Laura’s return: Continuation of Laura’s 72 Hour Hold Part II

Part 2

Laura was still trying adjust to the new ‘cocoon’ around her so much that she didn’t notice Nurse Jodie pick up something. “Whmmmmhlllp,” Laura cried as the black hood enveloped her head. She then heard something from the nurse about not being allowed to see the route to her new quarters. On that note, Laura was literally dragged as fast as her bound ankles allowed through a five-minute walk. The hood was finally released and Laura found herself in a brightly lit room. The light was actually set at normal brightness but the walls where ultra-white, nearly dazzling Laura’s eyes. The room was rather narrow and the ceiling was only a foot above both Laura’s and the nurse’s head. It was void of any amenities except one small padding in the corner. It must be where I’ll be resting, Laura thought.

But no, Nurse Jodie instead led her to an opposite side and helped her sit down, legs bent at a 45-degree angle. The nurse peeled off a section of the wall and Laura heard a soft click. “We don’t want you to move around initially. Do stay in this position, will you? I’ll come by later when Dr. Blymire is ready.”

Laura let out a muted wail but the nurse had already exited the room, the door closing silently behind her. This is a nightmare, Laura thought bitterly. I was supposed to be cured and have a happy graduation in a nice gown, blouse, skirt, sheer pantyhose, and cute underwear. Now my clothes have been removed, I’m locked in an ultra-tight straitjacket with granny panties, ankles bound and mouth thickly gagged. All because of the series of outburst she had. Why oh why did she have them? And now what on earth will they perform on me? Cut my brain into half?

“She’s secured,” Dr Stephanie Blymire remarked and she scrubbed her hands thoroughly with disinfectant.

“She’s secured, not yet cured,” came the voice in the shadows.

“Well, let’s see how your procedures work,” Blymire said, drying her hands.

“My ideas but you’ll be the implementing it. You better perform well,” the voice threatened.

Hours later, Laura was stiff from the extremely tight bondage as well the cold temperature of her room or rather cell. Yes, Dr Blymire and Nurse Jodie has lowered her room temperature and pumped a special gas into her room. Just as Laura thought she would roll over frozen, the cell door shifted open.

“The doctor is ready for you now,” Nurse Jodie announced but Laura cry could barely be heard. The nurse signaled to someone and a hooded figure brought in a wheeled stretcher. Laura was yanked off the wall tether and the nurse checked her pulse. “Yeah, she’s fine,” she remarked and Laura was strapped down, blindfolded and wheeled out. After ten minutes, they were in another room with just a fixed armchair in the middle. Laura was helped to stand up and still blindfolded, Jodie and the orderly proceeded to undo her straitjacket. As the jacket finally came off, Jodie jammed a syringe into the back of her neck and pushed Laura to squat down, yanking away the given panties at the same time. Immediately, Laura urinated but out into a waiting pail. Nurse Jodie gave her a quick wipe, pulled up the underwear and the draped a translucent gown over her which didn’t cover breasts and hardly covered her stomach.

With the help of the masked assistant, Laura was pushed on the chair, her bound ankles attached to the bottom frame, her arms locked down on the two armrests and a latch locked around her neck, preventing her from moving her head forward. Next, they rubbed cold gel over parts of her arms, above her breasts and around neck before stick dozens of wires at the places they rubbed the gel on. Headphones were tightly attached over her head and finally a metallic band was looped around her forehead.

“Nice to see you again, Laura,” Dr Blymire appeared from another corner.

“Mmmph,” Laura grunted through the gag.

“Oh, I forgot,” the doctor brought up a tablet and tapped twice on the screen. “Don’t speak; you can’t of course but talk through your mind.”

What the hell is this?! The words flashed on the tablet screen. Why am I topless and strapped down like this?

“This is the first stage of your rehabilitation; we want to…

Get me out of this!!!, Laura gave a mmpph through her gag but the muffled cry was louder as she was electro-shocked again.

“Do I have your attention young lady,” Dr Blymire continued, not raising her voice but leaning her head forward toward the gagged girl.

Torture me, kill m… the words came on the screen but the doctor shut it off and shocked the girl again.

“I can continue doing so, Laura Granger, or you can have this examination which will cure you. Which is it?” Laura’s angry eyes closed and she lowered her head as much as the neck chain allowed.

“Very well. As you can see, I can read your thoughts via the transducer attached to your forehead so there’s no need for you to try to talk via your gag. Now, listen carefully to the voice you will be hearing. Answer the questions, in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and answer in your mind not through gag speak. Understand?” Laura nodded. “I’ll be monitoring,” she concluded and disappeared from view.

Your name is Laura Maryanne Granger, a voice burst into her ears.

Yes, Laura thought.

Your birthday is 16 June 1991.

Yes, she replied.

You attended Harvard University.

No, Laura shook her head.

The voice continued to drone on asking wire the wires monitored Laura’s brain waves, heart beat and breathing rate. Finally, it stopped and Laura gave a cried of relief as Nurse Jodie and her assistant undid her straps. But the relief was temporary as they ‘suited’ her back up. “That’s it for now; I’ll see you tomorrow Laura. Jodie will take care of you.”

Take care my foot, Laura thought as she was again strapped down to the stretcher, blindfolded and wheeled out. Laura again found herself in another room-a canteen like place but different from that she recalled from her last visit. Jodie drew up a buckle and attached it to the back of Laura’s straitjacket before placing a bowl containing something steaming in front of her.

“I’m going to remove your gag now, no screaming or spitting or any nonsense, got it? Laura gave a muted cry and Jodie unbuckled it but let it hang around her neck. She moistened the young girl’s lips and passed her a drink via a straw. “Now, let’s get this soup in,” Jodie announced.

“I can’t feed myself?” Laura croaked.

“Obviously not, now open your mouth,” Jodie repeated.

Laura clamped it shut and shook her head. “Okay missy, time to re-gag you. I’ll leave you here instead and let you watch your meal turn cold,” Jodie said, lifting up her gag.

Laura shook her head and Jodie caught it. “Do I have to repeat my instructions again?”


“No what?”

“No, Nurse Jodie.” Satisfied, Jodie soup-feed the young girl, occasionally wiping her jaw. The soup or watery broth was tasteless, adding more to Laura’s discomfort. “There, see? Good behavior helps,” Jodie said, wiping Laura’s lips. “Drink up,” she passed the bound girl another cup with a straw. “Can’t I have more of it?” Laura’ asked.

“Well, given your state, we don’t want you to urinate, do we?”

I want to, Laura thought silently, so she could be freed from the straitjacket. “No please, I’ll be quiet….mmmph!!!” Laura was gagged again. Blindfolded, she was wheeled out and back to her ‘cell’. Inside, Laura was surprised to see a mat rolled out on the floor in the middle of the room. Next to it were several items and Laura stared at one of them.

“Yup, that’s an incontinence brief, or as colloquially known, a diaper.”

“Mmmdiapmmer?!” Laura cried.

“Yes, you remember what the doctor said before, you do have to wear diapers; we aren’t going to let you use a toilet, not for urinating. Now, lie down.” Laura stood there in disbelief so Jodie helped her down. She restrained Laura’s upper torso then undid the straitjacket’s crotch strap and cut away the panties, shocking Laura even more. Next, she rubbed some icy-cold and sticky cream around the patient’s crotch and anus and easily turned her and slipped the crinkly diaper underneath. After the sound for four adhesive tabs, the dread device was fastened on and back when the crotch strap.

“Mmmmmmp…..” Laura wailed.

“I know it is tight but you’ll get used to it soon. Too loose and you might pee through it.” Nurse Jodie buckled her and shifted her to the same edge she was brought to earlier and Laura was again strapped down. “Have a good sleep Laura, I’ll see you soon.” With that, Jodie cleared the items and left Laura sobbing, bound, gagged and diapered.

To be Continued.



Laura’s return: Continuation of Laura’s 72 Hour Hold Part I

A continuation of Gregerbits Laura’s 72 Hour Hold, with permission from the author.

Part 1.

“Laura, Laura, can you hear me?” Those words softly entered Laura Granger’s ears and she snapped out of her drugged state. Her eyes were foggy initially, but her vision cleared in seconds. The young lady found herself in a familiar setting–it was Dr Blymire’s office! But Laura was in a very restrictive beige straitjacket and a red ball gag was clamped between her teeth. She titled her head and saw the skirt she bought for her graduation was missing and she was just in her black thin pantyhose, the crotch strap covering her the front.

“Laura, I’m going to take of your gag now, please no shouting, screaming or it will stay on, alright?” Still a bit groggy, the restrained girl nodded and she unclipped the ball gag, letting the saliva-soaked item hang around her neck. Dr Blyrmire passed a straw and water bottle and Laura sipped water to relieve her dry throat.

“Thanks,” She began, then her eyes turn to an angry look. “What the hell am I doing here again! I thought I was cured. I thought all this was over. Why am I in this freakin’ straitjacket? Why…” she struggled against the jacket, but it only got tighter. She tried to kick, but her hose-covered legs were bound with thick brown leather restraints which were also secured to the chair as well as her straitjacket.

The doctor simply held up a syringe and Laura’s angry look turned into that of a frightened animal. “Laura, please calm down or I’ll have to stun you again. Will you calm down? I’ll explain.” The doctor launched into a long speech how she learnt that Laura made various angry outburst during her college study, swore at her friends and seniors, show disrespect at various times to her professors and even counsellors and nearly burnt down the hall in a fit of rage. “Laura, I miscalculated when I diagnosed you as a bipolar depressive. You mental state needs to be re-evaluated again and mot possibly higher treatment needed. Therefore, I’ve taken the initiative to remand you back here.”

“But…but..this is unfair. I can explain all those times!” Laura protested and tried to give explanations. Dr Blymire simply pulled out sheets which were reports by her classmates and professors on her outbursts and even acts of violence. “Laura, you aren’t cured yet. You’re a danger to society…”

“But I’ve secured a job!” Laura cried then fell silent as the doctor raised the syringe.

“Your interviewer said you raised your voice at times at him and questioned him back. Laura, you will get your job, but right now you need to be cured. Here, please watch this,” she turned on a tablet and Laura’s parents appeared on screen.

“Laura honey,” her mother began, “I agree with Dr Blymire’s findings. Baby you are suffering internally, even if you think you aren’t. You need to be cured completely in order to get on with your life.”

“Sweetie,” her father added, “no father likes to see his daughter in your state but this is the county rule. I trust this doctor and I’m sure you’ll be fine in her hands after a month. You’ll be alright,” he blew a kiss.

“How…” Laura continued, “How can you treat me like this, yanking me off in public view, taking off my new skirt…”

“Laura, county rules are county rules,” the doctor argued. “Besides, you were drugged and brought out via a secluded exit. And the college chancellor also agreed with us beforehand.”

“This is a nightmare…” the young girl wailed but Dr Blymire simply changed the slides on the tablet and showed her what she would experience. Most of the words of the paragraphs were in medical terms and those were alien language to her but she spotted a several prominent words. “I…I have to be straitjacketed and gagged all the time now?”

“You are what we call a level 2 case, Laura. You’ll be kept in a straitjacket and muzzled most of the time unless the tests we given you require you to speak. As you had outbursts and you tend to raise your voice unexpectedly, ou have to be specially silenced. This won’t be beneficial for your own pysch or for the other patients here, many who would also silenced by this method.”

“But won’t this cause harm? I mean won’t my mouth be damaged or something?”

“The gags,” Dr Blymire pointed at the ball gag around here neck, “will be special. They are hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause any bacterial or viral disease and can be worn for many hours, even across days. It won’t affect your breathing; has minute air holes in it but you just won’t be able to speak. As and when you improve, we might stop your gagging.”

Laura shook her head and read on. “I have to be…in diapers?”

“We prefer the term incontinence brief. You will be in them at least at whne you sleep or when you spent long term in you room since we don’t want to undo you straitjacket all the time. Also, some of the drugs you may have to intake have strong diuretics so you will lose your bladder control, not exactly forever.” Laura had no idea what incontinence or diuretics were but was more stunned by how she would be treated.

“If there’s no other questions, we can get started,” the doctor announced.

“Wait, don’t I have to sign some sort of agreement?” She cired in last minute desperation and tried to shift in ther tight cocoon. Dr Blymire simply swiped the screen and Laura saw the signatures of her father and mother, as well as an approval by the College chancellor. Bursting in to tears, she didn’t put up much of a struggle as the doctor placed the ball back between teeth and secured it behind her head. The bonds holding her down were undone and she was swiftly carried out of the office into a side room and brought unsteadily to her feet. After hearing some talking, Laura came face to face with another familiar face.

“Hello again Laura, it’s me Nurse Jodie, hope you remember?” Laura grunted through the gag but again gave an angry look.

“Do do that Laura,” Nurse Jodie said. “Will you be calm?” Laura didn’t change her look thene received an electric shock, causing her to scream a muted scream and buckle down.

“Apologies for that, Laura,” Nurse Jodie said, helping her up. “I hope I won’t have to use that again?”

“Yesmmnurmm,” Laura responnded through the gag.

“Very well. Now, I’ve going to remove this straitjacket and put you a a special one which you’ll wear for your time here. Ok?” Laura just shifted her head as the nurse undid the straps and it came free. The nurse also knelt down to undo her leg restraints then proceeded to rub the young lady’s arms.

“Better Laura?” Laura nodded. “Right, please remove your clothing, pantyhose and all.”


“Please remove your clothes. This time, you’ll only wear a straitjacket and underwear. The straitjacket has inbuilt bra cups.” Bewildered, Laura did so and handed the nurse her blouse and pantyhose. “Everything Laura,” the nurse gestured to the semi-naked girl.

“Plmmm,” Laura called but Nurse Jodie advanced toward her. Shivering from embarrassment, Laura unclipped her bra and tried to cover her breasts unsucessfully. Then her thong black bikini panties were lowered. “Here, you have to wear these,” the nurse handed her what looked like grany-style translucent panties. Just as those came on, the nurse ordered her to raise her hands horizontally. Bit by bit, Laura received a deja vu as a new straitjacket was wound around her. This one contained three straps tight holding her arms against her breasts, while there felt like more straps behind. Then it was completed with the painful and arousing crotch strap.

“Bend down for me please,” Nurse Jodie instructed and she attached new leg restraints for Laura. Back up, Laura felt her ball gag being unlocked. It was not freedom but rather a new gag in the form a a tube with a leather panel was inserted into her mouth and locked again behind her back.

“Please test out your straitjacket Laura,” Nurse Jodie said. It definitely felt more secure and Laura could not even move the slightest bit in the new beige straitjacket. The leg restraints looked the same but Laura felt they were much short. Surprisingly, Laura found, as Dr Blymire mentioned, that she could breathe better with this gag on but her voice was muffled even more.

“Alright, Let’s get you…” Suddenly, a beep came on Nurse Jodie’s phone. “Yes? Oh…ok doctor, yes I will.”

Nurse Jodie turn to Laura and announced, “Looks like Dr Blymire suddenly turned busy. She recommended you go you to new room room first. How does that sound?”

“Mmmm…” came the very muted reply from Laura.

To Be Continued.


The Preventive Program

“Mom, No! No! No!” I screamed as the car turned into the carpark.

“This is exactly why you need to go through this tour Cathy.”

“But I’m not insane! Dad!”

“Your mother’s right, Catherine. It will help correct you and make you lady,” Dad replied as he parked the car. I resisted and mom had to unbuckle me from my seat and drag me out of the car into the grey-colored building. I continued my verbal protest as my parents signed forms at the receptionist counter and I was guided into through double doors and found myself, minus my parents in a large waiting room. There were three other girls, one brunette, one red-head and one Asian. The brunette was in skin-tight slacks and a tube top, the redhead in jeans with holes and a T-shirt with rock stars stenciled on it and the Asian girl like me, in a skirt and blouse.

“Good afternoon to all,” came a voice from the side. We all turned to see a nurse with the nametag ‘Marie’ and an army of additional nurses behind her. “Welcome to Woodcock’s Mental Institution Treatment Preventive Program. You all are here because your families believe you have some psychological issues that well are not at the stage for treatment. Instead, what you’ll see here…”

“Is a place for loonies,” the brunette interrupted, stepping back.

“I’m not in the mood for interruptions,” the Nurse shot back. “As I said, in this Preventive Program you have a quick ‘tour’ of the whole Institution to see how female mental patients are treated. You get a whirl-wind experience of what it is like to be a patient here and the treatment patients undergo. By the end of the tour, you hopefully will see that it is better to correct your attitude and…”

“This is shit. I’m outta here,” the brunette interrupted again but as she turned around, one of the nurses pulled out a syringe and jammed it into her heck. She immediate shivered and collapsed down, unconscious.

“…. That it is better to correct your attitude and lifestyle than to be condemned here for long-term treatment.” We all were more shocked by the treatment of the girl than the last words. The brunette was carried out by a few nurses but a snap by the head nurse fingers drew our attention back.

“First, we’re going to put this straitjacket on you,” She held up a mass of thick canvas, straps and buckles that magically appeared in her arms. It was modeled on the Posey straitjacket model. I’ve seen one before on TV.

“Wha…” the Asian girl, named Yan Ling, started then remembering what just happened, closed her mouth.

“This is for everyone’s safety, including yourself as patients or guests, and the staff. All patients are placed in straitjackets 24/7 to prevent physical assaults and any escape. “Next, we will put this leg restraint around your ankles, so you can’t kick people and run away.” She held up two thick brown leather cuffs with locking straps, attached by two leather straps which looped through metal slots on the cuffs.

“And finally, since silence is required for all patients to prevent verbal assault and unnecessary conversation, we need to put this muzzle on each of you.” She held up a sealed plastic bag, inside was a large panel device with a protruding, threaded knob and an assortment of leather straps attached.  “This will fill your mouth without causing unnecessary strain. It is also hypoallergenic so it can be worn for hours without changing.”

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” the redhead exclaimed in horror. “This is too much. What if we get any complications?”

“We all are trained nurses and all of you are listed as healthy according to your medical records. No patient has suffered any ‘complications’ while in a straitjacket and gag here for the past twenty years. Ok, I think questions will be answered later during the tour.” She motioned to the junior nurses and at least four of them surrounded each of us.

“Let’s get started. First, straitjackets can’t be worn in your states. Jeans, pants, skirts, whatever bottoms off. Now!” Shocked by the army-like order and what we would be going through, we all complied, and I dropped my skirt to reveal my skimpy blue panties. We were ordered to place them in on big plastic bag.

“Everyone, hold your arms and hands out straight, keeping your fingers together.” The nurses next to me guided my hands to the proper position. At the same time, they used their legs, forcing my feet to spread out. “I’m going to slide the straitjacket over your arms, and the orderlies will hold it closed as I fasten the straps.” Nurse Marie announced, stepping close to me. “Keep looking forward and do not move your arms or legs. Am I clear?”

I nodded, now really frightened. As Nurse Marie advanced with the straitjacket, the other nurses removed their grip around my hands and grabbed my elbows. The nurse slid the jacket sleeves over my forearms, and the other nurses quickly grabbed the jacket and quickly pulled it back over my upper arms and shoulders. They held the jacket firmly with both hands and began fastening all the back straps. She pulled the top two straps through the buckles to keep my arms inside the sleeves, and then started from the bottom of the jacket, pulling each strap snugly as she wanted the straitjacket to fit my torso properly. Once the nurse was satisfied with her work, she began re-tightening each strap causing the strong material conform to my body shape. After readjusting the bottom strap, she crouched down and reached through my legs to a wide strap dangling from the bottom of the jacket. I had just noticed this strap and was wondering about its use when the nurse yanked it back between my legs and fastened it to a buckle sticking out between the two bottom back straps. I had been given wedgies before in school and for fun but this one was worse than those!

Nurse Marie walked back around in front of me. “Cathy, please lower and bend your right arm at the elbow.” They know my name, but that was hardly comforting. I did so and the nurse pulled the right sleeve through the wide loop below my breasts and fed it through another, thinner loop on the side, and one orderly grabbed the sleeve as it came to my back. She did the same for her left arm, adjusting the arms crossed in front of me. Nurse Marie went around my back again and fastened the two sleeve straps. When they were done, my forearms seem to disappear behind the wide front loop. The nurse then took each strap on the jacket, stuck it through the belt loop on the corresponding buckle strap, and threaded it back though the buckle, to make them even more difficult to loosen.

“Cathy, please try to move around to see if we need any more adjustments,” the nurse ordered. I first tried to raise and lower her arms but couldn’t get more than an inch in either direction before running into the loops on the front and sides. I then tried moving my arms apart, but the orderlies’ skill and strength in removing slack made that equally futile. I bent backwards and forwards, but the tightly fastened thick canvas made it impossible to curl her spine, so I could only bend at her hips. But this action had a big drawback, as the wide crotch strap rubbed against my clit giving me a quick arousal. “I can’t move at all! This is insane!” I protested.

The nurses ignored my protests as one bent down and attached the leg restraints. Ow! Nurse Marie then retrieved the bag and tore it open, revealing the muzzle.

“I’m going to place the muzzle on you now. Open your mouth as wide as you can.” As I bit down on the foam tube, it completely surrounded by mouth. The foam would expand back into its original, onerous dimensions and compressed my tongue completely. Two straps coming from the front of the mouth panel were fastened behind my neck to keep the gag–I preferred the term gag–firmly in place.

All around me, the other two girls were bound, cuffed and gagged similarly. “Everyone done? Good. Now, single file, Cathy first, Claire second, Ling, third.” We were arranged so by the nurses and guided through another set of double doors leading into a narrow corridor. We all shuffled along, oh our footwear was removed as well. As we did so, the crotch strap dug deeper and deeper against my clitoris, giving me another set of arousals.

We entered another open area and from a side appeared the brunette, guided by a trio of nurses. She was similarly restrained and gagged like is, but there was a thick blindfold over her eyes and her underwear was rather thick. “Put her behind the rest and really watch over her,” Nurse Marie instructed.

“As you can see,” she began in a tour guide-like voice, “the nursing staff are all female. As for doctors, some are male but there has never been a case of sexual assault against any patient or staff since this institution was founded.” Yeah, yeah, I thought. She could be bluffing. We walked on and passed some nurses and patients some patients escorted by one nurse, others by two. All were straitjacketed and gagged like us but the straitjackets wear of different colors. Two of them were tape gagged instead of the panel gags we had on. The redhead Claire asked a question through her gag.

“The different colored straitjackets indicate the level of patients. White are low-risk. Beige or brown are medium-risk. Black is high-risk but high-risk prisoners aren’t allowed to move around. As for the tape gags, well, if the doctor deems the patient has improved, they get tape gags instead. But for your case, you’ll all get the panel gag.” Wonderful. Such special treatment, I thought. We entered another open area where they were several tables and chairs, fixed to the ground. Girls, similar to us, were seated there, with nurses standing nearby and what looked like guards with batons at the sides.

“This is the social area for low to medium-level patients,” Nurse Marie whispered. “Sometimes, not every girl is isolated and we give them time to mingle together to get them a field of how society is.” I peered closer and noticed each girl had some hairband-like device placed on their head and tablets attached to the tables.

“Obviously, they can’t talk properly. So those bands transfer thoughts from their heads into words on the tablet screens.” Fascinating, I thought but shuddered, realizing I could have been one of these girls. “Whtmmmthdmmm?” The Asian girl asked.

“Oh, you see those? Your friend Freyja here is also wearing. Diapers. A good majority of patients who stay for the long haul are placed in diapers.” I then looked at the brunette again and yes, she had a diaper taped over her. But wait, there was also something else. “Diapered patients also are made to wear plastic panties to prevent any leaks. You’ll find out more later. Move along.”

We were brought to another narrow corridor and all the nurses held fingers to their lips. “This is the high-risk row of cells. High-risk patients are those that suffer from extreme mental disorders and sometimes face treatment than last extremely long or can’t be cured. High-risk patients are kept in their rooms with no interaction with others and minimal movement daily. Do no utter a sound, even through your gags.” We moved slowly along until Nurse Marie halted us and swapped an ID card against a card reader twice. We were brought inside an empty cell with a narrow pad at one corner.

“This,” she whispered, “is what it looks inside. The patient is strapped to a mattress fixed on the ground. She doesn’t get to move up until it is feeding time and gets only one hour of controlled exercise each day. She’s diapered full time. You,” she gestured to the redhead. “Come and demonstrate.” The petrified girl was laid down and the nurses strapped her in. “This is how high-risk patients remain for years. Do you want this treatment?” We all shuddered.

Another step away, we were brought into an even smaller cell. The was no mattress and the walls were painted black.

“This is the suicide watch cell,” Nurse Marie said. “We have two and getting more. Basically, any girl who exhibits suicide-like tendencies is brought here. She’s strip naked, attached to cuffs,” she pulled down one to show us, “and kept standing or even cuffed to the wall. We keep them naked and there’s only this,” she pointed to a small hole, “for body relief.” All of us emitted scared muffled tones. “No, we won’t demonstrate.” Phew.

Next up was the medium-risk cells. The doors were thick and no windows were visible, but one slot was pulled open and we all took turns to peek in. Some girls were sitting in corners, slouching. Others were moving wildly about while some were kicking and banging their heads against the wall. “You can see why they are medium risks. Some of them don’t get the luxury of interacting as shown just now. It all depends on your behavior,” she particular looked at the blindfolded and diapered brunette.

Finally, it was the low-risk cells. Like the medium-risk, they had thick doors, small eye slots and padded walls. Girls inside were straitjacketed, some gagged, some tape gagged some not gagged or leg-bound at all. “Much better behavior,” the nurse explained, “but still we don’t give them any prizes. You’ll all experience this later this evening.”  What?!

We were brought to what looked like an exercise hall. Some patients were walking or running around while others were given specific leg exercises. “You all can try this. Even her,” she gestured to the blindfolded troublemaker and her blindfold was removed. So, for the next hour, we were made to run several rounds around the track. It was really difficult with my arms bound against my boobs. By the end, I was so sweaty under the thick straitjacket and the blouse I wore. Shit, I want a change now!

But that would have to wait. It was already time for dinner time as we were sat separately at a table. “All patients are spoon-fed by nurses. As time goes on, if they improve, they may get to use their hands to feed.” A mixed African American and Spanish nurse removed my gag fed me some thick gravy-filled dish and quite tasteless juice.

“Ok ladies. We’ll give you time to use the loo. One by one. Of course, except you,” she pointed at the diapered girl. I was the first in, and boy, it was great to be free of the jacket and rub my sore arms. Still it was a rushed call and soon enough we were restrained again.

“We want to show you the other parts but apparently they are quite occupied. So, to your rooms you go.” We were all brought up back to the low-risk set of cells and each of us were deposited into a room. As described, it was padded, white all over, with one mattress on the floor and nothing else. Not even a toilet bowl. The nurses there left me, leg restraints undone but said I would be watched by a CCTV hanging from the wall. How little privacy we get, I thought. Left alone, I tried to walk about but with my hands strapped in front, I lost my balance and fell so many times I gave up. As I laid on the ground, I started cry. I never cried much before. I would always let my emotions out by shooting or throwing stuff until physically stopped by my parents or the police. Oh my gosh, would I really be condemned to this place? Am I a lunatic? Have I lost my mind?

I don’t what time it was later when I heard the cell door open. Nurse Marie and the same nurse who spoon-fed me came in. “Time to sleep Cathy,” the head nurse announced. Ok, why not let my crawl to the mattress? Then I saw what was in the junior nurse hand.

“Mmmmwht?” I cried through the gag.

“It is compulsory. We have limited staff on duty at night and we don’t get patients or guest out for the toilet. Hence the briefs.” Briefs my foot, those are diapers. Used by kids! I tried to protest further but remembered how the other girl was treated. The crotch strap was undone and my panties were pulled off. Some icky cream was smeared over my private part then the diaper taped on and plastic panties added. The straitjacket was re-secured and instead of the thick, a tape gag was replaced.

“It’s only for the night. But have a good sleep.” How to have one? I’m straitjacketed, gagged and now diapered.

The next day

Again, I had no idea what time it was when the nurse woke me up. My gag was exchanged back for that thick panel gag and out I came, legs bound again. Strange, none of the others were nearby. I was brought to what looked like a shower area. Yeah, finally a shower, I thought.

“I’ll be helping you. No resistance please.” But how on earth could I resist bound and gagged? She undid the jacket, tore away the plastic panties and the diaper which to my horror was urine-stained, and took off the rest of my clothing. Made to stand and still gagged, I squealed as water then soap and again water was squirted all over me. Then I was brought to a nearby table.

“Dimmmprs?” I cried again.

“Nurse Marie’s orders. Don’t resist.” Within minutes I was diapered again, plastic panties on and then bra back on. “I think this is too thick for you, no?” She held up my blouse. So just the straitjacket was tightly strapped back on. Brought back to the food hall, all the other girls were already there. Freyja was there as well, her blindfold removed. We all ungagged again were spoon fed some oatmeal and then lined up again in the same order and brought to an area with were a door marked ‘NEURO EXAMINATION ROOM’.

“This where they hook wires to the heads of patients, lock the patient’s head in a metallic football-like helmet and keep you tightly restrained to a chair for hours. They analyze your brain cells, neurons or whatever. One reason why you wear diapers,” She padded my backside. Bitch, I thought silently. Moving on, we moved to a narrow catwalk. Below was a chamber shaped like a tomb but at the side where men dressed in lab suits busy monitoring computers. Wires from these computers were fed into the tubes. Wait a minute, I’ve seen this in….

“Yes, for those of you who have watched, this is sensory deprivation tank, just like in the TV series Fringe. Patients are made to wear skin-tight body suits and floated in a tank with high percentage of salt. They are drugged so that they are forced to sleep while again their thoughts are processed. It helps the doctors to gain a true background of patients.” Yikes, I thought. I hate floating in any water, and definitely don’t want my thoughts to be known to another person.

The third chamber was also a tank of water where a girl naked with only cloth around her breasts and crotch was laid in. This time, a IV drip was added besides the wires. “That contains a special mixture of drugs to change one’s disturbed thoughts slowly over time,” Nurse Marie said. “Sometimes, it takes several days of lying there before the patient improves.” We again all shuddered at the sight.

I thought we had seen enough but no, we were brought back again to the area where patients interacted with each other. I was sat down opposite another blonde-haired girl, with patient number stenciled over her jacket. Tablets were placed down in front of us and the hairband-like devices were placed over our heads.

Hi? I saw on the screen. Ignore the number on my jacket. My name is Abi, don’t say Abigail. Yours?

I thought in my head and mumbled through my gag. Cathy, I answered.

“No noise through your gag. Only va your thoughts,” came the orders.

Abi: I’ve been here for two years. You’re with this program eh?

Cathy: My…my parents brought me here. They wanted to change my attitude. I didn’t expect it to be like this! I flexed my arms as much as I could.

Abi: It sucks. After a while, I try to ignore it but it still sucks. What did you do? Scream the house down?

Cathy: Just get angry almost everytime. Broke some furniture. Ran into the police several times.

Abi: I was angry and shouted every day since twelve. They say something is wrong with part of my brain. I don’t believe but I’ve stopped my anger lately.

Cathy: What do they do you? Drugs?

Abi: Oh, some mind exercises. Scenarios. But at first some serum. It really was torture.

Cathy: I saw the cells and patients and how the nurses treat us. That’s torture.

Abi: Then you really shouldn’t be here as one of us. I’m hoping to get out soon but it’s never a time you want here.

I looked at here and sucked the ball between my lips hard. Thanks, I hope you do soon. It’s really moving to hear your story Abi.

We chatted a few more minutes until Nurse Jodie said time was up. Oh my gosh, I wish I could hug her, I thought, as she was escorted away. We all were made to walk around the exercise arena again before being brought in for lunch which was soup. “We’ve actually move quite fast,” the head nurse declared. “We’ll let you people rest here for a while, but don’t try anything stupid.” How could we? We’re all bound gagged and diapered.

“Itmmmhurribmm,” The redhead Claire started through her gag.

“Agmmmree,” the Chinese girl said.

“Uhmm,” I nodded trying to find a comfy way to sit. But with a diaper, plastic panties on and crotch strap digging in, it was quite impossible.

“Wemtreammlikellonnies,” Freyja commented, her eyes indicated hatred.

“Wemmmbeoutmmmoon,” Claire argued.

“Bullmmmhit,” Freyja responded.

“Beposmmmtive,” Yan Ling added.

“Fummmm,” Freyja swore loudly. How the hell could her voice be raised through this gag, I wondered.

“Watch it,” one of the nurses nearby warned.

“Fummu,” Freyja cursed her and miraculously managed to stand up. The two nurses on duty tensed and advanced towards her. With all her strength, Freyja lunged towards them, head-butting one of them. An alarm blared and other nurses, including Nurse Marie barged in. The rebellious girl was sedated and carried out once more.

“Ok, rest of you, out. You have to spend your time in your cells.” We all gave muffled protests but it was useless. Back in my cell and legs bound again, I sat against the hard mattress and cried once more. Just let this whole thing end. I want to be a good daughter, a good girl….

I must have drifted off again as the door clicked open. How long was I asleep? I don’t usually take afternoon naps. “Hey, time to move Cathy,” the junior nurse stated. I mumbled a reply but instead of lifting me up, she bent down and undid my crotch strap.


“You wet yourself. Besides, where we’re going you won’t want to wear a diaper.” Oh shit, I really wet the diaper again! The nurse took it off, wiped my crotch with wipes then helped me into some plain white boxer-like briefs. I was then brought up and escorted yet through another maze of corridors until I was brought into an office. It was just a normal medical office with charts on one wall and medical certificates on another.

“Thanks, Jeanna, I’ll buzz when I require you.” I turned to see a moustache-ed man, around 6 foot tall. He locked the door, pressed a couple of buttons and lights at the side came on. Only then did he reach over to undo my gag and passed me a sip of water.

“Thank…you, Doctor?”

“Barnes. Catherine Granger right? Sorry we can’t shank hands.” Yes, I bet you are sorry.

“Hi. Uh, what’s this? Is this going to be medical examination.”?

“Ho, oh no, no. I would be meeting you in a different circumstance.” Now, what would that be?

“So, what is this?”

“It’s more of a ‘getting-to-know-how-you’re-doing’.”

“Well, besides being restrained, gagged and well embarrassed, I’m ok.” I didn’t want to describe how it was being diapered.

“How do you feel now having seen our institute?”

“I…it was really scary Doctor. I don’t know if you were meant to scare us, but boy, it’s a horror movie out there.”

“And how is it now to you. Do you wish to vent your anger?”

“No, actually last night, I think want I wish a fresh start to my attitude.”

“Very nice,” was his only reply. It is a doctor thing?

“Can I ask what’s happening now and later? Are the other girls also being questioned like this?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Oh. What about that girl uh Freyja.”

“She’s going to spend a little more time with us, but you shouldn’t worry about her. You’ll get to stay here a couple more hours and then you’ll be home.”

“Oh, thank you.” I suddenly teared up. He reached over and wiped my tears. How kind. I never experience such kindness before.

“Can I ask another question?” He nodded. “What’s going to happen to that girl Abi?”

“Oh yes, you and her. Abi’s making some improvement but slow. That was quiet and unexpected bonding you two had. I can’t give a date when she’s out, also for security reasons I can’t give details. But she’s fine.”

“It’s good to know. Any chance of visiting?”

“We don’t allow; only family members. But you may see her again; I just can’t say when. Anything else?”

“Well,” I flexed the straitjacket again. “I guess you can’t…”

“Rules are rules. I’ve seen girl’s plea and we tried once or twice but it wasn’t helpful. But since you’ve been well behaved,” he reached under his desk and tore open a cloth. “Mouth open please.” I reluctantly did so and to my surprise, the cloth felt quite comfortable inside my mouth. But he also tore two pieces of tape, sealing the cloth in.

“I trust you won’t emit much sound; naturally it’s not as strong as this,” he held up my old gag and tossed it in a nearby bid. The nurse can back in to collect me. “Best of luck Cathy,” he said and I gave a nod and muted reply of thanks.

I found myself back in the original waiting area with Claire and Yan Ling. Clearly, they were either treating Freyja or she was restricted somewhere. All three of us were out of diapers and plastic panties and in the issued boy shorts. Ling and I were taped gagged while Claire was still in the panel gag–did they not think she was well behaved? Our meet up and muffled greetings were cut shot as they produced a portable DVD and with earphones on, were shown a clip further describing the history of the institute. It was rather boring and I nearly feel asleep until Nurse Marine snapped her fingers. Our original clothes were brought out and yay! Off came the straitjackets and the leg restraints. I gleefully done my sexy panties and skirt and less than an hour later, they removed my gag and I rushed into the waiting arms of my parents, swearing to both never to lose my temper or shout at them again.

Few months later

I rang the doorbell. “Hey Cathy, thanks for doing this,” The elderly woman said.

“It’s ok, Mrs. Winston, have a good trip.”

She smiled and I promised to email or skype her later. I head upstairs and didn’t have to knock since the door was partly opened. Inside was Abi, the girl I met during the ‘Preventive Program’ I went through. Abi was in a white straitjacket, gagged with a panel gag and ankles cuffed with leather restraints. As expected, she was also wearing plastic panties and diapered.

“Abi? Hi, it’s me.” In agreement with the Institute, Abi could be released to her single mom for a few days each week. Since her single mom had a job in next state, I also volunteered to watch over Abi until her mother got back home. Because Abi was still legally under the Institute, she had to trussed up like any patient.

“Cammty,” she cried and I hugged my new best friend.

The End.

A New Doctor 2

Note: All science fiction here. Don’t try this at home or in the hospital.

Part 2:

The next day:

I stayed up almost all night reading the ‘thesis’ that explained the founding of this hospital and the solutions to curing the various forms of mental illness. I was further shocked reading it and was ready to query Dr. Henderson about it. Instead, he brought me over to yet another room with a one-way mirror. Inside was Catherine Granger, still tightly bound in her straitjacket, gagged and cuffed at her ankles.

“Doctor,” I began, but he just held up his hand. With his other, he adjusted a knob on the wall. Suddenly, I saw the girl start to shiver. A few minutes later, he twisted the dials the other way and I saw the girl start to sweat profusely.

“Temperature gauge,” He said, not looking at me. “By varying the temperature in that room, it will affect her psychological thoughts and perhaps her mood.”

“I read that all in manual. Does it really…”

“It’s in a doctoral thesis…” he started, not looking at me and continuing to change the temperature levels and ‘torturing’ the poor patient for the next twenty minutes until Nurse Roberts entered from a secluded side room. Catherine immediately tried to move away but a stern command from the nurse–we couldn’t hear her words but I could sort of lip read–stopped the poor girl from shifting further. The nurse bent down and removed her panel gag then with some command began to spoon feed her–I couldn’t tell what.

“I can’t believe she was gagged all night,” I commented.

“She was tape gagged with medical tape that’s hypoallergenic. All our mouth guards are hypoallergenic and cleanses their oral cavities. They hardly need to brush their teeth. Shall we get a move on?”

I actually started to feel an attachment towards Catherine so was reluctant to leave her. I followed the senior doctor through another set of corridors that revealed some more ‘cells’. As he randomly opened each one, I saw females, well mostly females, straitjacketed and gagged. Some of them were in underwear while some of them had something thick around their waists.

“Don’t look so surprised Jamieson,” Dr. Henderson said again without looking at me. “All patients are gagged to ensure the lowest possible noise so as not to instigate altercations or assaults and to present uniforminty amongst all. Some patients labelled medium-level and above are made to wear incontinence briefs,” clearly he didn’t want to use the word nappies or diapers, “as their retraints have to be on 24/7. The nurses will allow some to use the toilet at fix hours of the ay but otherwise, the briefs get used.”

Still bewildered, I found myself looking at an open area–we were on an upper level. More patients still in straitjackets, nappied and leg restraints were walking–more like shuffling about, with various nurses near them and guards at the corner. “These patients get some movement outside their rooms,” Henderson stated. “Some leg movement helps. And allows them to have some social activity.” As I looked closer, some patients were seated in tables of two or threes, never largely than that. Some device was place over the foreheads, something like a head band.

“That’s our latest invention, the neural recognition. The thoughts of each individual patient is transmitted to a tablet on the tablet or hand-held.” I indeed could se tablets next to each female patient and the nurses themselves also had smaller tablets. “Instead of try to waste their voice through the gags, patients will communicate to each other via thesse devices. The nurses and us doctors can also read converse with them–we type back what we wish to say–while each patient is gagged and straitjacketed.”



A New Doctor

Trying to calm myself, I knocked rapidly on the door.

“Enter,” was the curt remark. Inside, I found two individuals, a grey-haired man, maybe in his fifties or sixties and a plumb lady with the name “Roberts” stencilled on her left breast.

“Doctor…Carter Jamieson?” The grey-haired man read out from his open folder.

“That’s me. Doctor…?”

“Henderson. George Henderson.” He gestured to the single seat in front of him. “I’ll be quick. First in your class in medicine. Recommended by lecturer to pursue any medical specialisation. Worked in young offender’s home, police behavioural department…you haven’t any medical experience, have you?”

“No but…”

“And you specifically and only wrote down ‘mental health’ as opposed to other medical issues. Why?”

“I’ve always an interest in cure the mental well-being of individuals. I believe any state of mind can be rectified and…”

“Ok, we’re in a hurry today. Nurse, give Rd. Jamieson the file so he can read as we walk.” Before I could even open the folder, they shot up and exited back into the hallway. Scurrying to catch up, I open the file. It was a long ‘essay’ reporting about an 18-year-old female named Catherine Granger. She had a history of anger tantrums and cases of violence, the latest destroying university property, injuring two tutors and four lecturers, causing them to suspend her and her scholarship.

“Here we are,” the nurse announced, swiping a card to reveal a rather small room with a large black screen in front and another door.

“Wait here until you are called,” the doctor said, as the nurse buzzed the two of them through the door. As it banged shut, I felt a wave of helpless surround me. Calming myself again, I look around and saw a switch near the screen. Curiosity building up, I flicked it and the screen rolled up to reveal a two-way mirror. There, the senior doctor and the nurse stood around a young girl, most definitely the subject Catherine, who was dressed in a dark blue spaghetti top, black bra straps visible, and in tight shiny black jeans. The three of them were definitely engaged in conversation but there seemed to be no audio speakers around. Having no ability to lip read, I could only guess they were arguing about the girl’s anger problems. Suddenly, the girl shot up and definitely shouted at the two medical staff. She ran towards the locked door, slamming violently against it. She spun around and was about to strike Dr Henderson when Nurse Roberts grabbed her and to my shock, the doctor stabbed her arm! The teenager suddenly collapsed down on the ground.

“Hey, let me in!” I cried, pressing against the locked doorknob. It finally opened.

“I said for you to wait Jaimeson,” Henderson said irritably. “But since we let you in, help Miss Granger out of her clothes.”

“Out of…her CLOTHES?!” I cried.

“Hey, you want to pipe down? She’s a violent girl and had to be sedated. We are preparing her for the jacket.” I turn to see the nurse already yanking off the girl’s top to reveal her full bra. “Go on help her.”

“Is this right…legal? I thought we talk thoroughly with patients first, then help them into jackets clothed.”

“She’s really violent and was going to assault me. Now, help Nurse Johnson; the drug won’t keep her unconscious for long.”

I hesitated then bent down. The nurse had already unbuttoned her jeans to reveal pink bikini knickers underneath. The nurse turned her around with some of my help and unhooked her bra. That off, she peeled off the lower underwear and turned the girl back flat down. Immediately, despite my medical education, I felt a sharp erection.

“Check her for contraband and items,” was the order. I started to question it, but the nurse proceeded as instructed checking her hair, ear lobes, nostrils, parting her lips, then searching, or rather quite fondling her breasts, poking her fingers up her anus and parting her vaginal lips.

“Clean,” she said, snapping off her gloves. Out of nowhere, the nurse produced a thick white straitjacket and something else which appeared to be a pair or slightly thicker ‘granny knickers’. Those went up to cover her vulva. Then, with more prodding from Henderson, I helped the nurse slip the ‘sleeping’ girl’s arms into the straitjackets sleeves. Instead of the single or double straps for the front there were three and at the back there were four instead of three. The nurse sealed the back straps first and there were buckled instead of Velcro. She then, with some of my help, folded Catherine’s arms horizontally, threading them through two loops before sealing the front bonds. Finally, the ‘crotch strap’ locked her into place. Testing the ‘gown’ for any loose parts, the nurse declared the unconscious patient ready.

“Ok thanks, nurse. I have to move on somewhere. Dr Jamieson, perhaps you and the nurse like to help our patient to the vehicle?”

That vehicle turned out to be a white rather unmarked van and boy was the girl heavy to drag up into the back. “One last thing, ankle cuffs,” the nurse said.

“We’ve done her like a prisoner to Guantanamo Bay,” I protested.

“Hey Doc, ever had a patient kick you in the balls?” The cuff went on and suddenly, the girl stirred. “Wh..” She mumbled.

“Oh yeah, this as well,” and to further shock, the nurse presented a panel gag–I’ve seen BDSM parties before–which was expertly locked around the girl’s head, turning her conscious cries into whimpered sounds.

“Let’s roll,” the nurse said in a wall intercom.

The drive took around twenty minutes and the vehicle’s noise masked any conversation. Actually, there was none since the nurse stared away from me and the girl across from me was tightly gagged. I could definitely see her protest through the gag and shift around in her bonds and was quite sympathetic towards her. Moreover, I was quite shocked over the series of events from the interview to the striping to the straitjacket and now to this ride. The vehicle jerked to a stop and the nurse swung the doors open. Without any bidding, I unbuckled the straitjacketed girl and we both helped her down through the security card-locked doors. The reception area was nearby and the nurse trotted over, signing away at the counter.

“Hey doctor, I can take it from here. You may need to get your administrative stuff cleared, get the security cards and what not. I think Doc Henderson said to report at 0830 tomorrow? There are bunks. Night.” With that, she pulled the poor, still quite groggy girl out of sight.

Still bewildered, I took several deep breaths before turning to the duty nurse and getting the necessary items ready. “Through those doors, take two rights pass through locked doors and there’s the doctor’s sleeping quarters,” she said. “Oh, Doc said you might want to read this,” I was given a thick folder titled, “Henderson Mental Hospital: Policies, and Solutions.”

To Be Continued



Improving studies: Nappies for schoolgirls

Dear Parents and Girls of Solihall High,

As you might know, there was an unusual policy implemented by our “special relationship” cousins across the Atlantic. They ruled that wearing nappies would help a student concentrate more and prevent any cheating/plagiarism during examinations.

The senior management board has evaluated this policy and discussed it with the PTA and the wider community and have agreed to adopt a similar policy. Hence forth, it is mandatory for all students to wear a nappy to school. We will not allow girls to use the toilet for urination and only for defecation. If a girl needs to use the toilet, she will be inspected by a duty staff member or prefect.

In implementing this policy, all girls must wear nappies during school hours and school-related activities. Prefects and staff members will inspect all girls upon arrival at the school and random checks will be made across the day. Only proper tape on nappies are allowed; no pull ups or pads or washable knickers. If a girl fails to comply with this policy, she will receive demerit points, detention or possible expulsion from the school.

We will be lenient and let parents choose any kind of nappies for their daughter to wear. As our school covers Year Seven (12/13) to Sixth Form girls, the nappy brand may differ but once again they must be tape on nappies. We recommend products from Abena, Attends or Tena or even Molicare. The school will set aside a small financial fund for parents to buy such nappies.

Changing at school: Will be performed by the school nurse and only the school nurse. In some circumstances, male and female teachers might change the girls during school hours.

If you have read the case in the US, you may have heard girls are just in nappies during examination times. We alter the policy and have a room for all girls to change out of their uniform. They will wear only their nappies and a translucent gown provided. During examinations, no child is allowed to leave the room at all so we suggest girls have a light breakfast to prevent defecation during the examination time period.

With this policy, we hope that your girl will have an even more enriching experience with our school.

I attached the new school uniform criteria below.

Yours Sincerely,

P. Seager


School Uniform:

Blazer with School crest

Jumper with School crest (during winter months)

Tie with school logo

White Blouse

White or Beige normal bra. No coloured bras are allowed. Non-lacy and non-silk.

Blue skirt no less than three inches above knees

Adult/Youth tape-on Nappies (No exceptions! No knickers over nappies, no pullups/goodnites allowed)

Dark Blue Tights (40 Denier during spring to early autumn, 70 Denier during cold/winter months), girls may wear stockings and garter belts, but same ruling applies

Flat-heeled school shoes

Sports uniform:

School issued shirt/tank top

White coloured or beige coloured coloured sports bra (T or Y-backed only)

Sports skirt/shorts

Adult/Youth pullups (No exceptions! Students will be change back to their nappies after sports.)

Socks (school issued)


For swimming: School will issue all girls with a one piece swimsuit with an in built nappy in it. Please approach swimming teacher for more details.

Leotard with pullup (for gym lessons, again nappy to be put back on after lesson)


Dear Principal Seager,

I have read, with much surprise, your letter regarding the new dress code for my daughter. She has just turned 13 and donned her first bra, thus is entering womanhood. The prospect of her wearing nappies again is naturally quite frightening.  I have read the news about the usage of nappies in American schools but I’m still not convinced about the usage in her school. Yes my girl’s grades aren’t exactly top but are you sure that putting her in nappies will assist in her performance?

Mrs. T. Bebbington


A Year Eight student chats with a boy on an Instant Messaging (IM):

 kathykat has logged in.


 sammystriker has logged in


sammystriker (10:00pm): Hi Kathy


kathykat is typing…


kathykat (10:01): Hi Sam.


sammstriker: How’s it going. What are you up to this Sunday evening?


kathykat is typing…


kathykat (10:02): The usual, finishing up homework for school. But more surfing the net.


sammstriker: Oh yeah, you go to that school, Solihall?


kathykat: Uh yeah…


sammstriker: Is it…that school where you wear nappies to school?


kathykat: :~ oh you heard….


sammstriker: Everyone’s been chatting about it Kathy. You actually have to wear them? New school rules???


kathykat: Ouch…yeah it’s some silly idea but it’s compulsory. Apparently the P got the idea from some Yank school across the pond.


sammstriker: Oh so cool!


kathykat: It’s not cool! It sucks! Such a weird policy!


sammstriker: Sawr…ry. I feel for yah. It does sound crazy.


kathykat: Yeah, well there’s no way out of it, especially during test and exams. You have to wear it and that’s all But I try my best to ignore it.


sammstriker (10:06): Oh…only a nappy?!!


kathykat: Yes. Don’t start dreaming about it pls.


sammstriker (10:08): Nah…promise. And you have to wear it all day at sch?


kathykat: Yeah. The check you in the morning  and do random checks through the day.


sammstriker: Yikes! what happens if you are caught not wearing one?


kathykat is typing…


kathykat: You get put back in on and not allowed to wear your skirt or tights for the rest of the day. Demerit points and/or detention…


sammstriker: Ouch, and I thought my school rules were harsh…


kathykat: You have a boring yet sane school. Lucky boy.


sammstriker: Sorry that you have to suffer. Do you really have to er use them?


kathykat: Yeah for pee. We can still do number 2 in the toilet but the teachers check.


sammstriker: Yikes! What happens if you pee in them?


kathykat (10:12): Uh…


sammstriker: Ok prodding too much.


kathykat: Well them you are forbidden from using the loo in school. You have to poo…


kathykat is typing…


kathykat: hold on BRB in a few minutes?


sammstriker: K


kathykat is typing…


sammstriker: Back?


kathykat (10:30): Yeah sorry mum called. She wanted to show me the creams and other supplies she bought.


sammstriker: Oh…wha…ok you need those for changing. You said something about poo?


kathykat: Uh yeah if you use the toilet to pee, then you have to poo in your nappy before you can use the toilet for poo again…


sammstriker: Gross. They are really fixed on this idea…


kathykat: Yeah….weirdos…if you want I’ll send you the file…


kathykat is sending School_policy_nappies.pdf


File received


sammstriker: Hmmm….wow that’s a lot of rules!


kathykat: Yeah :(:(  Tis the life of of a gal in Solihall…


sammstriker (10:36): Heh. Do you think you can stand it? It’s through out the whole year right?

kathykat: Till you finish your GCSEs or As…Hold on again…changing to nightie…


kathykat (10:41): back.


sammstriker: You must look cute.


kathykat: Sam!


sammstriker: *Holds up hands in surrender* It’s a compliment Kathy!


kathykat: Oh…ok. You do treasure normal clothing especially during weekends.I Especially wearing knickers….


sammstriker: I can’t believe the whole community approved of this..


kathykat: Me neither. Supposedly its going to be debated in government or what not….I don’t get politics though or those in power. I’m just  a normal teen…


sammstriker: *pats you on the back*


kathykat (10:49): Thanks.


sammstriker: But really, do ya feel you study better with a nappy on?


kathykat: I dunno. Peeing in your nappy felt like wetting yourself at first. Then you figure you aren’t going to the toilet in school so often. Then you can only look down at your books.


kathykat is typing…


kathykat is typing…


kathykat (10:57): It’s getting late. Got to check up that I finished everything or I get even more punishment from teachers.


sammstriker: :( Stay safe little one.


kathykat: Little nappied gal :(:(


sammstriker: Well try hard and maybe they will stop it. Do you take the usual school bus?


kathykat (10:58): It’s a new one. But it will soon return to the usual route.


sammstriker: Great. Then I get to meet you in the mornings.


kathykat: Ah! Then you’ll see me in such an embarrassing state!


sammstriker: Well you are clothed.


kathykat (10:59): Oh. Ok. We can meet up soon. Got to go…


sammstriker: Okie. Good luck.


kathykat: Thanks Sam. You too. Bye.


sammstriker: Bye.


kathykat has logged out.


sammstriker has logged out.



How to improve a girl’s studies: Nappy them!


Local school adopts a controversial move to improve grades


By: Anne Cheatle


Part 1:


I walk through the school gates in the earl morning. Like so many schools, girls in their school uniforms enter through the gates. Unlike other female schools, here girls form several long lines with several teachers at the front. Each girl has their skirt lifted up, their tights lowered and their crotch and buttocks touched. Some girls are channelled off to a different line while the majority head straight for their classes…


Welcome to Solihall Girl’s School. where it is now mandatory for all students from 12 to 17/18 (or Year Seven to Sixth Form) to wear not knickers or pants underneath, but nappies. Yes, nappies, like any toddler, bedwetter or incontinent person would need. “The idea came from Sunny Vail School in the US,” explained Principal Seager. “I read news articles and reports on how the school ask students to come in absorbent underwear, especially during remedial lessons. Then the policy switch towards the students wearing nothing but diapers or nappies during exams to reduce toilet breaks and prevent them from writing information on their clothes or limbs. Soon the policy spread to cover all lessons and amazingly, student’s grades improve dramatically. I further read independent reports that ascertained the effect of students wearing nappies. So I decided to implement it in this school.”


“Just like that?” I asked.


“Solihall has had a recent history of poor grade performance and girls turning towards crime and other despicable activities. Simultaneously, we have a group of student’s struggling to concentrate in order to get good GSSCE and A level grades. So I held a board meeting and a PTA meeting and a meeting with the town council. A majority vote decided in favour.”


“So exactly what happens?”


“Well as you can see in the morning, the girls have to form a queue to get inspected by teachers. Those caught not wearing a tape of nappy–it must be tape on and not a pull up–or not wearing at all will be sent to be put into one by our discipline master, Mr. Goddard. Through the whole school day, that means until a student leaves the school grounds, she must wear a tape on nappy. There will be random unannounced check through the school day to ensure girls are still wearing their nappies. Yes, instead of asking to go to the toilet, girls are expect to use their nappies.”


I ask if it is for both. “No, we aren’t that cruel; we say the nappy is for urinating only, which after all, is the main reason why students ask to go to the toilet. For number 2, they can use the the toilet for it but only for that only. If they are caught urinating in the toilet, even a small bit, they will be forbidden to use the toilet and only allowed to if they crap in their nappy once.”


It sounds terribly strict but it works. Principal Seager shows me a record of the student’s performance ever since the scheme, as it is known, was announced. Many students have rapidly improved in their grades.  Students have improved in all subject areas, far better than predicted. “Half a class will be taking their GCSEs  a year early,” he remarked.  I then prod him on that and other parts of the scheme.


“Ah yes GCSEs. Well, the nappy wearing will definitely happen for students taking examinations. The Sunny Vail plan for their students was rather harsh–all students had to take off their clothes and wear only a stand issue nappy. We’ve modified it that our girls wear a nappy with issued adhesive bras instead of their normal bras. A gown that is warm in enough will be draped over them and they may request thigh high stockings if they feel cold. That’s all we ask for student’s taking exams. Oh, during exams, no girl is allowed to to go to the toilet at all. We recommend that they clear themselves before the start of the exam. Of course, with a nappy on, they can crap in it, but that would be unpleasant.”


The principal leaves and I head towards a group of teachers to gather their views on the scheme. This will be in Part 2 of the report.


I exited the shower with my towel wrapped around me as usual. Just as was about to reach into my drawer, I heard an “ahem” behind me.


“Catherine, you’re suppose to wear this,” my mother said, pointing at the package on the grounds. Rats, I forget I was registered at Solihall, the new school with the nappy policy. Basically, students had to wear nappies instead of regular underwear to school. Toilet breaks for urination would not be allowed and only toilets for number 2, where teachers would have to verify that the student was doing that. It was an extremely unusual and really controversial method of ensuring student’s would stay in the classroom, not play truant, and even be more disciplined. I wasn’t at all sure whether wearing baby-like absorbent underwear would improve my studies or me at as a person at all but my parents were all on board with this.


“Oh,” I replied, turning to face the package. “I…I’m still not so sure how to put them on…”


“Well lie down let me put it on for you.”


Put it on? “But, mum…”


“No buts Cathy. Hurry or you’ll be late for your first day of school.” Given a silent groan, I did so, not before noticing that there was some kind of mat on top of my duvet. “It’s to prevent and liquid staining your bed,” mum said, as I saw her snapping on gloves. She lifted my towel to expose my crotch area and then I felt a pretty cool jelly-like substance being rubbed down there.


“OW! Mummy, what was that for?”


“It’s a special cream, dear I don’t want you to get rash down there.” I won’t get rash if the school didn’t require us to wear this “thing” I thought. Thankfully, the cooling feeling didn’t last long. I was told to roll over then I heard the dreaded crinkly sound. The feeling against my smooth skin was just, well really damn weird. Before I knew it, snap, snap, snap, snap, mum taped the youth-sized nappy securely against my waist.

“It’s a bit tight,” I complained but wordlessly, mum drew me up and adjusted the “item”. “It has to be really secure darling, if not when you pee, you’ll leak.” I don’t want to think about that I thought. Walking around in it, I heard the dreaded crinkling sound that I haven’t heard since I visited my younger baby cousins a while back. Ugh! I dressed but immediately found that my nylon tights couldn’t fit over the nappy.

“You should use your thigh highs, dear,” mum said, pointing at the un-opened package. I bought it once but never of using them. Well, I hope they don’t fall down my legs suddenly. Straightening my blouse and blazer, I walked with the crinkling sound out.

How to improve a girl’s studies: Nappy them!

Local school adopts a controversial move to improve grades

By: Anne Cheatle

Part 2:

I move over to the group of teachers who are checking the girls as they enter. One by one, each girl is stopped. Her school skirt is lifted and her tights are lowered. If teachers are satisfied students can enter directly into the school. If not, some students are directed to another lane. I encounter Mr. Wingfield, the chief teacher in-charge and headmaster.

“At first, lots of girls would arrive not wearing the nappies or wearing just pull ups or pads,” he explains. “Now, it’s down to a smaller minority and the usual suspects.”

“What happens if they aren’t wearing…the nappies?” I ask, struggling to believe the sight.

He guides me over to the other lane and I see a small room with only a table inside. Looking closer, the table in akin to that of a doctor’s medical examination table. Each girl caught wearing the wrong incontinence wear or even just knickers I made to lie down on the table. She is strapped down to the table and her lower clothes are removed. Another teacher would clean her crotch, then slide a diaper underneath and tape on on her.

“Each offender is booked and monitored. Repeating offenders will get this,” the headmaster held up a plastic pants with a chain. “These are locking panties or knickers. If a girl fails to wear proper tape on nappies, she’ll be locked in her nappy for a the whole day. Neither her parents nor her will be able to remove the nappy until it is filled with pee or poo. That is extreme and only a rare number of students were treated so.”

I check with him if they are meant to use the name for both functions and he said only for pee. If they have to poo, they have to get permission and a duty teacher checks if they really use the toilet for number two. Offenders are dealt with if they break the rules. If girls need to change during school hours, we hare more duty nurses to help change them. Under no circumstance will a girl be allowed to change themselves at school.” He then mumbles an excuse and moves off.

I meet an set of teachers and ask them their thoughts on the policy. One a science teacher said “It really works. Previously, my students would either chat loudly, make necessary remarks or ask to head to the toilet many times. I had lots of cases of bullying and teasing. Now, with the whole class in nappies, they pay attention.” Several other teachers add\ in their agreement. Even the physical education teacher says the girls are better behaved and she doesn’t see much hindrance from nappies and their sports performance. Only one teacher, a geography teacher, didn’t exactly see the need to have the girl’s in nappies. Still, she wasn’t exactly a full objector to the policy.

It’s recess time and I meet up with of the students. After glancing around, they open up. “It’s terrible but it’s school rules,” one a year nine student named Nichola Sterns remarked, crossing her legs tightly. “It sucks big time,” another of her classmates Jemimah Sternwood complains. “It’s like wearing a big pillow between your legs all day.” Jemimah continues to complain, saying that she doesn’t want her boyfriend from another school to know. “But this school has hit the news, so everyone knows..” she wailed.

Another student, Lauren Hanks, says the nappies actually helped her. “Before, I would often run to the loo and miss important teachings or advice,” she says. “Now with a nappy on, I can pee and sit and listen at the same time.” Another student, Sian Coghlan chimed in saying that after a while, the nappy feels like normal underwear. “It’s actually still just something you put on everyday.” Several others agree and disagree over it.

I tour the classes and spot some students taking their semester exams. Instead of their school uniforms, they are in just nappies and a translucent gown over them. “It’s to ensure the girls don’t cheat in their exams or tests,” another teacher explains. “Previously, many girls hide answers or notes in their accessories or even bras. So during tests, girls are made to take off their uniforms and bras and don a gown to cover their breasts. We thus ensure they they have absolutely no chance of cheating.”

A few hours later, I meet up with some parents. Sue Fuller, a leading member of the PTA has a cup of tea with me over the subject. “It was a bit ridiculous at first,” she said. “My daughter was happy to be a teenager but now she has to wear nappies in order to study. But having looked at my daughter’s report cards, I can see the difference.” Another parent, James Stone said it was really weird since his young one was just completing toilet training while his daughter had to go back in nappies. “But that’s the rules I guess. We have to live with it.”

In part 3 of the report, we get the wider views of the community.


This debate is British Parliamentary Style and based on the UK Parliament. Google around to get an idea.

Disclaimer: This does not represent the current or past British Parliaments, nor does it represent any Minister, Secretary of State, or British Political Party.

Mr Speaker: Order. Urgent Question from the Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

Shadow Secretary of State for Education (Mr. Ramsay): To ask the  Shadow Secretary of State for Education the government’s perspective on girls at Solihall Girl’s School being made to wear nappies.

Minister for Schools (Mr. Oliver): Mr. Speaker, allow me to reply. I thank the right honourable gentleman for the question. Yes, the ministry is aware that Solihall Girl’s School has conducted a policy where by all its students have to wear youth or adult nappies to school. This policy has been adopted by Sunny Vail School District in the US state of Tennessee. Mr. Speaker, the whole House must understand that Solihall is a private school and is not directly subjected to government educational policies. We nevertheless conducted a review into this method of making girls more attentive in class. Give the time constraints of this debate, Mr. Speaker, I naturally cannot read out the full report conducted by my staff. I will endeavour to make copies available. However, I shall try to summarise the report.

Mr. Speaker, Solihall Girl’s School implemented this policy as it has been low down the Educational League Table for many years. It’s principal and main committee decided on this due to the main factor for poor performance being attentiveness in class. After reading the case study of Sunny Vail School District, the Principal chaired a meeting and gain almost full consent from staff and the Parent’s Teaching Association, the PTA, to implement this policy. Mr Speaker, this policy has been on going at Solihall for around four months. Mr. Speaker, my staff have independently studied the school’s performance and noted a tremendous improvement in the grades of all Years. Mr. Speaker, it is almost certain this policy, however unusual, has had a positive impact on the school and its students. We interviewed several staff, students and parents and the feedback was mixed. Mr. Speaker, the review found that only a small handful of parents opposed this move and wrote to us to attempt to stop it. As stated, Soilhall Girl’s is an independent school and the government has no direct control over it. The rest interviewed have accepted the policy and provided positive reviews regarding it. Mr. Speaker, I again say that the full report will be available for all MPs to read.

Mr. Ramsay: I thank the Minister for that reply, however short. We in the opposition understand the private status of Solihall. Nevertheless, we do have questions that the Minister must answer. Firstly, the enforced nappying of girls. What assurances can the Minister give that the girls are made to wear the nappies to improve their studies and not for other reasons? Second, what safety measures are in place to ensure that the girls are not assaulted or abused when they are changed in school? Third, wearing a nappy, in school and outside takes much confidence. What support have the Education Ministry given to families and the wider community? Fourth, Solihall may be a private school. Is the Ministry confident this unusual or rather controversial policy will not be directly promoted to other schools by the government? Fifth, nappies are not cheap compared to knickers. What financial support has the minister given to families, especially poor ones?

Minister for Education Oliver: Mr. Speaker, I thank the Shadow Secretary for his understanding of the matter. I will try to answer his questions as best as I can. As noted, this again is a private school policy. Our review note that there was no act of abuse by teachers or parents when the girls have to wear nappies at school. During school hours, if they need to be changed, I understand they go to any school nurse who will change them. Since the implementation of this scheme, no abuse has occurred. There are set rules as to how to wear the nappy but this again is created by the school itself. The Shadow Minister asks about support. The school’s policy has been supported by the local council or community. We have some calls and letters by parents about support and have helped the council by sending in experts to help the girls to adjust to his policy. On financial support. Solihall itself has made a certain brand of youth nappies free for parents to collect from stores for their girls. Again, the local council has been supporting needy families and all such issues rests with them. On whether this policy will be spread to other schools. If private schools wish to take it up, we have no reason to stop them. We may take the idea under consideration for public schools, but we have no definite plans at present.

Mr Speaker: I naturally have to call the Memeber for Solihall.

MP for Solihall (Mr. Lawson): Thank you Mr. Speaker. I thank the Minister and the Shadow Minister for their speeches. I must say to the house I was not a proponent of this scheme initially. However, having seen the results, I have become a supporter. The government has always proponent of innovation by individuals and organisations. Will he at least congratulate the Principal, Principal Seager, for this bold move?

Mr. Oliver: I thank the honourable gentlemen for his work in his constituency. Yes, we champion those who dare to experiment and innovate, and this is quite the case.

Mr. Shields (MP for Netherhall): Mr. Speaker, this is certainly a unique case. How will the Minister ensure this will to cause the girls to be dependent on nappies?

Mr. Oliver: As the Member must understand, this again is a private school policy. The school has stated students will only wear them in school grounds, whether during school hours or staying in the school afterwards.

Mr. Shaw (MP for Guildhall): May I further on that question? What assurances can the Minister give that girls will not suffer from any medical complications such as rash due to this? Or become incontinent?

Mr Speaker: Order. May I say that backbench members must form only one question only.

Mr. Oliver: Again, it is a private school policy. The school has guidelines for families and the girls to follow. I believe amongst them is that girls are to have shaven crotches.

Miss Smith (MP for Alesbury): Mr. Speaker, I’m sure teenage girls are focused on other issues in life and definitely not to wear stuff that babies wear. Does the Minister really believe nappies improve studies?

Mr. Oliver: I ask the honourable lady to read the report my team has done. The short answer is we have agree they do.

Mrs. Snow (MP or Toddington): This is a demeaning policy! Teenage girls are grown up ladies past toilet training stage! How can the government allow a school to implement this! It breaches Human Rights!

Mr. Speaker: Order, order. The honourable lady is to form a single question, not shout the House down.

Mrs. Snow: This is atrocious! Girls wear underwear not nappies! They have full bodily control!!!

Mr. Speaker: Order, order. I say again, this is a debate, not a place to scream.

Mrs. Snow: I don’t care! These girls are girls who have rights!

Mr. Speaker: Order, order. Sergeant, please escort the member from the chamber. (Sergeant-at-arms escorts the shouting MP out). Order. The Minister must still reply.

Mr. Oliver: Mr. Speaker, we value human rights. Again, it is up to the school to conduct it’s policies.

Mrs. Saw (MP for Goldhall): Mr. Speaker, my colleague makes a point. Why must girls in this school be taped into something only babies wear?

Mr. Oliver: Mr. Speaker, again it is up to the private school to decide. May I say that some grown ups also wear adult diapers due to incontinence or for fun.

Mr. Seen (MP for Northland): I wish this was a nation-wide policy rather than just for Solihall. May I ask the Minister to sincerely make this applicable to all schools?

Mr. Oliver: Mr. Speaker, again it was our mission just to review the policy. We have no plans to make this a government policy.

Mr. Shawness (MP for Solihall North): Mr. Speaker, if only this was implemented in schools in my constituency. May I suggest the Minister praise the school publicly in the media?

Mr. Oliver: We will do it once the report is published.

Miss Teddington: Mr. Speaker, my niece attends Solihall and is having trouble walking now with the nappies on practically whole weak. Has this been highlighted in his report?

Mr. Oliver: Mr. Speaker, again the school has set policies to make it comfortable for the girls. If the member would meet me afterwards, we will study the case.

Mr. Blamping (MP for Solihall South): My daughter was punished by the school twice by having to wearing locking panties over the nappy. Does the Minister think that is acceptable?

Mr. Oliver: It again is up to the school to set the rules.

Mrs. Sun (MP for Solihall South): What statistical formula was made before these girls wear taped into things babies wear?

Mr. Oliver: It again is up to the school to set the rules. May I again say that adults wear nappies (Mrs. Sun shakes her head) It is the case.

Mr. Speaker: Order, we have little time left. I know many female members want to question, but I cannot accommodate all.

Ms Slow (MP for Ashen): Young girls should have the freedom to have pubic hair. Why must they shave?

Mr. Oliver: The honourable lady ask question that is obvious. May I again say it is the policy of the school.

Ms Grey (MP for East Weston): Wearing nappies is one thing. Girls will have to buy Sudocream and wipes and other materials. Shouldn’t there be financial assistance for all families with daughters in the school?

Mr. Oliver: Again it is school policy. I believe they have made such items free. Shops which refuse to provide those items to the families will be fined.

Miss Black (MP for East Weston): Do you expect girls in nappies to grow up with positive stories to tell their friends or future husbands or children?

Mr. Oliver: It is impossible for me to judge. The honourable lady should write to the school or visit it.

Mr. Speaker: Order, last question.

Miss Wylie (MP for Needham): It is surely disgusting for girls to be treated this way. Why isn’t there a strong condemnation from the Minister? Would he like his daughter to be in a nappy?

Mr. Speaker: Order, I say again, one question only. The Minister will answer either.

Mr. Oliver: Mr. Speaker, I must say I don’t have a daughter. But this policy, as the report will show, works.


“Rachael wake up! Wake up!” the voice of her mother broke through the teenagers sleep. “Get up or you’ll miss the bus and be late for your test!” Groaning, 14 year-old Rachael Sanders kicked off her duvet and literally dropped onto the floor of her bedroom. After a quick shower, she hastily wrapped a towel around her and fished for her clothes. Her bra naturally was clipped on and she reached for her underwear drawer before stopping. “Stupid school law,” she groaned silently, as she grabbed one disposable nappy out of it packet and laid down. “SHIT!” she yelled, getting the tapes on one side stuck and the other yanked off due to her brute force. She was about to grab another one when hr mother came in again.

“Let me help you with that dear,” she said and before the teenager could refuse, her mother had wiped her crotch clean and snugly tape on the incontinence wear for her. Minutes later, Rachel was in her school uniform and tights, as well as a flask of juice and a few muffins. “Do eat them dear; you need the strength. Good luck!”

Rachael finished her breakfast while cramming more facts about medieval history into her head. At the school gate, she winced as she was checked thoroughly by the duty teacher then scampered straight for the hall. “Uh, uh young lady, you need to get striped down over there,” one of the invigilators pointed. “Oh, another stupid rule,” she thought. “Studied for the test Rach?” Her classmate Rowena asked.

“All through the night. I even woke up late this morning.” All around, students were undressing and removing everything bras, hair clips, scrungies, earrings, watches e,verything. Groaning again, Rachel undid her blazer but still commented, “I can’t believe we have to take the test topless.”

“Not topless,” Rowena corrected. “In our nappy and this translucent gown,” she held one up.

“Looks quite transparent,” Rachael replied with a groan as she unclipped her bra. She had B cup breasts and her skin turned bright red, even though she was amongst girls. One by one, the bra-less nappied students entered the examination hall where teachers checked  them for any hidden items,

“You have three hours to answer four questions. Time yourselves well. It begins…NOW!” With that all the girls rapidly flipped over their test sheets  and began scribbling furiously. Rachael raced through the first question, remembering her facts well. The second was much harder so she slowed down and began to think. Just as she was writing the third paragraph, she felt her bladder signal. Yikes, it must be the morning’s tea. Shifting in her seat, the thick nappy rubbed against her skin. Rachael had hardly ever used her nappy at school and she wanted to hold her pee. But it was impossible and soon enough, her bladder emptied its contents into the protective underwear, causing her to grimace.

Rachael had just begun her third question when she smelt a foul odour. Bloody hell, one of the girls must have crapped in her nappy. Trying to hold her breath, Rachel scribbled even harder, noticing that she was behind the 45 minutes per question mark. Her hands were perspiring when suddenly she felt her stomach give a danger signal. Crap! I don’t want to have a stomach ache now!

“Fifty minutes remaining,” one invigilator called. By this time, Rachel’s stomach pain was getting worse and the last question was one of the hardest so far. Please, please, don’t let me shit in this thing, she thought, trying to remember her facts. She cancelled out her rough plan several times and then began writing. Suddenly, she peed again. Just let it all be pee, she thought, as she wrote.

“TIMES UP! PENS DOWN!” Rachael grabbed the edges on her chair as her stomach ache reached danger levels. Please hurry up and collect silly script, she thought. Only ten minute later, the girls were released and Rachael raced out, telling her classmate to look after her clothes and belongings for her. She was naturally aiming for the toilets, but the nearest one was being cleaned. “DARN IT!” she yelled, as her stomach was on the verge of giving away. “Young lady, keep your voice down and go change to your uniform,” a passing teacher said. Screw you, Rachael thought.

By luck, the nurses office was just around the corner. “Nurse, nurse!” she called, “I have a terrible stomach ache!” Nurse Norma appeared and calmly said, “well hope over to the bed.”

“NO! I need a toilet now!” But instead the nurse grabbed the teen and made her squat over what appeared pail. Just as the last nappy tape was pulled, the young teen’s contents “came out”, part of it falling onto the nappy. “ARGH!” she cried and only ten minutes later, she had finished relieving herself.

“Now you see how good the nappies are? If you weren’t in one you would have dirtied your clothes,” the nurse said, guiding her to the bed and cleaning her. Rachel wanted to argue but the pain was still there. Soon, she was back in a fresh nappy, this one somehow thick and a it more crinklier. “Go get back to your uniform dear,” the nurse  said, handing her a pass for an excuse. But just as Rachel returned to side room where she had changed, her uniform and accessories were gone.



A boy writes about his sister wearing nappies to Solihall School:

Dear Diary,

If there’s any great example of “Schadenfreude”, it has to be the case of my sister. For years, as my elder twin, she had been teasing me, beating me in competitions, school work, social life, everything. Now that she’s transferred to a certain Solihall school, she’s the one who has to suffer. I mean, this school has a new and weird policy that girls must wear nappies during school hours and school premises in order improve their concentration. I don’t know exactly how this can happen. All I know gleefully is that my sister now has to wear nappies for a good portion of the day. This has sort of stopped her from picking on me and sulking, almost like a little child.  I don’t know how much she pees or even poos in these nappies but boy has mum and dad filled with boxes of youth nappies, wipes, cream and all the stuff babies need–not the clothes, the nappy-related stuff. My once confident twin sister, reduced to nappies in the day–don’t know if mum makes her wear at night in case she wakes up late. Whatever the case, I’m glad to see my sister in nappies!


A short outing by a student gone wrong…

“…and remember, at two p.m. sharp, gather at centre care park for the bus to the museum,” Ms. Dorothy Porkins, or Porky as I like call her, said.

“Uh, Miss?” I raised my hand.

“Yes, Charlotte?”

“If we’re going out in public, does this mean we can change out of…”

“No, your nappies stay on.” I hat that word.

“But, Ms Porkins, we’re off school premises,” I protested, really wanting to be out of these baby underwear and into big girl undies.

“And you’ll still be in your school uniforms,” the teacher countered. “I expect those of you who need a change to see Nurse Donna during this break. See you at two sharp and don’t be late.”

Bloody hell, we’ll still be trapped nappies, I thought, as the class exited the room. Which means I have to head how wear nappies. Naturally I’m covered, but I still hate the fact that I have to be out in public wearing these darn things. Idiotic school rule. Unlike many my other classmates, I did not head to the Nurse’s office. One, I didn’t think the current nappy I wore was needed a change. Two, I don”t really like Nurse Donna–she was a rather old lady who was rough with any medical problems with us girls and equally so when coming to changing our nappies. Instead, I head across the the canteen. I didn’t have much for breakfast or lunch and thus bought a large tuna sandwich and a huge can of soda. Just before 2, I made my way to the car park to join the others, meeting up with my classmate Lauren.

“Did you get a change?” She asked me.

“No, snack instead.”

“You sure yours is ok? It’s going to be a trip and a long tour of the museum,” she replied.

“I can mange. Besides, aren’t there toilets there?”

“But that’s why Ms Porkins wanted us to see the nurse.”

I didn’t reply. Lauren was one of the many girls who was comfortable with this school’s nappy policy while I was in the opposite camp. This of course resulted in her being promoted to class leader while I lost out. Man, she would do anything the school rules said to do. The bus came slightly late and the journey was a rather slow one. Just as it turned the corner, there was a traffic jam. “Girls, we’ll have to make our way via an alternative route,” the bus driver announced. As the bus slowly turned around, I felt my bladder signal. Oh, must be the soda I drank. I thought. I tried to hold it but the pressure of my bladder increased and I simply let go, the pee hitting my nappy.

I squirmed in my seat, my elbow striking Lauren next to me.

“What happened?” she asked.

Red with embarrassment, I mumbled, “I peed in my…”

“Well good thing you’re wearing a nappy. You wouldn’t want to stain the seat.” That was all she said. Well yeah, but I’m a grown up girl. I should have been able to hold my urine and not have to rely on some adult incontinence wear. What is wrong with me? And you Lauren?

After ages, we finally arrived at the museum. I darted off the bus towards the toilet sign but ran straight into Pork. “Just where do you think you are going young lady.”

“The…loo. I had a…”

“Get back in line. I told you to see the nurse.”

“But…” I can’t believe this teacher.

She shot out her arm, blocking my short frame. Dejected, I walked back, feeling the damp nappy rub against my labia. The whole history tour was just as long as the bus ride and extremely boring. It was about some super ancient civilization, something that never interested me. Just as the guide started talking about the architecture, I felt another signal, this time from my abdomen. It was a signal that I detested ever since I was toilet-trained–stomach ache. Darn it, it must be the tuna sandwich I had earlier on. I knew that there was something wrong besides the dry taste. The time pasted even slower as the ached increased. My palms started to sweat and I crossed and uncrossed my nylon-clad legs.

Porky was nearby but I had to wave to get her attention. “What now?”

“Miss Porkins,” I used her proper name. “Please, I have to go to the toilet. I have a stomach ach..”

“You can hold. This is a fixed tour and extremely critical. Now be quiet.”

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! I screamed silently at her. I’m  going to have diarrhoea and I need to go to the toilet. You can expect me to poo in my…

I couldn’t hold it any longer so ignoring the Teacher, I bolted to the ladies, as fast as my waddling self could move. Just as I pushed open the toilet door, I felt my bowels release itself. NOOO….I cried and hastily banged open a stall door. Skirt and tights down, I  yanked furiously at the nappy tapes. Finally the dreaded nappy came off and yucks! I did pop in them. Ah….the rest of my bowls were released and darn it, it was a bit of diarrhoea. Minutes later, I had finished cleaning my bum and was about to re-dress myself until I realised it was going to be yucky poo-filled nappies. Yikes! I had my school bag with me but as mentioned, I didn’t have any spare underwear or clean nappies.

What to do, what to do? Maybe I should just chuck the nappy away and just go without anything but skirt and tights on. Yikes, would people know? I’ve never gone commando before and just didn’t like the sound of it. Maybe if I clean the silly nappy..I did so and some of the yucky stuff came off. Looks better I thought, although re-taping it up, It felt a bit squishy. Straightening my uniform, I washed up and headed back.

“Where did you go young lady?” Porky asked angrily.

“I’m really sorry miss, I had a stomach ache,” I said, with pleading eyes.

“Get back and listen up to the guide.” I did so, but with the squishy feeling against my bum and the damp nappy, I could hardly concentrate. I doodled some answers in my sheet across the next half an hour until I felt my bladder signal. Darn it, I thought I had peed just now. I couldn’t ask for another toilet break again, especially not with the exit blocked by other people so I risked it and felt another lot of warmth between my legs. Please hold please hold, I thought, as I felt the nappy start to bulge. The sogginess could certainly be felt now and I really started to waddle a bit as I walked.

“You okay?” Lauren asked, appearing next to me.

“No,” I whispered. “I’ve go a thick nappy on….” embarrassed I started to explain to her what happened when Porky yelled silent.

Please let this be over! I screamed in my mind. Nearly half an hour later, it was. “Remember, tomorrow I’m going to quiz you all on this trip. Those who can answer will be marked down.” Finally, I bolted out of the place, or rather walked like a duck. “You really need a change,” Lauren said, catching up with me.

“I…I don’t have a spare nappy. I just want to get out of this,” I explained what happened and turned red.

“Oh Charlie,” she said, “there’s no way you can head home like this. You’ll get a rash or worse.”


“Look, my home is nearer. Why don’t you come along and get cleaned up there.” I thought for a while and agreed. It was a ten minute walk to her house, with the dirty nappy really chaffing against my groin. Finally in her bedroom, she handed me some wipes. Boy, despite the ultra-cooling sensation, it felt pretty good to clean up all over. Chucking the stained nappy in her bin, I asked to borrow one of her knickers. “Don’t worry, I’ll return them clean.”

“No you can’t borrow them,” she replied.

“Why? I’ll clean them and return them tomorrow,” I said, bewildered.

“You can’t go home in just undies,” she said, “not with you case of stomach ache and multiple peeing.”

“What? I’m not going home with just my skirt and tights!”

“You are, with a nappy on.”

“But…” I was shocked.

“But you might wet yourself, or need to poo again. And if it wasn’t for the nappy, it would be worse. Now,” she said, unfolding one of her own clean disposable nappies, “lie down.”

“I can change myself.”

“No, you can’t. I know you Charlotte,” she reverted to my full name. “Now, lie down.” There was no where to go and turning so red, I watched as she wiped my vulva and bum again, spread anti-rash cream and then taped on a darn nappy tightly. “There you go, all set. I would even recommend you wear them for a few hours.”

The End.


“…Remember you have a big exam tomorrow,” Mr. Roberts called as we all stood up and packed our school bags. “It counts as 40% of your final grade so do study hard.”

“Yeah, that’s some comfort,” I thought, stuffing my books inside my bag.

“Hey, Cath, we still have still afternoon to study,” my classmate and good friend Harriet sat. We had both planned a study session and a sleep over at her house, which was much closer to school than mine. So along with my school bag I had a back pack will clothes and night wear.

“Yeah, you can help me with early World War Two history,” I said as we moved down the hall.

“And you with Cold War stuff,” she replied. “Hey, mind if I stop by Nurse Jenna’s first? I need to get get my nappy changed.” I nodded. Ah, the darn nappies to school rule. It didn’t seem to make me concentrate more in class or focus on my studies. But I still stuck to it unlike some girls who still rebelled. I didn’t want to face the harsh punishments.

“Hi Harriet, Hi Catherine,” Nurse Jenna, the mid 20s nurse greeted us. By now, she knew the names of all the girls she helped change daily. “Take a seat; I’m dealing with some one with a sprained ankle. Minutes later, a girl limped out with an ankle guard. “Now, what can I do for you?”

“Uh, Nappy change,” Harriet replied, immediately moving to the nurse’s examination table.

“Just you?”

“I…think I’m ok Nurse,” I said.

“Alright,” Harriet had already dropped her skirt and lowered her tights. Man, her nappy did appear wet. Nurse Jennings moved methodically, first un-taping and discarding the used nappy, then wiping her all over–crotch and bum, and then adding some cream. Finally, she unfolded a new nappy, albeit different brand, and securely taped it on. “There dear you’re done.”

As Harriet straightened herself and I was about to move, Nurse Jenna called out, “Catherine, what about you?”

“I’m fine Nurse,” well I only had a large piss and a small one in this nappy.

“Really? I’m sure you must be damp by now.”


“Better get a change, Cath,” Harriet commented, straightening her tights. “It’s still a fair walk to my house.”

With both of them looking me intensely, I reluctantly got on to the table, removing my tights. The nurse removed my school skirt and exclaimed, “well you are quite wet dear,” she said. “you do need a change.”

“Oh,” was all I said, embarrassed.

“You should buy the Maxi brand,” she continued, untaping the nappy.

Ok, well, it’s what my parents get using the school voucher. With the nappy yanked away, I turned red as usual. I know it’s a female nurse, but even so, having someone else see my private part in my teen years seems weird. It felt even weirder as she wiped my vulva and bum then spread the icky cooling cream all around. Finally, a fresh nappy–darn it why can it be normal underwear? The nappy was the Maxi kind which definitely felt thicker.

“There you go? See, lucky you got the change,” I murmured a thanks and slowly tried to to adjust to new thickness. “See you tomorrow Nurse,” Harriet called and we were out the school. “You should have worn the Maxi from the start, Cath,” Harriet commented.

“It’s feels so thick. Dunno how you can move with it on.” Or rather, why the heck must we wear these baby undies to school? I’m glad I will soon be out of it.

Harriet’s home was a rather large one (compared to mine) and it took was three flights of stairs up before we reached her bedroom. “Phew,” I said, panting. “At least now I can get out of my uniform.” Before I could head over to her bathroom, Harriet had already begun unbuttoning her blouse. “We’re both girls Cath,” she said. Soon enough, we had our T-Shirts on  and I removed my skirt. Just as I was about to untape the nappy I had on, Harriet raised her eyes.


“Don’t tell me you’re going to take that off.”

“Why not? We’re out of school and we’re allowed to be big girls again.”

“I know but Nurse Jenna just taped it on. Big waste to throw it away,” she argued.

“It’s just a silly nappy. And it’s not like I paid for it,” I continued peeling away a tab.

“Wait! At least do a pee in it first. Then it can be used.”


“Please, Cath. Or I won’t let you throw it in my bin.” She folded her arms.

I shook my head. Harriet was hooked on to this nappy stuff. I focused and managed a small wee into the nappy, the indicator barely showing any change. Great, I became a baby again. “Here you go,” she said, handing me some wipes. Minutes later, I was finally in my proper underwear, jeans, shirt and light jumper. Cath was almost similarly dressed, but still wearing her nappy. Crazy.

For the next few hours, we crammed as much facts as we could into our head about 20th Century history. We exchanged notes on the topics each of us had a comparative advantage over. More than two hours in, I felt my bladder and gut signal and moved off to use her toilet. “Go ahead,” she said. “You know, if you were me, you could still be looking at the notes.”

“Yeah, yeah, you love nappies,” I called.

Around 6 pm, Harriet’s mother called and we both trooped down for dinner. At the table was her mother, father and older brother, Francis. They usual discussion of ‘how are you’ and ‘how are things’ ensued until the topic of our exam came up. “It’s a big one for all the Year Ten history students at Solihall,” Harriet commented.

“The Baby School,” her brother said.

“Excuse me?”

“The baby school were girl’s a babied by wearing nappies and changed by nurses,” he continued. “The school where girls sit in halls practically naked with just a nappy….”

“We’re certainly not babied; it has helped many us achieved better grades,” Harriet retorted. “And we get to wear a top and nappy during exams.”

“Baby, baby, nappy, nappy,” Francis started singing and Harriet threw a piece of bread in direction.

“Stop it both of you!” Harriet’s father shouted. “Apologise to each other.” I heard them mumble “sorry” to each other and the rest of the dinner proceeded in silence. Back in Harriet’s bathroom, I was brushing my teeth my I heard a familiar rustling sound. After rising, I re-entered the bedroom, to see Harriet cleaning her crotch. “Always better to to get a fresh one on,” she commented from her horizontal position.

“Harriet, don’t you think you’re brother is a little right? That you are treating this a little too far?”

She sat up, still half naked. “You think we’re being babied?”

“Well no, but uh, girls like you treating it so seriously. Following the routine even after school, buying every thing related to nappies…”

“Well, either you accept it or you rebel and get punished. Have you seen what they do who break the rules.”

“Yeah, they make them stay in the same nappies and worse,” I said, remembering how some of our classmates were punished. “And the part about taking exams in just some translucent gown and nappy. Don’t you think it’s over the top?”

“No, and can you let me finish changing? We still have to try the mock exam to try out.” With Harriet freshly nappied, she dragged a spare table to the middle of the room. The mock exam paper we had contain questions on topic we studied for but naturally not the same questions as those tomorrow. “Read, your time starts now!” Harriet called and we turned over the paper. It was three questions for three hours. I breezed through the first two questions easily. As I started with the third question, I noticed Harriet shift a bit and cross and uncrossed legs. Probably peeing in her damn nappy, I thought. Just as I wrote another paragraph, I again felt my bladder signal. Darn, it must be the orange squash her mother provided me during dinner time. I continued scribbling away but as I did so, the pressure my bladder increased. “Twenty minutes left,” Harriet called, mimicking the head invigilator. Damnit, I thought, sweating. If this was a normal exam, I could head to the toilet. But given the nappy rule, no girl would be allowed to leave the exam hall.

Just as our time was up, I threw down my pen and raced to the toilet. But it was too late…”Super crap!” I yelled.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Harriet call.

I finished emptying my bladder, washed and came out face all red. “I wet my pants.”

Harriet smiled a smile which said something like “See why I wear?”. “Aw, if this was the real exam, you wouldn’t have been.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied. “can I borrow a spare undies of yours?”

“No,” she crossed her arms.

“No? But I just…”

“Yes you just wet yourself like a little child, Cath,” Harriet said. “You shouldn’t be wearing big girl’s pants.” Her hands pointed to…”You’ve got to be joking!” I cried.

“Catherine Robinson, I’m not. Now, take off the rest of your jeans and put a nappy on.”


Suddenly, Harriet yanked me towards her bed and pressed me down. “Ow! Harriet Springfield stop this!”


“No….” But the pressure increased. “Damnit!” I cried. Finally I gave in. “You are such a bully,” I cried.

“Well, you are the one who wet her knickers,” Harriet started and I turned red in the face again. Just as I finished taping up the new nappy, there was a knock on the door. I quickly yanked up my jeans as Harriet’s mother entered. “I brought you girls some hot chocolate and biscuits,” she said.

“Thanks Mrs. Springfield,” I said.

“You two studying well?”

“Uh yeah,” I lied. Up to the point that your daughter forced me into wearing nappies.

“Ok, don’t study too late. You need to be fresh in the morning.” As soon as she left, I gave Harriet a “darn you look”. We both studied for another hour or so before we changed into our night clothes. I had light blue pyjamas while Harriet donned a cream nightie.

“You really want me to wear a nappy to sleep?” I asked, still not liking this nappy on.



“But this is my room,” Harriet said, switching off the lights. “Now, let’s get some sleep.”

It was weird indeed with the bulk between my legs but with the whole facts of history buzzing through my mind, I quickly fell asleep. I only awoke with the massive feeling of hands rubbing me. “Hey Cath, wake up, it’s time.” I rubbed my eyes to see Harriet wrapped in a towel. “I’ve just showered, your turn.” Still groggy, I got out of bed then remembered I was still in a nappy. It was a joy to be released on the damn thing in the shower but when I returned to the bed room, Harriet was there, dressed in her uniform and spreading out nappy wipes, cream, a changing mat and a new nappy on her bed.

“Come here, Cath,” she ordered.


“You take ages to put on a nappy, now come on. Breakfast will be cold.”

I wanted to argue but again she dragged me to the bed and I suffered through the humiliation of being taped into a nappy by my best friend. More than an hour later, we were back at school and headed with the massive stream of girls to the side room. “All uniform and accessories off,” the head teacher announced. “Place them in the bags with your names. Then go through the checking gates.” One by one, girls striped to just their nappies and donned the translucent gowns. “You, you you,” one teacher point at several girls. “Your nappies show wetness. Go get get changed quickly.”

“Luckily we both are in fresh nappies,” Harriet commented.

Whatever, I thought, still wishing it wasn’t so drastic. Soon enough, the exam began. Having crammed all the facts in my head, I again breezed through the first two questions and moved to the third. Just as there was fifteen minutes left, I once more felt my bladder signal–must be the morning tea. But instead of sweating and squeezing my legs, I let it empty itself into the nappy I wore. Maybe Harriet is right about this nappy policy, I thought.

“Hey Cath, look you are quite wet,” Harriet commented as we head back to collect our clothing. She on the other hand, showed a dry nappy.

“Uh yeah,” I said. We both changed back into our bras, tights and uniforms. “Can you tell Mr. Waingwright I” be a bit late? Need to get a change.”

Harriet smiled as I headed over to Nurse Jenna’s. “Morning Catherine, how was your exam?”

“Just fine Nurse,” this time I had my skirt and tights off before lying down. “The nappy saved me.”

The End.


“Well it’s time for our usual reading of emails regarding the policy,” Principal Seager remarked, looking at his colleague, Headmaster Wingfield. “Ready Ed?”

“Sure.” Seager opened his email inbox and read the first one.

Dear Principal Seager,

I want to say that your are an abusive man trying turn good teenage girls into infantalists. My daughter cries every morning that she has tape on a nappy instead of proper girl’s knickers to school. She finds it humiliating that she can’t use the toilet to pee at school and must wet in the silly nappy. It is far worse when she has to see the nurse at school to be changed. You are infantilising these girls and I hope you suffer one day.

“Well, what an ungrateful parent,” Ed Wingfield commented.

“Not a word of thanks that her for what we do for her daughter,” Seager replied, then clicked the next one.

Dear Principal Seager and staff of Solihall,

I want to take you so much for introducing this new (nappy to school policy). My daughter has always been a rebel since she was born. She never concentrated in class, hardly finished her homework, received average grades and hung out late with friends. Now with your policy, she is attentive in class and her grades are improving in most subjects. It’s a great policy and I hope to continue to use it for all years. 

A grateful father

“Well that’s definitely more positive,” both men agreed.

Dear Principal Seager,

I’m just ok with this policy for my daughter. I’m wondering if you could state an efficient diaper? Sometimes she leaks through her Lille diapers.

“Well, try another kind silly,” Wingfield replied. Another few emails were similar to the above. “Ah something new,” the principal said.

Dear Principal Seager,

I have seen the differences with my daughter in nappies at school. But recently she has had touble reaching the toilet in time and even bedwet twice. The doctor says her she may having some weak bladder control. it may be due to your policy regarding nappies. Maybe you should revise it?

“Well, it’s a big may be,” Seager commented.

“We’ll investigate this  case, but I wouldn’t immediately blame it on us.” They turned to the the next one.

Dear Principal and Staff,

My daughter has some improvement in her grades since your policy started. However, after school, she has been still staying in the nappies and some of her classmates have copied her to. I’ve tried telling her to switch back to her pants but she says she prefers to stay in her nappy. Don’t you thinnk your policy is turn young girls into lovers of these nappies?

“We’re not responsible for their after school activities,” Seager replied.

“They can like or dislike the nappies, so long as they wear them here,” Wingfield added.

Dear Principal Seager,

Nappies may be ok, but girls this age are going through puberty. You recommended on your school rules that girls use tampons with the nappy on during their period. But my girl hates tampons and me too; we are used to sanitary towels/pads. Why can’t girls wear knickers or pull ups during their time of the month?

“What are we, the solve-it-all school? No, no, no, girls wear proper tape on nappies unless it is sports,” Seager growled. “Nothing is wrong with tampons.”

“Look at this one from the MP on our area,” Wingfield pointed.

Dear Principal,

My two daughters attend your school and my third will shortly will. One of them prefers the Tena range of nappies such as Tena Slip. The other hates Tena and prefers Abena. This third one is small and wants to use pampers. I’m wondering if you could standardise the nappy brand and type (plus, super or maxi) that students should wear.

“What crap,” Seager snorted. “We allow girls to wear what they want, so long it is tape on nappies.”

“He could have a point though; some nappies aren’t as good as others.”

“Well, that’s for you and the teachers to to find out. Let’s go to the student letters.” The first few weren’t positive.”

Dear Principal Seager,

Nappies, ok. But just a nappy, no uniform and a translucent gown during test and exams?! I think that is way over the top. It’s ok if you adjust the heating or air con but seriously, it’s demeaning to have semi-naked girls in a hall. Change to have uniforms back on!

“No way,” Seager growled.

“I know this Year 10 girl. She complains about everything, nappies or no nappies,” Wingfield added.

The next was not much encouraging.

Dear Principal,

I don’t want nappies; can we switch to just pull ups? Because we’re now known as the nappy girl’s school, I lost my boyfriend.

“I’m not responsible for your breakup, dear,” Principal Seager immediately said.

“Yeah, this is about your grades, not your love life. How many more are there?”

“Oh, about thousands more. Let’s take a break shall we?”



A School Invigilator describes exam time at Solihall:

Usually as a semi-retiree, I get to sleep in in the early morning. These few days, however, I’m in a school helping to invigilate examinations. Not any school, Solihalll Girls School, or what people have been calling, the “Nappy School.” The school’s senior administration has had a weird idea that if students wear nappies, there would be less number of them visiting the toilet (to pee) and they would concentrate better in class. For examinations, nappies would be a key requirement for them and they would in fact wear only a diaper and a translucent gown during exams. “Girls have had a long history of writing notes on their skins or hiding notes in their uniforms,” the chief invigilator told me, “or asking to go to the toilet where they would hide or exchange information. In order to curtail such activity, we decided to make all students wear only a nappy and a gown in the examination room. No one is allowed to leave for the toilet during the course of the exam, not even to poo. Each girl would be checked that their body contains no visible marks on their body before proceeding to their desks. All stationery and paper would be provided at each table as an added precaution.”

My first role is to stay in the designated side room where girls strip off their uniforms down to just their nappies. I know this is the most embarrassing part since they basically are exposed topless with nappies taped to their crotches. As this nappy rule has been strictly enforced,  they hand me and my colleagues bags containing their uniforms, bra, tights and other accessories and  in exchange receive hospital-like gown. This gown supposedly can support breasts but for those with larger cup sizes, their boobs would still bounce around.

The girls fill into the examination room, some still looking embarrassed by being reduce to semi-nakedness. The chief invigilator reads out exam instructions as each girl sits down, some making a crinkling noise as each chair is covered in plastic just in case girls leak. At the set time, they turn over their papers and start scribbling. As time move by, I glance at the whole hall and boy is it a weird site of teenaged ladies in nappies and gowns writing their answers. One would really thin its over the top in prevent the girls from using the toilet during exams. Such an act is seen around after a hour, where you see girls squirm in their seats and thus can evidently tell that they are peeing in their nappy. Some even do the other, that is, defecate, even though teachers have advised them not to have such heavy breakfasts. Sometimes, their good quality nappies mask the smell. For others, the odour fills the room and quickly, air freshners are sprayed.

Three hours (or more depending on the kind of exam), they are ordered to put their pens down. Each girl sits silently in their used nappy (if they have done their business in them) as we slowly collect and count the exam sheets. Finally, they are released and waddling like ducks, they head back to the changing room. Most of the time, they retrieve their uniforms and clip on their bras gratefully. Only rarely do some girls have to wait as we misplace their clothing. Some girls even out of the hall to go to the nurses office to change as their nappies are soaked or filled. Thus ends an exam session at Solihall.


“Well, well,” Discipline Master Mr. Wingfield remarked, “who do we have here?”

“One foul mouth student who wrote not only irrelevant but offensive remarks in her history paper,” the teacher said, handing over several sheets to me with one hand and pulling in a five foot five student.

“Well, let’s see…oh,” Wingfield’s eyes widen as he read the first sheet. “This is…”

“Not only offensive to all us teachers but to the entire community as well,” the teacher remarked. “I believe this warrants…”

“Miss Heatherstone, what you believe you not what will happen. I’m the discipline master here,” Wingfield replied and gave her a stare. After a few seconds, the teacher left, closing the door behind her.

“Name card please,” Wingfield said but the girl didn’t respond, All students in the school had name cards which also allowed them to have discounts on public transportation and certain outlets. Wingfield repeated his question and the girl suddenly threw down her card.

“That was very respectful,” Wingfield said..

To be continued.


“Come on Amanda! We’ll be late! An it’s your first day at school!” 12 going to 13 year old Jemimah Galpin called. This was to 13 year old Amanda Delbert, a new exchange student to Solihull from America and the new guest her home. Amanda had just flown across the weekend to Jem’s house and would be staying for about 3 months with them.

“Amanda?” Jem called again then heard and “oomph!” from the locked room. “Are you alright?” Jem pushed against the door and it gave way–the door locks in her house weren’t that strong.

Inside, she found a half dressed Amanda, wearing the required school tie, blouse but with a nappy half way down her legs. Amanda immediately turn red in the face when Jem saw her semi-nakedness.

“I…” she began.

“Having trouble taping them on?”

“I…why the hell do we have wear these damn things?! We’re teenaged girls, not helpless babies!”

“Sshh…” Jem closed the door. “I know, that’s the policy. But it’s how it is.”

“So we can break rules. I wanna wear my panties.” Amanda picked up her pink boy shorts.

“Amanda, we can fight this but not now. Look, let me help you tape them on.”


“Cause there’s always time to fight it. Look, it’s far worse if you break the rules. Everyone else will be wearing them. Once this pack runs out, I’ll try to get mum to buy a thiner pair ok?”

Amanda shook her head, still hating the school rule. But with the clock ticking, Jem helped her down on the bed. Despite her grunting and protesting, the younger girl managed to rub anti-rash lotion on the American’s slightly hairy vulva. Then, helping her friend lay on her side, she slid a new nappy underneath her bum and taped it up.

“It’s so darn tight.”

“You need it tight or they’ll re-doing for you at school. Plus, when you use it, you need it so if you you’ll leak.”

“I can’t walk…”

“Don’t be silly Mandy. Put on your tigh…your hose and your skirt. We are running late.”


Continuing from story above…

“Jem…this diaper is still damn too tight…” Amanda wailed once again as the two girls entered their first class, history.

“That’s the umpteenth time you said that. I told you the nappies are supposed to be like that or you’ll leak.”

“But I don’t leak. I’m not a baby…” but Jemimah had already settled down. Amanda stilled whined, especially feeling the padded bottom against the chair, but no one, not even her new classmates seemed to notice how uncomfortable she was.

“Good morning class,” Mr. Horricks, their history greeted and the girls returned his greeting. “I see we have a new girl here. You are?”

“Amanda Delbert, I’m from…” but Horricks cut her off.

“Well, welcome. Ok, class today we’re going to learn about the British East India Company. Turn your to page…” For the next forty minutes minutes, the class listened and read through the history of the EIC in former British Raj. Suddenly, a hand shot up. “Yes, Miss Delbert?” Horricks enquired.

“Can I go to the toilet?”

“You know the rules, unless it’s number two. Now, in the 1870s…”

“I need to pee,” Amanda whispered to Jem.

“That’s what the Abena is for,” Jem whispered back, scribbling down some notes.

“But…” But Jem ignored her again. Unable to hold it any furher, Amanda’s bladder release itself and the young American turned bright red as she peed not in a toilet for the first time in many years. It was such an icky feeling. Luckily, the class was soon over.

“Oh my gosh, it feels terrible,” she whined to Jem as they packed up. Jem glanced at her and them remarked, “does it feel really wet?”

“Damp, wet, horrible, yucky…”

“Maybe, you peed alot. I’ll take you to Nurse Jenna,” before the guest student could protest, Jem has dragged her down the hall to the the nurses’ office.

“Hello, Jemimah, who’s this with you?”

“This is Mandy, an exchange student. She’s quite new to the school. Mandy, Nurse Jenna.”

“How do you do,” she shook the new girl’s hand. “What can I do for you today?”

“I think Mandy used quite a bit of her nappy and may need a change,” Jem answered.

“I don’t…I just want this off…” Mandy protested.

“Every girl has to wear, dear. Come, take off your skirt and tights and let me see,” Nurse Jenna requested. Amanda protested more but eventually gave in and embarrassingly lay out in her blouse, her nappy exposed.

“You did wet alot, Amanda, and this M1 isn’t a good choice. Jem, I thought you use Tena Slip?”

“I guess my mum ran out,” Jem answered.

“Best to use a nappy that can hold more than one shot of urine,” Nurse Jenna said, untaping the nappy.

“Wait…you are actually going to change me?” Mandy cried.

“Nurse Jenna does it for all girls and it’s the rules,” Jem explained.


“But she does it well and we’ll be late for the next class,” Jem argued. Mandy shook her head and squealed as the nurse removed her used nappy and started to clean her.

“Can you keep still, or I may scratch you otherwise,” the nurse remarked.

“It so cold….” the student said in response to the wipes. “Ow….” she cried as another wipe was wiped against her labia.

“And try to quieter,” the nurse added but the new girl continued shift and emit sounds in response to the wipes. Nurse Jenna was tolerant, but still only to degree. Swifly, She drew two leather straps just below the girl’s breasts, pinning her to the table. “Hey! What’s this for!” she screamed.

“I warned you, Miss,” the nurse said, then inserted a sterile cotton wad into her mouth, effectively gagging her. Unable to move much and quiet silenced, the nurse was able to finished her cleaning, then lift the girl’s bum up to insert a new Tena Slip Maxi underneath. Once more, Amanda Delbert was taped into a nappy/diaper.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Do try to more cooperative next time,” Nurse Jenna said, unstrapping her and removing the piece of cloth. Before Amanda could answer, the bell rang.



The following committee hearing is based on the UK Select Committee format, though it is not specified that this is the House of Commons (even though British English is used). Google it if you are not sure. All names are fictional.

Schooling Select Committee


1400 local

Members present:

Mr. Woolwich (Chair)

Mr. Henderson

Mr. Milner

Miss Gorsham

Ms. Heavensworth

Ms. Galpin

Mr. Woolwich (Chair): Order, Order. The committee sits today to examine Solihall Girl’s school policy of making its school girls wear nappies during schooling hours and on schooling premises, hereafter known as the “Nappy Policy”. We have today, the Principal of the School. Mr. Seager and his team to provide evidence. Principal Seager, would you like to introduce your team?

Seager: On my right is Mr. Goddard, the school discipline master and on my left, the head of the parents-teachers association, Mrs. Timble.

Chair: Thank you, I believe you have an opening statement to make?

Seager: Thank you Chair. Splihall has introduced this scheme for a couple of months now. It’s main objective is to ensure girls take less toilet breaks during classes and concentrate on their studies. As a result, all subjects ranging from English to even Information Technology. Many students who have failed in the past have reached at least Bs in their subjects. Many GCSE graduates have scored excellent results and have received bursaries and scholarships to continue their studies at our school or elsewhere. We accept that this is a controversial from the start but have received a wide range of support from parents, school girls and the wider community.

Chair: Thank you for that. As you said, this is a controversial school policy and the committee has convened to investigate it. As Chair, I will start off the questions and the first being. how do you draw a relationship between toilet breaks and academic results?

Seager: Before we implemented this, the girls were achieving terrible results. A large majority of them were asking for toilet breaks, not so much for actual toilet usage, but to gossip and to engage in some unruly behaviour. Those that did want to really use the toilet asked for breaks just  to skip classes or to escape from learning and thus ended up scoring dismal results. We introduced our policy after studying the results from the American school. It has so far turned low grades into high scores and even improved the behaviour of some girls.

Chair: But this is all due to their behaviour. Could you not have implemented something else besides making thme wear nappies?

Goddard: Chair, we have tried many other methods, such as strict limitation on breaks, teachers having more leeway, and stricter detention but not of if changed anything. This policy in sharp contrast has.

Chair: Are you absolutely certain putting them in nappies improve their grades?

Seager: It makes them concentrate more on the studies and teachers spent much less time letting girls off to the toilet.

Chair: I’m sorry, you make them wear but you still allow them to use the toilet?

Seager: Chair, they must urinate in the nappy but their other bodily function, well they can use the toilet for that.

Chair: How do you monitor that?

Goddard: We do check on the girls what they use the loo for.

Chair: That is very intrusive, on top on making them wear nappies.

Seager: Far better than how it is before.

Chair: And from what I read from your guidelines, you ensure they are in nappies all day long?

Seager: In school premises. We have teachers and senior girls do checks in the morning and spot checks throughout the day. The rest of the day, outside school we do not control what they wear.

Chair: So back home, when they study, it is in their knickers.

Goddard: As the principal said, we don’t control what they wear outside school premises.

Chair: Would that not affect performance? Academic performance?

Seager: It might but so far, the grades show an improvement. We care only what they are during school time.

Chair: I’ll hand over to my members now but may return. Mr. Henderson?

Henderson: Thank you chair. Principal, discipline master and head PTA, it is a radical move to make young teenagers wear nappies. What did the girls themselves think of it when you introduced it?

Seager: Mr. Henderson, we set out the policy during the summer months by first consulting all parents, then the PTA and then sending our letters to the girls themselves. We continued to consult them and introduce the rationale for. Finally, when we started implementing, we constantly repeated the message.

Goddard: There was resistance at first, but right now, 99% of the girls accept the policy.

Henderson: I would expect resistance. Your guide book says those who dont wear when entering the premises or are caught not wearing proper nappies or are caught changing back to knickers are punished. Can you elaborate?

Goddard: Yes any girl caught is sent to me. I examine the reason why and then set out the punishment. Usually, it is enforcing the girl to wear 24 hours to 48 hours by locking them using locking pants. If it repeats, we extend the punishment, implement detention or in worst cases, expel.

Henderson: That is really really harsh, especially for the young ones. What is the feedback on this?

Goddard: The parents do cooperate and very few of them resist our policy.

Henderson: Mrs. Timble?

Timble: I can vouch for that, having held constant PTA meetings.

Henderson: You said 99%. What bout the 1%? Do they continue to be punished?

Goddard: We keep telling them to wear. The actual numbers are very low and the threat of wearing all day makess them follow.

Henderson: That is still harsh.

Seager: It is certainly fair enough. If some don’t wear, it may start a trend leading back to the poor grades and behaviour.

Henderson: I may come back but let’s move to changing. I understand the girls don’t change themselves. The school nurse does. Why?

Seager: We considered that but thought letting them change themselves would mean more breaks between classes and girls cleaning and hanging incorrectly. Our head school nurse helps to change them but she also has a team.

Henderson: Is that not babying?

Seager: No it is not. Again, the parents were consulted on this and they agreed. When the girl enters the school, she would have nappied herself or received help. We don’t control that. Nor do we control how they change out of the nappy outside school. But in school, we ensure they are cleaned and changed properly.

Chair: We need to move on fast due to a vote. Mr. Milner.

Milner: I declare interest as I’m one of the MPs in the school district. May I begin by congratulating your team on this policy? It has certainly improved the whole school and definitely my daughter.

Seager: Thank you for your kind words sir.

Milner: I want to focus on a specific issue, that of the provision of free discounts for families who aren’t well off to buy nappies. There has been some delay in that. Would you explain?

Goddard: Yes Mr. Milner we are looking into that and its due to some electronic problems with companies. We are getting it fixed and apologise for delays.

Timble: The PTA has brought it up and some families are helping others.

Milner: Thank you. Next, you allow the girls to wear any brand of nappies. Why not standardise it?

Seager: We want them to have a choice. We are  considering standardising to a common brand but that may cause economic competition amongst companies.

Milner: I pass on to my next colleague.

Chair: Miss Gorsham

Gorsham: Principal and team, I may not fully agree with you treating young girls in this manner but nor do I fully disagree. I wish to head directly to several  issues: Are the female nurses the only ones changing the girls at school?

Goddard: Not exactly. If a girl is found without or not wear a proper nappy, I changed her into one. If however, the nurse is nearby, she will do it. There are three other teachers in my discipline team.

Gorsham: So a male, you, or perhaps other male teachers, can change a young teenaged girl’s nappies?

Chair: Order, Order. We apologise, but a vote awaits us. We will resume later.


Schooling Select Committee


1600 local

Chair: Order, Order, this  committee will re-convene. Thank you all for your patience. Ms. Heavensworth.

Ms. Heavensworth: Principal Seager, do you have children?

Seager: A boy and a girl.

Heavensworth: And how old is the girl?

Seager: She is 16 going to 17, yes literally. If I may add, yes, she is enrolled in my school.

Heavensworth: Well then Principal, how does she feel having to wear nappies at her age? Or does wear them?

Seager: Ma’am yes she wears them to school; she doesn’t get preferential treatment. She was against it at first but quickly accepted it.

Heavensworth: Is that because  you formed the policy?

Seager: No, actually it’s because it has improved her attitude and academic performance. It would take a while to elaborate, but that’s the truth.

Heavensworth: and you Mr. Goddard, do you have any children?

Goddard: No, it’s due to some complications.

Heavensworth: So, how do you  feel being the discipline master of teenagers wearing nappies?

Goddard: I don’t feel anything really; I just do my job.

Heavensworth: How about when you punish them with locking nappies and make  them undress during examinations?

Goddard: Member, no I am not  around when they undress, actually as mentioned  earlier, they are made to exchange their uniforms and bras for a gown. This is  monitored by mostly female teachers. As for the earlier question, I just implement what the rules are. The majority of the students understand it, those that violate them quickly behave.

Chair: We don’t have much time now, Ms. Galpin.

Gaplin: Principal, Discipline master, PTA head, You have created horror and fear amongst innocent young laides?

Seager: Ms Gaplin…

Gaplin: Every day, you torture them, turning them into babies, denying them their very basic rights

Goddard: Ms Galpin…

Galpin: You two men and you a lady, ought to be ashamed of yourselves…

Chair: Ms Galpin, I know you are a new MP so I will excuse you this time. Ask a question. Also, this  isn’t a chamber to air your views.

Galpin: Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves?

Seager: Ashamed? Ms Galpin, we’ve explained the rationale for this initiative. We’ve told  you the results. All in the community, not just the PTA (Mrs. Timble nods) are behind us with this.

Galpin: Don’t you have any brains to see that you are humiliating the girls?

Goddard: I take that as an strong accusation. A large majority of the girls find it better in terms of their character and academic results. There are only a couple of resisting students and out of those, some have adjusted to the policy. In no way do we aim to humiliate or psychologically torture…

Galpin: You clearly can’t see

Timble: As the principal and discipline master said…

Galpin: Clearly…

Chair: Ms Galpin enough. (Bangs gavel. Galpin ignores.) Guards, escort her away!!! (Galpin swears at the two men and lady as she is taken away).

Chair: Apologies for that. Mr. Seager, Mr Goddard, Mrs. Timble, thank you all for appearing. This however isn’t the end of it. We will formulate our report and expect you to carry out our  recommendations, unless you disapprove.  Committee meeting adjourned.


“Heya, staying up late?” I heard my dad call  through my unlocked door. “Lot’s of exams tomorrow,” I answered.

“Well, don’t sleep too late; you’ve got to get a fresh mind. I’m sure you’ll do well. Night.”

“Night dad,” I replied and then moved to lock my door. Clearing away my books and notes, I headed to the bathroom. It wasn’t my revision that made me stay up late; it was the thought of how I would be dressed for the exam tomorrow. My dad’s great idea was that girl’s would be in nappies during school hours. For exams, it would be literally just in our nappy, plus some gown that sometimes was see through and exposed our boobs. That was the worst part–being semi-naked while writing under pressure. But the damn rationale was because many girl’s had cheated with notes in their uniforms and bras and sometimes even tights. I  had slowly grown used to this “proecdure”, after all, being the Principal’s daughter, it would look out of place with  me complaining about it. But what I wasn’t used to was having exams like this during my period.

In the past, it was straight forward. Wear a sanitary towel and then change it regularly. You could ask to go to the loo if you need to change. But with the nappy ruling, girls weren’t allowed out of the exam room, even for pooing. With my period occuring, I had to use not a pad but a dreaded tampon.I hate tampons; they are so damn difficult to insert and icky when yanked out. But damnit, it’s the school rules. After brushing my teeth, I changed into a thicker pad and donned my nightie. It would be the last time for hours that I would get to wear knickers, even though it was  to hold a pad in…


I woke up extra early and wandering into the bathroom, I found that my overnight pad was soaked. Damnit, I thought, stripping naked and throwing the pad in the bin, how could I make it through with just a nappy today? Yeah, it’s exam/test time, where we girls not only where a nappy but only that an a slightly translucent gown in the exam hall. All due to the past history of girls cheating during tests. I told dad many times that this is too extreme, but no, he and his jolly gang of senior teacher’s wouldn’t budget. Shower done and hair come, I fished out a tampon and managed to insert it in on my second try. Next. walked naked back to my room and look at my knickers. I’ll miss you for the day, I thought and regrettably dragged out a nappy . Having taped it on many times, I still couldn’t get it right and had to re-adjust the tapes.

Downstairs, I found a note from dad. “Had to leave for the school early. Good luck today pumpkin.” Yeah, thanks dad. Good luck to my uterus from not bleeding too much. I looked around the kitchen and decided to go light by draining a thick cuppa tea and grabbing two muffins and a banana which I finished on the way to the bus stop. “Hey, hey,” my friend Sian, a Welsh girl who cared alot more about children than anything else. “How’s you today?”

I mumbled an ok and she immediately continued asking why I was so glum. I mouthed the word “PERIOD” to her and she argued back that it is just life. “Well, you know, you dad made us all wear nappies,” she said. As if you don’t know nappies aren’t for periods, I thought. As we alighted at the school gates, I felt a signal from my bladder. Darn, must be that large cup of tea and the extra juice I drank along with the quick breakfast. Normally as a girl, I would have held it until the loo, but this was much different. Telling Sian to walk ahead, I stood by the gates, squatted a bit then answered the call of nature. I hope it’s not too much, I thought, then followed the line of girls inside. As per usual, there was a duty teacher checking if we were wearing the right “equipment”. “Well, hello Lauren,” the science teacher said as I lifted my skirt to show her. “Pass. Have a good day today.”

It was still about an hour to go before we were had to have our first exam so I spent the remainder in the library brushing up on my books and notes again. We girls usually had to enter the side room to change out by twenty minutes to the hour so I paced myself. That is, until I felt my bladder signal again and another splash of warmth hit the darn thickness around my legs. Damn I thought, how much more can the nappy hold? The rule was tight during exams, no toilet breaks at all so girls would even have to poo in their nappy–yucks. I didn’t want to sit in a partly or quite soggy nappy so the only option was to head out to the nurse, dear Nurse Jenna.

“Hello Lauren,” she greeted me. “How’re you today?”

“Ok,’ I said, quickly snapping off my skirt. Could I have a quick change?”

“Well, it’s only a third of the way down,” the nurse pointed out and I looked.

“I don’t wanna sit in a partly used nappy.”

“Ok,” so I braced myself for the humiliation as I undid my tights and she untaped the nappy. “Monthly time,” she noted and I said yeah.

“I can give you a new tampon as well,” and I didn’t argue. A couple of minutes later, I was changed into new of both items and with another load of luck, I headed for the side room. The rules called for everything to be removed–uniform, bra, watches, earrings and even hair clips. So you could imagine the scene as girls stripped and stood naked in just their nappies. Everything even meant tights–the exam hall was heated. All of our  items were secured in clear plastic bags, zipped up with our names on them. These were passed to duty teachers or senior girls while we all got the dread ‘hospital like’ gowns instead. If you had small boobs, it was ok, but for large cup size girls like me, our breasts could still be partially seen through the gowns. We were further checked to see if we had anything incriminating on our bodies then led in to the hall.


This continues from the story from the post 13/12/2015


“The time is now 9 am, you may turn over your papers and begin.” All of us did so and I started scribbling rapidly. I breezed through the first few questions with ease until I struck a question about volumes and spheres. As I paused to recollect my facts, I felt the urge to pee. Well, daddy make this special rule, so I focused on the question as I let my pee flow out against the nappy. At the same time, my uterus was also emptying its lining against the icky tampon. Finally, I scribbled down what I thought was the answer and turned the page. I felt my pee dribble out again as I faced an even tougher question. Just as I changed my pen, a foul stench filled the all. Yikes, some girl pooped in her nappy. It wasn’t the first time I smelt that but boy it really distracts you. I looked around but it wasn’t that easy to identify the culprit–the perpetrator would be ‘targeted’ for hours or even days later. Bearing the pugent odour, I wrote another lots of mathematical mumbo-jumbo just as the head invigilator called out ’15 minutes more’. Frantic, I again scribbled something down. But just as I cancelled it and wrote something else, I felt the need to poo. Must be this morning’s brekkie. Damn it,  let me hold  until the exam is over. “5 minutes,” I heard them call. Anus, please hold…

“Pens down!” Sweaty from all the writing and thinking, the collection of papers took ages and my body kept increasing its signal. Even after my paper was collecting, there was a waiting time as the invigilators counted the scripts. Finally, we were allowed to go and I rushed out, collding into several girls in the process. “Hey, Lauren,” Sian called out but I ignored her  and ran to the loo. It was around the next corridor. Murphy’s law, as American’s call it, happened as I made my best dash. My faeces came out, all into the pretty soaked nappy. “Shit,” I said, more in swearing and digust than describing it. Charging through the door and the cubicle, I lifted up the gown and saw the dark mess. No way I was able to change it myself–I didn’t even have my own uniform or bag with me–so the only option was to walk out to the nurse’s office, the icky poo sliding against my bum.

“Hello again Lauren,” the nurse greeted me.

“I…” I started, feeling rather embarrassed.

“Hop up on the table darling,” she pointed and I did so. The foul odour seem to increase the moment she untaped the used nappy. “Did you eat something expired today?”

“Just muffins and a banana,” I said, as she helped me roll over to clean my whole lower waist. Usually I hate it when someone else does this nappy change but this moment I was grateful she was wiping every inch clean.

“Well either of them must have giving you a slight diarrhoea,” she said, now changing my used tampon. Again, I was feeling brand new. Moments later, I was taped back up into a fresh nappy. “Hold on, take this so that your poo won’t be losen again. You don’t want to have another case of diarrhoea during an exam day.” Thanking her, I made my way back.


“Hey, you alright?” Sian asked as I plopped back on chair next to her. We were in a holding room for all students taking exams since our next one was due in 45 minutes.

“Stomach trouble,” I grumbled.

“Well you have your nappy on,” she commented as if that was a natural part of clothing.

“But a girl should be able to hold it till the loo.”

“Your dad’s ruling not mine.”

“Shall we revise?” I changed the subject and we got out our Geography notes to revise. Geography generally is easier than maths in my view, but with my period and the events of the last hour, it was a bit more difficult to cramp the facts into my head. Once back in the hall, we were re-checked for any marks on our bodies, silly move that was added along with the nappy and gown wearing–as if anyone would write anything given our humiliated state! Once more the call was made and everyone was frantically writing away–there were more questions in the same time period so that meant less time per question. This time, I didn’t even wee in a bit in my new nappy and no other girl pooped (or maybe they did but not enough to stink the room). Pens down, I heaved a sigh of relief since the next part was a longer break, one where we were allowed to get food.

“Hey Lauren, save me a seat will you? I need to get changed,” I noticed Sian had soaked the front part of her nappy. Nodding, I head for the cafeteria in my gown and nappy.

Short one, TBC.




The Patient

The clinic was new to the town and it was certainly welcomed since the old clinic shut down. The single doctor and nurse were strangers to the town’s population but since it was the only medical facility around, they had to visit it for any illness. It was summer time and the town’s star pupil, Charlotte Seager, started coughing a lot. “You better take leave and visit the clinic,”, her head teacher commented.


“I’m…*coughh*, ah *cough*…fine,” she stammered. Charlotte or Charlie loved school and did want to miss her maths and history lessons.


“You’re certainly not. He’s a day pass, go and if need to, rest at home tomorrow,” the teacher replied. Half-grumbling, half coughing, she packed her bags and exited the school grounds. The sun outside was brightly shining and that was exactly helping the sick 16 year old. Thankfully, Charlie had changed to socks instead of nylon tights. But as she walked to the bus stop, the heat of the day grew and made he cougher even more. The bus ride was no comfort since there was a lack of fans or air-conditioning and it was a rather rickety bus. Finally, after another few more minutes in the heat, she was inside the clinic.


“Do you have an appointment dear?” The bespectacled grey haired nurse behind the counter asked.


“*Cough*…no,” Charlie replied.


“Oh do fill this form up. And there’s a water fountain over there. You look like you’ll need it.” After scribbling her particulars, the teenager thankfully drained three cups of water down, which did sooth her throat. Sitting down, she noticed that there were several patients in front of her. It’s one of those logn waits she thought, and picked up a magazine.


After a few minutes, Charlie felt that her bladder was signalling. “Uhm, nurse, is there a ladies in this building?”


“Outside, turn left but I believe it’s under repair today. Some leaky pipe.”


The signal from her bladder grew so Charlotte exited anyway, and indeed found the door to the unisex loo locked. “Open, damnit!” she cried as her bladder’s pressure grew. Returning to the waiting area, she asked, “Nurse, is there any other toilet here or nearby?”


“No, sorry. I thought you have a sore throat?”


“Yeah,” Charlotte replied hoarsely then coughed. “But I really have to…” She didn’t want to say the word, especially not with the other patients around.


“I’m sorry, I do think Dr. Shaw won’t be much longer. Just sit down.”


Shaking her head Charlotte did and crossed her legs and squeezed her eyes. Damn it, hold bladder hold. But why would she suddenly need to pee? It wasn’t that much longer. After what seemed like eternity, the other patients were cleared and the nurse called her named. Charlotte literally ran into the room to find a rather young doctor.


“Good afternoon, Charlotte?” he read off his folder. “I’m Dr. Charles Shaw. Please take a seat.”


She did so, again crossing her legs tightly with the increasing pressure from her bladder. “Your throat is given you problems I believe,” he continued. “Could you open wide?”


She did so and squeezed her eyes shut as he flashed a light and prodded around. Oh please, please, someone stop this torture! Give me a toilet now!


“Hmmm, that is really a nasty throat. I’ll have to prescribe a heavy dose of anti-bio..” Just as he was talking, Charlotte couldn’t bear it any more and shot up from the chair. “Doctor, I need to….” Suddenly her bladder emptied itself, a larger shot immediately staining her translucent blue knickers and spilling onto the ground.


“OH MY GOSH!” she exclaimed with her hoarse voice. “Oh m..,,” she was lost for words.


Doctor Shaw clam walk over and said, “It’s ok dear, why don’t you head over to the bed over there?” Her face red with embarrassment, Charlotte proceeded to but her bladder gave way again, with another dribble. “What…what’s happening to me?”


“Nurse Jane? Could you close reception and bring the mop?” The Doctor called. Turning to his patient, he asked, “have you had any bladder infections recently?”


“No…I,” she coughed and felt another short drop of urine. This is a nightmare. “I don’t know what’s happening to me?!”


“Well, female bladder problems aren’t uncommon with teenagers,” he commented, and that didn’t ease her worry. Just then the nurse came and saw the mess of the floor. She immediately began to mop but Charlie could only turn redder with embarrassment.


“Doctor, I really…” suddenly she peed again, this time onto the bed. “What’s happening to me?!!! Why….”


“Relax, Charlotte,” Dr. Shaw said, motioning her to roll over and placed a thick towel underneath. “Could you remove your skirt and underwear for me?”


Already bright red, Charlotte did so and instinctively cover her private part. The doctor walked ovr to a cabinet and extracted several items. “I can’t tell exactly what’s happening Charlotte, “ he said, “but I can give you something to stop it temporarily.” A minute later, he was by her side, holding a filled syringe in his arms.


“What…what’s that?”


“It’s an antidiuretic,” he replied, and she racked her brains, remembering reading  the term in one of her advanced biology textbooks. “It will moderate your urine production for a while.” Oh. “Now, Can you place your hands by your side? Won’t hurt.” Contrary to his description, the injection did. Then he used another syringe to extract a sample of her blood.


“Now,” he continued, “that’s temporary and I took your blood for further testing. Meanwhile, I suggest you should be given protection.”


“Protection?” Charlie queried, shifted in the bed.


“Well, the drug will wear off after a few minutes and it is not recommended to give another dose, especially for someone your age. So you need to wear continence underwear to catch further leaking.” It was then she saw what he had extracted out of the cabinet.




“If you want to call it that,” he continued in his calm voice. “Now, could you spread…”


“No, no way I’m going to wear that….” she croaked, starting to move off the bed. “I’m…”


“You certainly won’t be going home with that stained knickers and skirt young lady,” he pointed,


“This is so silly. Let me….”


“I say you have about eight or so minutes before you start wetting again. Now back on the bed.”


Charlotte’s head was spinning and suddenly she felt a bit dizzy. “Back on the bed,” she heard him say again. For some reason, she didn’t want to but somehow she found herself flat again. “Nurse, please hold her still,” he said then she heard a whirling sound.




“I need to shave you,” he said, “if not the urine and briefs will create rash.”


“Noo…” she croaked but the elderly nurse held her down and she felt the metallic blades again her area. After a few minutes, she was released, only to be rolled over to have a mat replace the towel and then something slide underneath. “Ow…Ow…OW!!!” she cried, as she felt a creamy cold substance between her legs.


“It’s to again guard again rash,” the doctor commented, glancing at his watch. “Two minutes.” She then realised what else was against her bum. But with the nurse holding her, adhesive sounds followed and the 16 year old was now taped with an adult nappy around her.


“Oh my…shit!” she felt a growing warmness between her legs and moved up to see pee staining the nappy. “I can’t believe it….”


“I told you the drug was temporary,” he commented, removing his medical gloves and then stowing the rest of the materials back. “You can get dressed now.. Not your underwear of course.”


“But how can…”


“Put your skirt on, Charlotte,” this came from the nurse. She gingerly did so and found it did fit over the thick nappy. “But…I can’t go out like this!”


“You certainly can’t go out with urine flowing down your legs either,” he said, “look, the brief can’t be seen at all.” He was right it couldn’t unless someone stared at it.




“I think we’re done here, Charlotte. Nurse Jane will give you the antibiotics. Since you are a school going child, there’s no need to pay for the pills or the briefs.”




He scribbled something and passed it to her. “Here’s a note which brand of adult briefs or nappies you would want to get. Tena Slip Maxi would be a great choice. They are thin and absorbent. At least buy one packet and come back to me in say about a week’s time. The blood test results should be done by then.” Just as on cue, another burst of urine stained her nappy and she squirmed.


“Wait, do get back on the bed.” She didn’t want to, but eventually gave in and he lifted her skirt. “Hmm, it’s it rather soggy. Nurse, can you get another out? And the cream and wipes.” The tearing sounds of adhesive were heard again and the nappy was yanked away. “Sorry, hospital-grade briefs.” he commented, though she did not get him. The stinging happened again as he wiped her vulva and spread cream on it again. Another nappy was slid underneath and secured in place.


“But…” she said again getting up. “I can’t walk properly.”


“Nonsense, it’s your mind dear,” the nurse replied. “And when you get the Tena Slips, they are thiner.”


“But…what will my family and friends say?”


He scribbled another note. “I don’t think it’s a medical case to excuse you fully from school. But this will excuse you from your Physical Exercise. As I said earlier, it’s not uncommon for teens to be incontinent.”




“We’re closing now. Don’t forget your bag and shoes. And the anitbiotics. Also, buy some wipes and DESTIN cream along with the nappies. If you show the store people the note I gave you, you’ll get it cheaper. See you next week.”


With that, the girl who once wore normal underwear half walked, half waddled out of the new clinic. Once she was gone, he turn to the nurse and gave her a hug. “Thanks mum.” he said. “That was a great move, lacing the water.”


“And that was a great act son,” she replied, kissing him. “She fell for it.”


“Yes. Next week when she returns, she’ll be all ours.”







Comments welcomed. Will probably post a sequel.


“Hi…” Charlotte said, re-entering the clinic again. She was dressed in a sleeveless beige halter top and pleated jeans skirt. “I’m…”

“Charlotte Seager, I remember you from last week,” Nurse Jane smiled.

“Uh, yes nurse,” she replied, recalling the horrible ordeal. “Actually, I feel much better. Why do I have to be here?” The nurse had called her to arrange this appointment.

“It’s all standard for a check up. You can go right in,” the elderly lady said.

“Hello again Charlotte,” the young doctor said. “How are you feeling today?”

“I’m much better thank you,” Charlotte replied, hoping that it will be a short meeting. “The medicine work fine; my cough is gone.”

“Well, I still wish to take a look. Open wide please,” she did so and the doctor examined her throat with a tongue depressor and a flashlight. “Yes, it’s all cleared.”

“Thanks,” the teenager got up and was about to exit when he called, “what about your incontinence?”

“Uh,” she turned bright red as she spun around, “it still happened across the week but it became less and less.”

“Did you use the incontinence briefs?”

“Uh…no I changed to pull ups which was easier.”

“I’ll like to take a look,” Dr. Shaw said, though it came out like an order.

“Doctor, it’s ok…”

“Nevertheless, I still like to check. Come on the the table.” Charlotte protested again but finally gave in. “Remove your skirt and underwear please.” Her face and arms glowing red, Charlotte did so. “Bend your legs…ah that’s good,” he said then started to prod her vulva with his gloved hands.

“Doctor…” she wailed from from her horizontal position. “Is this necessary? I’m fine, I don’t have…bladder…weakness,” she couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

“You may think it’s fine but it usually isn’t. I need to perform a full urethra examination.”

“What?!” She knew what that word. “No, no, this is too far.” The student yanked up her clothes and announced, “I’m done here,” but just as she exited she felt a sting to her neck and was about to drop to the ground.

“Good job mum. Close up; I’ll deal with her,” Charles Shaw remarked. Quickly he dragged the unconscious girl back into his room. Placing the limb girl

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