-decript centre marked the most important change in her life. All it meant was carrying a black bulky bag and wearing something unusual underneath her clothes. In stead of normal girl”s knickers, Leanne had a Tena Slip Maxi Adult Diaper taped in place. it was secured further with locking knickers to prevent her from touching or removing them. The bulky bag contained her supply of Tena diapers for the duration of her rehab.

Yes this is “rehab” not a cold room, coummunity service or juvenile delinquent centre but simply know as “Nappy Rehab Centre”. Founded by a group of new pyschologists, its aim is to nurture lost and rebellious youngsters back by removing thier most common need–that of using the loo. Girls (most girls since the crime statistics show it is the female sex) bring their whole lower underwear collection to the centre. They declare that’s all they knickers they have and their supply is locked away. In exchange, they are made to wear adult diapers.

“We stock the common Brand Tena Slip or even Cuddlzs though the former is more in supply,” remarked Dr. Wilson Gough, the head or f the centre. “Basically, we assist the girls first, shaving their vulva and cleaning it before taping on. The catch is, they have to have it on 24/7, for the duration of their contract which can vary from a week to a year or more. Thus, they are further secured with  locking panties which only their parents or guardians will the sets of keys to unlock them and change them when needed. The girl [or boy in rare cases] is thus trapped to using the nappy for both urination and defecation. If the punishment is light, we will instruct the parent ot let the child use it only to pee.”

“Patients” are further injected with various serums that cause thme to be incontinent–only urinary. This further creeates a deterrent and makes the girls conscious of what’s going  on between their legs. “It does sound terrible but that’s the price of their punishment,” remarks Dr. Liang, the centre’s deputy. “With the girl constantly needing to have her nappy changed, she tus can’t venture out as normal without having to return home to get a fresh change. This actually bonds child and parent/guardian together and ensures discipline.”

How successful is it? Since the inception of the plan two year ago, female gangs, girls taking  drugs and school drops outs  have remarkably decreases so muchthat the police need to assign less patrols. many parents who were involved in it with their child praised it, although some  still are apprehensive about it with one or two refusing  to send their girl for such rehab.

Two weeks into her six month rehab, I meet up with Leanne who was a fromer gang member who assaulted young children, took a range of drugs and got arrested several times. Today, she has finished her preperation course in secretarial work, hoping to get a short jbo experience before going  back to re-do her A-Levels. She’s dressed in a purple spaghatti top with bra black straps and a short mini skirt. Her gang tatoos are clearly visible on her back and her wrists show the marks of multiple handcuffing.

“It was like being an alien once diapered,” she began, pulling down her top to cover the edge of her diaper sticking out of her skirt. “The first time I peed into it was like being  re-born again as a child. Thne slowly as the incontinence drug set in, i broke down and started to cry. It was worse whne my dad changed me. Mom left us and I’ve never had dad touch me like that is all my life,” she stammered the last few bits as I handed her a tissue.

“Then came shitting in it. Oh gosh, I was out shopping and it just haad to go. There were families with young  kids around and I thought the whole worldwas laughing at me. Dad was workng late that day so i had to return home and sit in my soggy and shit-filled diaper,” she continued.

“But after a week, I felt it was needed. I use to smoke and take drugs a lot. Now with diapers secured to me,  i find is as a weird form or substitute and therapy. Oops, I’m peeing now,” She stopped to lift up her skirt to show the Tena Slip swelling and the yellow indicator fading.

At the halfway point,  both parent and child have to return to the centre were their progress will be discussed. if complications arose, the girl would still  be locked in her nappy, filling it with urine and feces for the remainder of the time. If she has progressed, she may be freed from the locking device, allowed to change her own diaper and use it only for peeing.

“It really works,” Dr. Gough says to me as I leave Leanne. “Why not give it a try yourself? Say for a month or so?”

The next day, I drag my whole case of coloured knickers over to the the centre. I am strapped down to a medical table and endured five minutes of coarse shaving and a blast of icy-cold feeling from some gel, my vulva is free from any hair. A Tena Slip Maxi diaper is taped on. My blood is sampled and after a while, Gough returns and jabs my arm with a huge IV tube. Fifteen minutes later, I feel a little nauseous but clearly am super incontinent as I flood the nappy, which is secured with the dread locking knickers.

I return home and begin my time of  “rehab”.

TV Series Episode 2: Getting Female air force pilots into diapers

Episode 2: Getting Female air force pilots into diapers

(NB: This is a fictional story and references to real life articles and people are just to indicate how the story was inspired. No harm or malice intended)

Scene: Planes flying by.

Claire (voice over): The Tsunami, new subsonic bombers of the air force are the latest lethal weapons of the country. A stealth aircraft with both air-to-air and air-to ground weapons, it is the key first strike weapon to be used in any conflict. The inaugural squadron is 645 squadron, where only the maintenance people and the wing commander is male. All the rest of the pilots are female, since the new recruitment drive by the female Defence Minister.

Scene: planes swoop down and perform impressive manoeuvres

Claire (voice over): Due to their slow speed, pilots can spend between eight to twelve hours up in the aircraft and natural nature calls at least once in flight. Previously, it was simple by allocating pilots what were called “piddle packs”, but those suited the male anatomy fine. With females at the stick, the air force was given the Advanced Mission Extender Device by the Americans, but this was mostly defective and caused medical problems on the vulva. I’m here at 645 Squadron to figure out how to prevent a mess in the most advanced aircraft.

Wing Commander Joshua Dalton: We’re very thankful for Claire’s offer of help. My female pilots are Top Guns and excel in every area of their work but when it comes to flying long hours across the globe, they loose concentration when they have to fiddle around and pee.

scene: Claire is at the gate of 645 Squadron, dressed in blue tights, blouse and skirt. The male air force policeman not only runs her her through a metal detctor, but brings her in for a strip search (not shown)

Claire talking to Flying Officer Sandra Lee and Flight Lieutenant Laura Speirs

Claire: So you two are the newest and youngest female pilots to the Squadron?

Lee: Yes we are. Just out of university and flight school.

Speirs: I was an assistant intelligence officer before transferring to become a pilot. It’s becoming more and more of a trend to join. And not really because of the new policy. Ever since I’ve read about pilots Juliette Fleming and Nikki Thomas (see This article )

My mate was doing her washing the other day and she just hit the floor as a rocket landed worryingly close to the laundry. She was most indignant and told me, ‘If I’m going to get blown up, I’d be really p***** off if it was when I was washing my knickers?.

Lee: For me, it was about Flt Lt. Helen Seymour (see this article) as well as the early female ground breakers like Flight Lieutenant Julie Ann Gibson, Jo Salter, Kirsty Moore and Squadron Leader Elle Hillard (see this link). Also the first female to perform QRA, Flight Lieutenant Helen Gardiner see this and now Flying Officer Emma Atkinson this link.

Claire: Wow, cool. Well I guess let’s cut the talk and get into the plane.

Scene: Claire is helped into the Flight suit and other gear by Lee, whom she will be flying with. Her blue knickers are visible with a catheter like device attached to her crotch area.

Claire (as Lee is straightening her suit): This device I’m told catching the urine from the pilot’s urethra and deposits it in a bag that turns it into gel and is disposed off only when the plane returns to base.

scene: All dressed up, Lee, Speirs and Claire walk to the flight line. Unlike a normal fighter jet, there is no afterburner or moving down the runway. Instead, the plane moves vertically up so fast that its just a blur.

scene: They burst through the clouds and Lee performs some fancy aerobatics.

Lee: How are you Claire?

Claire: Trying to find my legs. Everything’s so tight.

Lee: That’s how it will be.

scene: Hours later, the sky is pretty dark.

Claire: Sandra, I hate to say this, but I think my bladder’s bursting.

Lee: Go ahead and adjust your suit so that you can pee.

scene: Claie doe so but a slight mistake causes her to spill her urine all orver her suit.

Lee (after hearing Claire’s exclamation): Yes that happens. Even worse if your the one at the stick. And we have another six hours to go…

Claire (grumbles).

scene: Finally, the plan is back on the ground and Claire joins the fighter pilot ladies for a shower and a hot tub.

Claire (to a group of pilots): So how many of you had accidents like I did while flying?

Almost all the pilots raise their hands

Squadron Leader Leanne Dale, Deputy Squadron leader: It happens even if you adjust the device correctly. And for long overseas missions, you just can’t take your hands off the stick and touch it down there.

Flight Lieutenant Nicola Stevens: Yes, once I just tried to squirm and nearly crashed into my wingman–or wingwomen.

Claire: Well, you can’t let’s nature’s call spoilt such an important duty.

Dale: Do you have a solution then?

The next day:

Claire returns with a duffel bag. After going through the strip search, she meets up with pilots Dale, Lee and Speirs.

Claire: Hi ladies. This(bring out an adult diaper) will solve your problems.

Dale (eyes popping out):Diaper? A Nappy?

Lee: You’re kidding!

Speirs: Actually, I think it may work.

Claire: Well, at least there’s one optimist. Simply put, instead of fussy around with your tube and device or what not, wear this adult nappy for your flights. it’s highly absorbent and can stand quite a bit of peeing. You don’t have to and you should fill it completely in flight but other wise it should solve your worries. Just pee in it.

Dale and the other do a bit of conferring and a test flight is done, with Claire helping them adjust their diaper tapes. They head off for a flight and many hours later they are back, all four of them are out of diapers.

Dale: Ok, who wants to start.

Lee (squirming): it went well but after two rounds of peeing and coming back, i found that i had rash on my groin.

Speirs: It’s not as breathable as i thought it was. Eight hours in a cockpit and diaper gets you a burning crotch and butt.

Dale (turning to Claire): I’ll be more practical. If we use nappies, what’s the cost going to be for a Squadron of around twelve for the long term? Will it be more than the current devices? Second, pilots will eventually face trouble in war. Yes, there’s some guides of women as prisoners of war, but definitely none when they are captured with diapers on. How will that go down? And I know my hubby is pretty liberal, but not all these girls would want to let their partners or boyfriends know they spend their work in nappies?

Claire nods and goes back to her lab. Working with a team of scientists, she experiments and then returns to the base.

Claire (to the quartet):He’s a smaller, more breathable adjustable kind of diapers which looks more like your average knickers than a diaper. It’s like a diaper as the tabs can be adjusted. But its undies-like as you can hardly tell there’s any abosrbent padding. It will last as long as the previous diaper and as for rashes (turning to Lee), I suggest you shave yoru vulva and use this cream provided.

Dale (thoughtfully): We’ll give it a go. Suit up girls!

Scene: All the planes land back safely.

Dale: It’s pretty good but I’m stilll wondering about how it would be when we eject and get captured.

Lee: Ma’am, if i may, it’s not pretty good, it’s excellent. I can’t even tell that I dumped my whole bladder just only!

Speirs: Yes, it’s great!

Dale (turning to Claire): It’s seems like you solved a great problem

End credits.

(NB: here are the specific devices some female fighter pilots may use: http://www.omnimedicalsys.com/uploads/IFP-15-1.pdf and http://www.omnimedicalsys.com/uploads/FG-1%20&%20FG-2.pdf)

School girl’s punishment

This is a fictional story. Any reference to any real-world events is purely coincidental. I have no qualms with the various institutions in real life.

The principals of SCGS, NYGH and CHIJ were summoned to the Department of Teaching one scorching afternoon.

“Ladies”, he began, “all your female students have faired terribly in terms of behaviour during and outside school hours. This must stop. I know you have light and simple punishment practices. This must change. I am giving you three a week to implement tough punishment practices and I want to see the them personally. If not, you will find yourself and each of your institutions literally gone. Remember, there’s no more Rights of the Child or Human Rights so you are free to perform anything you like. now get moving”.

Stunned by the demand, the three ladies retreated and each mulled over exactly how to meet the dateline. The week was over and the administrator first visited SCGS. “So, what is your plan?” he enquired. In response, the principal guided him to a room that had the strong odour of baby power. There, a student was strapped to an operating table and gagged with several strips of duct tape. In the place of her light blue sleeveless uniform was a translucent top that reached only to her waist. The student’s vulva was exposed and he watched as it was shaved with a blunt razor. After many muffled cries and impeded struggling, a thick disposable diaper lying under the girl was taped securely over her private part. She was slowly released but not before she was forced into some plastic underwear. “Sir, these are locking panties to prevent the student from removing the diaper. She will be kept in them as long as we determine and have to urinate in them. If need be, she too will defecate in them until the diaper is fully used. Only then will we change it. The student is to wear only that shirt and the diaper for the whole day and that will be her standard uniform for as many days as we determine necessary. After school, she will not return home until we are satisfied and even then her parents must affirm that she is still kept in diapers when at home.”

“Very well”, the administrator said, taking down notes. He then moved to NYGH and was brought to the flagpole. There a female student was clad only in panties with her arms crossed around her breasts to cover them. The girl wasn’t gagged but as he watched, student walking past nearby picked up a something and threw it at her. Soon, the girl was covered with thick slim and grit. “Previously, girls were only told to remove bras and stay bra-less for the day. Now, they are forced to strip to their panties and chained at the legs to the flagpole. Students will inevitably pass by this area and each student must pick up the sponge filled with mud and other dirty liquids to throw at the punished girl. How long the girl stays there is up to us and the process may be repeated the following few days.”

“Alright,” he remarked and finally moved to CHIJ. There he found a student strapped faced down with her naked buttocks exposed and her knees barely touching the ground. The whole auditorium was packed as the discipline master ran forward with a swish-crack as the extremely thin cane struck her skin and the girl yelled out ‘one’. This is the first time female students have been caned. The minimum is ten strokes, skin is washes so that the scars are embedded but the pain will remain for a few hours. Afterwards the girl is forced to stand semi naked with her scarred butt for all to see.

“Hmm”, the administrator thought. He then ordered all three principals back to his office. “You,” he began with the SCGS head, “Your idea is ingenious and embarrassing to the girl. But it fails to fully humiliate the girl as she can choose to still control her own bladder and bowels.” “You,” he jabbed at the NYGH head, “Your idea really humiliates the student, but she is only partially restrained.” “And you,” the said to the final head, “You may cause physical and psychological pain but unlike the previous two, you don’t really humiliate the student.”

“Nevertheless ladies, you have succeeded. For the future, all three of you must combine your methods. That means diaper the student; get others to throw mud at them and cane them hard. This way, girls will behave.”

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