Secondary School Tie Up Games: CHIJ

Wei Long had barely opened the door when his leg was struck by another BATA shoe-covered foot and more sounds protesting came. “Nommmmmpph!” A high pitched gagged cry came from a rather short girl in slightly blue pinafore with school crest sewn on the top left and white blouse. “She’s a little heavy,” panted Victor Chia Yong Wei, who  was half carrying Laura Yee Yi Hua, his ‘captive’ inside.

Laura’s muffles cries continued as she was pressed down yet another chair and then “OW!”, came the cry from Victor. “F….” He nearly swore from the pain on the bite then indicated gratitude as Wei Yong, Guoyun and Charles helped tape gag her and tape her to the chair.

“Oooh, crocodile bit you?” Charles asked.

“More like a freakin’ shark,” Victor grimaced, sucking at his fingers. “Gag her tight!”

“I thought you want a nice Rafflesian instead?” Wei Rong teased.

“She is one, just didn’t enter because of some parental story,” He replied, ignoring Laura’s gagged protests and glare. “Besides, the RGS girl isn’t free.”

“‘Kay, whatever.”

“So now we have a decent catch–SC, NY, MG and CHIJ,” Wei Rong announced. “Ready for the real fun?”


Secondary School Tie Up Games: MGS

Su Ying and Huiling cried again through their tape gags but Guoyun cupped his hands across their lips, muffling their cries as a girl in a pinafore with dark blue pleated skirt and white top entered. Over the pinafore was a sailor-like blouse with her school badge clipped in the middle. Behind her was a boy in long dark blue pants with a white  short-sleeved shirt with the inner collar coloured dark blue.

“I said, no, no, stop pushing me in Charles!” thirteen and six months old Shirleen Ong Swee Yen screamed as she was pushed inside.

“Someone pass me the tape,” ACS (B) student Charles Khoo Wei Quan snarled and he pasted not one but two strips of tape over the lips of the loud-mouth MGS student. With the help of the other two boys, she was dragged, despite her struggling, to yet another chair. The ACS(I) and Chinese High Boys had to tightly hold her down, nearly touching her almost C-cup breasts as the taped in limbs to the chair.

“Phew, she’s a tough one,” Charles remarked, pressing down the tape gag and ignoring her muted cries or her angry look.

“Yup,” said Guoyun.

“Not over yet,” Wei Long pointed at her lower uniform then the two captors figured out what he meant. “Mmmpph!! Nmmmph!!! Pervmmmmvrt!!!!” Shirleen screamed through the layers of duct tape as Charles pulled up and parted her lower pinafore. “Yikes!” the boys screamed in unison as the saw the light blue panties underneath.

“Shir, you’re not wearing shorts underneath?!” Charles asked.

“Yummm permmmrt! Pmmt my unifmm bammmck!” She cried through the gag and struggled against her bonds.

“Maybe we should; not fair to the other two,” Charles continued, pointing at the other girls who were also crying out through their gags.

“But also not fair since we agreed to make all zaogeng,” Guoyun remarked, causing more gagged outbursts  from the captives.

“Ok, we compromise. Her underwear still shows, but not much.” Ignoring Shirleen’s continued muffled protests, Wei Long, adjusted her skirt line so that her panties were just visible but not much.

Just as he finished, the door bell ran again.

“Ok, who’s next?”

To be continued.

Secondary School Tie Up Games: NYGH

“Stay here,” Yan Long said, though naturally she couldn’t move anywhere. Just as he opened the door, a loud protesting grumbling was heard. First, the shape of a white long pleated skirt and dirty white shoes was visible, followed by the visibility of brownish shorts and uniform with sweat-stained white shirt.

“Hey! Hey! No, Bu Yao!!!” came the higher pitched screamed but the NYGH student, Zhang Huiling was shoved in by Wei Rong’s Chinese High friend, Wong Guoyun. “Hi, Ying…oh My Gosh!” she cried, seeing her old kindergarten classmate chair bound and gagged. “What…hey!” she too was shoved into another chair similar to the one Su Ying was bound to.

“Mmmmph!!” Su Ying cried in protest of her friend who she hadn’t seen in ages. The two boys ignored her as Guoyun held her down on her shoulders as Wei Rong pasted another piece duct tape across her lips. Bit by bit, they held her down and soon enough duct taped her to the chair in the same fashion as Su Ying. The last act was to part was to fold up her shirt to reveal the black short FBT shorts hugging her waist, causing her to give protest through her tape gag.

“Mmmmph!! Mmmpph!!!!” Both girls wailed at each other and the boys, especially because of their upskirt. “Oh shaddup will yah?” Called Wei Yong as both boys continued to some online game on their handphones. Despite that call the girls continued to protest through their gags. Wei Rong shook his head and disappeared short returning with two cloths in his hand.

“What…oh you want to stuff their mouths.” Upon hearing that, the bound girls yelped further.

“Ok girls, you shut up or these go in along with more tape.” Sighing, the captive gave in.

“Nǐ tài kèbóle,” the Chinese High Boy grumbled just as the doorbell rang again.


Secondary School Tie Up Games: SCGS

I can’t believe I intentionally missed the Chess try outs for this, twelve going on to thirteen year old Tan Su Ying thought as she shifted slightly in the chair. Slightly was the best adjective since her arms were literally stuck to the armrest and her legs were similarly ‘attached’ to the front legs of the wooden chair. Or rather, silvery duct tape secured them to the chair, with the tape wound tightly at her wrists, below her knee. A large strip of tape covered her lips. “Shmmmm,” she swore.

Hours earlier…

“Hey sis, remember what we talked about yesterday?” Her sixteen year old brother Yan Long asked as they both stepped off the bus.

“Har what?” I tried to pretend I didn’t remember.

“Play the games we used to play as children.”

“You wanto to regress issit…”

“No silly. We want to enjoy the good ol times.”

“I don’t think being a captive to you and your pals is considered any enjoyment. Besides, I’ve got to attend chess club later. It’s the time for tryouts.”

“You hate chess; you already got into guides.”


“Please? For your brother?”


He suddenly grabbed her in a tight bear hug. “Hey stop it! You’re making a scene!”

“If you don’t want to attract attention…” but we were already in the lift. Within two minutes, he managed to drag me inside our place and threw me down into one of our chairs.

Present time…

“Mmmp…” she groaned through the gag.

“Sorry, cant hear you…” he called, looking up from his homework. “Whymummphuopenmyl” she cried but he ignored me. What she meant was was it necessary to stretch my legs open to reveal my you know what. Ok, like every good school girl, she was wearing my PE shorts underneath for practical and modesty purposes but the was she was forced to sit, the edge of my white panties might visible. Just as she was about to protest again, the doorbell rang…



I do not own icarly. This takes place after ispeeddate when  Carly gets locked and gaggedby Sam.


“Come on, who wouldn’t want to go out with this!” Sam cried, enjoying the screaming from Carly’s gagged mouth.

“And we’re clear!” she continued and instantly forced her best friend onto the ground. Pinching her face, she remarked, “You were always a yappy puppy Carls.”

“Hey, shouldn’t she be released; the show’s over.” Freddie interjected. “Uh, you don’t make the rules around here camera boy,” Sam retorted, “but since you’re here, do you want to play along?”

“What’s your…” Sam grabbed him and whispered a string of sentences into his ear while the helpless Carly continued to scream and struggle. After deliberating for a moment, Freddie finally nodded and moved out of the studio. Minutes later, he returned with coils of rope and something bunched up in his hand. Meanwhile, Sam had tightened the clasps locking Carly’s wrists to the chair and hand-blindfolded the still struggling girl. “About time Freda-ward, ” she said, then ripped off the gag.

“Release me at one you assholes! What—arghh!” Carly could not finish her sentence as Sam pinched her nose, causing her to gasp. “Quick, stuff her panties in her mouth!” Freddie hesitated but the tomboy grabbed the silky underwear and jammed in her friend’s mouth. “Place your hand here!” The hesitant boy did so gingerly while Sam ripped off a longer piece of duct tape and plastered her best friend’s mouth. “Mmmmphfff!” Carly screamed.

“Too loud,” Sam muttered and reinforced the strip with several others. “Perfect. Now Carly, how dare you call us assholes; tsk what would your dad say?” Sam mocked her. Then turning to Freddie, she said, “Lesson time for you boy. Next time I ask something, you better deliver it fast.”

“Ok, what’s the next move?” Freddie asked.

Sam took a look at her captive and said, “we’ve gotta tie her legs.” Within the next few minutes, Sam taught Freddie how to securely bind Carly’s ankles and knees. “Ah, perfect. Now your crush is all yours, Freddie. Go for it!”


“Silly, this is what you do,” Sam guided Freddie’s hand to Carly’s dress and undid the first button. “Mmmmmp!” the girl yelled. “Oh hush,” Sam said, slapping her friend. Suddenly, the boy got the cue and continued unbuttoning Carly’s dress till her pink bra was exposed. “Ah, what a sight,” Freddie remarked and started caressing Carly’s boobs.

After a few minutes, the duo brought the captivity to the next level. Holding Carly in a grip, the unbuckled her and forced her to the ground. With Sam sitting on her, Freddie bound her wrists behind her back. “Hold her,” Sam said and proceeded to peel off Carly’s tights. As her tights were yanked down to her bound ankles, Sam snipped them off with her handy pocketknife then proceeded to cut away the rest of Carly’s dress. Soon the bound and gagged teen was reduced to only her underwear.

That wasn’t all as Sam instructed Freddie on how to secure Carly in a hogtie. “This is too good to be true,” Freddie said standing just a bit behind Sam. “Yeah loverboy, now go for…ow!” Freddie tackled the shorter girl to the ground.

“Ya think this boy can’t be rough?” Freddie growled and pressed Sam’s face to the ground. “Let me go you big…ow!” Freddie yanked out his surprise, plastic handcuffs and proceeded to lock both the tomboy’s wrists and ankles into an even more torturous hogtie. “You rat, I have going to…mmpgf!” Freddie pulled out another of Carly’s bikini panties and stuffed them in Sam’s mouth. “Sorry Carls, you have to wash two of your underwear later,” he muttered and soon the captor became a bound and gagged captive. Copying Sam, Freddie cut away Sam’s dress too, exposing her multicoloured bra and beige underwear.

“This is the life,” Freddie say, watching the two girls squirm.

The End.

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