An Officer and a Gentleman

This story is linked to my story on KP Presents, titled “Under the Sea“.

Staring through  the binoculars, Lieutenant  Lauren Gooden announced, “Captain, recommend a slighter deviation to port,” she said.

Double checking, Commander Ramsey nodded and clicked on the intercom, “Conn, Bridge, right five degrees rudder”.

It was just in time as the submarine Invisible swung to starboard to avoid a collision with the sea obstacle. “Bravo Zulu Gooden. And great job overall,” he said.

“Thank You sir,” the 26 year old replied, starring again through the binoculars, though not looking at anything particular. Most of the others on the bridge of the surfaced submarine were scanning the harbour in search of their family members and love ones, but Lauren knew no one would be there for her. Just before she departed, her father and mother, both naval veterans, had a heated argued and divorced, moving out of the country to live separate cities overseas. Lauren’s last minute calls did nothing to save the situation. Her brother was still deployed overseas. As for love ones, she had…

“Dock 200 metres ahead,” the lookout announced. With that the might new sub eased into port. On command, sailors, from the most junior onwards rushed down into the arms of anxiously waiting family and friends. “Gooden, I know it’s been….”

“It’s ok sir,” Lauren said, switching off the last few systems. “I’m fine. See you at de-briefing.”

Finally exiting the attack sub, the navy’s first female navigator savoured the air as much as  she could when suddenly a familiar  figure  approached her. As he neared, he snapped to attention and said, “Permission to speak ma’am.”

“For you Warrant Officer Oates, it’s always granted.” Both Warrant Officer and Officer broke of the urge to hug each other, lest they face disciplinary charges. Relationships were forbidden between Officers and Ratings, and most definitely out of order between Warrant Officers and Officers and especially between ratings who are serving or have served under a junior officers. Kevin and Lauren fell under all those categories so they had to keep their year a a bit long relationship secret.

“Sorry I was late,” he said, both of them walking side by side, him half a step behind as per decorum. “I’m now posted to IntelCom, a bit further away,” referring to the Naval Intelligence Command.

“Oh bet it’s lovely over there.”

“Not as great as going out to seas, well under the sea,” he replied

“Oate…Kevin, I’ve told you it’s nothing special, just a normal job,” she replied, also returning the salutes of passing Able Seamen.

“Well now you back, it’s time to forget about it. Any plans this evening?”

“Not sure, we have a de-brief soon and a cheque through of stores and logs…” her voice was cut off by the shouts of many voices calling her name. Reporters, both of them noted. Lauren was still the national celebrity for a while.

“Well, come over when your done,” he said, passing her a folder. Drawing to attention, the 38 year old saluted his former boss and said, “Good to see you, ma’am.”

Lauren managed the countless questions before escaping to her office. Once in, she opened the folder to find a note stating  Kevin’s home address and the time for dinner. Ever since they started their secret relationship, all their meals had been out in  restaurants. Now it’s a home cooked meal. Nothing wrong and surely something nice to look forward too, she thought, though not knowing it would be more than that…

8 pm that evening….

Lauren rushed through the underground ticket barriers, bounded up the steps and rush through the streets, swearing for the first time in all her years. Pushing the doorbell of the given address, she straightened her uniform and stared at her watch. “I’m so so sorry, the debrief and everything took longer than usual. Then my car broken down…”

“It’s ok. Come in, dinner’s all ready.” Sliding off her her one-inch navy issued heels, she entered Kevin’s flat for the first time. It was like entering a Tudor setting but with a modern twist. The living room revealed the odour of scented candles which reminded her of her cousin’s beauty shop. It was enchanting and everything that she loved…

Dinner was another surprise: baked pork chops with fried, not wilted vegetables and a sweet potato and potato mash. “Oh, Kevin’ this is my favourite meal! How did you know that?”

“You did seem to enjoy pork the other time we went out so it was a wild guess,” she said, pouring her a glass of wine. Another favourite wine of hers she noted.

“Cheers,” they both said and began their talk-and-eat sessions that happened before. As she placed her cut pieces of meat in her mouth, the Warrant Officer Class 2 could not help but stare at her beauty. Blonder golden hair now flowing down to her shoulders, ample bosom, not too skinny frame…

Dessert was a chocolate sponge cake laced intentionally with booze and her continued to pour her yet another glass. “Mmmm…” she said savouring the spoonful of chocolate. “How I miss this after months on frozen food.”

With out warning, both plate and girl were lifted up and guided to the nearby sofa. Feeding her till finished, a DVD of both their favourite musical was clicked on and Lauren tucked her stocking legs together, hugging her lover as they watched. Suddenly, as the scene shifted to dancing, he brought her up and both of them started prancing around the small room, hands and lips locked together. Without her heels, she was now at her full 155 cm while he stood at least 20 cm taller.

Lauren, slight intoxicated and weary from the days events suddenly noticed the change of setting. “We’re in your bedroom.” It was a statement. His  bed room, unlike the  rest of the flat, was simply decorated, mostly filled with framed up certificates and medals from  his navy career.

“Uh, yes,” he said, not knowing her next response.

“Are you  imply that we should sleep together?” she asked, moving a bit away, then noticing tat it was way past eleven. The last train back home would be leaving soon.

“Uh, no Lieutenan…Lauren. It wasn’t…”

“Kevin Oates, give me a straight answer, given our relationship. Did you want to me to sleep with you?”

His eyes flickered ad he said, “No, it wasn’t my….”

“I’ll leave then. Thank you for the dinner.” However, something glued her to the spot and she just couldn’t move at all. What happened next was again the meeting of their lips. Then their bodies met and Lauren felt the full muscular frame of his enveloping her. This was unlike previous relationships where the man  just squashed her boobs. It was entering a new dimension.

He moved first and his fingers reached for the buckle and zip of her work skirt. Just has he un-did the the buckle, she pulled away. “Uh, we have to set a rule.”

“Rule?” oh no, was this going to be…

“Kevin, ok, you’re a terrible liar and I love you still. But I don’t want, I definitely don’t want to have sex before marriage. At all.” She emphasised the last two words.

Starring at the short officer, he immediately responded, “That was my my rule too. Strict abstinence. But sleeping…”

“We can. I guess you really want me…”

They interlocked again and this time, her skirt fell off to reveal her white knickers and dark tights underneath—naval regulations all adhered too. “Wow,” was his gasp. “Ok, we’re this far,” she said. “You take off yours and I’ll take off…”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, responding to orders like he did since he joined the service at sixteen. In a couple of minutes, he was down to his  grey boxer shorts while she had only removed her hosiery.

“No tattoos?” She just asked  using two words, her heart beating rapidly now.

“I’m not that sort of sailor,” he simply replied, his heart to racing. This was really beyond  all those days of nightclubs and false loves…

“Thanks, darling,” she said and they embraced again, moving to the side of the double bed.

Hesitating again, he asked another question, “I guess this is your sleeepwear?”

“Are you asking me to remove my bra and  expose my breasts for you?”


“You’ve got to be more confident, sailor,” she laughed. “Turn around, eyes closed.” He obeyed and hardly heard any sound. When told to turn back, the 26 year old was tucked into bed, her 34B cup cleavage just poking out under the warm duvet.

“This is what you get, Mister Oates,” dropping the informal method of addressing Warrant Officers.

“It’s perfect. May I?”

“You may,” and his two hands stroked the top of her breasts. He was as aroused as any male could be but remembered their pact and only just continued to kiss her. They both soon fell asleep, more so from the bodily warmth of each other than the warm of the duvet. Three more times during the night they turned to kiss each other and he to stroke her breasts…

8 am the next morning…

Lauren stirred and yawn. “Morning, ma’am,” the voice of Kevin got her eyes opened.

“Kevin, if you call me ma’am one more time  outside office hours, I’ll bust you back to Able Seamen by order,”s she croaked, her mouth dry.

“You can’t do that ma’–Lauren,” he replied, knowing the rules. “How was your sleep?”

This brought the Lieutenant awake? Was there any sex last night? Did he….no, I don’t think so…he read her thoughts and said, “don’t worry, I did wear protection last night.”

“Oh,” she replied then suddenly felt the urge. “Where’s your bathroom?”

“Down that way.” He didn’t move. “Kevin, we’re not at that stage yet for me to show you my….” she didn’t say the word. Hearing him sighing, he left the the room. Grabbing her uniform and underwear minus her tights, she  found the place and  let out a long stream of pee….

It seemed at he had laid out out everything in the bathroom  for her as she turned off the tap, looking at the range of towels to choose from, the hairdryer plugged in, and even feminine deodorants and some bottles of perfume. He planned everything, she thought, angry and yet happy for this new boyfriend.

With her underwear oh she buttoned the first button of her work blouse but then stop short and saw her herself in the mirror. The blouse and skirt was all wrinkled from last night’s love making. While it was the weekend, thsi was the only clothes she had and damn if  she was going to walk the streets in such attire.

“Hey, you forgot this,” Kevin appeared outside, handing her her tights. “Thanks, do you have have an  ironing board I could use?”

“What… uniform. Of course. But first breakfast, I bet you you are starving. I am,” With her pocketing her tights in her pocket, she followed him to the dining table. Breakfast appeared to be everything: A Full Fry up, cereals of all kind, at least three of juices and  two pots. “Kevin, I’m not a pig you know. I’ll probably need to workout if you give me all this.”

“Just pick anything you want sweetie,” he said.

She chose her favourite of scrambled eggs and bacon. Mid-way through the meal she stopped and asked, “Kevin, we were almost naked last night. Did your um ah…”

“Ask you asked if I ejaculated?” He used the word.


“I told you I was wearing protection. Nothing to worry about,” he resumed drinking his coffee.

“Kevin….” she pleaded, “I don’t want to be preg…”

“It’s ok dear. Unless you want to look at my used condom? Why are you so hesitant about saying the words?”

She looked down at her cup of tea and pondered. He’s probably telling the truth.

They resumed they breakfast and once the dishes were cleared, she asked for the ironing board again. “Follow me.” She did so and just as she was about to open the closet indicated, he turned  her around pulled her to kiss.

“Kevv… stop it!”

“Why darling? It’s just a kiss…”

“Kevin…you are a such a….” her voice was cut off as he  half kiss and  and half sucked her lips. In a swift motion, her started to unbutton her blouse and in no time it came off yet again. “Ke…” he continued to kiss her and her skirt dropped off. “Now, wasn’t that helpful?”

“Kevin! ” She punched him, albeit softly in the shoulder. “You really can’t control yourself.”

They both started arguing over this but finally stopped. The iron and ironing board came out and the non-com gladly ironed the officer’s uniform. Lauren soon got dressed including her tights and shared another kiss before departing.

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