Fresher’s Week

I had just arrived from overseas and was kicked into the middle of my University’s Fresher’s week. I’m about 152 cm tall, slim, medium sized breasts and long black shiny hair that flows down to my breasts. Still, I’m very Tom Boy-ish and wear jeans practically everyday; skirts only if I have to.

I finally moved into hall after lots of administrative trouble with tons of stuff so much that I even had to ship stuff over in two big parcels. I immediately go to meet my new flat mates—Sian, Catherine, Lauren and Jemimah all who were much taller than me. Jemimah immediately clicked with me as she was an avid chess player and interested in photography. “I play touch rugby and was a cheerleader too,” she said, as I let her try the titbits I brought from overseas.

Fresher’s week is an understatement—the orientation for first years lasted two weeks at least. In the first, after settled my courses, I plunged into the crowd and like thousands of others, was loaded with tons of leaflets and goodies. I head straight for the chess club booth and Jemimah and I signed up. Then I followed my new friend around as she tried out for the sports teams and it was there I met another lot of new faces. In the second week, it was down to orientation with the groups, but somehow the chess society did not have one. “Come along to my rugby initiation then,” Jemimah said “you get to meet both the girls and boy’s team.”


Their orientation was held in a house about two miles away and really early. Jemimah was in direct contrast to me in clothing—she wore a purple mini skirt with pink tights and a black cardigan over a blue spaghetti strap top and black bra while I was in jeans and long sleeved shirt ( I was still adjusting to the weather). “We’ve got to improve you dress sense dear” my friend remarked as we walked to the place. The party was the usual student’s kind—lots of drinks, small snacks and loud music which I didn’t particularly favour but didn’t complain. Again, I shook hands and hugged a whole new bunch of people and was lingering around when suddenly someone shouted, “Initiation!”


With that the light suddenly went out and I was grabbed from behind, a hand around my mouth and an arm around my torso. “MMmmmgh!” I scream when a voiced hissed into my ear “it’s the game, darling”. I ‘m not you darling, I thought but hear other muffled screams too. I was dragged out of the living room and felt my feet hit another person until I was forced down on the ground. The hand was removed from my mouth for one second when a cloth like material was forced into my jaw, muffling my shouting again. I continued to struggle as my arms were yanked behind me and cords were wrapped around my wrists. No! I thought but decided not to struggle further as I may injure myself. So my hands were bound and my ankles were given the same treatment, then I was yanked up and carried over the guy’s shoulder. At the same time, I continued to hear more kicking sounds and muffled yells. I felt the guys hand grope my bum and thought you sicko, I ‘m going to get you for this. Later, you would see that I changed my mind.


The lights went back on as I was laid back on my bum. “Hi, I’m Joe,” and I finally got a look at the person assaulting me. A quick look around and I saw eight other guys with girls tied up in the room. “You’re my captive for two days.” Captive? I’m not in the rugby team, I screamed as tried to push the cloth out of my mouth. He saw that and shaking his head, he adjusted it in again and producing another strip of cloth, he sealed it it. I was now effectively bound and gagged.


“Alright, there’s only on bed so one at a time; Joe you go first!” With that, Joe lifted me up and he helped me as I hobbled to the bed. I was laid down and suddenly he hovered over me. No, don’t you touch me, I thought but instead his shadow moved away and I heard cracking noises. His hand reappeared with ice cubes in them and I shirked as he lifted my shirt and stuck cubes between my bra and my breasts. I shuddered and moved wildly across the bed, but he held me firm there. Then he lowered his head and licked my face many times.


I was brought back to the corner as I watched other girls, including Jemimah receive the same form of “torture”. Finally, someone shouted, “Bed time! Get comfy with your bonds girls, tomorrow’s another day.” Already tired from the dancing and alcohol, I managed to fall asleep despite my bonds and gag.


I woke up and realised I was still trussed up. Instead of Joe however, a female face peered over me. She reached down and I gave no resistance as my gag and bonds were removed. “Th…” I began but she covered my mouth and said, “The game ain’t over sweetie.” I was helped up and given water that I thankfully accepted but urgently need to use the bathroom. I tried to indicate that but she said suddenly, “strip.” Strip? I thought, “Strip dear, unless you want me to do it for you. We’re playing dressing games now.” I gave an argument but finally gave in and slowly removed my jeans and shirt. “Bra and panties too,” I was told and was buck naked soon. There were only two of us in the room and I was turned such that my back was to her. Shivering, I waited until I felt something being wrapped around my crotch and waist. Even not turn around I knew it was a diaper and said it out loud. “That’s right dear, you’re being diapered for a while with a Tena Slip. Hold still.” I found no reason not so and the diaper was firmly attached to me. “You expect me to use it?” I said, still turn my back to her. “Duh. Joe will explain later honey.” Next, a large tank top was placed over me and I saw it was a cheerleader’s shirt, one size too large for me. “My bra?” I said “Nope dear. Wear what you get”. The final item was the skirt which barely covered the diaper. “Have a nice time” was the girl’s final remark and Joe came in.


“You look so cute,” he said and I blushed, feeling terribly naked. “I’m not even in the rugby team,” I gave my protest, “let me go. This is silly.” “Nope,” he replied, “it’s our form of game. Jemimah told me about you and your dress style. You look much better in this.” “I don’t,” I said, stamping my bare feet but suddenly realized I couldn’t go anywhere. The girl had taken my clothes and underwear and there was no way I could walk back in a diaper and bra-less. “I guess I have to be tied up now?”


Naturally was Joe’s answer and I was made to lie on the bed. Instead of rope, I was handcuffed to all ends of the bed in spear eagle style. “Open wide,” Joe said and something was bunched up in his hand. It was a silky material that was sealed in place with duct tape. “My sister’s knickers’—don’t worry, their clean”, he said making me shriek further. Giving me a kiss, he department and Jemimah was marched in with the same girl. I tried to tilt my head and watched as Jemimah was diapered and dress like me. Meanwhile, my bladder emptied itself onto the diaper and it felt strange peeing like that but funnily enough, sensual.


Joe came back again as Jemimah was brought out. For the next two hours, I laid there bound, gagged and diapered as Joe introduced himself further, stroking my cheeks, arms and thighs. In another place, I might have screamed and screamed and report him as a molester but I begain to enjoy it. Apparently, the girls were bound in this house while the new rugby boys were given another form of initiation next door. The diaper girl was actually the head of the cheerleading team and I would finally be released tomorrow, after a sort of “fashion parade”, where every girl would be displayed bound, gagged and diapered. “Oh, I’m hungry and I bet you are. Want something?” I gave a grunt in reply as I only had a slice of pizza and some chips last night. Joe return with some ham sandwiches and unlocked me. My hands still stiff, he cuffed them behind my back while he removed the gag. “Thanks,” I said as he fed me


“So what’s next?” I said, “finishing my last bite. “Oh we’ll order lunch for all and then You’ll be re tied in a hog tie and then to a chair. You know what’s a hog tie don’t you?” I didn’t actually and said the “assault” last night was really frightening but quite fun. We then found that we had more similar interests in astronomy and chemistry when finally Joe said, “Let’s get you moving.”


That meant being cuffed wrists and ankles and gagged, this time with a piece of cloth and tape. Joe lead me out to the main room where the other girls were all tied up—I was the only one cuffed. “I bought handcuffs specially for this,” Joe whispered in my ear. Lunch came soon and again I filled the diapers with my urine and realized I was blushing. “Looks like your girl’s the fastest in wetting, Joe” another guy remarked. He must have see the yellow stain on my diaper since I was forced to sit with my legs open.


The hog tying was not as bad as I thought, maybe because Joe made it not too tight. But after 30 minutes, it began to hurt my arms. While I lay there, Joe again was stroking me and feeling my long hair. He’s actually a great guy, I thought, despite all this “fun”. As I was released from my hog tie, I felt Joe rubbing my wrists and arms with some ointment before passing it to the rest. He does have some magical touch I thought.


We were allowed to use the bathroom for besides peeing before we were separated and tied to the chair. I noticed that my diaper was about half full and as Joe strapped me to the chair, I told him. “Melissa will let you change later”, he said his face really close to mine. Suddenly, our lips met and we had a long kiss before he pressed tape—two pieces this time—across my lips.


Later, the cheerleading captain did come in and gave me a new diaper, remarking I was the only one to get a change. I blushed as I slid it on myself and straighten my hair. Joe came back and I submitted to another lot of bounds—this time with tape around my wrists. Then we talked and talked about our interests again before we decided on the fashion show. Joe would cuff my wrists and ankles but wrap rope above and below my breasts, while my gag would be a tight stuff gag. So it did happen the next day and somehow I was voted the sexist captive amongst the group. As I slid back into my shirt, Joe came by and pressed a skirt into my arms. “Wear this instead of your jeans.” And so I did and that marked the end of a wild Fresher’s week, where I found my boyfriend.

The Break In

Mom and I walked gingerly down the stairs. We two females were along from a family of six: Dad was overseas on a business trip, my older brother was at some science competition, my younger brother was at Scouts camp and my younger sister was overseas in college. I was dressed in a blue bra, pink panties, lose shorts and T-Shirt. Mom was in a skirt and sleeveless blouse. The noise from outside interrupted both of us and we decided to investigate. There were news reports of several break-ins in houses two blocks away. The problem may have been solved if we had a working alarm system. The problem was we didn’t, and the repairman would only come a week later.

As we turned around the corner into the back store room when suddenly, a shadowy figure jumped in front of us and mom was tackled. Mmmph!!”She cried and so did I. The whole place was pretty dark and the only light I saw was a shiny object–it was a knife! Screaming, I tried to turn back to run but was interrupted by a booming voice.

“Girl, unless you want to see your mommy’s throat cut, you shut up and stay there!” I weighed my options for a few seconds but decided it was too risky to let my mom be injured or worse dead. I gave in and he barked, “hands on your head!” Complying, he prodded me to back up to the main living room. With my mom still hand-gagged and held at knife point, I was made to disconnect the phone line and destroy the SIM cards of my phone and mother’s. My lovely contacts were gone! I had no time to stop a he then instructed me to lead the way to my parent’s bedroom.

Once in, he then boomed, “ok girl, go to her drawer and take out one of her panties.”

“You pervert!” I yelled, knowing that he was planning a to use my mom’s underwear to gag her. “Shut it! Just do as you’re told!” He replied, pressing the knife closer against my mother’s throat and causing her to give an muffled scream. Looking at her pleading eyes, I gave in and extracted on of her beige translucent panties. Dragging my mother closer, I was instructed to quick insert the silky piece of lingerie into her mouth as soon as he removed hand. With a “sorry mom” look, I managed to do so, causing her to yelp more. I eventually pushed it in and it cause her cheeks to bulge quite a bit. Throwing me a roll of black duct tape that seemed to appear from nowhere, he ordered, “Tape it, at least three strips”. Finished, he pinched my mom to test the gag. “Good”, he said, then threw her face down on her bed. He finished her off with plastic ties and threw her under the bed.

I wanted to try escape again and was about to throw a wild kick in his direction. Somehow, he must have read my thoughts as I was lifted up and came face to face with him and his foul stench. “Now, girl, behave as we’re going to have fun”. Thrown to the floor, I was held down by his boot and the rummaging of drawers told me what was about to happen. What surprised me was the words “Choose your gag” as I was brought to look at my lingerie.

I stared at my array of underwear from my white boyshorts to my translucent pink bikini cut undies and my black silk and satin thong panties. Dazed from the rushed of events, my head nodded and the perverted intruder commented “ah good choice but such a sexy pair of lingerie for a young girl”. Immediately, I was gasping for breath as he pinched my nose but that was followed by the silkiness of my blue panties against my tongue and oral mouth. The ripping of tape was heard and the unwanted feeling of stickiness against my lips sealed most of the sounds from me.

I expected to be bound next, but instead I was almost squeezed by the hold of his arms and then felt him tug at my shorts. “Mmmpp!!!!” I cried. My struggles were of course futile like a small fish struggling against the hook of a fishing line. My shorts were lowered to my waist and I expected my underwear to follow but instead I was flipped on my back and the feeling of plastic ties came against my wrists. He’s tying me up up before he does it, I thought, still struggling but expecting the worst. I’ll be losing my virginity not to some of the hot boys I always eyed but to some creep….

To my surprise,I felt coarse rope was felt around my waist. “Owmmm!” I cried and the rope was tighten but instead of just around my waist, I felt the rope passing between my buttocks, against my anus and up against my crotch area. “Mmmpppppppppppppphhhhhhhhh!!!” What was this???

“Welcome, girl, to your crotch rope. You first time I should think”.

A strange tingling sensation in my crotch as well as the pain of the coarse rope was followed by the lashing on my legs together–at my ankles and legs. My struggling efforts were thwarted as I felt the ripple of sensations from my private part. “mmmp!” “mmmph!” I cried, less out of pain and more out of the strange feeling.

“Ahh,” the intruder exclaimed with a hint of satisfaction,”something a young teen like you have never experienced? Let me introduce to you your first orgasm and many more to come.” Orgasm??!!! I thought wildly. Naturally I tried to struggle out of the tight bonds but he secured me further in a hogtie. Scooping me up, he dropped me back on my bed as another wave of the orgasm came.

“My, my look how stiff your nipples are,” he said, causing me to turn red with embarrassment. As I squirmed, he reached down and  touched my left breast. “MMAAMMmmmph!”I exclaimed, knowing it was a feeling of arousal from both the stimulation against my clitoris and him rubbing my breasts.”Ah, doesn’t this feel good, girl? Nothing like your sex education class in school?” His teasing only served to cause my to scream involuntarily due to the constant arousal rather that the strain from my bonds and gag.

His hand quickly moved to my other boob and I felt a shock of pain as he grasp my nipple and gave in a sharp twist. “Do you have a boyfriend?” My cries were ignored by him as he continued, “this will be good prep for you girlie.” This breast torture continued for a further few minutes before he withdrew. A rummaging sound was heard and the feeling of pieces of medical tape was felt against my breasts and a click sound was heard. Zing! Zap! a jolt of electrical current shocked my body. “Welcome to this timed device; you’ll get the shock every minute. It’s not fatal, don’t worry. And the tape is really strong and so are the wires so struggling is almost useless. Goody bye, enjoy the shocks.”

“AHHmmmm!!!” I continued to cry with each shock to my chest area and he was right,as much as I rolled about on my bed trying to yank the wires off. Suddenly, another sound was heard–was the “torturer”back? “Leanne!”a familiar voice cried. My dad swiftly yanked away the electric cables, and peeled off the tape around my jaw. Extracting my panties, I cried, “the rope!” and his confused look continued for a few more seconds until he saw what I meant. By the time he removed the tingling cord, my panties were wet from all the sexual excitement and my face was red from embarrassment. It too another few minutes before my bonds were finally gone.

The end.

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