Cat and Jade get spanked

I do not own Victorious. I’ve nothing against Ariana Grane or Elizabeth Gillies.

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Background: Andre’s Horrible Girl


“Wait a minute,” Carl Gibbons said, inspecting the damage. “My Skull was suppose to be in the bedroom. What’s it doing here?”

“Ah….We…Jad….” Cat started and Jade shot her a dirty look.

“It was me, Sir, I brought it here cause I really liked it. I’m sorry…” Jade said, hating to say the last word.

“Ah, and I suppose one of you touched my Elvis Presley Guitar too?” He noticed the stickiness from the super

“We were trying to fix it…” Beck and Robbie began

Turning, Gibbons said, “Were you boys involved?”

“No,no, we were trying to fix it…” Beck Said, deflecting all the blame on his ex-girlfriend.

“Right. You boys out.”

Grateful, they left while Cat inched toward Jade.

“Well, it will be simple. I either fire your mother now or you two girls get a quick punishment.”

Fearful for her mother, Cat agreed to the latter. “Kneel, hands holding the big sofa. Take off your lower clothes, including your panties.”

With that, both girls were given hard smacks on their bare bottoms, creating visible red marks.

The End.




A Victorious fanfic: Bound and panty gagged

NB: I do not  own the TV series Victorious. I have no grudge against Elizabeth Gillies or Victoria Justice.

Tori Vega, one of the most gifted  girls at Hollywood Arts, hated one main  ting, or rather person in the world and that was Jade West. Similarly, Jade herself hated the newest addition to the school. Unfortunately, at this  moment, both girls were  about  to share something of each other…

“Listen lady, I’ve no  more patience. Stuff that in your friend’s mouth or you’ll  face immense pain,” the masked intruder  said. Both girls were in the middle of a forest on a camping trip gone wrong. They were currently held at gun point and forced to strip to their bra and panties.

“Please….ow!!! Ok,” Tori leaned forward and Jade  shuddered, unable  to be a usual fierce self. The Goth girl regrettably opened her mouth and accepted the balled-up pink panties in  Tori hand. They were supposedly clean undies  from  her camping  bag though Jade  never believed  any word of Tori’s. “Good,” one of the intruder’s said, ripping on a piece of duct tape and plastering the underwear in place. “Now you, freaky girl, do the same to her.”

Jade would have protested had there not been a M4 carbine  pointed at her. Instead, she picked  up her own black bikini panties and Tori too regrettably opened her  mouth, accepting her nemesis’ underwear. Tape soon followed. Both  girls were  then hogtied thoroughly.

The End. Short story.

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