Sibling Bonding

Sibling Bonding – Part 1

“Anna!” I cried. “Breakfast is ready! Anna!”

I was calling for my slightly younger sister. No, before you think my parents were randy, we are step-siblings. Long story, but yes, Anna is only about less than a year younger than me. We actually hardly ever call each other stepbrother or stepsister. We in fact were extremely close siblings.

This was so much so that we had a rule that we would each take turns to make breakfast for each other on weekends. This sibling rule came about two or three years ago and started to be a regular habit, especially since Anna recently graduated and was back home for good. Her favourite breakfast was fresh ham omelette. It was ready but it was unusual for sis not to be up on a Saturday, especially after half nine in the morning.

“Anna Louise Camden!” I rapped on her door. “Your omelette is getting cold!” I rapped again and then the door clicked, revealing a mass of red hair–yes she’s a fiery redhead. “Morning James,” she finally replied. I noticed she was still in her PJs. “Can you give me a minute. I need to look for something.”

“Your meal’s getting cold. What are you look…is that a handcuff?” Her door may have been slightly open but it was clearly not a bracelet or accessories around her right wrist.


“Why do you have a handcuff around your wrist? Did something happen to you last night?” It couldn’t be as Anna was home earlier than me and we both wished each other good night.

“Uh…it’s a long story. Could you help find the key? It’s a small plastic piece.” Still curious, i bent down with her and quickly spotted the object. “Thanks, bro. Will be down in a jiffy.”

About ten minutes and an almost cold omelette later, Anna was down in jeans and a short sleeved blouse, well low cut enough to almost reveal her small cleavage if she bent over.

“Ok, spill it. Why were you handcuffed?”

“You promise not to tell anyone else?”

“I’m your brother and close friend,” I reminded her, dying to know.

“Ok, brother, it’s a drama prop. Specifically, a prop from a dram play back at uni.”

“I didn’t know you were in drama. I thought you were dancing.”

She gave me a “may I continue?” look and she did. “It was my friend’s play and i volunteered to help out with back stage stuff. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous job but being backstage meant you could get a free pass to watch the actual event.” She paused to finish a bit more of my cooked breakfast.

“Anyway, the show was part of my friend’s overall drama degree, focusing on the challenges of life. One part of it involves the protagonist being temporarily kidnapped and coerced to perform illegal activities. These,” she paused for a while, “are the handcuffs my friend was locked in.”

“And how…wait let me guess. You were trying to renact the play?”

My sister’s skin turned red, almost matching her hair colour. “Uh yes…please please don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t tell anyone that you were trying to re-enact a play?”

“I mean… you know…being hand..” her voice trailed off and she reached for her tea.

I guessed immediately what she meant but didn’t want to further the subject. Breakfast done, we washed up and I asked her what were her plans for the rest of the day.

“Nothing much, was supposed to go out but the meeting was postponed. You?”

I replied the same. I brought out the cloth for wiping the table and did so, and in the process touched the handcuffs.

“The play must have had a lasting impact on you,” I commented, bringing it up again.

Anna turned and I saw her skin bright red again. “Uhm, how did you guess?”

“Well, I don’t exactly have your BA in Philosophy but I know you well enough to know that you like to keep memories.”

“It was a drama act that was sort linked to philosophy,” she said, wiping the last of the dishes.

“And the – what did you say? Hostage scene must have been closely linked to some philosophical theme.”

“Uh huh,” she replied, wiping her hands. “That was the most intense part.”

“How was it exactly?”

“Ok, let’s head to the living room.” My heart pounding, both of us did so and Anna sat on one of the chairs, arms inserted into the gaps in the chair.

“Well, she was handcuffed to the chair like this,” Anna demonstrated.

“Hands handcuffed to that sort of chair?”

“Yeah, some other team member had a chair in her house like this and brought over,” Anna said.

“Ok, how was she exactly handcuffed?” Come on…

I suddenly snapped the cuffs over my pretty sister. “Like this?”

“OW! James!”

“Come on, Anna, you handcuffed yourself this morning,” I argued. Yes, my little sister cuffed!

“Ok, yeah like this,” she said. I noticed she didn’t have the expression of “what the heck did you do” that most would have had.

“And what next in the scene?”

“Well, the character was intensively questioned,” she continued, slightly twisting in the restraints.

“Like, now Miss Camden, tell me where the crown jewels are?” I changed my tone to a slightly to a slightly sinister one.

“Somet…I won’t tell you!” She had slipped into the act seamlessly.

“Perfect, So what happened if the girl failed to answer the question?”

“Uh,” she closed her eyes. “The girl was uh..”

“Was what?”

“…tortured”. She mumbled the word.

I tried not to hide my excitement as I prodded further. “How was she tortured?”

“Uh, James, really can we postpone this. I think I get the idea now.”

I dragged over a chair a sat next to her. “Do you really want to stop Anna? Or are you hiding something?”

She shifted slightly and did answer so I repeated myself. “Anna, you really really liked the position the character was in right?”

“Jam..please don’t…ok I give. Make sure you don’t tell anyone.” I gestured for her to continue. “I always wanted to be a Damsels in Distress.” Ah hah! My sister, step sister, a DiD.

So for the next few minutes she spilled the beans oh how she dreamt since young of being a captive by evil men or monsters in various situations. “So..uh these cuffs were like the great objet every and I uh…” she trailed off, her skin tuning red again.

“So, what happened to the character?”

“She was uh tortured with…please don’t James….”

“Spill it.”

“Ice. No please don’t!” But I ignored her cries and ran back to the kitchen. Within a few minutes I was back with a few ice cubes wrapped in a dish towel. “James, I don’t wa…AH!!!” I pressed the ice again her left arm. “AH!” she cried again, as I repeated it against her other arm. “James Carden! Sto..AH!” I pressed the icy block against her cheeks.

“That’s for not answering the question Miss Camden.” I returned to my sinister voice.

“Ok, ok…ah!” I pressed yet another against her neck. By this time, part of the ice began to melt, causing a damp spot that trickled down to her boobs. “James! Enough!”

I nodded and discarded ice and cloth. “But you liked that right?”

“Ok, yes that how it sort of happened. But…”

“Tell me what happened after the torturing.”

“It’s a long story.”

“Tell me Anna. You’ve no place to go for now.”

“She was g…”

“Was what? Speak up.”

“Gagged. But…”

“Gagged how?”

“With t…” I didn’t wait for Anna to finish her sentence and ran up the stairs. Where was…ah ha! It was the family medical kit, which mum kept around since we became a family. I headed back down and Anna’s eyes widen as she saw what was in my hands. “James, I really think you should….mmmmmphh!!!” her sentence turned into a gag speech.

Part 2

So where I left off, I had found my stepsister Anna handcuffed to one wrist early one Saturday morning. After much prompting, I discovered she had helped out with some drama play were the character had been bound with handcuffs, thus explaining her with that item at home. One thing lead to another and Anna was soon cuffed to a chair, her hands behind her. She then explained that the character had also been gagged so I gleefully got some medical tape and pasted it over her mouth.

“Mmmmppph, lmmme upppp!!” She screamed.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Anna just continued to wail through the gag until I peeled it off.

“James!” She glared at me and said “stop this! Un-cuff me at once!”

“Why? You want this don’t you?” I admit it, I was trying to torture her psychologically.

“Release me at once!” She screamed as she tugged at the cuffs.

“That’s mum and dad’s special chair. If you break it, you pay for it,” I warned her.


“Language, language, sister. Now tell me, how was the character gagged?”

“James…” I reached over and ticked her sides, starting from her tummy, to her legs, back to her tummy. then her sides and even near her boobs, feeling her bra as I did so and getting a slight erection. “James…James…” she wailed.. “stop this!!”

“Tell me how it went, or I’ll tickle forever,”


I pressed my fingers deeper into her sides. “Ok, ok stop it!” She yelled.

“So spill it…”

“I…’s embarrassing…”

“Say it…”


“Fine, I’ll just tape gag you,” I proceeded to rip off another piece of tape

“Ok, I give. The girl was also gagged, tape gagged with a…”

“Go on…”

“With a…oh my gosh…it’s so embarrassing….”

“Say it…”

“pair of her…knick….” but I got it and ran back upstairs to her room, grabbed one of the items from her drawer and ran back downstais. “James, no stop it! I won’t have my undies in my mouth!”

“Why not?”

“Because…” she turned red in the face. “It’s disgusting!”

“But you seem so happy being cuffed and re-enacting the scene,” I played with her mind as she sat there.

“No…uh…” she sounded weak.

“Open your mouth Anna,” I ordered, sounding almost like a kidnapper or crook.

“It’s dir..ty…”

“It’s a clean pair, from your drawer,” I argued. Unless my stepsis puts her dirty pants in her drawer…

“James…” she pleaded but I tickled her with one hand causing her to open her mouth. It was wide enough for the bikini like undies – wow, nice choice sis — to fit inside. I then plastered a new piece of tape over her mouth.

“Try yelling..” I told her.

“Mmmmpppp,” it came out as a softer cry.

“Now, that’s not too bad right sis?” I gave her a slight kiss on her red hair then sat down next to her, reading my kindle. I continued to read my book, occasionally looking and watching Anna struggling and grunt through the underwear gag. After maybe an hour or so, I heard her yelp three times through the gag and tug at her cuffs. “What?” I asked.

“Mmmpp, Tmmm,” she wailed.

I waited for a while then moved to peel off the tape, extracting the saliva-soaked knickers out–yucks! “What?” I repeated.

‘James, I need to…pee,” she croaked.

“Yeah right,” I was about to stuff the underwear back when she shook her head.

“Fine, hold on,” I finally uncuffed her right wrist and as she stood up, I brought the cuffs in front and secured them in front of her.


“What? You can take off your jeans using your hands.”

“Don’t be silly; release me!”

“Ok, ok,” I did so but then held her firm. “But you don’t need your mouth to pee.” I stuffed the soaked undies back inside and re-sealed her mouth. I remembered that line from some movie.

She glared at me before proceeding to the nearby loo. Minutes later, my gagged stepsis exited straight into me and I cuffed her right hand. “Mmmpphh!” she cried.

“It’s not over yet,” I announced, leading her to the kitchen again and securing the other ring to the sides of a table. I brought a can of soup and started to boil it.

Minutes later, I finally peeled off the tape and extracted the underwear from her mouth, placing it on the table.

“Thanks…” she croaked then I gave her a cup of water to hydrate her mouth.

“Can you uncuff me?” She asked as I settled the bowl of soup in front of her.

“You still have your right hand free,” I countered.

“James, it’s over, release me,” she argued.

“Not it’s not sis. We’re alone and you like it so hurry up and finish your lunch so we can get back.”

“Release me!”

I headed over to her and snapped the other cuff behind her back. “Now, captive, i have to spoon feed you.”

“No…” she finally gave in and finished the soup herself. “James, please, the cuffs hurt.”

“No, arguing Anna, up to your room.” prodding her, I picked up her soggy knickers and force marched her to her room.

“Now, tell me more about the play,” I ordered, forcing her to squat on the ground.


“Okay, in this goes again,” I held up her soaked pink knickers.


“Tell me then,” I ordered.

Glaring at me, she replied, “the script in on my desk.”

Part 3

So where I left off I had led or rather forced my sister up to her room to read the drama script she was involved with. Now with the script in my hands, I settled down on her bed to read it.

“James…” she pleaded with a stronger plea than before. I ignored her.

“James…” she repeated.


“Can we…you please…”

“Hush sister. You want to be gagged again?” I pointed to her soggy undies.


“Then quiet,” I replied, going back to the script.

“James…” I lunged over to her and cupped my left hand over her lips, effectively hand-gagging her. With my other free hand, I started to read the script. It was the typical DiD scenario, a rich daughter kidnapped due to her and her father’s riches. The girl was handcuffed to a chair, just like what i did to my stepsis earlier, except that her legs were cuffed as well. “Hmm, we missed this out didn’t we?” I looked at my sis.

“Mmmmpph…” was her response and I felt a bit of her saliva against my hand.

“Let’s see…yes they used ice torture to get information out of her, they wow! hot objects against her, then electric shock torture! This is some drama act alright how did you manage it?” All I got was some muffled yells from Anna. “Okay,” I said I flipped over the page, “the character finally revealed the location of her jewels and the combination code…wait she’s release from the chair…” I skipped a page and then my eyes widen. “Hmmm…the girl now is bound with rope, not just around her arms, wrists and ankles but over her breasts and crotch…as well…” Turning to Anna, I exclaimed, “your play showed a girl wearing a crotch rope? Wow, this is some adult drama act as well!”

“James, please can’t we stop this…” she pleaded as I removed my hand.


“Because…it’s…” Anna started to stammer.

“Because it’s some you secretly like right?” Anna was bright red now and looked down.

“Don’t worry sis, I know where to get some rope.”

“James!” She grabbed my arm. “Please, let’s stop this,”

“Oh no sister, it is still on.” Before she could move further, I cuffed her again, attaching the cuffs to the leg of her bed and pasted a piece of tape over her lips. Stay her oh red head.” She gave several yelps but I ignored her as I raced down to the garage. My father and I fished alot as a hobby and our rods and fishing boat naturally required rope. I picked out a coil of rope used for our sail boat and also a pair of heavy duty scissors. Anna’s eyes widen as I came back with the rope.

“Okay Miss Camden, I remove your gag, you don’t yell.” I did so and with saliva dripping down her chin, Ann burst out, “James, you can’t be serious.”

“You want your gag back on?” She shook her head.

“Then obey me.” I knew by now I was sounding much like a captor or a master, but I didn’t care. This was really a fun time and mostly Anna’s fault–she was the one who had the handcuffs in the first place. Soon enough I released her once more and wrenched her arms behind her. Just then I stopped.


“Your clothing. The play described the girl in a floral dress, down to just below her knees. You’re in a jeans and skirt.”

“I’m not going to change in front of you…”

“I never said so. Now, I’m sure you have a dress like that, go put one on.”

Anna hesitated. “James, binding me with rope is one thing but..uh are you going to tie the…crotch rope?”

“That’s what happened in the play,” I held up the script.

“James, I’m not letting you type a rope around my…my…”

“Put on some thing tights. Now move.” Gee, sis what’s wrong with mentioning crotch?

Minutes later, Anna was in a light blue floral dress and 20 denier tights. “Ow!” She yelled s I wrapped the first round of rope around her wrists. “James, does it have to be so tight?”

“A bit yes,” I loosen it slightly but had no plan to make it a sloppy rope work. Indeed less that 10 minutes later, her wrists were tight bound behind her with some sort of lashing.”

“James, it hurts.”

“It could be worst sis,” I replied, then wrapped one rope below her boobs. “What on earth?!”

“Oh come on, you know the girl in the play was bound like this.”

“James, I won’t be able to breathe…” But i ignored her protests and soon enough I managed to wrap rope in some form of a breast bondage style around her breasts. I truthfully never knew the cup size of my step sister but now it looked like a good B cup protruding out.

“Next part, the crotch rope,” I announced and saw Anna shiver in fear. Two loops around her waist, that’s fine. Making her lie over, I ran the rest of the rope between her anus and her crotch. In the process, i did get a good glimpse of her white high waist knickers since her tights were quite transparent. Oh yes, I included a small knot which directly rested against her crotch. Not sure if it was against her clitoris, but it had to do. I then quickly bound her ankles and then moved to fix her gag.

“Please, please I don’t want my knickers in my mouth again,” she cried.

“Ok, but how bout this?” I picked up one of her others tights and wrapped in around her head, giving her a passable cleave gag. All done.

Part 4

So when I left off, I had rope tied my sister, and gave her a basic breast bondage and crotch rope. As moved back to examine my work, she immediately groaned. This wasn’t a “get me untied” groan but a vastly different one. The groan turned to to several muttered of “mmmoooh” and “mmmahhh” so I kindly removed the basic cleave gag and asked her what was wrong.

“James! Oh my g…I’m…having an…orgas…oh my I can’t believe I said it!”

“Say it again..” I responded.

“No…ah!! Ohh! Please remove…oh…”

“Say it sister Anna,” I prompted her.

“No…please…oooh…I can’t believe I’m actually…mmpph!!!” I tied the cleave gag back. Ever since I had met Anna, I had known her as a well-mannered girl. I’ve also long suspected she was really moralistic, never did anything wild or extraordinary, never had a boyfriend, never chased after boys, never did anything special. She most probably never kissed any guy except my father and thus most probably never… Well, played with her clit or ever had an orgasm/arousal. So yes, this was most definitely her first orgasm.

Anna gave muffled cries as I settled down next to her to read the drama script. Just as I flicked the page, a ringing sound interrupted her cries and my reading.

“Mmmhphommm,”she wailed.

“Yes, sis, hold on, I’ll get the phone.” Minutes later, I popped my head back in and held my finger to my lips. “It’s our mum. Be quiet and I’ll remove the gag.” She nodded gratefully and I dabbed her mouth with a damp cloth.

“Hi, Mummy, yeah…no we just had our…uh..lunch…no..nothing special,” she said, quite evidently straining to talk as the crotch rope tingled her clitoris. “No…what? You’re coming home what time? Oh…ok, we..ah sorry, get our own dinner. You want to speak to James? Ok..Bye.”

Turning to me and trying her best to ignore the sensation, she turned to me and said, “Mum and Dad won’t be home until very late. James…oooh….can we..” I ignored her cries as I yanked open her drawer and picked out something. “Open again, Anna,” but she shook her head violently. I tickled her once more–didn’t want to pinch her mouth–and it was opened just enough to jam another of her own tights into her mouth. Quickly, the cleave gag secured them in.

“Mmmmmpp…” she wailed.

“Oh, sis, that’s what the script says here,” I pointed to the page. “The girl gets a a stuffing, see? Just getting you to enjoy what’s written.”

I stepped back once more and saw my pretty red-haired sister bound, gagged and crotch roped. As she continued to squirm and moan, I felt an erection down there. Anna was a really a pretty step sister from the start and several times, my male friends often mistook her as my girlfriend, not my sister. This wasn’t the first time I felt aroused by my sister; watching her in her night clothes or sleeveless summer clothing. I make no apologies for this though–it’s just human nature.

I sat on her bed and continued to watch her squirm around in the bondage then picked up the drama script again. The middle of the story line was boring so I skipped that. Just as I turned the page, I saw an asterix and followed it down the page to find the hand-written words ‘AL Camden’.

“AL….hey!” I turned to Anna. “You wrote this play?”

“NmmmIdidnmmmrelemmm!!!” She cried.

I looked back at the script and saw that included the damsel-in-distress to be bound with ropes around her breasts, a rope between her legs and a ball gag!!! “AL Camden!” I cried, sitting my sister up against the bed frame. “You wrote this play?” I asked again, only to get a muffled reply.

Yanking off the gag, I repeated myself. “Damn you James!! Release me at once.”

“Breast bondage, crotch ropes, ball gag…hey look includes knickers over her head! This isn’t some simple play,” I pointed at the page.

“Release….mmmpph!!!!” I hand-gagged her and felt her spit against my hand. “Tell me what I want to hear sis, or you knickers go in your mouth and stay there!”She shook her head violently so I threw her flat down against the bed.

“Ok! Ok! I give!” She yelled. “I co-wrote this play. It was a private act ok! The girl was a friend and yes that all happened!! Now please release me!”

“Oh really,” I muttered. “Ball gag,” I read out loud. “I wonder if I will find it here?”

“Damn y…” I re-gagged her as I said with her soggy knickers and tape. With Anna violently thrashing around, I searched her room and voilia! I found a black ball gag in her bag.

Part 5

“My oh my, Anna Camden, what do we have here?” I held up the ball gag in front of her. She only gave frantic cries through the gag. “Ok, I remove your present gag, you explain this. Ok?”‘ She nodded and gave more muffled cries. I finally eased her soggy knickers out after the tape and she screamed, “please, the crotch rope, get it off!!!”

“Not until you explain why you have a ball gag.”

“Please, I can’t bear any more!!!” I thought for a few seconds then reached down and undid the crotch rope, spying a bit of her own undies in the process. “Now explain.”

“Water please; the gag dried my throat.” I gracious accepted her request, but used the cup and facet in bathroom. “Can you remove my bonds?”

“No, they stay. Now tell me about this ball gag.”

“Okay, look it’s part of the play. Yes, I admit I co-wrote the play with my friend. Somehow, the first actress considered for the damsel-in-distress didn’t and couldn’t fit in, so I sort of volunteered. No, I DID NOT buy the gag or the cuffs; someone else did and I don’t know who. But I volunteered to keep the props. Now please, can you release me?”


“Why? Look, I gave in to all your play. I don’t want to spend more time bound and gagged.”

“You do,” I replied, as her facial expression was much different from her plea.

“No, please.”

“Yes. Now, here’s the deal. You wear this ball gag, and that will be the final play.”


“Ok, then I’ll keep the key to the cuffs and stuff back your knickers.”

“You sadistic…”

“What did you call me?”

“James, I’m your sister. Not your slave.”

“I’m not treating you as such. But after all, you wrote the play, you like being bound in adult style. You want it don’t you?”

Anna shook her head but I knew she wanted it. “At least give me a breather first.” I nodded and allowed her to relieve herself in the loo before re-binding her. “It hurts.”

“I guess you didn’t say that when they bound you.”

“Look ok, you want to see me gagged with that but the bonds hurt. Can’t you loosen them or remove the uh breast bondage?” She clearly liked to be tied up but not confident in saying the bondage types. “If I don’t use rope what can I use?” I yanked open several of her desk drawers and soon found some parcel tape. “No, no…” But soon enough her hands were taped bound tightly. “Not over my dress or tights’ the tape will ruin them!”

“So I guess it’s just rope then.”

She glared at me. Picking up the ball gag, I ordered her to open her mouth. “Wait, it’s dirty,” she cried.

“No, it smells ok. Besides, you wore it last right? Open up dear sister….” She regretably did and once more she was bound and gagged. Yay!

Part 6

As soon as I locked the ball gag in place, Anna started emitted gagged sounds and moved about. Clearly, she needed to be more secure. “Stay still,” I said. She clearly didn’t so I grabbed the rope and holding her with both my arms and thighs, I started winding rope around her boobs again, forming some basic secure but not tight breast bondage to secure her arms to her sides. Since she didn’t want tape around her silky tights (yes they were silky), I used what was left with the rope to bind them.

“Mmmmppph!” She cried but the ball gag masked the sound, though less than her panty gag earlier. Still, that was the kinky item she had. “Aw come on Anna,” I patted her on her head, “it’s the gag you had and wrote about right?” She continued to groan through the gag and being naughtier, I switched on her radio to a station she hated and soon enough, some punk hip hop music which she always hated but I was alright with came on. It made her squirm and groan even more. So for the next few minutes, I had much enjoyment listening to the various songs that were played while watching my sister wriggle and cry out through the gag she had.

After around twenty minutes and four songs later, I noticed a huge damp part on her bed and turned her head around to see her saliva drooling out by side of her mouth. “Aw, you’re drooling like a baby, Anna,” I commented in my evil voice as I drew some tissue to wipe the drool. Anna glared at me and continued to moan and drool. Finally, I had some kind of pity for her, and eased the ball out from between her teeth.

“That… water,” I got a cup from the nearby toilet and eased the cup into her mouth.

Once she had finished drinking, she said “James, can I not be gagged by this? It hurts and it’s humiliating.”

“Oh so did you say that when you wrote the script and acted it out?” I retorted.


“But what?”

“I didn’t wear it for long. Come on, you made your point. Let’s end.”

“No, you like this.”


“Ok, I give you a try. Try to get out of the bonds in three minutes. If you succeed, I’ll stop. If not…” I gave her an evil grin. “Your time starts now!” Anna struggled wildly and did manage to get part of the tape around her wrists torn but as I counted down the seconds, that was at most she could do. “I win!” I clapped my hands in triumph.

“Not fair! You bound my arms! The tapes were too tight!”

“Complaints, complaints. Now open wide,” I lifted up the ball which I wiped clean.

“Give me a breather first.”

I complied, undoing the torn tapes, but minutes later her wrists were bound again and the gag was back on. “Ok, no more music,” I switched off the radio. “How about we watch a movie?” She nodded and carrying her with one arm touching her tights-covered thighs to the nearby TV room. Over the next hour or so, we rapidly switched through a series of action movies and romance movies. All was going well until Anna started mmmmphing wildly through her gag. “What?” I asked, easing the ball out again.

“James, I need to go to the loo.”

“I thought I let you already.”

“No, please I need to.” Sighing, I started working at her bonds. I could get the ropes off easily from around her ankles but the tape was a different matter. “Hurry damnit!” she cried. Instead of trying further, I pulled her up and got her to the toilet and instinctively yanked down both her knickers and her tights in one go. Then I left her to do her business.

“James! James damnit James! my hands are still bound!” Sighing I returned with scissors so she could clean herself while I looked away.

“I can’t believe my step brother actually removed my undies,” she groaned as we stepped back out.

“Well, take it as a record of your life.” I joked.

“Very funny, hey!” she cried, as I snapped the handcuffs back on her wrists securing them behind her back. “James, can we stop this now?”

“No, no,” then the clock chimed. “Ok, no gag,” but then I realised her breast bondage was still on so I removed it. “I’ll make you dinner ok?” I brought her down and within less half an hour I had cooked a ready made pizza. “Uh,” She gestured to her arms so I removed one cuff to allow her to eat.

“You get excited by all this don’t you?” She asked between bites.

“Excited? It’s interested.”

“Come on brother, you know what I mean.”

“Whatever sex drive I have is my business,” I replied.

“Well you were really ‘interested’ seeing me with that….crotch rope,” she continued.

“You wrote that play.”

“Ok, fine fine, I wrote an erotic play. What, is that a crime?”

“You like it. You started playing with the cuffs, you had the ball gag.”


“And finish up,” I said then as she did so, I secured her wrists again. “James!” She cried.

“Ok, just until tomorrow morning ok?”

“What, no – how can you?”

“Please for me?” I gave her a puppy dog look.

“Let me change first, I’m no longer going to wear this and give more upskirts to my brother.” Back in her room, she changed into slacks and a pink T-shirt and I held up the cuffs.

“No, that hurts.” I pointed to tape but after the earlier incident, we both rejected that. I pointed to the zip ties but she shook her head and same with the rope. “Well, either you choose or I’ll do it.”

“Grrr..ok, fine,the handcuffs. But no breast…uh bondage ok?” She still didn’t seem to like term.

“Ok fine,” She was quickly re-cuffed and ropes around her ankles. “Open wide,” I held up ball gag.

“No anything but that!” Groaning, I reach into her drawer and ignoring her protests, she was gagged with a black pair of her knickers sealed in with two strips of tape. Back at the TV room, I put on a couple James Bond movies, stopping and movie to the next. Anna was never a Bond fan so she did groan through her gag. Time flew by until it was nearly midnight.

“Bed time,” I removed her bonds and tossed the saliva-soaked undies into her laundry basket. Anna soon was in her cute teddy bear PJs when I stopped her.

“What?” then she noticed the cloth in my hand.

“James you got to be joking. It’s bed time, I am not going to be bound!”

“Yes you are. Don’t worry, it will be light bondage.” She continued to protest but I persuaded her and bound her wrists lightly in front of her with cloth and gave her a cleave gag. As a finishing touch, her ankles were also bound with cloth.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll camp out if your room too,” I said and brought over my sleeping bag. “Goodnight Anna.”

Part 7

I was awaken by feeling over my lips. As I stirred, it was clear it was something human–a human hand. “GOT YOU!” I heard a familiar voice cry but that was the end of the cry as my hand reached out and with a few tackles, I brought Anna flat down on the ground. “Ah, the captive has escaped eh?” I snarled, the foul odour of my breath breathed down on my sister.

“Yes and this is the end of your…mmmph!!!!” I used my right arm to cover her lips wile my other armed pressed down on her torso–I said torso, I didn’t wanted to touch her boobs.


“Give in! Give in!” She continued to struggle but her resistance was weak. I dragged her off the ground and flopped her back on her bed. “Jam…” she cried but I wasn’t in the mood as I rummaged around the room. Ah! I spied the ball gag, I mean the ball gag she tried to hide but I found, and lifted her head. “Noo….mmmph!” I eased the ball in between her teeth and buckled it in. I searched around and found the handcuffs and locked her wrists behind her.

“Though you can escape huh?” I spied the cloth gag and cloth on her bed. Well, they weren’t exactly tight bindings….

“Jammmmps…” She cried through the ball.

“Don’t ‘James’ me. I was planning on ending this today. Now your luck has changed.”

“Ommr parmmmts wimmm be…” She tried talking but saliva started to drool out of her gag. Serves her right.

“Yeeah but not till the evening.” Anna started protesting again but stopped.

“Oh Miss failed escappee,” I reached over and unlocked her cuffs. “You’re allowed to shower. But…” I dragged her over to the bathroom and pulled off her towel from the rack.

“Get over there behind the closet door and change out of your clothes, put the towel on.” With a curious look, Anna compiled, ensuring I couldn’t see her naked body as she tucked the towel around her cleavage. She gave a yelp as I cuffed her hands in front of her then led her back to the bathroom.

“Ok shower,” I said. She raised up her hands.

“I said shower Anna. No no, the cuffs stay on as well as the gag. Don’t you try to take off the latter. No,” I shook my head, “I don’t care, the cuffs are in front not behind. Now get moving.”

Slightly over ten minutes later, Anna emerged, her hands still cuffed and the ball gag in place, but the towel not so well tucked around her. I uncuffed her hand and ordered, “Get changed,” I pointed to a set of clothes I picked out for her. It was a shiny light blue bra and skimpy translucent pink knickers, short pleated skirt and simple T-shirt.

“Jmmm…” but I was in the mood as cuffed her hands behind her then brought her downstairs. In the chair, I bound her with tape and rope, ensuring a secure binding before I turned my attention to breakfast. I cooked up a full English (with no black pudding) and then stared at her as I placed her plate in front of her.

“Do you think you deserve this?”

“Immmhungmy,” Was her answwer. I waited for several second before easing out the gag and boy was her jaw filled with drool.

“I…thanks,” she coughed and I was briefly sympathetic and wiped her mouth.

“James, can I please have my hands free?” She tugged at her cuffs.


“Please. Look I’m sorry I got free and tried to tackle you. Please…” I sighed and uncuffed one ring ensuring one of her wrists was cuffed to the arms of the chair.

“Very funny,” she commented.

“Just eat up.”

“Can we discuss…”

“Eat your food or the ball goes back in.” Anna did so regrettably. Breakfast done, I reached forward to replace the ball but she shook her head. “Not this gag again. No….mmpph!!!”

“You don’t get a say in this matter step sis,” I snarled again. Undoing her from the chair, I marched her back up to her room but instead of more bondage, I lay her body down on the bed and her knees kneeling on the floor. I then removed the ball from her teeth.

“James, what on earth are you doing?” Anna started to cry out but then I simply lifted her skirt up and swatted her underwear-covered bum hard. “OW!”

“Remember when you were 10 and you broke dad’s gift to mum?” I reminded her. “Remember what you got?”

“James, this is out…..OW!” I spanked her again. “OW!” “Stop this at once!!!”

“I don’t want you to choke on a gag but no I’m not stop.” Anna continued to cry out as I spanked her a total of ten times.

Part 8

“James!” My step sister cried as I helped her up. “You…you…you spanked me!!!!!”

“It’s not your first time that you got that,” I reminded her.

“But… but that’s parental. You’re my brother…”

“Step brother,” I corrected her.

“That’s worse. You… touched my pants… my underwear… my bum…. it’s mo…”

“What you want to report me for molesting you?” A small part of me was wondering if she would but her look said something else.

“Just let me the f*** out! Get these f****ing things off me!” She tugged at the plastic cuffs.

“Whine Anna. If I were you, I wouldn’t struggle; those ties can really cut through your skin.”


“Stop ‘James’ me. First you swore Miss “I pledge never to swear in my life”. Second, you wrote the full fetish novel which I can easily distribute.” I noticed her flare up. “Third, that morning tackle means I want revenge.”


“Stop whining and remember we still have the day ahead.”

“You…ok fine. You want me as your play toy? Let me loose; I need to really use the loo. And no, you aren’t going to see anything.” Not that I was interested in seeing her private part. I complied with her request and gave her time. But back out she said, “Do I have to still wear this?”


“I was thinking of like jeans, or at least so tights and shorts….”

“Stop horsing around and get your arms behind you,” I ordered. I used rope this time for a good reason but tried to not kill off all her circulation. It wasn’t just all around her wrists, I gave her a complex breast bondage, pushing her boobs out. “You’re…enjoying this aren’t you,” she commented. I didn’t reply. “You’re getting a hard o…” I yanked her hair.

“Rule 101. Never torment your captor. I could gag you now, but if you remain silent it can wait.” For the next part, however, she definitely could not remain silent as I tightened a rope around her waist then through her anus and up through the middle of her crotch (ok there was a slight peek at her front but hey it was covered!). “James…”

“Shut up and save your breath,” I warned but the sensations from the crotch rope worked its magic and she started to moan. I swiftly bound her ankles and knees then paused.

“Ah…oooh! No…ah!!!” My step sister cried out from the arousal. I initially reached out for the ball gag but remembered her earlier comments. There wasn’t cloth nearby and I didn’t think a cleave gag would be sufficient so I went for the next best. “Which would you like Anna? Pink? Dark blue? Black?” I held up the items.

“Damn…ah!!” was her response so I chose the largest–the dark blue knickers and jammed it in her mouth sealing it with a two long pieces of duct tape.

Anna was bound and gagged again.

Part 9

“Your problem, Anna Louise,” I began as I watched her groan through the gag , “is that you can’t keep secrets and simply aren’t who you really are.”

“Gtmmmemmmoutmmmommphis!” She cried. More like a groan as a result of the crotch rope, I thought gleefully. I watched her squirm for a few more minutes before lifting my sister up and carrying her downstairs. As seating her would disrupt the crotch rope, I laid her gently on the floor and started fixing up breakfast.

Around half an hour later, I yanked her up and regrettably undid the crotch rope – but used that rope to lightly bind her to the chair. I then gave her a warning and tore away the tape and extracted her underwear out.

“Tha…thanks,” she said. I gave her a sip of juice–you can’t give a bound girl hot coffee or tea–and then proceeded to eat.

“Hey! Am I suppose to eat my pancakes like a dog?” She did have a point, so I groaned and undid her wrists.

“You know, our parents will have a real hard time wondering about my wrist and lip marks,” she grunted as she ate.

“The marks aren’t that bad, and you can apply your make up,” I retorted. It is true, somehow there weren’t rope marks.

“Damnit it James, I want this to end after breakfast!”

“Eat your food. I decide what to with you,” I growled back in the captor-like voice.

Breakfast over, I tied her hands back but not her ankles and decided not to stuff her mouth but taped it back up. Back in her room, I made her sit with her legs slightly open as I rummaged through her stuff once more.

“Okay, ‘fess up Step sis. Any more gags or binding material you have? Or drama scripts?” I smirked as I tore off her gag again.

“You know, if this was any other circumstance, I would have chased you out of my room.”

“Answer my question,” I growled.


“That doesn’t sound right. Try again.”

“I said no ok! Let me out of this…hey! Yikes, yikes no, no..yikes, yikes!” Her cries came as I ticked her in her armpits, tummy, feet and lifted her skirt to touch her bum. Tickling was her weak point–I knew this when I first met her.

“…ok…ok I tell!”

“Right, no nonsense. From the start.”

“I always liked to be a damsel in distress ok? Not like those fake ones on TV or books. A real one! I’ve been reading up on such and found out about ball gags and cuffs. That’s it ok!”

I looked at her eyes and determined she spilled out everything. “Ok, sis, I believe you. So, since you like them,” I saw something within my grasp. “You can have your wish for the last time!” Before she could move further, I ball gagged her once more, then quickly changed her wrists bonds to handcuffs. With her slightly kicking legs rope bound, Anna was once more secured.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I smiled then left to relief myself. As I slowly headed back to her room, I hear a screeching noise. Shit, my parents were back. I quickly rushed back to her room and saw Anna mmmphing loudly and squirming around. “I know, I know,…” I said sweating profusely. Where was the key? I turned 360 degrees and tossed over various items. Shit, shit shit….I finally found it under the bed.

“Mmmmh, Hurmmmph!” She cried. The cuff looose, I quickly yanked off the ball gag, thankfully not chipping her teeth. “Hurry, help!” She pointed at leg restraints. But damn, those were tightly bound. I heard my parents call.

“Damnit, I have to get out! You do it!” I rushed back to my own room, and quickly combed my hair and shaved with my electric shaver.

“Hey, there you are,” I turned to see my dad.

“Hey Pop, how was your trip.”

“Nice, but exhausting. Anna also in her room?”

“Yeah…” I hope she got her legs unbound in time.

“James? Anna?” I heard my mum call. “Why’s there rope in the kitchen chair?”

The End.

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