Disclaimer: I do not own iCarly. This  post was inspired by iSam’s Mom, where Sam Puckett doesn’t like to hear the word panties. It is actually still PG in nature. I mean, come on, fat producer Schneider leaves tons of sexual innuendos in iCalry,  olive oil, “you let my enemy penetrate my inner sanctum”, “I get my best ideas when wet” etc. So why not feature panty gags.

“…Some one’s little I Heart Vegas panties!” Carly screamed at her best friend Sam.

“You know I hate that word!” Sam shouted back.


“I’ll show you you lover of female undies,” Sam snarled and sprung like a wild cat on her prey at Carly. The bimbo was so shocked  as the aggressive girl pinned her down on  the ground in one swift stroke and with one hand, she pried Carly’s mouth open and forced her own orange classic briefs panties into her best friend’s mouth.

“Mmmpp…wht…ah….u…” Carly screamed as her friend, extremely well trained in fighting and subduing people pushed the underwear in almost completely.

“Spencer!” Sam yelled. “Get me some  duct tape!”

Carly older but pretty naive brother heard the request and shouted back in reply. Soon enough, Sam used her thighs to pin the popular web show host to the  ground and ripped off a large piece of tape.

“Now, Duct Tape!” Sam yelled, something she said before when she gagged Carly previously and forced her to speed date. “Mmmppph!!” The Brunette cried as the first strip of ultra sticky  adhesive sealed the panties in. Sam plastered two more strips–one below and one above, creating a pretty effective gag.

“Don’t stand there, help me restrain your sister,” Sam shot her words at the dumb boy. Spencer was too willing to oblige; the sight of his pretty sister gagged was really arousing him. The girlish girl could only scream muffled cries as the two of the continued to hold her down and tape her wrists tightly with many rounds of tape.

“Do you want to take of her jeans?” He asked the blonde girl.

“Spencer, I know you were clever enough to enter law school but you’re now officially a genius!” With that, both he and Sam ignored the cried of the panty gagged girl as the y managed to yank her tight jeans down halfway, exposing the girl’s pink bikini panties.

“Aw Carly, these undies should be the the one’s in your mouth, not mine,” Sam commented, getting a “Mmmggh!!” in reply.

“Now, now girl you’re in no position to argue,” Spencer added. Together both of them managed to pull of her jeans. Soon, Carly’s knees and  ankles were also taped. Finally, tape was wound below and above Carly’s breasts to pin her arms to her sides.

“YES!” Both of them  did a high five.

The end.


I do not own icarly. This takes place in iQuitiCarly after the girls got rescued by the boys.


As the two reconciled girls pranced up to the iCarly Studio, they failed to notice the two males whispering behind them.

“Ok, let get ready for the episode,” Carly remarked, her joy flooding back to her.

“Yeah let’s…” Sam was cut off in mid sentence by the huge grunt from Spencer.

“So you girls think that’s it? Make up as if all has never happened. Do you realise that this is the second stupid fight you two had?” Spencer said, his tone rising with each word.

“Hey, we’ve forgiven each..”

“One is stupid enough, twice is outright idiotic,” Freddie added.

“Hey, butt off tech kid, now get your camera…ow!” Sam cried, as Spencer slapped her face. Before Carly could react, Freddie tackled his crush in a bear hug and then threw her to the floor.

Reaching from a hidden panel in the wall, Spencer drew to long rods. “We’ve had enough o your childishness and I have meant to do this,” Spencer said. With Freddie’s feet planted on each girl’s back, he added, “now when you get up, bend over, place your hands on those chairs and remove your pants. And your underwear. NOW!”

Shocked, the two girls meekly did so after Freddie released his feet. Carly was first, trembling as she drew down her pink bikini panties. Sam, a tinge more confident, lowered her brown boxers. Assuming positions, Spencer passed Freddie a cane. “You want to take Carly or Sam?” His mind racing, Freddie said, “I’ll take Carly. Pay back for ignoring me all these years.”

SWOOSH! SMACK! “Ow!” came the girls five times as both boys swung their canes at the same spot in unison. “Hope you two have learnt you lesson now,” Spencer said.


I do not own icarly. This takes place after ispeeddate when  Carly gets locked and gaggedby Sam.


“Come on, who wouldn’t want to go out with this!” Sam cried, enjoying the screaming from Carly’s gagged mouth.

“And we’re clear!” she continued and instantly forced her best friend onto the ground. Pinching her face, she remarked, “You were always a yappy puppy Carls.”

“Hey, shouldn’t she be released; the show’s over.” Freddie interjected. “Uh, you don’t make the rules around here camera boy,” Sam retorted, “but since you’re here, do you want to play along?”

“What’s your…” Sam grabbed him and whispered a string of sentences into his ear while the helpless Carly continued to scream and struggle. After deliberating for a moment, Freddie finally nodded and moved out of the studio. Minutes later, he returned with coils of rope and something bunched up in his hand. Meanwhile, Sam had tightened the clasps locking Carly’s wrists to the chair and hand-blindfolded the still struggling girl. “About time Freda-ward, ” she said, then ripped off the gag.

“Release me at one you assholes! What—arghh!” Carly could not finish her sentence as Sam pinched her nose, causing her to gasp. “Quick, stuff her panties in her mouth!” Freddie hesitated but the tomboy grabbed the silky underwear and jammed in her friend’s mouth. “Place your hand here!” The hesitant boy did so gingerly while Sam ripped off a longer piece of duct tape and plastered her best friend’s mouth. “Mmmmphfff!” Carly screamed.

“Too loud,” Sam muttered and reinforced the strip with several others. “Perfect. Now Carly, how dare you call us assholes; tsk what would your dad say?” Sam mocked her. Then turning to Freddie, she said, “Lesson time for you boy. Next time I ask something, you better deliver it fast.”

“Ok, what’s the next move?” Freddie asked.

Sam took a look at her captive and said, “we’ve gotta tie her legs.” Within the next few minutes, Sam taught Freddie how to securely bind Carly’s ankles and knees. “Ah, perfect. Now your crush is all yours, Freddie. Go for it!”


“Silly, this is what you do,” Sam guided Freddie’s hand to Carly’s dress and undid the first button. “Mmmmmp!” the girl yelled. “Oh hush,” Sam said, slapping her friend. Suddenly, the boy got the cue and continued unbuttoning Carly’s dress till her pink bra was exposed. “Ah, what a sight,” Freddie remarked and started caressing Carly’s boobs.

After a few minutes, the duo brought the captivity to the next level. Holding Carly in a grip, the unbuckled her and forced her to the ground. With Sam sitting on her, Freddie bound her wrists behind her back. “Hold her,” Sam said and proceeded to peel off Carly’s tights. As her tights were yanked down to her bound ankles, Sam snipped them off with her handy pocketknife then proceeded to cut away the rest of Carly’s dress. Soon the bound and gagged teen was reduced to only her underwear.

That wasn’t all as Sam instructed Freddie on how to secure Carly in a hogtie. “This is too good to be true,” Freddie said standing just a bit behind Sam. “Yeah loverboy, now go for…ow!” Freddie tackled the shorter girl to the ground.

“Ya think this boy can’t be rough?” Freddie growled and pressed Sam’s face to the ground. “Let me go you big…ow!” Freddie yanked out his surprise, plastic handcuffs and proceeded to lock both the tomboy’s wrists and ankles into an even more torturous hogtie. “You rat, I have going to…mmpgf!” Freddie pulled out another of Carly’s bikini panties and stuffed them in Sam’s mouth. “Sorry Carls, you have to wash two of your underwear later,” he muttered and soon the captor became a bound and gagged captive. Copying Sam, Freddie cut away Sam’s dress too, exposing her multicoloured bra and beige underwear.

“This is the life,” Freddie say, watching the two girls squirm.

The End.

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