Laura’s return: Continuation of Laura’s 72 Hour Hold Part II

Part 2

Laura was still trying adjust to the new ‘cocoon’ around her so much that she didn’t notice Nurse Jodie pick up something. “Whmmmmhlllp,” Laura cried as the black hood enveloped her head. She then heard something from the nurse about not being allowed to see the route to her new quarters. On that note, Laura was literally dragged as fast as her bound ankles allowed through a five-minute walk. The hood was finally released and Laura found herself in a brightly lit room. The light was actually set at normal brightness but the walls where ultra-white, nearly dazzling Laura’s eyes. The room was rather narrow and the ceiling was only a foot above both Laura’s and the nurse’s head. It was void of any amenities except one small padding in the corner. It must be where I’ll be resting, Laura thought.

But no, Nurse Jodie instead led her to an opposite side and helped her sit down, legs bent at a 45-degree angle. The nurse peeled off a section of the wall and Laura heard a soft click. “We don’t want you to move around initially. Do stay in this position, will you? I’ll come by later when Dr. Blymire is ready.”

Laura let out a muted wail but the nurse had already exited the room, the door closing silently behind her. This is a nightmare, Laura thought bitterly. I was supposed to be cured and have a happy graduation in a nice gown, blouse, skirt, sheer pantyhose, and cute underwear. Now my clothes have been removed, I’m locked in an ultra-tight straitjacket with granny panties, ankles bound and mouth thickly gagged. All because of the series of outburst she had. Why oh why did she have them? And now what on earth will they perform on me? Cut my brain into half?

“She’s secured,” Dr Stephanie Blymire remarked and she scrubbed her hands thoroughly with disinfectant.

“She’s secured, not yet cured,” came the voice in the shadows.

“Well, let’s see how your procedures work,” Blymire said, drying her hands.

“My ideas but you’ll be the implementing it. You better perform well,” the voice threatened.

Hours later, Laura was stiff from the extremely tight bondage as well the cold temperature of her room or rather cell. Yes, Dr Blymire and Nurse Jodie has lowered her room temperature and pumped a special gas into her room. Just as Laura thought she would roll over frozen, the cell door shifted open.

“The doctor is ready for you now,” Nurse Jodie announced but Laura cry could barely be heard. The nurse signaled to someone and a hooded figure brought in a wheeled stretcher. Laura was yanked off the wall tether and the nurse checked her pulse. “Yeah, she’s fine,” she remarked and Laura was strapped down, blindfolded and wheeled out. After ten minutes, they were in another room with just a fixed armchair in the middle. Laura was helped to stand up and still blindfolded, Jodie and the orderly proceeded to undo her straitjacket. As the jacket finally came off, Jodie jammed a syringe into the back of her neck and pushed Laura to squat down, yanking away the given panties at the same time. Immediately, Laura urinated but out into a waiting pail. Nurse Jodie gave her a quick wipe, pulled up the underwear and the draped a translucent gown over her which didn’t cover breasts and hardly covered her stomach.

With the help of the masked assistant, Laura was pushed on the chair, her bound ankles attached to the bottom frame, her arms locked down on the two armrests and a latch locked around her neck, preventing her from moving her head forward. Next, they rubbed cold gel over parts of her arms, above her breasts and around neck before stick dozens of wires at the places they rubbed the gel on. Headphones were tightly attached over her head and finally a metallic band was looped around her forehead.

“Nice to see you again, Laura,” Dr Blymire appeared from another corner.

“Mmmph,” Laura grunted through the gag.

“Oh, I forgot,” the doctor brought up a tablet and tapped twice on the screen. “Don’t speak; you can’t of course but talk through your mind.”

What the hell is this?! The words flashed on the tablet screen. Why am I topless and strapped down like this?

“This is the first stage of your rehabilitation; we want to…

Get me out of this!!!, Laura gave a mmpph through her gag but the muffled cry was louder as she was electro-shocked again.

“Do I have your attention young lady,” Dr Blymire continued, not raising her voice but leaning her head forward toward the gagged girl.

Torture me, kill m… the words came on the screen but the doctor shut it off and shocked the girl again.

“I can continue doing so, Laura Granger, or you can have this examination which will cure you. Which is it?” Laura’s angry eyes closed and she lowered her head as much as the neck chain allowed.

“Very well. As you can see, I can read your thoughts via the transducer attached to your forehead so there’s no need for you to try to talk via your gag. Now, listen carefully to the voice you will be hearing. Answer the questions, in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and answer in your mind not through gag speak. Understand?” Laura nodded. “I’ll be monitoring,” she concluded and disappeared from view.

Your name is Laura Maryanne Granger, a voice burst into her ears.

Yes, Laura thought.

Your birthday is 16 June 1991.

Yes, she replied.

You attended Harvard University.

No, Laura shook her head.

The voice continued to drone on asking wire the wires monitored Laura’s brain waves, heart beat and breathing rate. Finally, it stopped and Laura gave a cried of relief as Nurse Jodie and her assistant undid her straps. But the relief was temporary as they ‘suited’ her back up. “That’s it for now; I’ll see you tomorrow Laura. Jodie will take care of you.”

Take care my foot, Laura thought as she was again strapped down to the stretcher, blindfolded and wheeled out. Laura again found herself in another room-a canteen like place but different from that she recalled from her last visit. Jodie drew up a buckle and attached it to the back of Laura’s straitjacket before placing a bowl containing something steaming in front of her.

“I’m going to remove your gag now, no screaming or spitting or any nonsense, got it? Laura gave a muted cry and Jodie unbuckled it but let it hang around her neck. She moistened the young girl’s lips and passed her a drink via a straw. “Now, let’s get this soup in,” Jodie announced.

“I can’t feed myself?” Laura croaked.

“Obviously not, now open your mouth,” Jodie repeated.

Laura clamped it shut and shook her head. “Okay missy, time to re-gag you. I’ll leave you here instead and let you watch your meal turn cold,” Jodie said, lifting up her gag.

Laura shook her head and Jodie caught it. “Do I have to repeat my instructions again?”


“No what?”

“No, Nurse Jodie.” Satisfied, Jodie soup-feed the young girl, occasionally wiping her jaw. The soup or watery broth was tasteless, adding more to Laura’s discomfort. “There, see? Good behavior helps,” Jodie said, wiping Laura’s lips. “Drink up,” she passed the bound girl another cup with a straw. “Can’t I have more of it?” Laura’ asked.

“Well, given your state, we don’t want you to urinate, do we?”

I want to, Laura thought silently, so she could be freed from the straitjacket. “No please, I’ll be quiet….mmmph!!!” Laura was gagged again. Blindfolded, she was wheeled out and back to her ‘cell’. Inside, Laura was surprised to see a mat rolled out on the floor in the middle of the room. Next to it were several items and Laura stared at one of them.

“Yup, that’s an incontinence brief, or as colloquially known, a diaper.”

“Mmmdiapmmer?!” Laura cried.

“Yes, you remember what the doctor said before, you do have to wear diapers; we aren’t going to let you use a toilet, not for urinating. Now, lie down.” Laura stood there in disbelief so Jodie helped her down. She restrained Laura’s upper torso then undid the straitjacket’s crotch strap and cut away the panties, shocking Laura even more. Next, she rubbed some icy-cold and sticky cream around the patient’s crotch and anus and easily turned her and slipped the crinkly diaper underneath. After the sound for four adhesive tabs, the dread device was fastened on and back when the crotch strap.

“Mmmmmmp…..” Laura wailed.

“I know it is tight but you’ll get used to it soon. Too loose and you might pee through it.” Nurse Jodie buckled her and shifted her to the same edge she was brought to earlier and Laura was again strapped down. “Have a good sleep Laura, I’ll see you soon.” With that, Jodie cleared the items and left Laura sobbing, bound, gagged and diapered.

To be Continued.



SCGS girls in diapers Part 1

A diversion. No offence to a school from a certain island. The only major clue that I will give is:  SCGS


Chinese names here are Surname first, (First) Name: two characters.

From light-blue uniforms to diapers

By Amanda Lu

The school is well known in the education scene by its sleeveless one-piece light blue school uniform and girls who wear green sports shorts underneath to prevent flashes. But now, the girls will be known for another item: diapers.

“It all started after I read about Sunny Vail School District, in Trenton, Tennessee, USA,” the principal Wang Kuan Qing informed me. “Our school girls were showing poor academic grades and behaviour and we’ve tried so many methods of encouraging and discipling the girls but they were useless. When I chanced upon the diapers as part of concentration by Sunny Vail, I took it up with the senior staff and parents-teachers group.”

The result was that all girls, from Secondary 1 to 4 would have to wear diapers during school hours. Naturally, this caused some resentment amongst the students initially. “I just got my period and my boobs,” whined Kwan Eng Qi, a secondary 1 student. Her level mate, Vanessa Koh, agreed. “I don’t want to be known as a baby girl. I mean, I have two younger siblings in diapers at home. Now I have to wear?”

Older girls have also sounded out complaints. Tan Wei Qing, a secondary student  “It s so hot even with our sleeveless school uniform. Now this?”  A Secondary 4 girl, who asked not to be named, whined that she looked terrible with a diaper on. In contrast, a school-wide poll 2 months into the ‘programme’ showed that 99% of girls from all years support the policy. “The ‘weirdness’ died down after a while. Because of the brands recommend, you kind of feel you are wearing panties, even though they are taped on,” remarked Yan Qing, a secondary 1 student. “It surprisingly helps me,” said Pei En Qi, a Secondary 2 student said. “At first I would try to take as many ‘toilet breaks’ as I could and most of them weren’t for any real business. Now with the diapers on, I can pee in while trying to solve maths or science problems.” Another lot of higher buncher students also found the diaper wearing disciplined girls. “They did stop the bullies in my class after a while,” a secondary 3 student said via an email. “With my final year examinations coming. diapers help me stay and study for hours,” remarked Charlotte Tin, a final year student.

What do teachers think? I head over to the staff room where some of them have gathered for their own packed lunch. “I wasn’t that sure at first,” remarked Mrs Qiu, a lower secondary science teacher said. “I thought girls should be girls, not wearing stuff babies wear. Then I saw the massive improvement in grades and behaviour. I’m now hooked.”

“It’s not what I would recommend, but miraculously it works,” Mr. Ho, an English teacher said. His other departmental colleagues nodded. “Never like it, but well, there’s no going back,” said one teacher, who did not want to be identified. Again, the majority seem alright with the policy. But what exactly does it entail?

“It must be worn within school premises,” said the discipline mistress, Mrs. Lauren Tan. “Even after school hours, for CCAs, any activities. Teachers, class monitors and prefects will do checks on the girls entering the school gates in the morning and perform random checks through out the day. The diaper is for pee only; girls may use the toilet for their other activity, provided that duty staff or student members check that they don’t abuse this. Girls may change themselves in our now modified toilets, or seek help from any of our new qualified nurses on duty.”

What about the Sunny Vail system of forcing students to to just wear diapers for their exams? “We’re not that evil,” she explained. “We, the principal and I, considered it, but no, we’re not that evil. What we do during test and exams is to double check the girls before exam exam–none of their stationery is allowed, we provide it. No accessories–earrings, hair accessories, watches everything go in bags, labelled and locked up. For some girls who we don’t trust, we ask them to go through a strip search with female teachers before they are allowed to sit. No toilet breaks during exams, and yes, on occasions girls did poo in their nappies, much to their embarrassment.”

I then ask her about girls who abuse the system. “We are generous and give bursaries for parents and girls to buy any kind of good quality tape on diapers. For sports, the girls may wear pull ups and only then. For their period, they can wear tampons or pull ups with pads. But if they come in anything else, we lecture them on first offence, give detention on second offence, and third offence and higher, we work with their parents to ensure that they are punished by wearing 24/7.”

Parents. Ah, that will come in my second report.  To be continued.

A change of underwear

It all was because of the damn bus….


Usually the bus which I take from school back to my neighbourhood would arrive on time. But for some reason or the other, it was late. Not your late by a few minutes late. Like more than n hour late. And that wouldn’t have been a worried had my bladder not given the signal that it need to empty itself.


“D..amn,” I said. Usually I don’t swear, not even using mild words like the D word but this was one exception.


“Did I hear you swear?” My partner and one of the close friends, Jemimah asked. We ere both of the same age but definitely did not look so. Jemimah was a tall girl, tall at the age of 13, with feminine curves and growing breasts. Many judged her cup size to be nearly B and guessed that she would have a voluptuous size by her mid-teens. I on the other hand was a short, scrawny 13-year old with a flat chest. Many people commented that I could pass as a ten or even right year old, which made me embarrassed.


“Yeah, I uh need to pee,” I replied.


“Well, surely you can hold. We’ll be at my house shortly,” she replied. I was heaing over to Jem’s place to work on our English project. Mum also wanted me to stay there to until she could pick me up–for some strange reason, my mother didn’t trust me to be home alone, even if I was already a teen.


I didn’t reply to Jem and crossed and uncrossed my legs, hoping that I could really hold it. It was probably the vast amounts of Coca-colaa I had across snack and lunch time. Oh darn it, where’s the freakin’ bus?


The rickety old bus arrived as I dashed up immediately, almost forgetting to flash my ID until the driver reminded me. The ride went smooth until a red light halted the vehicle. My bladder again gave a signal and I squeezed my nylon-clad legs together again.


“Oh gosh, Lauren, you’re not a kid. Hold it,” Jem commented. I didn’t reply again as I squeezed my legs tighter, hoping that I could really hold myself till we got to her place. Darn it, move bus, move!


Finally, we reached our stop and I scooted out of the bus. Jem’s house was at the top of a hill which meant another eight to ten minutes of walking. I started to pick up my pace and then after a few house, stopped.


“What’s wrong?”


“I don’t think I can hold it,..”


Jem shook her head. “Bloody hell, you’re not a baby! Come on, another few more houses and we’re there!”


I moved again then pass another side road I bent and felt a warm dampness between my legs. “Oh my gosh, are you peeing?!”


“I…I…” I turned bright red as pee continued to soak my underwear and travel down my tights.


“Come on, we’ve got to get to my house.” She yanked my arm and half dragged me up the hill, A few minutes later, we were inside her bungalow. Just as I kicked off my flat heeled shoes I felt the dampness between my legs again and stopped.


“Quick! Up to my room!” She again dragged me up the stairs, but not before pee another trickled down my legs and onto the floor! “Bloody hell Lauren!” She screamed.


“I’m so sorry…”


“The bathroom is over there and use the spare towel. I’ll clean up.” Nodding and giving her a “I’m sorry” looking, I did so. I just couldn’t believe it, me a thirteen year old wetting myself! And in another person’s home!


After a grateful shower, I dried off and head into her bedroom. “Jem, I’m so so sorry. That was so stupid of me and I’m so ashamed.”


“Well, I guess it can happen,” she said, crossing over to give me a hug, I started to feel a bit better.


“You skirt, knickers and tights are in my washing machine. Should be ready after an hour or so. Here’s the rest of your uniform,” she pointed.


Nodding, I buttoned my blouse (I told you I had no boobs yet) and donned the blazer. Turning to my friend, I remarked, “Uh, can I borrow underwear and shorts or something?”


Jem began to cross over to her drawers then stopped. “Uh, I don’t think that’s possible.”


“Why not?”


“Well, look at me and look at yourself.” I then realised what she meant. We were so different in height a build. There was no way I could fit into her undies, let alone any of her clothes.


“But…I can’t just stay around semi-naked!”


“Well, you’re lucky I’m a girl as well. Still…” she paused then continued. “I’ve got an idea. Be right back.” Five minutes later, she was back with some sort of package under her right arm and carrying a rather large bag with her left hand. Settling the bag down, she remarked, “I’m sure these are your size.”


It was then I saw the picture on package. “Are those diapers?”


“If you want to use the American term yeah they are nappies. You know my mum’s a nurse and my father’s a doctor? My cousin is a special needs person and often visits us. She needs to wear these.”


“Wait, wait, are you suggesting I wear a nappy?!”


“Well, as you said, you don’t want to stay semi-naked right? And I don’t think you and I want another accidental wetting.”


I started to back away. “No…no way I’m gonna put them on.”


“Lauren Bebbington, you will or you walk back home with nothing on you!”


I wasn’t really the type of person to defend myself in arguments. “Ok, but this stay between us. No one knows ok?”


“Yeah, now,” she tossed the package over to me. “Get them on. I don’t want to see your crotch anymore.”


I extracted one of the nappies out of the open package and unwrapped it. It looked alot like a baby’s nappy, except much larger and somehow, it did look like my underwear, except cut open.




“You don’t know how to put it on?”


“Well no, it’s not a pull on knickers…”


“Get up from the bed,” she said, with a commanding tone. I did so and reaching into the bag, she extracted and unfolded a sort of mat and laid it on her bed. It look exactly like a changing mat, except bigger.


“Wait, are you going to nappy me?!” I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.


“Hurry up and lie own on it. We’ve got to finish the project for Mrs Granger.” I did so, turning red in the face again. I heard her rumaged through the bag and then extract out something. From my horizontal position, I saw her squeeze something on her hands and then ow!!


“Yikes!” I felt the cold sting around my groin and private part.


“This is called Destin. It’s cream to prevent any rash from the urine. Espeially given your accident just now.” But I just bathed I thought.


“No powder?” I murmured from my position.


“Not that my mother taught me,” she continued, and I felt another cold sting.


“Roll over,” she commanded again. I felt the nappy positioned around my crotch. Next the sound of adhesive was heard as the dreaded device was secured around me. “All done.”


I got up and felt like I was transported into another dimension. Moving around slowly, I realised how thick the nappy really was and I was waddling more than walking, Plus there was that sound. “Do you hear that?”


“Most nappies crinkle,” she commented, gathering up the stuff.


“It feels really weird.”


“Well Lauren, you were the one who wet yourself like a child. Plus as you said, you dont want to stay around naked. Now, let’s get on with the project.”


We did so as I sat with a thick bum. Time flew by and we easily completed most of the project. Then, i felt my bladder signal again.


“Urm, can we pause? Need to use the loo,” I said.


“Don’t you realise what you have on?”


“Huh?…wait you want me to pee in the nappy?”


“Well, that’s what they are for. But wait, let’s still go to the toilet. Just in case, it leaks through onto the floor.” I did so and then my bladder couldn’t hold any longer. I couldn’t believe it as the nappy swelled, catching my yellow urine. I  was certainly turning red.


“Well that’s a huge piss. Don’t think you should sit around in that,” Jem said.


“You mean to get changed?”


“Of course. ”


“I think my clothes should be ready,” I countered. Let me out of this.


“No, into a nappy. Your clothes need to dry off.” Oh shit.


Back into her room, I was place flat down on the large changing mat and the soggy nappy removed. “Ow, ow, ow,” I said, as she wiped my privates and even bum with wipes. Then another sting with the Dermatological cream and within minutes, I was in a fresh nappy.


“I’ll put your clothes in the dryer and then we’ll finish up.”


While she was gone, I looked down at the babyish underwear. Despite the crinkling, I slowly realised I wasn’t really waddling around as I walked. Perhaps it was a good safety after all, but I couldn’t imagine myself wearing nappies in public just to prevent accidents. That wetting just now was an exception, I told myself. But wearing this, well, it feels kinda cool.


Jem returned and we quickly finished off our work. “Well, we’ve still got time to kill, your mum’s not coming until five.”


“When will my clothes be ready?”


“Another oh hour or less. But frankly you do fit into that nappy perfectly. And look cute.”


“I’m not a baby….” i didn’t want to tell her what I thought of it truthfully.


“Well, 13 year olds dont wet themselves in public.” I turned red again. “Seriously, you should go to a doctor to get checked out.”


“Then my mother will have to know…”


“Yeah well. What do you want to do? Watch TV? Snack?”


“Snack,” I replied, realising I haven’t eaten since lunch. Soon we were both snacking on tortilla chips and dips, cookies and soft drinks. As I drained my cup of soda, she let out a giggle. “What?”


“I bet you’ll need to pee again.”


“I won’t.” I never told her how much soda I drank before the darn bus ride though.


“Bet so.”


“So not.”


Well, she was right in the end and nature did call once again. And yes, the nappy was quite full. “Man, maybe you really ought to see a doctor,” she comment as she untapped the nappy and stung me again with the wipes and cream. Maybe, I thought.


I stayed and did pee a bit in the third nappy before she brought my clothes up. As I pulled up my own clean knickers, I again felt I was transported back to a new dimension. Just as I adjusted my uniform, the doorbell rang and it was my mother.


“How was your day?” she asked.


“Oh, just the usual,” I replied, waving goodbye to Jemimah. Maybe I’ll come back again, I thought. For the nappies.


The End.


My favourite Pictures

Medical restraints bra and diaper 2 Tena Slip Super Medical restraints bra and diaper 8 Tena Slip Super getting up Medical restraints bra and diaper 3 Tena Slip Super Medical restraints bra and diaper 9 Tena Slip Super getting up Medical restraints bra and diaper 4 Tena Slip Super Medical restraints bra and diaper 1 Medical restraints bra and diaper 5 Tena Slip Super Medical restraints bra and diaper 7 Tena Slip Super Medical restraints bra and diaper 6 Tena Slip Super

GDIT Dickesian Night edited

Stopping only to change back into my street clothes and grab my rucksack from my closet I cycled across town to Moriarty High.

Unlike us their students were in school today, mainly because various ASBOs* prevented most of them from actually taking part in tonight’s festivities. Somehow I had to sneak in, get the document and make my escape without anyone noticing me.

As I approached the school I saw the answer, as luck would have it a group of year 10or 11 girls were in the playing fields adjacent to the school-playing hockey. It must be their sports lesson. I watched them for a few minutes, they were all dressed in canary yellow T-shirts, burgundy pleated sports skirts, white knee socks and black trainers There were thin girls, fat girls, small girls and tall girls, at least three of them looked to be roughly the same height and size as me.

Of course the best way to get around the school unnoticed would be by blending in and to do that I needed a uniform. Keeping close to the walls in the hope I wouldn’t be seen I made my way to the girl’s changing room and slipped inside. There was a short passageway through to the changing room itself, the only way in or out.

Perfect, at least 30 uniforms hung on pegs or – in most cases – lay strewn on the floor. I began trying on blouses looking for one that fitted. I finally found one and hastily began to change, stuffing my own clothes into the rucksack.

Maybe it was just an in-built prejudice but I didn’t like the uniform. The beige, almost transparent blouse was a bit garish, Then there was the black skirt which in the case of whoever I was borrowing this particular uniform from was little bigger than some of my belts. (Gosh, that makes me sound like mum – it’s true though the skirt was tiny.) I fought tights,  hoping they were clean and pulled them on. Shoes and just as I was finishing off the Windsor knot in my borrowed red & blue Moriarty school tie I heard voices and froze. Someone was outside.

“Do you want me to come in with you Vicki? That ankle looks pretty bad.”

“No, you get back out on the field. I’ll be fine from here. I think it’s just a sprain. I’m just going to sit in the changing rooms and rest it for a bit.”

“Are you sure?”

“Course I’m sure. Tell you what, if it’s no better by the end of practice you can help me to the nurses office okay?”

“Okay” I heard footsteps in the doorway. Now I was in trouble – I was cornered and in a few seconds this Vicki would see me and raise the alarm. I’d be lucky to get out of there alive.

“Hey Vicki” I heaved a sigh of relief as her friend called out to her again, but I knew I only had a moment’s respite.
“Yeah?” Vicki had paused, taken a couple of steps back towards the door even.
“Do you want me to get Suzie back for you?”
“Yeah, break the bitch’s kneecaps – both of them.”

I realised that I had two advantages; one was that Vicki was apparently injured while I was (reasonably) fit; the other was one of surprise. The other was that while I knew she was coming, she didn’t know I was waiting for her.

I desperately looked round for something to disguise myself with; a pair ofdark blue tights lay on a bench to one side. I gave them a quick sniff; they smelt of sweat but weren’t too bad. Trying my best not to breathe in I pulled one leg over my head. Everything took on a slightly fuzzy blue hue but a quick glance in a nearby wall mirror confirmed that my face was sufficiently disguised. Not that I expected this girl to recognise me but if I managed to pull off what I intended I didn’t want my description being circulated among the year 10 girls. There were at least two girls here who knew me by sight and I didn’t want either of them recognising my description.

Quickly grabbing a handful of neckties from the hooks around me I crossed the room and pressed my back to the wall, hiding myself as best as I could. The doorway was to my right and my best hope was that the girl would walk in and head straight for the benches without looking round. It was a mad crazy gamble but it was better than getting my face smashed to a pulp.

The inner door swung open and the girl limped in using her hockey stick as a crutch. As I’d hoped she didn’t bother looking round just made her way carefully to the bench closest to the door. I took a moment to assess her before pouncing; she was about 170cm, skinny with a long neck and bleached blonde hair tied in bunches. She was dressed as all the other girls had been in a yellow T-shirt, short pleated burgundy sports skirt and white knee socks. There were no trainers on her feet and I guessed she’d taken them off, perhaps to make her bad ankle more comfortable.

Reaching the bench Vicki set down her hockey stick and made to sit down. This was it, now or never, while her back was to me. There was no time for stealth, I just had to leap on her and get this over with.

With a hearty cry of – of something or other I’ve no idea now, I just remember running out screaming – I ran towards the unsuspecting girl and pinned her face down on the bench. She struggled and lashed out but with her nose pressed against the wooden bench she couldn’t do much.

Now came the tricky part, I had to secure my captive, something I hadn’t done before. Well, once but that was a friend of Dippy’s and it was hardly a fair fight, she was barely half my size. Oh, and I had plenty of experience of being tied up but when it comes to tying up other people, well I wasn’t really sure how to begin. For the moment I had her tightly pined to the bench but I knew I had to move to start tying her and that was where I risked her getting loose, perhaps even gaining the upper hand. If that happened I was a goner.

Still, I couldn’t sit on her indefinitely; I had to do something. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Vicki’s discarded hockey stick.The benches in this room were placed back to back in 3 columns like supermarket aisles and along the back of the benches separating them was a wire mesh, like chicken wire. I grabbed the hockey stick with my free hand and experimentally placed it along side the wire; excellent, the holes in the wire were just large enough to fit the handle through.

Resting the hockey stick against the back of Vicki’s neck I pushed it through the net until the head was pressing against the side of her neck. There now she was pinned down. I could relax a little and ease up. First though I fumbled for her arms. Grabbing her bony wrists I pulled them together behind her back and began to tie them together with one of the neckties I’d picked up. All the time I could hear her cursing me and threatening to get even but her words were muffled by the wooden bench kissing her mouth. Just to be extra careful I tied her wrists again with a second neck tie just above the first. I didn’t want to risk her getting loose.

The tights over my head were getting uncomfortably sweaty, I had to take them off but I couldn’t risk Vicki seeing my face. Luckily there was a towel hanging from one of the hooks over my head, I grabbed it and folded it as neatly as I could before wrapping it around her eyes and tying it at the back of her head.

Satisfied she couldn’t see me I pulled the blue nylon mask off of my head. My face felt moist and clammy and my hair was sticking up in clumps, I was going to have to freshen myself up before I left. First things first though. Very carefully I removed the hockey stick from the back of Vicki’s neck and taking her by the shoulders helped her to sit up. With her hands tied behind her back there was little she could do to protest.
“Why you little bi-mmph” she started to say before I managed to wad the smelly blue tights in her mouth. I used another necktie to secure the gag in place. Great another hosiery gag.

“Can you walk?” I asked softly trying to keep my voice low and disguise my accent at the same time. She shook her head meekly, I was a little surprised, from what I knew of Moriarty girls they didn’t normally give in this easily.

“Well you’d better try” I demanded standing up and pulling her with me. I’d spied a janitor’s closet set into one wall and I figured that would be the best place to stash her so she wouldn’t be found straight away. I began to walk forcing Vicki to walk with me.

After a couple of steps she faltered, screaming with pain through her gag and her legs started to buckle. Instinctively I tried to help her and that was my big mistake. I struggled to get a hold of her by the shoulders but Vicki suddenly and unexpectedly lashed out. She head butted me on the chin and pulled away, apparently intending to make a run for it. I staggered back letting go and she started to run, only to collapse with a (heavily muffled) yelp, this time of genuine pain.

I had no time to feel sympathy for the girl though. Reeling and shaking my head to clear it I leapt on top of her again, this time sitting on her stomach. Grabbing her kicking legs and reaching for more ties from my small collection I tied them together above and below the knee. Despite her escape attempt I felt sorry enough for her not to tie her ankles, the last thing I wanted to do was aggravate a genuine injury.

When I was done I stood up again, I watched the captive Vicky for a moment, she lay on her back, Blindfolded, gagged and bound, giving little feeble kicks with her good foot at where she imagined I might be. It felt strangely empowering to be on the other end for once.

I checked my watch. It was 2.20, time was running out. Grabbing Vicki by the collar of her T-shirt I dragged the struggling, mmpphing girl towards the closet, she was heavy and she put up a struggle but for once I had the advantage of not being the one tied up.

Reaching the closet I opened the door and rolled her inside before closing it again. I listened carefully at the door, she was still shouting and cursing at me through her gag but it was barely audible. Good, with 30 odd girls in here all shouting and screaming there was little chance they’d hear her cries for help from in there.

I fished a comb from my rucksack, wetted it and combed back my hair. Then I wetted my face to make myself more presentable.
I had to get to the library but I had no idea where that was, leaving the changing rooms as casually as I could manage – not easy when your heart’s beating at 10 times the normal rate – I headed across the courtyard into the main school building.

I looked round and she had already turned her back to me. I noticed that her cardigan was rather big for her and hung slightly off her shoulders. Before I knew what I was doing I had grabbed her cardigan by the collar and pulled it down about her elbows, the cardigan had buttons up the front, about half of which were fastened and my action succeeded in trapping her arms against her sides.

I honestly expected her to start screaming at this point and calling for help but she was surprisingly calm and detached.

“Vicki” she said and I had to remind myself she was talking to me “What do you think you’re doing? Let me go at once. This isn’t funny.”
She struggled a bit testing her restraints and fumbled for the buttons on her cardigan. Not daring to speak in case my voice betrayed me I grabbed her hands and held them together in front of her, Miss Harris had surprisingly slender wrists and while I don’t have big hands I found I could just about hold both her wrists in my left hand while I used my right one to undo the belt that was loosely tied around the waist of her cardigan.

Taking one end of the belt I wound it around her wrists three times knotting it securely, I still had more than half the belt left. I forced Miss Harris to sit on a chair and pulling her bound wrists forward I wound the free end around both her ankles. When I was finished she was stooped forwards in the chair, unable to lift her wrists any higher than her knees.
All the time she was talking to me (to Vicki, even now I find it hard to credit myself with what happened in the library), reasoning with me, calmly demanding to be untied.
In the end I couldn’t listen to her any more, I spied a white lace handkerchief poking out of the corner of her cardigan pocket and I grabbed it, wadded it up into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth, cutting her off mid speech.

The woman continued to talk although her speech was less coherent now. I could see her tongue was already working at the gag trying to push it free, before she could do so I whipped off my Moriarty High neck tie and wound it round and round her mouth before knotting it between her teeth. Finally she fell silent; her big brown eyes looked up at me with a mix of trepidation and anger as she tried to maintain her authority status despite the circumstances.

I smiled at her apologetically “I-I’m truly sorry about this,” I managed to say, then I grabbed my rucksack and ran for the exit.

“Hang on in there” I whispered. “I’ve got the ransom. You’ll be free in no time.”
Giving the boot what I hoped would come across as a reassuring pat I took my torch and the documents and entered the stone shelter. Inside it was surprising well lit. Lanterns hung from the walls illuminating the open barn-like space. In the centre of the barn was a wooden chair and sat in that chair was Kelly Macintosh. Her hands were tied around the back of the chair and criss-crossing white ropes covered her chest and legs; from shoulders to ankles there wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t covered in rope and her mouth was sealed with black tape.
Her head hung forward against her chest and at first I wondered if she might be unconscious, but then she groaned slightly and her eyelids flickered open. Her eyes widened when she saw me and I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile.
From behind me came a slow handclap.
“So the legendary Charlotte Angel saves the day again” A familiar female voice purred.
Slowly I turned round. In the doorway stood the Cat, exactly as I remembered from Halloween Night, she was dressed in the same black leather jump-suit and pixie boots, her face and hair were hidden under a pink motorcycle helmet with a tinted visor. Who is this girl? I asked myself. And how does she know so much about me?
“You bought the item I requested?” It was more a statement than a question.
“Of course” I waved the document by way of proof “Now let Kelly go and you can have it”
“I’m sorry. You seem to have forgotten I call the shots here” she replied coldly. She clicked her fingers and a man in a black motorcycle helmet appeared from the shadows snatching the documents from my hand. He took them to the masked woman and she perused them briefly.
Apparently satisfied she nodded and handed the papers back to her henchman.
“Okay let’s go” she said and snapped her fingers again. There was the roar of engines starting up and two motorbikes appeared in the open doorway. Breaking into a run the Cat and her associate hopped onto the back of the bikes and the drivers sped off.
By the time I got to the door of the barn they were gone.
Behind me Kelly let out a low moan through her gag and I hurried back to where she was tied in the centre of the barn.
Removing the tape from her mouth, a pairs of knickers fell out. I turned my attention to the ropes that held her in the chair, whoever had tied her had done a good job, I’d never seen so much rope used on one person and there were knots everywhere. I fished in my rucksack for a penknife and as I did so I asked Kelly to tell me what had happened.

Friday December 5th 2003 was a night I’m not likely to forget in a hurry. With three weeks to go before Christmas Crooksville was hosting it’s annual ‘Dickensian’ evening – a mix of late night shopping and charity fund raising. I’d been looking forward to it, even though I was going to be working in Mr Keats’s bookstore all night. Then my elder sister Verity had volunteered me to be ‘kidnapped’ by the local Pixies. The Pixies are a bit like the Brownies, they are a group for 7-12 year old girls where they can socially interact with each other and earn merits for different skills. I hope they don’t give merits for knot tying I thought grimly as I walked round the market place waiting for the girls to find me.
I felt a bit self-conscious especially as I was dressed as a Victorian street urchin. I was wearing a black jacket with tails, white crinkled shirt, grey checked trousers and black brogues, with a grey cap and grey wool scarf. I also had on a pair of white pop socks under my shoes, just because they were comfortable (hey my underwear was anachronistic too, no one said I had to be 100% Victorian).
” Excuse me are you Charlotte Angel” asked a voice. I looked round and saw two girls in the bright pink uniforms of the Pixies, it consists of a high collar jacket, T-shirt and below the knee pencil skirt in an old fashioned style that I think must date back to the 1940s at least. I wouldn’t be seen dead in an outfit like that I thought. The girl who had spoken was of Asian descent with shoulder length hair tied in plaits behind her ears. She wore a pair of black trainers with her uniform and had a coil of white rope slung over one shoulder. The second girl was white with close cut blonde hair and wore pink calf boots.
I nodded and smiled at them “Please, call me Charlie”
The blonde girl grabbed my arm “Come with us” she said without returning my smile.
The two girls led me through the square and down a side road. The shoppers bustled about us, most ignored us but a few people stopped to watch, a couple even cheered the girls on. I saw my friends, Roxy and Laura, stop to stare and gave them a friendly wave.
“Stop that” Snapped the Asian girl “No one is going to rescue you.”
“Wh- What are you going to do with me?” I played along fighting back a fit of the giggles.
“We’re going to take you to our hideout and hold you for ransom” the blonde girl said.
The girls stopped in a side road “Put your hands in front of you” said the Asian girl. I did so and she wound the rope around them knotting it securely.
“Ow, does it have to be that tight?” I asked lamely.
“Silence Prisoner” she said harshly “Or you will be gagged”.
Her blonde accomplice produced a pink wool scarf and I crouched down so she could tie it round my eyes. As she did so she whispered in my ear. “You’re lucky it’s Anna. Our pack leader’s much worse. She’s got merits for knot tying”
Oh, goody I thought what have I let myself in for? I am so going to have words with Verity when this is over.
Blindfolded and unable to see I was led by my bound wrists for what felt like 20 minutes. The longer we walked the less noise I could hear and it was obvious we were getting further and further from the town centre. The concrete beneath my brogues gave way to grass and I suspected given the general direction we’d been walking in, that we must be in the park. Finally I heard a door creak open and I was led in to a wooden building.
“Okay sit down.” said a voice, I think it was Anna’s but I’m not sure. Obediently I let myself be guided to a wooden chair and sat down. Immediately I felt more rope being wound around my waist securing me to the chair. At the same time someone was at my feet tying my legs together at the ankle.
“Right Lucy, pass me the camera”
I heard the click and whirl of a Polaroid camera thought about smiling for the picture but decided it might be better for the cause if I at least tried to look scared instead. Another photo was taken and a third.
“Okay Lucy I’m going to start collecting the ransom. You stay and guard the prisoner till Pack Leader gets here”
I heard the door to the clubhouse, or barn – wherever it was I was being held – swing open and close again. Anna had gone, I wondered idly how much I was worth to the citizens of Crooksville, I wasn’t exactly in Kelly Macintosh’s league but I was a bit of a local celebrity, albeit a reluctant one. In the 4 months that I’d been here I’d witnessed and even thwarted several crimes, and got my picture in the Oxford Mail twice. Having said that I was still a relative outsider.
After a few minutes I could bear the silence no longer. “Hello” I said, “Lucy is it?”
“I’m not supposed to speak to you” She said, “Pack leader wouldn’t like it”
“I won’t tell if you don’t”
“She’ll find out. She always does. She scares me”
“What’s to be scared of? What can she do to you?”
“She’ll punish me, like she did before”
I began to feel slightly uneasy, was this girl being bullied?
Before I could press her any further the door creaked open again
“What’s going on here Anna? Why isn’t the prisoner gagged?” I guessed this was the pack leader, there was something familiar about her voice, why did I recognise it? I didn’t know any young girls in this village, did I?
“S-Sorry Pack Leader. We didn’t think we needed to, she came quietly”
“Never mind, go and stand guard outside, I’m expecting a visitor, Don’t let anyone through without the password, right?”
“Y-yes, pack leader” There was an uncomfortable silence that I could sense even through the blindfold “Er – pack leader?”
“What is the password?”
“What it’s always been – ‘Pixies Forever'”
I heard Lucy open the door and go outside. The Pack Leader turned her attention to me.
“Hello Auntie Lotte” she chirped and for a moment my blood ran cold. It was Amber Matthews, my kid sister’s best friend. She was a horror and a brat; I hadn’t seen her since the previous Friday when I’d been baby sitting her and Dippy. They’d tricked me and tied me up but with a little help from my boyfriend Mark I’d managed to turn the tables on them. Amber had been pretty angry with me for getting the better of her and had sworn her revenge. Had I realised she was a Pixie I doubt I would have agreed to this kidnap stunt.
“Hello Amber” I replied keeping my voice steady “I would say it’s nice to see you but I can’t see anything just at the moment”
Ignoring my attempt at humour Amber continued “You humiliated me last week, in 6 years no one has ever managed to tie me up like that, Never”
“What can I say, maybe I know more about ropes than yo-ow” I let out an involuntary yelp of pain as Amber tightened the ropes that held me in the chair “What are you doing? I’m not planing to escape”
“Better safe than sorry”
I bit back a fit of the giggles as it dawned on me that Amber was almost inevitably wearing the same prim pink uniform as the girls who had ‘kidnapped’ me. Somehow it didn’t seem to fit with her tough tomboy image.
“Why don’t you take the blindfold off Amber?” I asked “I’d love to see you in your Pixie uniform. Tell me Amber are you a pretty little Pixie? I’ll bet you are. Why I’d bet anything you look cute as a button, all in pink”

“Shut up” She snapped “Don’t diss the uniform, no one disses the Pixie uniform. You say another word and I’ll make you regret it”

“Oooh, I’m scared Amber” A favourite tune of dad’s came to mind, Pretty in Pink, I think it was by the Psychedelic Furs but they were a bit before my time. I hummed a few bars of it for Amber’s benefit and I swear I could feel her blush.

“You won’t be laughing when your visitor gets here” Amber scolded, although I thought I heard a slight waver in her voice. I guess I got to her but it was a hollow victory, she’d gotten to me as well.

“Visitor? What visitor?” I asked. Despite myself I felt a little scared, just how vindictive was Amber? Tied to a chair and blindfolded I was completely at her mercy; she could let anyone in to get at me. I thought back to earlier that day and the Moriarty student I’d left bound and gagged in the girl’s changing rooms. Could she have worked out who I was? Would she be out for revenge? She wasn’t my only enemy either though most of them were in borstal or prison.

“Let’s just say an anonymous party offered us a considerable donation in exchange for some time alone with you.”

“And was that a donation to the charity or to you personally”
“Both” Well at least she was honest about it.
I heard the door open again, the newcomer didn’t speak but Amber did.
“You got here then. Have you got my money?” I heard a rustle of notes and wondered how much Amber was getting. “Spot on, well she’s all yours. I’ll be outside, just shout when you’re done.”
The door creaked shut and a silence fell on the room. I had no idea who was in the hut with me. Part of me was terrified.
Finally after what felt like an age the person spoke “Charlotte Angel we meet again” a feminine voice purred. The cat, my arch enemy. Of course it had to be her.
“So we do” I replied doing my best to hide the fear in my voice “And to what do I owe this honour?”
“Oh I think you know, Charlotte. Do you honestly think I’d let you get away with keeping copies of that document? I told you to steal it for me not for you”
“Copies? What copies?” It was a weak bluff but worth a try I thought.
The Cat laughed “Nice try but didn’t your parents ever tell you never kid a kidder? I’ve played poker with professional gamblers, I can spot a weak bluff like yours a mile off. And besides that I know how you think Charlie – you don’t mind if I call you Charlie do you? -I know you wouldn’t let a clue as important as this slip through your fingers, not if you had the choice. Well, sorry Charlie I can’t take that risk, as soon as you left the house for our rendezvous this afternoon I had someone go into your house and relieve your sister of the copies.”
“Serendipity!” I screamed “What have you done to her you- you..” My voice trailed off as I fought back tears.
“Oh, don’t worry she’s fine.” the Cat purred “although you might want to check your wardrobe when you get home tonight. From what I hear it’s a bit cramped in there”
I pulled angrily at the ropes that held me to the chair but it was hopeless, I was too well tied.
“Relax Charlie, you’ll hurt yourself”
“Don’t call me Charlie,” I said through gritted teeth “Only my friends call me Charlie. You call me Charlotte. Got that Delores!”

The Cat froze, even through my blindfold I could sense her eyeing me up and down. Then she started clapping her hands together slowly.
“So you finally worked it out did you?” She said at length. “What gave me away?”
I had her full attention now, I thought about it carefully before answering “It’s been bothering me all day, Why would the Cat kidnap Kelly Macintosh just to get at me? It would have been far easier to snatch Serendipity or Leona, any one of my friends. Taking Kelly required a lot of planning what with getting her driver out of the way first. There had to be more to it. You specifically targeted Kelly because you wanted to get back at her as well as at me. She stole your boyfriend so you thought you’d punish her for it.
“You know I might not have made the connection even then, but you slashed her dress. That’s when I knew for certain it wasn’t a random kidnap and that Kelly had been deliberately targeted. I realised then I’d seen you driving the limo earlier, you slipped up. You’re hair was peaking out from under the cap. Red hair. All the clues were there – I just needed to piece them together.”
“Well I can’t say I’m impressed Charlie. To be honest I thought you would have got it weeks ago, maybe you’re not as smart as I thought you were”
“I still reckon I’m smart enough to bring you to justice” I retorted
She laughed coldly “I doubt it, I’ve been committing crimes a lot longer than you’ve been solving them and believe me knowing who I am and proving it are two entirely different things.”
She was right of course, no matter what I thought I knew I had no evidence. I hadn’t even realised I knew who the Cat was until a moment before I said her name out loud but suddenly 5 weeks of investigation had paid off. The stupid thing was the answer had been right under my nose all the time, at the same time I’d had my first run in with the Cat, Delores DeMontford had suddenly started stalking me. I’d been treating these as two separate mysteries; who was the Cat and why was Delores so interested in me when in reality each question answered the other.
“I’ll find a way to prove it” I told her feeling defiant “and when I do your feet won’t touch the ground, you’ll be sitting your GCSEs in a young offenders institute.”
“Ooh, fighting talk. Now I’m scared” There was a silence then she spoke again. “Still it wouldn’t hurt to teach you a lesson, just like I did Miss Big-Time Celebrity.
“You know” she added “that Pixie girl, – What’s her name? Amber? – She shows a lot of spunk, reminds me of myself at that age. Maybe I should take her under my wing. Show her the ropes so to speak. What do you reckon Charlie? Good idea? No, you’re right. I should test her first, give her a little challenge, If she comes through I may make her my protege. I’ll go talk to her now. Thanks Charlie, it’s been a blast talking to you. Now don’t go anywhere”
“Where am I gonna go?” I retorted “Ipswich”
The Cat laughed coldly. “That’s what I love about you Charlie. You have such a good sense of humour”
I heard the door open and close and realised I was alone in the hut. I pulled at the ropes that held me to the chair wishing I’d never agreed to be kidnapped, even if it was in a good cause. It was hopeless, I was securely fastened and with my arms tied down I couldn’t even reach up and remove the blindfold.

I don’t know how long I sat in that chair; no one came in to check on me. My stomach rumbled loudly and I realised I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. It had been a strange and hectic day.
Finally the door opened and I heard at least three voices chattering excitedly.
“The ransoms been collected now” said a voice I think was Lucy’s
“Was I worth much?” I asked
“Two hundred and Twenty Seven Pounds fifty-four pence. A new record. The most we ever got before was £93.06 and that was for the mayor”
I nodded impressed, then I asked myself how much of that was from Delores and I felt a little sick
“I take it you girls are letting me going now then,” I asked, not unreasonably I thought.
There was a pause before a voice I recognised as Amber’s replied “Not exactly. We’ve been offered another £25.00 if we… Well you’ll find out.”

I didn’t like the sound of that; I opened my mouth to protest but one of the girls forced a cloth into my mouth ( I think it was!) and a moment later a strip of tape held it in place.

The door to the hut creaked open yet again and I heard Amber’s voice “Okay lady, she’s all yours.”
My heart leapt into my mouth as stiletto heeled footsteps entered the hut. At the same time I could hear the girls leaving, they sounded slightly nervous. This was not good.
A surprisingly smooth hand brushed my face, inspecting my gag and blindfold to see they were secure.
“So this is the girl the boss wants humiliated?” It was a question more than a statement

“That’s her” I was surprised to realise Amber was still in the room. Was this the test the Cat had intended for her? “Her name’s Charlotte and she thinks she’s some great detective. It’s pathetic really. I mean look at her, does she look like Nancy Drew to you?”

“Don’t know” the older woman replied “I was more into the Famous Five myself. Come on let’s get her ready to move”

I heard a noise like plastic snapping and a sickly sweet aroma pervaded my senses.

“The boss invented them” I heard the woman explain to Amber “Chloroform phials, you crack them open, hold them under the nose and Hey Presto.”

“So, she’s unconscious?”

No I thought, I can hear every word you say.

“Not exactly. As I understand it she’ll still be able to hear us for a while. The drug paralyses at first, sleep comes a little later. It will knock the fight out of her though so it’s safe to untie her.”

Sure enough I felt the ropes fall away from my arms, legs and finally my wrists but I felt as limp as a rag doll. I just slumped in the chair.

“Right” said the woman “I’ll hold her up while you undress her.”

Undress me? No way. I have to fight this. It was no use my muscles remained frustratingly uncooperative. I felt my jacket pulled from my shoulders, then my shirt and skirt. If I was paralysed, I would have shivered and turned bright red being exposed

“Now, quickly, tape this over her crotch. She’ll be wetting her herself because of the drug.”

Tape this? My eyesight was fuzzy as I heard the sound of adhesive but due to the lost of my sense of touch I couldn’t tell what they were doing.

What was probably hours later, I heard a voice cry out, “Miss, are you ok? Oh my gosh, you’re bound!” Seconds later, I felt hands work around my wrists and the rope I found myself bound in was free. The stranger’s hands like wise remove the rest of my leg and knee bounds and then carefully pulled away the tape. Out of my mouth came a pair of knickers–yucks!

“Here, miss, take my coat. You must be cold, al’ naked,” I looked down and gave a yelp: My bra was missing and I was wearing…oh my gosh! A nappy! I turned a beetroot red.

“Miss, let me call the coppers,” he said, yamking out his mobile.

Suddenly, the events of the past few hours flooded back to me. “No, no, there no time! Do you have a car? Can you quickly drop me at…” I gave him my address.

Fishing my front door key from a mat (luckily mum kept such a key) I let myself into the house. “Serendipity!” I called out her name again “Serendipity!”

No reply. I cast my mind back to my conversation with Delores earlier. ‘Best check your wardrobe’ She’d said. I took the stairs two at a time and threw open my bedroom door.

“Serendipity are you in here?” I shouted

A soft thud from inside the wardrobe was my only response.

Hastily I made my way to the far side of the room and turned the key, opening the wardrobe door. A small pink and blue bundle fell out at my feet.

It was Serendipity! her clothes were removed and she was wearing only her blue knickers and training bra. Her wrists had been handcuffed behind her back and she was tape gagged. I peeled the gag from her lips an another pair of knickers fell out.

“Dippy can you tell me what happened?”

“I-I’m not sure. It all happened so fast. Amber came round and I was showing her the information I’d gotten for you. Then she had to go to this Dickensian thing. Next thing I know there’s this big woman in a ski mask stood over me, don’t know how she got in. She makes me hand over the disc and the copies of that document you bought back earlier. Then she does something to the computer, drags me up here and ties me up, stuffs me in the closet. Oh, Lotte, I’ve never been so scared. Wait, why are you naked and wearing a nappy?”


“You bitch,” I used the

Jennifer Thompson Profile

Name: Jennifer Thompson


Age: Around 17

Nationality: American

Diaper worn: Possibly pampers, goodnites pull ups, Depends (not sure which type), Tranquillity ATN (latest)

Using diapers for: Bedwetting, occasional/often day usage

Comments: Mother must always tape on her diaper at night at home without fail every night every week all year. Only once could she do it her herself as she was on a sleepover. In the morning, she lounges in her soaked diaper until she wants to remove it. More often than not, she waits or has to wait for her mother to untape her diaper in the morning. If that happens, she is not allowed to untape the diaper at all herself or touch it.

Jennifer is also “punished” by making to wear tape on diapers at home if she has wet  her panties. At school, she is allowed to wear goodnites for modesty sake, although they have risen up her clothes and her boyfriend and possibly others have seen it. This is called the “Three Day Rule”. Once at home, her mother removes her pull ups and puts her back in proper diapers (ATNs)  and makes her wear them but changes her regularly for hygiene’s sake. Sometimes she gets to wear the whole ATN since it’s not used. During hot or summer months however, her mother changes her ATN several hours to prevent infection. This “Three Day Rule” may be extended for a week or a few months, especially if Jennifer is sick and her mother thinks she needs to drink a lot and sleep more in the day. Her latest long “Three Day Rule” involved Jennifer using the ATNs in the day intentionally, sicne she said there’s no point in wearing a diaper and not using it. In previous times however, her mother would punish her more if she wet the day diapers or pull ups.

Her mother as placed her in ATNs for long car trips. She has been humiliated by being changed standing up in a ladies room, albeit in a stall but with other ladies noticing. She has also been changed on the ground while hiking. For some strange reason, Jennifer accepts this lifestyle.

Update: Mother diapers her almost 247 now. Only time she can wear panties  is to school with a pull up underneath.

Pictures of her:

Jennifer Thompson 1 Jennifer Thompson 2 Jennifer Thompson 3 Jennifer Thompson 4 Jennifer Thompson 5 Jennifer Thompson 6 Jennifer Thompson 7 Jennifer Thompson 8 Jennifer Thompson 9 Jennifer Thompson 10 Jennifer Thompson 11 Jennifer Thompson 12 Jennifer Thompson 13 Jennifer Thompson 14 Jennifer Thompson 15 Jennifer Thompson 16 Jennifer Thompson 17 Jennifer Thompson 18 Jennifer Thompson 19 Jennifer Thompson 20 Jennifer Thompson 21 Jennifer Thompson 22 Jennifer Thompson 23 Jennifer Thompson 24 Jennifer Thompson 25 Jennifer Thompson 26 Jennifer Thompson 27 Jennifer Thompson 28 Jennifer Thompson 29 Jennifer Thompson 30 Jennifer Thompson 31 Jennifer Thompson 32 Jennifer Thompson 33 Jennifer Thompson 34 Jennifer Thompson 35 Jennifer Thompson 36 Jennifer Thompson 37 Jennifer Thompson 38 Jennifer Thompson 39 Jennifer Thompson 40 Jennifer Thompson 41 Jennifer Thompson 42 Jennifer Thompson 43 Jennifer Thompson 44

Never be late…

“BANG! BANG BANG!” I was suddenly aware that there was a loud noise. Eyes still closed, I stretched out my arms and was about to open my eyes when I heard another knock and then footsteps. “Wake up, Miss Seager, Wake up!”

“I’m…up,” I said in a super sleepy voice. “Wait a minute,” as I noticed am tall dark-haired man standing over my bed. He was dressed in normal blue jeans and wearing a white polo T-shirt.

“Who are you?” I said, slouching up in my queen-sized bed.

“Officer Michael Parkins,” his badge was hanging around his neck. “You missed your court trial yesterday, Miss Seager. And now you are under arrest.”

“What?! ioh..oh my gosh,” I cried, fully awake. I was suppose to defend myself against some miscalculation of funds–long story. “I’m so sorry!”

“You can explain that to others. Now, please turn around, hands behind your back,” the office ordered.

“Wait. Can I at least get dressed and call my….”

“You studied law Miss. New regulations say we can arrest people immediately on the spot, wherever they are, what ever they are doing. Now, turn around unless you want more charges slapped on you.”

I resigned and did so, a cold steel dug into my wrists. He brought me up and patted me down roughly. I was dressed in a pink thong and pink short baby doll, thus I flinched and turned red as he did so. “Kneel Miss,” I was going to ask why but I remembered the new rules, all suspects were also to be chained around the ankles. Thus he did so.

“I’ll let you put on your bed slippers and drap a bath towl around you, but that’s all,” he remarked. Minutes, later, I was seated behind in his patrol car on the way to the station.

At the station, I was led to a metal bench and my chains were locked to more chains, keeping me seated. After fifteen minutes, another policeman came in and told me I was to be processed. “There are no female on duty today and we must perform further body searches on you. We will not be rough if you cooperate.”

“I will, I just want this done an over with,” I said, resigning to my fate. I was brought into another room and my handcuffs, and robe were removed. Immediately following suit, my night clothes were removed and an intrusive search began, with gloved hands probing and my cavities.  Finally, they finished.

Re-cuffing my hands, albeit in front, one of  them instructed, “You get your chance to use  the toilet for number two, and that will be the last time for a while.”


“Cause you’ll be in chains and also nappied afterwards.”

The End.

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