Secondary School Tie Up Games: SCGS

can’t believe I intentionally missed the Chess tryouts for this, twelve going on to thirteen Tan Su Ying taught as she shifted slightly in the chair. Slightly was the best adjective since her arms were literally stuck to the armest rest and her legs were similarly ‘attached’ to the front legs of the wooden chair. Or rather, silvery duct tape secured them to the chair, with the tape wound tightly at her wrists, below her knee. A large strip of tape covered her lips. “Shmmmm,” she swore.

Hours earlier…

“Hey sis, remember what we talked about yesterday?” Her sixteen year old brother Yan Long asked as they both stepped off the bus.

“Har what?” I tried to pretend I didn’t remember.

“Play the games we used to play as children.”

“You wanto to regress issit…”

“No silly. We want to enjoy the good ol times.”

“I don’t think being a captive to you and your pals is considered any enjoyment. Besides, I’ve got to attend chess club later. It’s the time for tryouts.”

“You hate chess; you already got into guides.”


“Please? For your brother?”


He suddenly grabbed her in a tight bear hug. “Hey stop it! You’re making a scene!”

“If you don’t want to attract attention…” but we were already in the lift. Within two minutes, he managed to drag me inside our place and threw me down into one of our chairs.

Present time…

“Mmmp…” she groaned through the gag.

“Sorry, cant hear you…” he called, looking up from his homework. “Whymummphuopenmyl” she cried but he ignored me. What she meant was was it necessary to stretch my legs open to reveal my you know what. Ok, like every good school girl, she was wearing my PE shorts underneath for practical and modesty purposes but the was she was forced to sit, the edge of my white panties might visible. Just as she was about to protest again, the doorbell rang…


SG Schools: Changing uniforms Part 1

I’m glad that’s over, Wong Hui Xing thought as she exited her school. There was a sudden gush of wind, even on the blazing hot day, so she held down herlight blue sundress-like uniform. Thank goodness I wear my green FBT shorts underneath she thought. Just as she moved another step, her handphone buzzed.

“Hello, Miss Wong,” the nasal voice began. “Please take a look.” Hui Xing peered at the MMS that just came in and saw her cousin, Yang Xiuqing, wearing her NYGH uniform. What was more unusual was that there was a large white tape over her mouth and her hands were apparently behind her back, undoubtedly bound.

“I’m sure to understand the gravity situation, Miss Wong. It would be in your best interests to head to Coronation road before the next hour. Look for a dark blue van with an open back door. Remember, telling any one else would mean your cousin suffers. Goodbye.”

Wonderful, she thought. End of my examinations and I get into a tie-up quest again. Hui Xing had been a member of a TUG group since 10, which entailed girls becoming damsels-in-distress and bound and gagged in various methods. Hui Xing had progressed from simple cloth ties and gags, to rope and stuff gags, various adhesive tape and cleave gags, differing rope bindings, handcuffs and chains. Now sixteen plus, she had even had underwear belong to her and others in her mouth, and even a sanitary pad used to muffle her speech. The games were often therapeutic and fun, but also annoying when they came out of the blue and targeted people close to her.

I wonder what it will be this time, she said, thankfully hoping on a early bus. What do the boys want? Just a fun session watching us squirm? Giving us some light torture? Teasing us? They’ve placed hot stuff near our skin and even ice cubes down our underwear. We’ve also suffered TENs electric shock. And light spankings. Oh gosh, we’ve been through so much…Before Hui Xing knew it, she was at her destination. The sun was shining even brighter that before, so many people were scurrying to the shade of the nearby shopping centre or other outlets. As instructed, Hui Xing made her way down King’s road and near one house was indeed a van with an open door. She galcned around but the rest of the street was deserted and no one was visible in any of the houses. It’s a special trap she thought, and moved cautiously to the front first.

Her phone buzzed again. “I said back, Miss Wong,” the same voice said. “You do know where there is right? Suggest you do so immediately.” In the background Hui Xing her a muffled yell. Shit, they are torturing Qing, she thought, and reluctantly changed her direction. Inside the van she found two handcuffs, a stripe of tape, and, oh gosh, she thought, one of Qing’s panties. “Cuff your hands behind and ankles. You know what to do with the others.” Just as she decided not against the instructions, the door slammed shut and a locking sound was heard. Oh well, she thought, hopefully this game isn’t going to last that long. She proceeded to cuff her ankles, then stuff the panties in her mouth, sealing it shut with a stripe of tape. Well, thankfully it taste clean. As soon as she cuffed her hands behind her back, throwing her against the hard wall.

After like half an hour of bumpy driving, Hui Xing felt the van slow down and the noise of a garage open. Minutes later the van’s door snapped open and she was carried out. Re-orienteering her eyes to the light, it was just as she expected, the boys in their school uniforms, but ties off and masks on. Hui Xing was carried out of the garage into a living room and placed on the floor. “Mmmmppph?” She asked a question through her panty gag. What’s up guys? Where’s Qing?

The answer came seconds later as her cousin was brought in, hands bound behind her with zip ties and mouth still gagged as she was shown in the picture. Two boys held the half PRC Chinese girl while another two brought Hui Xing up. Then, a fifth boy emerged.

“Ah, you finally made it,” he said in the nasal voice then changed to his normal voice. “Welcome, Hui Xing. Now, it’s definitely time to let you into the whole plan?” Hui Xing only glared at him. “Oh, don’t show me that face. It’s quite simple. In her school,” he pointed at Xiuqing, “there are examination papers being readied for us next week. We want you to hack into the school computers and get us a copy of the papers, specifically the physics paper. Ok?”

“Mmmpph,” Hui Xing shook her head. No way am I going to do anything that would get me into huge trouble, especially the police!

One of the girls holding the NYGH girl produced a shaver-like device and pressed it again her arm. With a buzzing tone, the young girl collapsed on the floor. “Mmmmph!” Hui Xing cried but was restrained by the other boys.

“It’s perfectly fine, unless the switch to higher voltage. But no, we’re not that evil. It won’t be a crime Hui Xing, not with your expert hacking skills. You’ll do it, because you did it before for yourself in your own school. He extracted a tablet from the backpack he had on and pressed a video showing her breaking into the SCGS office in the evening. “Now are we in agreement?”

Hui Xing reluctantly nodded.

“Good,” he gestured to his accomplices, who cut off Xiuping’s bonds and unlocked both handcuffs on Hui Xing. “Now, ladies, strip.”

“Mmmmpph!” the both protested.

“Stop whining. Xing’s going to wear your uniform. Now, don’t make me repeat myself.” Both gagged girls looked at each other and remembered they have been semi-naked many times before the boys, even at younger ages. Soon enough, they were down to their undies–beige bra and white panties for Xiuqing, while dark brown bra and pink bikini panties for Hui Xing. They also left their shorts–black FBTs and green shorts–on the floor.

“Nice,” the boys whistled together. “But not sure if a brown bra is acceptable in NYGH? Exchange bra’s girls. Turn around or go behind the wall. But no tricks.” Both girls shivered as they did so. As so as Xiuping returned with the brown and slightly wrong cup sized bra, two boys seized her and cuffed her hands behind her. Xing struggled in her cousin’s school uniform; they weren’t exactly the same size.

“Now,” the ring leader said, approach the new “NYGH” girl and tearing away her gag. “You’ll need this,” he switched her earrings and watch. After a giving her a glass of water, and whispering instructions, he said, “You have until five pm.”

Extreme Lock-up 5: The Student

Judge K. Sanders turned the page of her folder. “Next person: Charlotte Seager.”

The door clanged and two guards brought in a girl in school uniform. As per the regulations, she was handcuffed behind her back, with the cuffs attached to a waist chain and another chain leading down to leg irons around her nylon-clad ankle. She was hooded but under the hood a panel gag surrounded her jaw.

“Remove her hood,” the Judge ordered. They did so, revealing a brunette. Her face was all full of perspiration being under the hood and like all females arrested, her bra was removed, exposing her rather large breasts.

“What’s the charge?”

“Shoplifting and resisting arrest,” the Prosecutor announced.

“How does she plead? Guards, temporarily remove her gag.” They did so and saliva drooled down her chin. “Than..k you, your honour. Not guilty. Please…”

“Silence!” The Judge roared and banged his gravel. “Re-gag her!” Turning to the lawyers, he asked for opening statements.

“Your Honour, I represent the defendant. I ask for a motion of dismissal. My client did not commit the crime; it was staged and she was made to look like the perpetrator of this act.”

“Your Honour, this is….I object to this. The evidence I submitted produces explicit proof that she committed the crime.”

“The defendant,” the Judge corrected.

“I apologise your Honour, the defendant.”

“Your Honour….” the Defence started.

“Hold on…Both of you are taking sides. You defence counsellor, are simply making a statement. You  prosecutor, are starting a trial.  I want proper motions and counters next time.” Just then the clock hands moved. “We will re-convene tomorrow at 9 o’clock.”

“Your Honour,” The defence started.

“Make it quick.”

“May I plead on behalf of my client to have her under my custody? She will still be restrained and gagged. I also wish to have her, uh nappies removed. She may have resisted but this is too much for an underaged…”

“Defence, all girls will be treated equally. Denied. As for what is is made to wear, she will be in a chastity belt instead.” Charlotte wailed through her gag. “Silence!”

“As the jail is far from this courtroom, she will be remanded in the holding cells with a belt but when in this court, in nappies. Court is adjoured.”

Charlotte gave a struggle but the guards escorted her away. She was strapped down to a table, her soggy nappy removed and with only light cleaning, a chastity belt was locked around her. She was then cuffed to a chair in a holding cell.



The click-clock of heels was followed by the dragging sound of chains. The next sound heard was the unlocking of the door and Miss Lauren Staples was guided into the room. In the middle sat Charlotte chained to a chair and mouth still gagged. Lauren was ushered to another chair were her cuffed hands were switched from back to front and the ball gag she was wearing was removed. A small table was then placed in between them and only then was Charlotte’s panel gag remove. The chief guard warned them about the time limit and then left them alone.

“How are you, Charlotte?” Lauren began, wiping off the saliva from her mouth.

“How…do you think I am! I’m shackled and gagged 24/7, have me nappied and now in  a chastity belt! It sucks! This sucks! Get me out of here!”

“Sssh, Sssdh, I know it is dear. But I encourage you to keep your volume down dear, people can here you,” Lauren wanted to reach out to touch the teenager but remembered there was a CCTV.

“I’m not suppose to be here. Can you get me out of this?”

“I’m your lawyer. Look let’s go through your cases from the beginning again.” Over the next fifty minutes Lauren heard Charlotte’s account of the incident again. Just as Charlotte insist again on her innocence, the door clang again and the guards announced that time was up. Charlotte was re-gagged and so was Lauren. The latter’s hand were locked back behind her and she was escorted out through several doors before returning to the check-in or rather check-out desk. With one hand bound she signed several forms before her bra was returned to her. She quickly change back into it and only then were the rest of her chains and ball gag removed.

That was quite an experience, she thought as she caught a taxi back to her office. More the parts about being restrained when entering the police station and then courtroom rather than the whole case itself. The girl is toast, she thought and she typed out the remainder of her argument on her computer. By half past six, she was too tired to write anymore and headed home. Just as she unlocked her door, a hand reached out and covered her lips. “Guess who?” the voice growled.

“Mmmm…” she struggled and easily got free but the person held her hands behind her. “Tom. stop it damnit! Later ok? I had a tiring day and I need a good shower and rest.” He released his girlfriend but hour later as she slipped her nightie over her satin knickers, he tackled her, drew her arms behind her back and started to wind duct tape around her wrists. “Tom…” she whined.

“Hush, you have no right to argue,” he said then moved to tape her ankles. “Tom, I’ve a court case tomo…mmmmphh!” she ried as he stuffed a clean black pair of knickers in mouth and sealed it with a strip of tape. “Don’t worry, it’s a nice way to get you to sleep soundly and quietly. You’ll be free in the morning.” But alas, at hlaf past eight, she was still bound and gagged with no boyfriend in sight. Only after repeated muffled cris did he appear and cut her free. “Damn you, I’m going to be late and the judge will have my head for breakfast!” Lauren two of her tights before she was ready and made it to the courthouse half an hour before hand. “Try to change your record in arrival time, Miss Staples?” The courthouse guard

“Very funny, Guard,” she said, then surprised, the guard grabbed her hand. “I’m due in court today.”

“We’ll only released you ten minutes before the trial starts; you know the rules. We will allow to have your bra on.”

“But I have to write,” she protested.

“Ok, fine, hands in front,” he said said and cuffed her in front and then snapped leg irons around her ankles. He lifted up a ball gag and she shook head. “Open wide ma’am.”

“But i have to…mmmpph,” the ball was stuck between her teeth and strapped in place. “I trust that you won’t remove it until I do. Go ahead.” Glaring at him, she entered the office assigned for her and re-read through the arguments she formed, or rather the lack of it. This girl is toast, she thought. Well, the less time I have to spend it cuffed and gagged here, the better. After a few minutes, she got up to the ladies, finding it a little difficult to unzip her skirt and lower her tights. The handcuffs even scratch her crotch as she wiped it but then remembered how much worse it was for her client. Just as she exited the toilet, the same guard came up to her and announced that Seager’s parents were here.

“Mmmmph, remmmmph?” she lifted her cuffed hands asking for her gag to be removed.


The Wet Hostage

Warning: 1) Young girl. 2) Mentions wetting/urination, desperation.

It was suppose to be a normal school trip to the Middle East, a region filled of wonder and beauty as well as conflict. Our flight was slight delayed but soon enough we were all headed home. As it was an early morning flight, most of us were sound asleep. That is, until there was a commotion, which grew in volume. An eerie, accent voice came on the intercom announcing that they plane was hijacked!! I literally shot up in my seat as I saw masked men with submachine guns and pistols walking down the aisles instead of the flight attendants. We were all ordered to turn in all electronic devices and I regretably handed over my iphone which contained pictures of the sights we had visited. The plane turned sharply to the left and began to descend. Within minutes, land could be seen out of the window until the accented voice told all of us to close the shutters.

The plane did a hard landing but thankfully I remembered to put on my seatbelt before landing. Then came the errie accented voice. “You all will be allowed to disembark. All of you, except one person. We will take one hostage for a collateral. ” Immediately everyone started to mummur, wondering who it will be . “Silence!” The voice continued. “Everyone quiet, stay in your seats and look straight ahead.” I did so, trembling. Who would be picked? I surmised so sort of young and good looking person. But a boy or a gir…

“You,” I heard the same voice from the speakers and turned to see a masked man. “You, stand up!”

“Noo….” I cried not believing I was chosen.

“Mister, look she’s only a kid, pick someone…OW!!!” I turned to see my teacher Mrs. Seagger interjected only to receive a large blow on her head. “SHUT UP!! Girl, get up NOW!” With my feet trembling I did so and was yanked immediately my a second masked man.

“NO! Don’t take…OW! OW!!” My teacher was again struck on the head but before I could turn around, I was pushed towards the front of the aircraft. The accented voice was on the speakers again: “All passengers will now disembark. Slowly and no heroics. We will watching you.”  As I heard the movement of the passengers, I was turned around to face the masked men again.

“What’s your name girl?” The senior one asked.

“Catherine..” I mumbled more because of my fear of their looks and their weapons.

“Well Catherine,” he continued, now with a softer tone, “don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you, unless you try to resist. We will fly on to another airport where after a short while you will be released. OK?” I slowly nodded but didn’t expect the next part. “Tape her up, and watch things from here,” he ordered his companion.

WHAT?! My hands were yanked behind my back and I felt the feeling of thick duct tape surrounding them. “Ha…mmmmppph!” something cloth-like was jammed into my mouth and then I felt another sticky duct tape plastered over my lips. Before I could move any further, he knelt down and wrapped tape around my nylon-covered knees and ankles. Her further wrapped tape above and below my small breasts. With tape literally all over me, he lifted me up and carried me to front cabin. He buckled me in and said, “now stay here.” I certainly couldn’t move anyway; the tape was really tight!

A few minutes later, I felt the plane moved–we were flying off again! It made me even more apprehensive since they didnt say where we were heading. What if the hijackers/kidnappers didn’t keep their promise and left me in some deserted place? What if they threw me in some hell hole or fed me to some animals or evil people? Or worse what if they killed me?

As I thought about my fate, I then felt a signal from my bladder. Yeah, I drank alot of water, juice and soft drinks during the flight and the meals provided. As the plane continued move, I felt a stronger signal from my bladder and began to struggle against my bonds. Suddenly, the plane banked and started to descend. Well, that was fast I thought. And thankfully too. Hopefully they would release me and I would run straight for the toilet.

The land was even rougher than before. As the plane finally halted, my bladder pressure was unbearable. “MMMMpppp…” I groaned through my gag. One of the masked men appeared and asked, “WHAT?”

“Mmmm…..” I cried again and finally he peeled or rather yanked off the tape and took out the cloth. “Please, mister, can you let me use the toilet?”

“No, no way girlie. You want a quick escape,” he replied and attempted to replace the cloth. “Please, mis….mmmppph!!!!” He jammed the cloth back and taped it up. “Mmmmmppph…” I wailed but he disappeared.

Shit they wont even release me for a pee. I squeezed my legs tight together, knowing that wasn’t going to help but still did so. Please, please, please release me. Five minutes later, I felt that my bladder was really going to burst. “MMMMMMPHHHH!!!” I cried and the man reappeared.

“I said no.” He snapped but I continued to wail and give him  a pleading look. Finally, he reached down and cut away the tape around my knees and ankles. My hands were shortly freed. “Mmmp?” I said, pointing at my gag. “You don’t need your mouth to pee. Two minutes max.”

I scooted off but just as I got past the end of the cabin, my bladder gave way. Warm pee soaked my knickers and trickled down my tights. Oh SHIT SHIT SHIT! I thought silently as I pushed open the door to the cubicle. I had just managed to unclip my skirt and lower my undies as another lot of pee shot out. Oh man, I thought, I’m so embarrassed. Then again, it was that hijacker’s fault for not releasing me the first time. I cleaned up as best as I could but the stained undies and tights felt just terrible against my crotch.

“Good, you are back,” he said seeing me. “Accident?” I was still too embarrassed and in any case was gagged so I couln’t reply. Suddenly,”BANG! BANG! BOOM!!!” The air suddenly turned smoky and I gave a muffled yelp as I smelled pungent fumes. My body collapsed to the ground more from the odour rather than the ear-shattering explosions. Just over a minute later, I heard cries of “She here! Hostage safe!” The smoky air suddenly dissipated and my vision cleared to see many masked men with MP-5 submachine guns. One knelt down and gently removed the tape across my lips and eased out the soggy cloth.

“Are you ok Miss? Everything fine no..oh dear, looked like you had an accident,” the HRT man said, causing me to turn bright red all over.


Captivepenny edited: Detective Hammond Strikes out

‘Twas a dark and stormy night….. Actually it was a warm and sunny pre-fall afternoon, but who wants to read that as the first line in a story ?

‘Twas a dark and stormy night and Doctor Charlotte Webb, villainess extraordinaire, cackled with particularly fiendish glee as her henchlings secured two struggling captives inside the closet of a huge abandoned mansion. The girls were young, pretty and defiant even as they stood there in their slips and pantyhose, hands bound with rope.

The mad doctor exhorted his goons to tie them tighter, to that end they tied the girls’ hands over the closet bar then tied their knees and ankles together. They bound the hostages together at the waist so they stood back to back unable to help each other.

“There you are me proud beauties,” the Doctor purred venomously,” that should hold you until your fathers pay the ransom I’ve demanded.”

“You’ll never get away with this !” cried Penny Pendergast, daughter of Vincent Pendergast a wealthy oil magnate. ” My father will have your heads !”

“My father will hunt you down like dogs !” added Carol Crystalheart, daughter of Cavanaugh Crystalheart, the diamond merchant. ” Detective Lisa Hammond will get you !!”

The evil doctor leered at her two bound captives, ” I wouldn’t waste time waiting for the good detective to save you. My assistants have already taken care of her.”

Back at Hammond Investigations, Lisa Hammond struggled bound, gagged and tied to her desk chair, staring straight into the merciless face of a time-bomb that was winding itself down to zero. She had gotten maybe 5 steps inside her office when the goons jumped her and played a duet on her skull with billyclubs.

Lisa planted her feet firmly and kicked out, pushing the rolling chair hard into the little table by her desk. A tiny vase on top of it wobbled, but didn’t fall. She did it again and again. the vase tottered off the edge and smashed into a thousand pieces on the floor.

“Dammit Hammond,” Debra Duche snapped,” My mother bought me that vase !” The pretty secretary stood framed in the office doorway, entirely too long, a fact that the trussed up detective tried to make known past the layers of cloth tied over her mouth.

Debra crossed the room, got a broom and dustpan and calmly swept up the fragments as her erstwhile boos grunted around her gag, nodding desperately in the direction of the bomb squatting on her desk.

” I swear sometimes I don’t know why I put up with you sometimes.” she said wearily, dumping the bits into the trash can,” After all, I have feelings too, y’know ?”

Lisa let out a long plaintive moan. Debra looked at her, followed the jerking head toward the desk, saw the package of wired TNT and promptly fainted.

Doctor Webb stood on the balcony and watched a plume of flame rip the sky. She set down her binoculars and smiled,” So much for Detective Hammond.”

Penny and Carol winced at the sudden light intruding into their prison. Doctor Webb smirked at her two squirming prisoners as they stood there tautly bound and gagged. The pretty girls mmphed quietly behind their gags, tugging at the ropes.

‘Ah poor little girls,’ she purred,” Detective Hammond has had a rather explosive accident. Now no one can save you.” The girls mmphed in feverish protest as their captor closed the door once more.

“Dammit Hammond, I liked that office. ” Debra Duche said beating the dust from he battered pillbox hat, ” Was it absolutely necessary that you blow it up ?”

“If that bomb hadn’t gone off, Doctor Webb would have sent more goons to finish us off. She shouldn’t notice that it exploded a little later than it was set for. She’s probably busy dealing with her new cash cows.”

“I thought they locked her up in the loony bin after she kidnapped those two society dames.”

“They did. She escaped and kidnapped them again. The Doc hates unfinished business.”

“So why did she come after you ?”

“Because I busted her the last time, remember ? she wants me dead so this scheme can go off without a hitch.”

“And now you are dead.”

“Or so they think. The Doc will believe I’m dead, so now I can go after her and save those girls. She won’t suspect a thing.”

“I better go with you. Those goons jumped you pretty quick, ya know.”

“But this time they won’t know I’m coming. I’ll pick them off one by one, then I’ll deal with the Doctor.”

“So you want me to just hold down the office ?”

“Ha-ha. just lay low and wait for my call.”
Debra rolled her eyes, ” Sure whatever boss.”
“Good girl. Well I’m off.”

Detective Hammond leapt into her car and sped off. She pulled her hat down another notch and set her teeth grimly. The thought of that mad doctor holding those two innocent girls hostage filled her with angry resolve. Win or lose, Doctor Webb’s reign of terror would end tonight.

Hammond pressed the accelerator down harder as she drove down a country highway toward the Doctor’s last known hideout. She might have been an evil genius, but she was also predictable. this whole crime centred around her completing the failed abduction, so it was more than likely that she’d return to the exact same locations.

Last time the good doctor had his minions kidnap the girls right out of their bedrooms as they were getting ready for bed. Some chloroformed rags clamped over startled mouths had made them more pliable to being bound hand and foot and lowered out the window to a waiting vehicle. Once secured in the car trunk, the girls were taken to an old mansion on the south edge of town.

The house had been a centre of local legend. Everything from UFO sightings to cannibalistic ritual sex murders had supposedly taken place there at one time or another. The people in the area avoided the house like the plague, so it was perfect for holding two frightened socialites captive.

Detective Hammond urged her roadster to greater speed….

Penny and Carol struggled helplessly, futilely. The ransoms had arrived by a special courier, now since executed by the Doctor’s thugs, who no longer had any use for them. They were untied, except for their hands and escorted from their closet prison down into the cellar in the bowels of the mansion.

It was low roofed and dank, with cobwebs and a musty sour odour that seemed to crawl up their noses. The girls were forced across the hard dirt floor and made to lay down on two low wooden benches. the goons brought our fresh ropes and began tying them down tightly. Doctor Webb crossed the room to a dark corner and wheeled a dark grey device over close to where they were being bound.

” Relax, dear ladies.” The Doctor soothed,” Soon your troubles will be over. I’ve attached a timer to this device. Once we have made our escape, it will activate, filling this room with a deadly gas. If it’s any consolation to you, it’s allegedly painless.”

The girls fought the ropes pinning them, moaning and struggling for all their worth. It was less than useless, they had been securely fastened in this death trap. The goon binding Carol made a final knot.

“Excellent, no go gather my ransom and prepare the car. I want to be gone in less than five minutes.”

“Sure thing boss.” the thug replied and headed upstairs. Detective Hammond smacked the back of the goon’s head the moment it came into view. the goon collapsed into her arms and she dragged her into the kitchen. Lisa grabbed a coil of rope off the floor and tied the henchwoman hand and foot. She then pulled off her scarf, folded it into a thick band and tied it over the girl’s mouth.

“One down, two to go.” the detective whispered, patting her unconscious captive on the back. Lisa hefted her pistol, readied another coil of rope and a gag and hide herself once more.

Doctor Webb paced and glanced at the cellar door. Her assistant should have been back before now. The other goon looked at her nervously.

“You want me to check it out , Boss ?”

The doctor’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her two struggling captives, lying bound on their benches.

“Yes, why don’t you go do that …”

Lisa started as she heard the slow steady tread lurching up the cellar stairs. The pressed herself against the wall, the gun raised high to smash the goon’s skull. they came slowly, cautiously. Did the Doctor suspect something ?

Hammond risked a peek around the corner and saw the derby hat and trench coat. She slipped back and waited. The figure came through the door and around the corner. Lisa’s gun came down…

The girl slumped to the floor, her hat tumbling across the wood floor, revealing long blonde hair over an ugly purple bruise where the gun hit . A white cloth had been tied over her mouth, her hands were bound, hidden by the folds of the trench coat. Penny Pendergast lay unconscious at her feet.

Lisa raised her hands as the gun cocked behind her head. The real goon relieved her of her pistol and ordered the stunned detective back downstairs. Doctor Webb smirked at her as she entered the cellar at gun point. Carol whimpered under her gag.

“Well, well, well Detective Lisa Hammond “unkilled” by the time bomb.”

“Doctor Webb,” Lisa said evenly,” I knew you were behind all this. So why kidnap the same girls ? There are plenty of kids out there with rich parents for you to pilfer.”

“I’m well aware of that, but I hate unfinished business. These little hussies got away from me and YOU got me committed to an insane asylum. You kept me from my rightful money last time Detective, so now I’m getting even.”

” You’re a f@#@ing lunatic Doctor Webb.”

Doctor Webb froze, glaring at her with venomous hatred,” Tie the Detective to Penny’s bench. Make the ropes excruciatingly tight.”

Lisa laid own on the bench as she was ordered and put her hands together in front of her. No sense putting Carol in danger. the goon worked quickly; winding ropes, knotting them, repeating the performance. In moments the detective found herself helplessly tied alongside the girl she was trying to save.

“Comfortable ?” the Doctor asked lightly,” Good, then you can share these tramps fate. I’m going to gas you all !!”

“You’re still a lunatic doctor, whether we’re alive or dead !”
“GAG HER !!” the doctor shrilled.

The goon took out a white pair of panties from her pocket, folded it and stuffed Lisa’s mouth. The Detective garbled something angry at her, fidgeting in her bonds.

“Now go bring Penny back down here and see what happened to the other one. I want to be on the road in seconds.” the doctor ordered. The goon nodded and trotted upstairs. She returned with Penny over one shoulder and dumped her unceremoniously on her belly on the floor. she tied the still unconscious girl’s hands behind her back, bound her ankles and secured the gag.

Doctor Webb set the timer for six minutes and pressed a button. The machine leaped to life.

“There. I’ll leave you three to your gaseous end. If the idea of slowly suffocating to death seems too cruel, just take deep cleansing breaths. Good-bye forever, Detective !!!”

Doctor Webb laughed throatily and ran upstairs, slamming the door behind her. Lisa and Carol wriggled inside the ropes holding them, finding little purchase. Lisa twisted her hands back and forth inside the fat coils of rope. The goon had followed the Doctor’s orders too well however. Minutes ticked by.

The machine kicked into higher gear, a trickle of white gas rolled out, pooled on the floor and spilled out in all directions. A thick tendril of deadly fumes slithered across the dirt toward Penny.

The semi-conscious girl wrinkled her nose at the heavy sickly sweet odour. She moaned quietly behind her gag, hands flexing behind her back. Penny’s eyes flickered to life. The girl saw the fiendish gas flowing toward her and tried to jerk herself upright. The effort slapped her back down hard onto the floor, forcing air from her lungs. Instintively, the girl took in a deep breath and started choking.

The machine opened up full, blasting a fat cone of white doom across the floor. Penny moaned pitifully, trying to wrench herself upright, away from the floating, sliding death coming to embrace her.

the door flew open, feet pounded down the stairs. Lisa and Carol craned their heads in that direction. Debra duche stood framed in the doorway, pillbox hat tilted jauntily to one side, a gun in her right hand.

“Bet you’re glad I didn’t lie low aren’t you, Boss ?”

Doctor Webb and her goons sat bound and gagged against the far wall of the kitchen, looking more than a little unhappy. The bags of ransom money lay piled at their feet. Doctor Webb kicked one of the bags across the floor. The heroes laughed.

“How did you know where to find me ?” Lisa asked her secretary who sat filing her nails.

“Oh I hid in the trunk of you car. Once you went inside the house, i just followed you in.”

“And you didn’t let me know ?”

“Oh like you’d bother to notice me!”

“So anyway, ” Penny threw in,” could you tell us about the rescue ?”

” Sure thing, doll. I was hiding in the kitchen pantry when the boss here drags one of the Doctor’s goons in and ties her up, nice and tight. She’s waiting for the next one, but it ain’t her it’s Miss Pendergast dressed up like her, but the boss doesn’t see it and hits her anyway.”

“That part I remember.’ Penny said, rubbing the lump on her forehead.

“Sorry about that, kid.” Lisa said.

“No problem, Hammond I’ll just deduct my medical bills from your reward money.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“So anyway, the boss gets captured, right ? So I figured I’d wait and see if that wacky doctor would check on her other goon. Lo and behold, she sends up the other one. After she took Miss Pendergast downstairs she came up once more to untie her friend and I just beaned her over the head. The doctor came up afterwards and I nailed her too.”

“So what took you so long ? We could have suffocated down there.”

“Well i had to tie them up nice and tight so they wouldn’t get away…”

“And..” Carol asked.

“And I had to make an appropriately dramatic entrance.”

“Oh…. you… imposssible….” Lisa sputtered.

The authorities were summoned and Doctor Webb and her cohorts were arrested and put in maximum security. Detective Hammond got a fat reward from the girls’ fathers (minus Penny’s medical bills, she wasn’t kidding) and Debra Duche got a fat raise and her name added to the new office glass.

GDIT edited: Sleepover Hostages

My sixteenth birthday was approaching and what should have been a landmark birthday was marred by the fact that it was also my first birthday without dad who was away in Russia. Mum did her best to make the day as special as she could but although none of us said anything I know we all felt there was something missing.

In the evening mum treated us all to a meal at Solihull’s top Italian restaurant. We got home around 9:30 and checking my texts I squealed again “Oh wow. Joanna’s coming down to see me this weekend. That’s so mega. Excellent! I can’t wait to introduce her to all my new friends; they are going to love her. Hey mum, do you think I could have a slumber party Friday night? Have a few of the girls over from school?”

 “I don’t know about that, I don’t mind Joanna being here, she’s a sensible responsible girl but I’m not to sure about you having a party, not when I won’t be here.”

Shoot! In my excitement I’d forgotten that mum had to go down to London Friday to sort out our old flat. A few days ago the estate agent had rung to say he now had a buyer and mum was going up to take care of the paperwork in person. She’d arranged to stay over night with Dad’s sister and wasn’t coming back until late Saturday afternoon. After much convincing and promising that I’ll look after Catherine, my younger sister, or Cate, she agreed.

 I was excited now, I hadn’t seen Joanna since we’d moved from London to Solihull, though I e-mailed her often and tried to speak to her on skype at least once a week. Jo’s family had lived in the same apartment building as us and we’d been inseparable for over 10 years. She was three months older than me and subsequently had been a year above me all through school, now while I was struggling with school she was in the first term of Beauty college. In many ways Beauty college was Joanna’s calling, she’d always been far more feminine than me, constantly experimenting with make up and hairstyles. I wondered idly what she’d look like when I saw her on Friday.

 Friday came and I was extremely excited both about the sleepover and seeing Jo. The house had been a bustle of activity that morning, mum had been getting ready to catch the train to London. There was a bus stop round the corner from the school, I searched through my purse and managed to scrape together just enough change for a single child’s fare to the bus station. The buses were just unloading their passengers when I got there. Desperately I searched through the crowds for a familiar face, but I couldn’t see Joanna anywhere. Where could she be?

A voice in my ear made me jump “Alright Chelle?” I swung round and there was Joanna stood behind me holding a big green rucksack, a stupid grin on her face. We hugged and kissed each other on both cheeks, and then we both took a step back and looked each other up and down.

“Chelle, you better change out of that the instant we’re at your house.” My friends always called me Chelle, alright my parents used Michelle while Cate used Mich.

I blushed, I’d momentarily forgotten I was still in my school uniform – a blue blazer, white blouse, and pleated dark blue knee length skirt along with black tights and black loafers – certainly I didn’t look anywhere near as cool or as beautiful as Joanna. She was wearing a stonewashed blue denim jacket over a pink crew neck t-shirt with ‘Miami’ in white letters across the chest, a figure hugging red lycra mini skirt, blue tights and pink mid-calf boots. Her hair was a mass of golden blonde curls loose about her shoulders, a floppy fringe hanging down over her eyes. At 177cm Jo was much taller than I was but I felt the same age as Catherine stood next to her.

 “You like?” she asked giving me a little jokey twirl “I should hope so, this outfit cost me a small fortune. Feel my tights, go on, feel ’em.” She lifted one leg and I reluctantly stroked it, it felt so incredibly soft. “Very nice” I admitted. “Pure 100% silk” She said proudly “But that’s nothing. You remember I was always scared of getting my ears pierced? Well…” She reached up with magenta nails and brushed her hair back behind her ears, large gold hoops hung from each lobe and there was an additional stud in her upper left ear.

 “Wow!” I gasped “Are they real? What happened?” Jo laughed “Beauty school happened, that’s what. We did piercing in class a few weeks ago and I agreed to let the teacher demonstrate on me” she indicated the stud in her left ear “Once I’d had this one done I realised there was nothing to be frightened off so the very next day I went out and got my lobes done too.” I absently fingered the silver studs in my own ears as I explained to Joanna that had no money for the bus back to home.

“Don’t sweat it Chelle”, she laughed “I’m working four nights a week at a cinema near the college, it’s good pay too. I think I can swing to a taxi.” Joanna hoisted her rucksack up onto her back and followed me through the station to the taxi rank.

The taxi driver was listening to Radio Solihull and I shushed Joanna when the 5 o’clock news came on, my attention caught by the lead news item.”Excuse me could you turn the radio up a moment please” I asked, the driver did so and I listened carefully to the remainder of the item.”… the man who is believed to be armed and highly dangerous remains at large after escaping from prison this morning. He is described as Caucasian, over 6 feet tall with a bald head and black beard. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt, there is a scar down his left cheek and a tattoo of a heart with ‘mum’ written across it on his lower right arm. Residents of Solihull are warned not to approach this man but to call the police immediately if they think they see him. In other news….”

 Joanna giggled nervously. “Oh great so there’s an armed maniac on the loose in Solihull is there? And to think people say London is dangerous.” I shrugged “I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s probably well out of the area by now.” Still I couldn’t help worrying. What if Cate had run into the man on her way home? She could be his hostage now, or worse…

 I unlocked the front door and showed Jo inside. Cate’s jacket was hanging on the end of the banister while her ankle boots lay discarded on the floor just inside the door. I called out to her but she didn’t reply. Taking Joanna’s denim jacket I hung it up in the hallway alongside my school blazer. Joanna sat down on the stairs, resting her rucksack against the wall, and pulled off her pink boots. Kicking off my own school loafers I prepared to go upstairs and change into something a little more comfortable. First though I pointed Joanna in the direction of the kitchen and urged her to go and fix herself something to eat and drink. Halfway up the stairs Joanna called me back “Err…Chelle, I think you’d better come and see this” There was a nervousness to her voice that I hadn’t heard before so I turned round and walked back down the stairs.

“What’s the problem, Jo?” I asked “Spider in the kitchen?”

“No, look.”

I gave an involuntary gasp as I followed her finger. In the far corner of the kitchen, half hidden behind the table was Cate. She lay on her side her back to us, apparently unconscious, still dressed in her black T-Shirt and trousers, white pop socks on her feet. We could tell she hadn’t just fainted but her wrists and ankles were bound with plastic ties. I rushed up and knelt over her, saw that duct tape had been wrapped around her head and mouth, what was more her cheeks were swollen under the tape as if something had been stuffed into her mouth before the gag were applied.

Cate lay so still I was worried she might have choked on her gag but she let out a low moan and I knew that though only just conscious she was alive. Before I could do anything however I heard a gruff voice behind me.

“Okay missy, that’s enough. Stand up and turn round slowly.”

Terrified I did as I was told, and came face to face with a bald, bearded man wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. He sported a scar down his left cheek and had his right arm locked around Joanna’s neck, an arm that proudly displayed a ‘daggar tattoo. A pistol with a silencer was pressed against her head.

“You!” I said recognising him straight away from the description on the radio “You’re the man who escaped from prison.”

“That’s me” he retorted.

“What are you doing in our house?” I demanded a bravado to my voice which I really did not feel. At the same time I was walking slowly towards the man though I had no idea what I hoped to achieve.

“Don’t sweat it kid, I ain’t looking to hurt no-one, yet” His words made me flinch, I hate people using double negatives like that. I wondered what he meant by that but a moment later I found out. Releasing his hold on Joanna’s neck he pushed her towards me

“Catch your friend.”

Joanna skidded across the kitchen, her silk tights slipping against the well polished linoleum floor and tumbled into my arms nearly toppling us both over. I held my friend tightly, looked into her frightened eyes, she was almost in tears. “Don’t you dare cry” I whispered “You’ll ruin your mascara” she laughed at that and I knew if I could show I was calm she’d be okay.
“Catch,” The guy said, and I caught a small bundle. Insider were plastic ties and a roll of tape. Secure your friend like I did to the little one,” he ordered.I  considered defying him but what good would that do? The both of us would probably shot or injured by him. At least while we were awake we had a fighting chance.

Joanna seemed to read my mind “Best do as he says Chelle” She whispered. Turning so her back was to me she crossed her hands behind her back and offered them up to me. Reluctantly I wrapped the plastic ties around her slender wrists. “No, another tie around her wrists,” he said, the gun pressed against me. Thus, Jo’s hands were bound with the ties in a cross like manner.

 “Now, catch this, lass,” he said and I felt something cotton-like in my hands. It was one of my own knickers.

 “You pervert. What are you doing with my underwear?” I asked.

 “It’s what you’ll be doing hun. Now, stuff thme in your pretty friend’s mouth.”

 “What???!!! You’re sick. No!” This I’ll definitely not do.

 He calmly shifted his aim towards my sister and that did it. “Ok, ok, you win. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Sorry, Jo,” I said as I raised my own undies to her lips.

 “All the way in” he ordered sharply. “Uh-Uh” the man reprimanded twirling his index finger in a clockwise direction as I plastered a piece of tape, condemning my friend to sucking my own under “Right round the head, just like I did with Blondie there” He indicated the still unconscious Cate. Lifting as much of Joanna’s curly blonde hair out of the way as possible I pulled the tape round against the back of her neck, then up onto her cheek again and across the first layer so her mouth was covered not once but twice. Although I succeeded in keeping most of Joanna’s hair out of the way of the tape I unfortunately managed to snag one of her large hoop earrings and it became trapped against her left cheek.

“Okay, that should be enough” I felt relieved when the intruder stopped me and cut the tape from the roll. “Wait, don’t tell me you gagged Cate with my underwear too?” I remarked.

 “Nah, that’s only for you teens. I used a piece of cloth.” That was some comfort.

 “Well, I guess it’s my turn now is it?” I asked annoyed that my voice was so obviously full of fear. “

 He sneered “Put your hands behind your back.” I did as I was told but before he could even begin to tie me the doorbell rang. The man froze “Who’s at the door?” he demanded.

I had a fairly good idea it would be one of the other girls I’d invited over but I wasn’t going to tell him that “I-I don’t know. I can’t see from here”.

“Very funny” The man grabbed me roughly by the arm and pressed the pistol against my back “Let’s go and see shall we.”

‘The Intruder’ marched me back out into the hall and up to the front door. Through the frosted glass I could make out at least two figures on the far side of the door and for a moment my heart soared. Could it be the police? Had someone seen the man enter our home and reported it?

 “Who are they?” he hissed As I’d feared it was the girls I’d invited to my sleepover. They must have met up on the way over. It seemed I had no choice but to tell the truth.

“They’re friends of mine. They’re here for a slumber party”

“A slumber party? Like a sleepover you mean? So their parents think they’re spending the night here?”

I realised then I’d said the wrong thing. If everyone thought my friends were spending the night here there was no way any of us were going to missed before morning at the very earliest. On the other hand if I sent them away it might have aroused suspicions.

Sure enough he seemed to have come to the same conclusion. “Best let them in then.” he whispered “Careful though, no tricks. Remember I’ve got two hostages in the kitchen and I will hurt them if I have to.”

Forcing myself to smile I opened the door “Hi girls, glad you could all make it.”

Jenn was first through the door. She was wearing a white denim jacket, orange shoulder strap top, cropped navy blue jeans and white trainers with white ankle socks, an orange head scarf covered her close cropped hair. Behind her was Lin 166cm tall and growing taller. She also has the most vibrant infectious personality, you can’t help but like her. This evening she’d tied her hair in a French plait. Lin was wearing a black leather bomber jacket, a low cut yellow t-shirt and a red tartan mini skirt. Her legs were sheathed in red nylons and a pair of black open toed strap ups added a good 10-15cm to her height.  Leanne was behind her Last but not least there was Leanne, whose black hair is not as long as Lin’s but still falls a good 20-25 centimeters below her shoulders. Tonight her hair was loose, tucked back neatly behind her ears. She wore a white hooded fleece over a white vest, a khaki skirt and a pair of black calf high slouch boots. At 173cm she was the tallest of the trio.

I ushered the girls into the hall. Accepting the wrapped presents each gave me and placing them on the telephone table.

“Why have you still got your uniform on Chelle?” Jenn asked “I thought you’d be dressed up to the nines and ready to party.” She pronounced the last word part-ay.

The front door slammed shut making us all jump “Hello” said a voice. The girls turned around and Lin and Jenn screamed with fright as they recognised the man who stood behind them pointing his pistol at us. “Okay ladies, let’s move it, through to the kitchen if you please.” With me leading the way we walked through the hall to the kitchen where we found Cate and Jo back to back, with Jo trying to peel off Cate’s gag.

 “Thought you be trying to do that, girl,” he sneered, using his feet to pry them away. He then opened up his back pack and motioned to Jenn and Lin. “Ok, shortie and you, on the floor, hands behind your back.” Leanne and I were then given similar material to bound our friends. Yet again, the escaped convict produced several pairs of my knickers for us to stuff their mouths. He must have raided my cupboard and the laundry. Pevert, Super Pevert, I thought, as I regrettably gagged my friend. Leanne was then finally trussed and gagged.

“Can I expect any more visitors this evening?” He asked. I shook my head, offering up a silent prayer that mum was safe.

“Chelle is it? Is that what your friend called you?”

“My friends call me Chelle” I corrected him trying to maintain the façade that I wasn’t scared “You may call me Michelle”.

“Alrighttt… Michelle, You’re friends may be pretty and dressed up, but you’re hot. Now, let’s go upstairs to your room shall we?”

 The gun told me all I needed to know. Still, As I was forced up, I muttered, “Your quite a perverted person, using my knickers as gags.”

 The gun was pushed against my back, “Silence, or you’ll get it”. I obeyed.

 In my room, I was forced to my knees and like my sister and unsuspecting friends, he drew out one of my black bikini knickers and stuffed it in my mouth, sealing it with tape. What came next was a surprise: Instead of trussing me up, he reached behind and struck me on my neck. I saw stars and fell unconscious.

 My eyes were cloudy and finally my eye sight returned, only to see a pitch blackness. “Mmmmpph” I cried, realising that I was still gagged. I attempted to move, but something was crushing my arms, which seemed pinned behind my back. Half a minute later, I discovered that I was in some sort of trunk, my wrists and ankles bound behind my back with the plastic ties he used on my sister and friends.

 I’m not claustrophobic or anything but being  trapped in the space was too much for me.

“MMMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPmmmPPP!!” I cried many times. All of a sudden, as if my cries were heard, clicking noises broke through my screams and  suddenly the top popped open, revealing faces.

“It’s alright missy, we’re the police,” one began and slowly, I was helped out of what finally appeared to be a car’s boot—my mother’s car. As I was freed, the story was related to me. Cate was the one who somehow managed to reach her mobile and call the police, yelling through her gag. All of them were freed and it appeared that the convict used my mom’s car as a getway vehicle, hiding my unconscious body inside the trunk.

 The guy somehow was never found and while the case remained  open, my friends and i made up for the “interruption” by having a proper sleepover several weeks after.




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GDIT Dickesian Night edited

Stopping only to change back into my street clothes and grab my rucksack from my closet I cycled across town to Moriarty High.

Unlike us their students were in school today, mainly because various ASBOs* prevented most of them from actually taking part in tonight’s festivities. Somehow I had to sneak in, get the document and make my escape without anyone noticing me.

As I approached the school I saw the answer, as luck would have it a group of year 10or 11 girls were in the playing fields adjacent to the school-playing hockey. It must be their sports lesson. I watched them for a few minutes, they were all dressed in canary yellow T-shirts, burgundy pleated sports skirts, white knee socks and black trainers There were thin girls, fat girls, small girls and tall girls, at least three of them looked to be roughly the same height and size as me.

Of course the best way to get around the school unnoticed would be by blending in and to do that I needed a uniform. Keeping close to the walls in the hope I wouldn’t be seen I made my way to the girl’s changing room and slipped inside. There was a short passageway through to the changing room itself, the only way in or out.

Perfect, at least 30 uniforms hung on pegs or – in most cases – lay strewn on the floor. I began trying on blouses looking for one that fitted. I finally found one and hastily began to change, stuffing my own clothes into the rucksack.

Maybe it was just an in-built prejudice but I didn’t like the uniform. The beige, almost transparent blouse was a bit garish, Then there was the black skirt which in the case of whoever I was borrowing this particular uniform from was little bigger than some of my belts. (Gosh, that makes me sound like mum – it’s true though the skirt was tiny.) I fought tights,  hoping they were clean and pulled them on. Shoes and just as I was finishing off the Windsor knot in my borrowed red & blue Moriarty school tie I heard voices and froze. Someone was outside.

“Do you want me to come in with you Vicki? That ankle looks pretty bad.”

“No, you get back out on the field. I’ll be fine from here. I think it’s just a sprain. I’m just going to sit in the changing rooms and rest it for a bit.”

“Are you sure?”

“Course I’m sure. Tell you what, if it’s no better by the end of practice you can help me to the nurses office okay?”

“Okay” I heard footsteps in the doorway. Now I was in trouble – I was cornered and in a few seconds this Vicki would see me and raise the alarm. I’d be lucky to get out of there alive.

“Hey Vicki” I heaved a sigh of relief as her friend called out to her again, but I knew I only had a moment’s respite.
“Yeah?” Vicki had paused, taken a couple of steps back towards the door even.
“Do you want me to get Suzie back for you?”
“Yeah, break the bitch’s kneecaps – both of them.”

I realised that I had two advantages; one was that Vicki was apparently injured while I was (reasonably) fit; the other was one of surprise. The other was that while I knew she was coming, she didn’t know I was waiting for her.

I desperately looked round for something to disguise myself with; a pair ofdark blue tights lay on a bench to one side. I gave them a quick sniff; they smelt of sweat but weren’t too bad. Trying my best not to breathe in I pulled one leg over my head. Everything took on a slightly fuzzy blue hue but a quick glance in a nearby wall mirror confirmed that my face was sufficiently disguised. Not that I expected this girl to recognise me but if I managed to pull off what I intended I didn’t want my description being circulated among the year 10 girls. There were at least two girls here who knew me by sight and I didn’t want either of them recognising my description.

Quickly grabbing a handful of neckties from the hooks around me I crossed the room and pressed my back to the wall, hiding myself as best as I could. The doorway was to my right and my best hope was that the girl would walk in and head straight for the benches without looking round. It was a mad crazy gamble but it was better than getting my face smashed to a pulp.

The inner door swung open and the girl limped in using her hockey stick as a crutch. As I’d hoped she didn’t bother looking round just made her way carefully to the bench closest to the door. I took a moment to assess her before pouncing; she was about 170cm, skinny with a long neck and bleached blonde hair tied in bunches. She was dressed as all the other girls had been in a yellow T-shirt, short pleated burgundy sports skirt and white knee socks. There were no trainers on her feet and I guessed she’d taken them off, perhaps to make her bad ankle more comfortable.

Reaching the bench Vicki set down her hockey stick and made to sit down. This was it, now or never, while her back was to me. There was no time for stealth, I just had to leap on her and get this over with.

With a hearty cry of – of something or other I’ve no idea now, I just remember running out screaming – I ran towards the unsuspecting girl and pinned her face down on the bench. She struggled and lashed out but with her nose pressed against the wooden bench she couldn’t do much.

Now came the tricky part, I had to secure my captive, something I hadn’t done before. Well, once but that was a friend of Dippy’s and it was hardly a fair fight, she was barely half my size. Oh, and I had plenty of experience of being tied up but when it comes to tying up other people, well I wasn’t really sure how to begin. For the moment I had her tightly pined to the bench but I knew I had to move to start tying her and that was where I risked her getting loose, perhaps even gaining the upper hand. If that happened I was a goner.

Still, I couldn’t sit on her indefinitely; I had to do something. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Vicki’s discarded hockey stick.The benches in this room were placed back to back in 3 columns like supermarket aisles and along the back of the benches separating them was a wire mesh, like chicken wire. I grabbed the hockey stick with my free hand and experimentally placed it along side the wire; excellent, the holes in the wire were just large enough to fit the handle through.

Resting the hockey stick against the back of Vicki’s neck I pushed it through the net until the head was pressing against the side of her neck. There now she was pinned down. I could relax a little and ease up. First though I fumbled for her arms. Grabbing her bony wrists I pulled them together behind her back and began to tie them together with one of the neckties I’d picked up. All the time I could hear her cursing me and threatening to get even but her words were muffled by the wooden bench kissing her mouth. Just to be extra careful I tied her wrists again with a second neck tie just above the first. I didn’t want to risk her getting loose.

The tights over my head were getting uncomfortably sweaty, I had to take them off but I couldn’t risk Vicki seeing my face. Luckily there was a towel hanging from one of the hooks over my head, I grabbed it and folded it as neatly as I could before wrapping it around her eyes and tying it at the back of her head.

Satisfied she couldn’t see me I pulled the blue nylon mask off of my head. My face felt moist and clammy and my hair was sticking up in clumps, I was going to have to freshen myself up before I left. First things first though. Very carefully I removed the hockey stick from the back of Vicki’s neck and taking her by the shoulders helped her to sit up. With her hands tied behind her back there was little she could do to protest.
“Why you little bi-mmph” she started to say before I managed to wad the smelly blue tights in her mouth. I used another necktie to secure the gag in place. Great another hosiery gag.

“Can you walk?” I asked softly trying to keep my voice low and disguise my accent at the same time. She shook her head meekly, I was a little surprised, from what I knew of Moriarty girls they didn’t normally give in this easily.

“Well you’d better try” I demanded standing up and pulling her with me. I’d spied a janitor’s closet set into one wall and I figured that would be the best place to stash her so she wouldn’t be found straight away. I began to walk forcing Vicki to walk with me.

After a couple of steps she faltered, screaming with pain through her gag and her legs started to buckle. Instinctively I tried to help her and that was my big mistake. I struggled to get a hold of her by the shoulders but Vicki suddenly and unexpectedly lashed out. She head butted me on the chin and pulled away, apparently intending to make a run for it. I staggered back letting go and she started to run, only to collapse with a (heavily muffled) yelp, this time of genuine pain.

I had no time to feel sympathy for the girl though. Reeling and shaking my head to clear it I leapt on top of her again, this time sitting on her stomach. Grabbing her kicking legs and reaching for more ties from my small collection I tied them together above and below the knee. Despite her escape attempt I felt sorry enough for her not to tie her ankles, the last thing I wanted to do was aggravate a genuine injury.

When I was done I stood up again, I watched the captive Vicky for a moment, she lay on her back, Blindfolded, gagged and bound, giving little feeble kicks with her good foot at where she imagined I might be. It felt strangely empowering to be on the other end for once.

I checked my watch. It was 2.20, time was running out. Grabbing Vicki by the collar of her T-shirt I dragged the struggling, mmpphing girl towards the closet, she was heavy and she put up a struggle but for once I had the advantage of not being the one tied up.

Reaching the closet I opened the door and rolled her inside before closing it again. I listened carefully at the door, she was still shouting and cursing at me through her gag but it was barely audible. Good, with 30 odd girls in here all shouting and screaming there was little chance they’d hear her cries for help from in there.

I fished a comb from my rucksack, wetted it and combed back my hair. Then I wetted my face to make myself more presentable.
I had to get to the library but I had no idea where that was, leaving the changing rooms as casually as I could manage – not easy when your heart’s beating at 10 times the normal rate – I headed across the courtyard into the main school building.

I looked round and she had already turned her back to me. I noticed that her cardigan was rather big for her and hung slightly off her shoulders. Before I knew what I was doing I had grabbed her cardigan by the collar and pulled it down about her elbows, the cardigan had buttons up the front, about half of which were fastened and my action succeeded in trapping her arms against her sides.

I honestly expected her to start screaming at this point and calling for help but she was surprisingly calm and detached.

“Vicki” she said and I had to remind myself she was talking to me “What do you think you’re doing? Let me go at once. This isn’t funny.”
She struggled a bit testing her restraints and fumbled for the buttons on her cardigan. Not daring to speak in case my voice betrayed me I grabbed her hands and held them together in front of her, Miss Harris had surprisingly slender wrists and while I don’t have big hands I found I could just about hold both her wrists in my left hand while I used my right one to undo the belt that was loosely tied around the waist of her cardigan.

Taking one end of the belt I wound it around her wrists three times knotting it securely, I still had more than half the belt left. I forced Miss Harris to sit on a chair and pulling her bound wrists forward I wound the free end around both her ankles. When I was finished she was stooped forwards in the chair, unable to lift her wrists any higher than her knees.
All the time she was talking to me (to Vicki, even now I find it hard to credit myself with what happened in the library), reasoning with me, calmly demanding to be untied.
In the end I couldn’t listen to her any more, I spied a white lace handkerchief poking out of the corner of her cardigan pocket and I grabbed it, wadded it up into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth, cutting her off mid speech.

The woman continued to talk although her speech was less coherent now. I could see her tongue was already working at the gag trying to push it free, before she could do so I whipped off my Moriarty High neck tie and wound it round and round her mouth before knotting it between her teeth. Finally she fell silent; her big brown eyes looked up at me with a mix of trepidation and anger as she tried to maintain her authority status despite the circumstances.

I smiled at her apologetically “I-I’m truly sorry about this,” I managed to say, then I grabbed my rucksack and ran for the exit.

“Hang on in there” I whispered. “I’ve got the ransom. You’ll be free in no time.”
Giving the boot what I hoped would come across as a reassuring pat I took my torch and the documents and entered the stone shelter. Inside it was surprising well lit. Lanterns hung from the walls illuminating the open barn-like space. In the centre of the barn was a wooden chair and sat in that chair was Kelly Macintosh. Her hands were tied around the back of the chair and criss-crossing white ropes covered her chest and legs; from shoulders to ankles there wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t covered in rope and her mouth was sealed with black tape.
Her head hung forward against her chest and at first I wondered if she might be unconscious, but then she groaned slightly and her eyelids flickered open. Her eyes widened when she saw me and I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile.
From behind me came a slow handclap.
“So the legendary Charlotte Angel saves the day again” A familiar female voice purred.
Slowly I turned round. In the doorway stood the Cat, exactly as I remembered from Halloween Night, she was dressed in the same black leather jump-suit and pixie boots, her face and hair were hidden under a pink motorcycle helmet with a tinted visor. Who is this girl? I asked myself. And how does she know so much about me?
“You bought the item I requested?” It was more a statement than a question.
“Of course” I waved the document by way of proof “Now let Kelly go and you can have it”
“I’m sorry. You seem to have forgotten I call the shots here” she replied coldly. She clicked her fingers and a man in a black motorcycle helmet appeared from the shadows snatching the documents from my hand. He took them to the masked woman and she perused them briefly.
Apparently satisfied she nodded and handed the papers back to her henchman.
“Okay let’s go” she said and snapped her fingers again. There was the roar of engines starting up and two motorbikes appeared in the open doorway. Breaking into a run the Cat and her associate hopped onto the back of the bikes and the drivers sped off.
By the time I got to the door of the barn they were gone.
Behind me Kelly let out a low moan through her gag and I hurried back to where she was tied in the centre of the barn.
Removing the tape from her mouth, a pairs of knickers fell out. I turned my attention to the ropes that held her in the chair, whoever had tied her had done a good job, I’d never seen so much rope used on one person and there were knots everywhere. I fished in my rucksack for a penknife and as I did so I asked Kelly to tell me what had happened.

Friday December 5th 2003 was a night I’m not likely to forget in a hurry. With three weeks to go before Christmas Crooksville was hosting it’s annual ‘Dickensian’ evening – a mix of late night shopping and charity fund raising. I’d been looking forward to it, even though I was going to be working in Mr Keats’s bookstore all night. Then my elder sister Verity had volunteered me to be ‘kidnapped’ by the local Pixies. The Pixies are a bit like the Brownies, they are a group for 7-12 year old girls where they can socially interact with each other and earn merits for different skills. I hope they don’t give merits for knot tying I thought grimly as I walked round the market place waiting for the girls to find me.
I felt a bit self-conscious especially as I was dressed as a Victorian street urchin. I was wearing a black jacket with tails, white crinkled shirt, grey checked trousers and black brogues, with a grey cap and grey wool scarf. I also had on a pair of white pop socks under my shoes, just because they were comfortable (hey my underwear was anachronistic too, no one said I had to be 100% Victorian).
” Excuse me are you Charlotte Angel” asked a voice. I looked round and saw two girls in the bright pink uniforms of the Pixies, it consists of a high collar jacket, T-shirt and below the knee pencil skirt in an old fashioned style that I think must date back to the 1940s at least. I wouldn’t be seen dead in an outfit like that I thought. The girl who had spoken was of Asian descent with shoulder length hair tied in plaits behind her ears. She wore a pair of black trainers with her uniform and had a coil of white rope slung over one shoulder. The second girl was white with close cut blonde hair and wore pink calf boots.
I nodded and smiled at them “Please, call me Charlie”
The blonde girl grabbed my arm “Come with us” she said without returning my smile.
The two girls led me through the square and down a side road. The shoppers bustled about us, most ignored us but a few people stopped to watch, a couple even cheered the girls on. I saw my friends, Roxy and Laura, stop to stare and gave them a friendly wave.
“Stop that” Snapped the Asian girl “No one is going to rescue you.”
“Wh- What are you going to do with me?” I played along fighting back a fit of the giggles.
“We’re going to take you to our hideout and hold you for ransom” the blonde girl said.
The girls stopped in a side road “Put your hands in front of you” said the Asian girl. I did so and she wound the rope around them knotting it securely.
“Ow, does it have to be that tight?” I asked lamely.
“Silence Prisoner” she said harshly “Or you will be gagged”.
Her blonde accomplice produced a pink wool scarf and I crouched down so she could tie it round my eyes. As she did so she whispered in my ear. “You’re lucky it’s Anna. Our pack leader’s much worse. She’s got merits for knot tying”
Oh, goody I thought what have I let myself in for? I am so going to have words with Verity when this is over.
Blindfolded and unable to see I was led by my bound wrists for what felt like 20 minutes. The longer we walked the less noise I could hear and it was obvious we were getting further and further from the town centre. The concrete beneath my brogues gave way to grass and I suspected given the general direction we’d been walking in, that we must be in the park. Finally I heard a door creak open and I was led in to a wooden building.
“Okay sit down.” said a voice, I think it was Anna’s but I’m not sure. Obediently I let myself be guided to a wooden chair and sat down. Immediately I felt more rope being wound around my waist securing me to the chair. At the same time someone was at my feet tying my legs together at the ankle.
“Right Lucy, pass me the camera”
I heard the click and whirl of a Polaroid camera thought about smiling for the picture but decided it might be better for the cause if I at least tried to look scared instead. Another photo was taken and a third.
“Okay Lucy I’m going to start collecting the ransom. You stay and guard the prisoner till Pack Leader gets here”
I heard the door to the clubhouse, or barn – wherever it was I was being held – swing open and close again. Anna had gone, I wondered idly how much I was worth to the citizens of Crooksville, I wasn’t exactly in Kelly Macintosh’s league but I was a bit of a local celebrity, albeit a reluctant one. In the 4 months that I’d been here I’d witnessed and even thwarted several crimes, and got my picture in the Oxford Mail twice. Having said that I was still a relative outsider.
After a few minutes I could bear the silence no longer. “Hello” I said, “Lucy is it?”
“I’m not supposed to speak to you” She said, “Pack leader wouldn’t like it”
“I won’t tell if you don’t”
“She’ll find out. She always does. She scares me”
“What’s to be scared of? What can she do to you?”
“She’ll punish me, like she did before”
I began to feel slightly uneasy, was this girl being bullied?
Before I could press her any further the door creaked open again
“What’s going on here Anna? Why isn’t the prisoner gagged?” I guessed this was the pack leader, there was something familiar about her voice, why did I recognise it? I didn’t know any young girls in this village, did I?
“S-Sorry Pack Leader. We didn’t think we needed to, she came quietly”
“Never mind, go and stand guard outside, I’m expecting a visitor, Don’t let anyone through without the password, right?”
“Y-yes, pack leader” There was an uncomfortable silence that I could sense even through the blindfold “Er – pack leader?”
“What is the password?”
“What it’s always been – ‘Pixies Forever'”
I heard Lucy open the door and go outside. The Pack Leader turned her attention to me.
“Hello Auntie Lotte” she chirped and for a moment my blood ran cold. It was Amber Matthews, my kid sister’s best friend. She was a horror and a brat; I hadn’t seen her since the previous Friday when I’d been baby sitting her and Dippy. They’d tricked me and tied me up but with a little help from my boyfriend Mark I’d managed to turn the tables on them. Amber had been pretty angry with me for getting the better of her and had sworn her revenge. Had I realised she was a Pixie I doubt I would have agreed to this kidnap stunt.
“Hello Amber” I replied keeping my voice steady “I would say it’s nice to see you but I can’t see anything just at the moment”
Ignoring my attempt at humour Amber continued “You humiliated me last week, in 6 years no one has ever managed to tie me up like that, Never”
“What can I say, maybe I know more about ropes than yo-ow” I let out an involuntary yelp of pain as Amber tightened the ropes that held me in the chair “What are you doing? I’m not planing to escape”
“Better safe than sorry”
I bit back a fit of the giggles as it dawned on me that Amber was almost inevitably wearing the same prim pink uniform as the girls who had ‘kidnapped’ me. Somehow it didn’t seem to fit with her tough tomboy image.
“Why don’t you take the blindfold off Amber?” I asked “I’d love to see you in your Pixie uniform. Tell me Amber are you a pretty little Pixie? I’ll bet you are. Why I’d bet anything you look cute as a button, all in pink”

“Shut up” She snapped “Don’t diss the uniform, no one disses the Pixie uniform. You say another word and I’ll make you regret it”

“Oooh, I’m scared Amber” A favourite tune of dad’s came to mind, Pretty in Pink, I think it was by the Psychedelic Furs but they were a bit before my time. I hummed a few bars of it for Amber’s benefit and I swear I could feel her blush.

“You won’t be laughing when your visitor gets here” Amber scolded, although I thought I heard a slight waver in her voice. I guess I got to her but it was a hollow victory, she’d gotten to me as well.

“Visitor? What visitor?” I asked. Despite myself I felt a little scared, just how vindictive was Amber? Tied to a chair and blindfolded I was completely at her mercy; she could let anyone in to get at me. I thought back to earlier that day and the Moriarty student I’d left bound and gagged in the girl’s changing rooms. Could she have worked out who I was? Would she be out for revenge? She wasn’t my only enemy either though most of them were in borstal or prison.

“Let’s just say an anonymous party offered us a considerable donation in exchange for some time alone with you.”

“And was that a donation to the charity or to you personally”
“Both” Well at least she was honest about it.
I heard the door open again, the newcomer didn’t speak but Amber did.
“You got here then. Have you got my money?” I heard a rustle of notes and wondered how much Amber was getting. “Spot on, well she’s all yours. I’ll be outside, just shout when you’re done.”
The door creaked shut and a silence fell on the room. I had no idea who was in the hut with me. Part of me was terrified.
Finally after what felt like an age the person spoke “Charlotte Angel we meet again” a feminine voice purred. The cat, my arch enemy. Of course it had to be her.
“So we do” I replied doing my best to hide the fear in my voice “And to what do I owe this honour?”
“Oh I think you know, Charlotte. Do you honestly think I’d let you get away with keeping copies of that document? I told you to steal it for me not for you”
“Copies? What copies?” It was a weak bluff but worth a try I thought.
The Cat laughed “Nice try but didn’t your parents ever tell you never kid a kidder? I’ve played poker with professional gamblers, I can spot a weak bluff like yours a mile off. And besides that I know how you think Charlie – you don’t mind if I call you Charlie do you? -I know you wouldn’t let a clue as important as this slip through your fingers, not if you had the choice. Well, sorry Charlie I can’t take that risk, as soon as you left the house for our rendezvous this afternoon I had someone go into your house and relieve your sister of the copies.”
“Serendipity!” I screamed “What have you done to her you- you..” My voice trailed off as I fought back tears.
“Oh, don’t worry she’s fine.” the Cat purred “although you might want to check your wardrobe when you get home tonight. From what I hear it’s a bit cramped in there”
I pulled angrily at the ropes that held me to the chair but it was hopeless, I was too well tied.
“Relax Charlie, you’ll hurt yourself”
“Don’t call me Charlie,” I said through gritted teeth “Only my friends call me Charlie. You call me Charlotte. Got that Delores!”

The Cat froze, even through my blindfold I could sense her eyeing me up and down. Then she started clapping her hands together slowly.
“So you finally worked it out did you?” She said at length. “What gave me away?”
I had her full attention now, I thought about it carefully before answering “It’s been bothering me all day, Why would the Cat kidnap Kelly Macintosh just to get at me? It would have been far easier to snatch Serendipity or Leona, any one of my friends. Taking Kelly required a lot of planning what with getting her driver out of the way first. There had to be more to it. You specifically targeted Kelly because you wanted to get back at her as well as at me. She stole your boyfriend so you thought you’d punish her for it.
“You know I might not have made the connection even then, but you slashed her dress. That’s when I knew for certain it wasn’t a random kidnap and that Kelly had been deliberately targeted. I realised then I’d seen you driving the limo earlier, you slipped up. You’re hair was peaking out from under the cap. Red hair. All the clues were there – I just needed to piece them together.”
“Well I can’t say I’m impressed Charlie. To be honest I thought you would have got it weeks ago, maybe you’re not as smart as I thought you were”
“I still reckon I’m smart enough to bring you to justice” I retorted
She laughed coldly “I doubt it, I’ve been committing crimes a lot longer than you’ve been solving them and believe me knowing who I am and proving it are two entirely different things.”
She was right of course, no matter what I thought I knew I had no evidence. I hadn’t even realised I knew who the Cat was until a moment before I said her name out loud but suddenly 5 weeks of investigation had paid off. The stupid thing was the answer had been right under my nose all the time, at the same time I’d had my first run in with the Cat, Delores DeMontford had suddenly started stalking me. I’d been treating these as two separate mysteries; who was the Cat and why was Delores so interested in me when in reality each question answered the other.
“I’ll find a way to prove it” I told her feeling defiant “and when I do your feet won’t touch the ground, you’ll be sitting your GCSEs in a young offenders institute.”
“Ooh, fighting talk. Now I’m scared” There was a silence then she spoke again. “Still it wouldn’t hurt to teach you a lesson, just like I did Miss Big-Time Celebrity.
“You know” she added “that Pixie girl, – What’s her name? Amber? – She shows a lot of spunk, reminds me of myself at that age. Maybe I should take her under my wing. Show her the ropes so to speak. What do you reckon Charlie? Good idea? No, you’re right. I should test her first, give her a little challenge, If she comes through I may make her my protege. I’ll go talk to her now. Thanks Charlie, it’s been a blast talking to you. Now don’t go anywhere”
“Where am I gonna go?” I retorted “Ipswich”
The Cat laughed coldly. “That’s what I love about you Charlie. You have such a good sense of humour”
I heard the door open and close and realised I was alone in the hut. I pulled at the ropes that held me to the chair wishing I’d never agreed to be kidnapped, even if it was in a good cause. It was hopeless, I was securely fastened and with my arms tied down I couldn’t even reach up and remove the blindfold.

I don’t know how long I sat in that chair; no one came in to check on me. My stomach rumbled loudly and I realised I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. It had been a strange and hectic day.
Finally the door opened and I heard at least three voices chattering excitedly.
“The ransoms been collected now” said a voice I think was Lucy’s
“Was I worth much?” I asked
“Two hundred and Twenty Seven Pounds fifty-four pence. A new record. The most we ever got before was £93.06 and that was for the mayor”
I nodded impressed, then I asked myself how much of that was from Delores and I felt a little sick
“I take it you girls are letting me going now then,” I asked, not unreasonably I thought.
There was a pause before a voice I recognised as Amber’s replied “Not exactly. We’ve been offered another £25.00 if we… Well you’ll find out.”

I didn’t like the sound of that; I opened my mouth to protest but one of the girls forced a cloth into my mouth ( I think it was!) and a moment later a strip of tape held it in place.

The door to the hut creaked open yet again and I heard Amber’s voice “Okay lady, she’s all yours.”
My heart leapt into my mouth as stiletto heeled footsteps entered the hut. At the same time I could hear the girls leaving, they sounded slightly nervous. This was not good.
A surprisingly smooth hand brushed my face, inspecting my gag and blindfold to see they were secure.
“So this is the girl the boss wants humiliated?” It was a question more than a statement

“That’s her” I was surprised to realise Amber was still in the room. Was this the test the Cat had intended for her? “Her name’s Charlotte and she thinks she’s some great detective. It’s pathetic really. I mean look at her, does she look like Nancy Drew to you?”

“Don’t know” the older woman replied “I was more into the Famous Five myself. Come on let’s get her ready to move”

I heard a noise like plastic snapping and a sickly sweet aroma pervaded my senses.

“The boss invented them” I heard the woman explain to Amber “Chloroform phials, you crack them open, hold them under the nose and Hey Presto.”

“So, she’s unconscious?”

No I thought, I can hear every word you say.

“Not exactly. As I understand it she’ll still be able to hear us for a while. The drug paralyses at first, sleep comes a little later. It will knock the fight out of her though so it’s safe to untie her.”

Sure enough I felt the ropes fall away from my arms, legs and finally my wrists but I felt as limp as a rag doll. I just slumped in the chair.

“Right” said the woman “I’ll hold her up while you undress her.”

Undress me? No way. I have to fight this. It was no use my muscles remained frustratingly uncooperative. I felt my jacket pulled from my shoulders, then my shirt and skirt. If I was paralysed, I would have shivered and turned bright red being exposed

“Now, quickly, tape this over her crotch. She’ll be wetting her herself because of the drug.”

Tape this? My eyesight was fuzzy as I heard the sound of adhesive but due to the lost of my sense of touch I couldn’t tell what they were doing.

What was probably hours later, I heard a voice cry out, “Miss, are you ok? Oh my gosh, you’re bound!” Seconds later, I felt hands work around my wrists and the rope I found myself bound in was free. The stranger’s hands like wise remove the rest of my leg and knee bounds and then carefully pulled away the tape. Out of my mouth came a pair of knickers–yucks!

“Here, miss, take my coat. You must be cold, al’ naked,” I looked down and gave a yelp: My bra was missing and I was wearing…oh my gosh! A nappy! I turned a beetroot red.

“Miss, let me call the coppers,” he said, yamking out his mobile.

Suddenly, the events of the past few hours flooded back to me. “No, no, there no time! Do you have a car? Can you quickly drop me at…” I gave him my address.

Fishing my front door key from a mat (luckily mum kept such a key) I let myself into the house. “Serendipity!” I called out her name again “Serendipity!”

No reply. I cast my mind back to my conversation with Delores earlier. ‘Best check your wardrobe’ She’d said. I took the stairs two at a time and threw open my bedroom door.

“Serendipity are you in here?” I shouted

A soft thud from inside the wardrobe was my only response.

Hastily I made my way to the far side of the room and turned the key, opening the wardrobe door. A small pink and blue bundle fell out at my feet.

It was Serendipity! her clothes were removed and she was wearing only her blue knickers and training bra. Her wrists had been handcuffed behind her back and she was tape gagged. I peeled the gag from her lips an another pair of knickers fell out.

“Dippy can you tell me what happened?”

“I-I’m not sure. It all happened so fast. Amber came round and I was showing her the information I’d gotten for you. Then she had to go to this Dickensian thing. Next thing I know there’s this big woman in a ski mask stood over me, don’t know how she got in. She makes me hand over the disc and the copies of that document you bought back earlier. Then she does something to the computer, drags me up here and ties me up, stuffs me in the closet. Oh, Lotte, I’ve never been so scared. Wait, why are you naked and wearing a nappy?”


“You bitch,” I used the

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