A New Doctor

Trying to calm myself, I knocked rapidly on the door.

“Enter,” was the curt remark. Inside, I found two individuals, a grey-haired man, maybe in his fifties or sixties and a plumb lady with the name “Roberts” stencilled on her left breast.

“Doctor…Carter Jamieson?” The grey-haired man read out from his open folder.

“That’s me. Doctor…?”

“Henderson. George Henderson.” He gestured to the single seat in front of him. “I’ll be quick. First in your class in medicine. Recommended by lecturer to pursue any medical specialisation. Worked in young offender’s home, police behavioural department…you haven’t any medical experience have you?”

“No but…”

“And you specifically and only wrote down ‘mental health’ as opposed to other medical issues. Why?”

“I’ve always an interest in cure the mental well-being of individuals. I believe any state of mind can be rectified and…”

“Ok, we’re in a hurry today. Nurse, give Dr. Jamieson the file so he can read as we walk.” Before I could even open the folder, they shot up and exited back into the hallway. Scurrying to catch up, I open the file. It was a long ‘essay’ reporting about an 18-year-old female named Catherine Granger. She had a history of anger tantrums and cases of violence, the latest destroying university property, injuring two tutors and four lecturers, causing them to suspend her and her scholarship.

“Here we are,” the nurse announced, swiping a card to reveal a rather small room with a large black screen in front and another door.

“Wait here until you are called,” the doctor said, as the nurse buzzed the two of them through the door. As it banged shut, I felt a wave of helpless surround me. Calming myself again, I look around and saw a switch near the screen. Curiosity building up, I flicked it and the screen rolled up to reveal a two-way mirror. There, the senior doctor and the nurse stood around a young girl, most definitely the subject Catherine, who was dressed in a dark blue spaghetti top, black bra straps visible, and in tight shiny black jeans. The three of them were definitely engaged in conversation but there seemed to be no audio speakers around. Having no ability to lip read, I could only guess they were arguing about the girl’s anger problems. Suddenly, the girl shot up and definitely shouted at the two medical staff. She ran towards the locked door, slamming violently against it. She spun around and was about to strike Dr Henderson when Nurse Roberts grabbed her and to my shock, the doctor stabbed her arm! The teenager suddenly collapsed down on the ground.

“Hey, let me in!” I cried, pressing against the locked doorknob. It finally opened.

“I said for you to wait Jaimeson,” Henderson said irritably. “But since we let you in, help Miss Granger out of her clothes.”

“Out of…her CLOTHES?!” I cried.

“Hey, you want to pipe down? She’s a violent girl and had to be sedated. We are preparing her for the jacket.” I turn to see the nurse already yanking off the girl’s top to reveal her full bra. “Go on help her.”

“Is this right…legal? I thought we talk thoroughly with patients first, then help them into jackets clothed.”

“She’s really violent and was going to assault me. Now, help Nurse Johnson; the drug won’t keep her unconscious for long.”

I hesitated then bent down. The nurse had already unbuttoned her jeans to reveal pink bikini knickers underneath. The nurse turned her around with some of my help and unhooked her bra. That off, she peeled off the lower underwear and turned the girl back flat down. Immediately, despite my medical education, I felt a sharp erection.

“Check her for contraband and items,” was the order. I started to question it, but the nurse proceeded as instructed checking her hair, ear lobes, nostrils, parting her lips, then searching, or rather quite fondling her breasts, poking her fingers up her anus and parting her vaginal lips.

“Clean,” she said, snapping off her gloves. Out of nowhere, the nurse produced a thick white straitjacket and something else which appeared to be a pair or slightly thicker ‘granny knickers’. Those went up to cover her vulva. Then, with more prodding from Henderson, I helped the nurse slip the ‘sleeping’ girl’s arms into the straitjackets sleeves. Instead of the single or double straps for the front there were three and at the back there were four instead of three. The nurse sealed the back straps first and there were buckled instead of Velcro. She then, with some of my help, folded Catherine’s arms horizontally, threading them through two loops before sealing the front bonds. Finally, the ‘crotch strap’ locked her into place. Testing the ‘gown’ for any loose parts, the nurse declared the unconscious patient ready.

“Ok thanks, nurse. I have to move on somewhere. Dr Jamieson, perhaps you and the nurse like to help our patient to the vehicle?”

That vehicle turned out to be a white rather unmarked van and boy was the girl heavy to drag up into the back. “One last thing, ankle cuffs,” the nurse said.

“We’ve done her like a prisoner to Guantanamo Bay,” I protested.

“Hey Doc, ever had a patient kick you in the balls?” The cuff went on and suddenly, the girl stirred. “Wh..” She mumbled.

“Oh yeah, this as well,” and to further shock, the nurse presented a panel gag–I’ve seen BDSM parties before–which was expertly locked around the girl’s head, turning her conscious cries into whimpered sounds.

“Let’s roll,” the nurse said in a wall intercom.

The drive took around twenty minutes and the vehicle’s noise masked any conversation. Actually, there was none since the nurse stared away from me and the girl across from me was tightly gagged. I could definitely see her protest through the gag and shift around in her bonds and was quite sympathetic towards her. Moreover, I was quite shocked over the series of events from the interview to the striping to the straitjacket and now to this ride. The vehicle jerked to a stop and the nurse swung the doors open. Without any bidding, I unbuckled the straitjacketed girl and we both helped her down through the security card-locked doors. The reception area was nearby and the nurse trotted over, signing away at the counter.

“Hey doctor, I can take it from here. You may need to get your administrative stuff cleared, get the security cards and what not. I think Doc Henderson said to report at 0830 tomorrow? There are bunks. Night.” With that, she pulled the poor, still quite groggy girl out of sight.

Still bewildered, I took several deep breaths before turning to the duty nurse and getting the necessary items ready. “Through those doors, take two rights pass through locked doors and there’s the doctor’s sleeping quarters,” she said. “Oh, Doc said you might want to read this,” I was given a thick folder titled, “Henderson Mental Hospital: Policies, and Solutions.”

To Be Continued


Fromt GDIT: Two’s A Crowd

Part Three



I came too slowly, as if from a deep sleep. I was lying on my side and instinctively rolled over onto my back. Damn, but that was uncomfortable, I could feel my hands digging into the small of my back. Why couldn’t I move them out of the way?

It took me a few moments to realise – I was tied up. Okay I thought angrily, which one of you bastards was it this time? Paul? Robert? But no, I hadn’t been at home had I? I’d been at Sabrina’s telling her about how Delores had framed me. So what the hell was I doing trussed up?

My wrists were crossed and bound behind my back, further they were pinned to the small of my back by a rope around my waist. Dammit, that meant I wouldn’t be able to perform my usual trick of slipping my bound hands under my legs and picking the knots with my teeth. Not that I could have done that anyway, something had been stuffed in my mouth, held there by a strip of tape across my lips. Finally my boots had been removed and my legs crossed and bound at the ankle.

I rolled around on the floor, testing my bonds and trying to find a weak spot but there was none and I just exhausted myself.

I had no idea how long I’d been unconscious but it was dark, nighttime. My parents would be home by now, they’d have realised I was gone. How long would it be before they started to suspect I was actually missing? Straight away? Or not until I failed to arrive home for my 9 o’clock curfew?

Scared and helpless I lay in the darkness waiting, what for I wasn’t sure, but tied up like I was there wasn’t much else I could do. Eventually after what felt like hours – come to think of it, it probably was – dawn came around and soft golden sunlight filtered in through a curtainless window.

As the light began to illuminate the room and my eyes adjusted to the darkness I found I could make out shapes, specifically boxes piled up in one corner. Other than that the room appeared to be empty, unused. It was a fairly small room, smaller even than the garage where dad keeps his car, and I realised with mounting dread I knew exactly where I was – Sabrina’s back bedroom.

She’d shown me it once, ages ago when she first moved in, she’d been so proud of the flat, pokey though it was it was her own home, hers and Sean’s and she’d given me the full guided tour. The back bedroom was unfurnished, with the cost of the mortgage they couldn’t afford to have the whole house decorated and so for practical reasons that particular room had been left untouched. Still. She’d told me; there was plenty of time for that, one day when they were ready this would be the nursery.

And now here I was being held prisoner in that self same room by Sabrina herself, but why? Did it have something to do with that had happened to Sean? To Suzee? My god, what if Suzee was right all along, what if Sabby really was a sucka-wotzit?

My mind drifted back to a conversation I’d had with Charlie a couple of weeks back. “Perhaps” Charlie had suggested “Sabby isn’t Sabby at all, perhaps she’s Kerrie” She’d been joshing with me as it turned out but what if she was right? How does that old saying go? Many a true word spoken in jest? On my god, that makes such perfect sense. Kerrie must have killed Sabrina and taken her place, now she was eliminating everyone who might recognise the difference – Sean, Suzee, me. Who was next? – Aunt Lavinia? Tracey?

I had to get out of there, I had to escape somehow and raise the alarm. But how? Kerrie had tied me up in such a way that my gymnastics prowess wasn’t going to help me and I wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to break the ropes.

Then as the room grew slowly lighter I saw it, my salvation. Against one wall a series of screws were embedded, probably all that remained of a bookshelf the previous occupants of the house had taken down when they moved out. The lowest of those screws couldn’t be more than 2 feet off the ground, if I could just reach it.. Maybe, just maybe I might be able to work myself free.

Slowly I shuffled across the bare wooden floor on my back until I was underneath one of the screws. I didn’t dare try to stand, not with my ankles crossed and tied, if I lost my balance and fell Kerrie would be sure to hear. No I had to concentrate on getting my ankles free first, then I could work on my hands.

Pressing close against the wall I swing my feet up and managed to hook the cord that bound them over the lowest screw. Then I began to saw slowly back and forth. It was a difficult task not least because I was balanced uncomfortably on my elbows, almost doing a handstand. Thankfully the cords that Kerrie had used to tie my ankles were thin and fairly worn, I wondered where she had found them.

It was still an unbearably slow process but eventually I felt the rope snap and with a bit of wriggling I managed to pull one ankle free from its bindings. Relieved I let my legs drop gently back to the floor, kicking the air in an attempt to get the circulation going again in my feet. I was halfway there now; I’d be free in no time.

Pressing my back against the wall I used it as an anchor and pushed myself up until I was standing. Now if I could just saw my wrists free…

But before I could do anything I heard footsteps in the corridor outside.. Kerrie was up and she was coming for me. For a moment I was struck motionless, too terrified to do anything.

Then I saw it, my one chance to get away. It was a slim one, but I had to try. Ignoring the pins and needles running up my legs from my newly freed feet I hurried across to the door, reaching it just as the key began turning in the lock.

Poised, ready, my heart beating faster than an acid house remix, I waited for the door to open. Thankfully it opened outwards and as soon as there was a wide enough gap I put my head down and ran as fast as I could out of the door.

It worked – sort of – Kerrie was caught off guard, and I shot past her before she could even think to try and stop me, but I hadn’t thought this through, there was nowhere for me to go, and with my hands tied behind me it was impossible to stop myself. I ploughed straight into a low table clipping it with my knee and sending both myself and Sabrina’s cordless telephone flying.

Pain shot up and down my leg, cancelling out the pins and needles and my left kneecap burned where it had impacted with the table. I screamed in agony but to my horror the sound that emerged was no louder than a mouse’s squeal, I had been well gagged. Somehow that was the most frightening thing of all.

Kerrie – I had to keep reminding myself this was Kerrie and not Sabrina, they really are identical – towered over me, looking down on me with contempt. She was wearing a yellow v-neck sweater, faded blue denim mini skirt and black footless tights, flat white pumps on her feet.

She shook her head disdainfully as if I were some misbehaving five year old “Stupid little bitch, what did you think you were going to do? Run straight out the open door into the street? Get up”

Terrified I tried to pull myself up but it wasn’t easy with my hands tied and it hurt to put pressure on my bad knee. After I’d fallen back down twice Kerrie gave a theatrical sigh and leaning down, grabbed my hair in one hand. Her black painted nails cut into my skull threatening to pull the hair out by its roots.

“I said ‘Get up!’ she repeated pulling me to my feet and dragging me, doubled over and screaming into my gag, into the front room. Once there she threw me down onto the sofa, the same sofa I had been curled up on the afternoon before – at least I assumed it was only yesterday, I had no real idea how long I’d actually been out.

I could feel the tears streaming down my face where I was no longer able to hide the sheer unprecedented terror I was feeling. I had never felt as helpless or as scared as I was at that moment, not when I was kidnapped by Mrs King, not even when that evil man Fenton tried to blow us all up in the salon, no this was worse than both those occasions combined. And what made it so utterly terrifying was Kerrie, her uncanny resemblance to her sister, my surrogate sister, Sabrina, one of the kindest most caring people I knew, it was like looking at an evil mirror image of someone I loved.

Kerrie reached down and yanked the tape mercilessly from my lips, taking lipstick and skin with it by the feel of it. Gratefully – hard to believe there was anything I could be grateful for where that woman was concerned but believe me it was a relief to be able to breathe through my mouth again – I spat out the wad that had filled my mouth. As I did so I couldn’t help but look down to see what I had been chewing on for the past few hours. Oh god, I wish I hadn’t. A pair of sheer nylon knickers – Yuck! I just hope they were clean.

“Wh-what are you going to do with me?” I found myself asking, my voice dry and raspy from the gag.

Kerrie sat on the wooden coffee table facing me. She didn’t answer straight away; rather she took my chin in her hand and twisted my head from side to side as if examining me.

“I don’t know,” she said at last “Maybe I’ll sell you on E-bay. A pretty young thing like you is sure to raise a good few bids”

I stared at her, deep down I knew she was joking, taunting me, but helpless as I was I couldn’t help thinking that if she really wanted to sell me she would find a way.

“Yo-you can’t,” I stammered.

Kerrie slapped me hard across the right cheek, hard enough to make my ears ring.

“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, you little hussy” she snarled. The hostility in her voice made me cringe and I shrank slightly in my seat, trying to make myself even smaller than I am “Oh yes, that’s right, you should be ashamed. Did you think Sabby didn’t know about you and Sean? No, she was onto you, you and your little Lolita act.”

I couldn’t believe it. What was she accusing me of? Seducing Sean? As if!

Kerrie grabbed my chin again forcing my head up so my eyes met hers “Well I dealt with Sean and I dealt with that belligerent little sister of his. And I thought I’d dealt with you too. It wasn’t all your fault I know, Sean’s a menace, he likes his girls young and Sabby was getting a bit long in the tooth for him. You were just the next in a long line of teenage girls he’s talked into bed”

“But I never-” I protested but Kerrie pinched my cheeks tighter, a warning that I should shut up.

“You had a lucky escape; he would have gotten bored with you too in time. I knew you weren’t fully to blame so I figured losing your job would be punishment enough, that’s why I planted that fifty on you. But you had to try and get your job back didn’t you? If you’d just kept quiet and taken your punishment like you deserved you would have been fine. Now I’m going to have to deal with you more permanently, and you’ve only got yourself to blame”

“N-no you can’t” I sobbed with more confidence than I actually felt “I-I have family, friends, they’ll come looking for me”

Kerrie laughed cruelly “Let them. It’s not as if they’ll ever find you, not where you’re going. No, you’ll become just another statistic, another runaway teenager. And eventually your family will stop looking for you and move on with their lives, just like mine did”

She picked up the still moist nylon underwear from the sofa beside me and held it up to my mouth, I tried to clench my teeth against it, hold my mouth closed but Kerrie grabbed my hair and yanked my head back sharply. I cried out in pain and instantly the ball was back in my mouth, tickling the back of my throat. Kerrie picked up a roll of duct tape from the coffee table and tore a strip off, sealing my lips shut once more.

“Wait there” She said, a little redundantly before getting to her feet.

As soon as Kerrie was out of sight I began twisting and squirming in my bonds, desperate to get free, but she returned within moments carrying my ankle boots. Kneeling down in front of me she helped me into them, then she grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me to my feet “Come on, we’re going for a little drive”

My heart surged with renewed hope, she couldn’t just walk me out of the front door, bound and gagged. That would raise a few eyebrows, even in this town. She would have to untie me and once she did I could try and make another break for it. My knee was still throbbing a little but I could stand on it now, it was probably just bruised. I was, I hoped, fit enough to run.

We stopped in the hallway “You can’t go outside like that” Kerrie said. This was it; any moment now she’d cut me free “You’ll catch your death. You need a coat”

My heart sank as she retrieved my pink puffer from the coat stand and slipped it over my shoulders, zipping it up at the front and trapping my hands even more tightly against the small of my back. To be so close to freedom and then to have it snatched back. it was like she was playing with me.

Kerrie pulled the hood of my jacket up over my head, effectively hiding my gag. Now not only could no-one see I was tied up but they wouldn’t be able to tell what I looked like either, there was no evidence I’d ever even been here, to Sabrina’s flat. Oh why hadn’t I thought to tell someone where I was going? I bet Charlie wouldn’t make a stupid mistake like that.

Kerrie put her arm around my shoulder and led me out to where Sabrina’s Peugeot 306 was parked in front of the house. I looked anxiously around under the hood of my jacket but nobody was about. Most people were probably at work I guessed

“If you promise to be good Maddie I’ll let you ride in the front” Kerrie whispered “Do you promise?”

I nodded meekly and Kerrie opened the passenger side door, helping me inside. Then closing and locking the door behind me (as if I could have opened it again anyway in my condition) she ran round to the driver’s side.

Once firmly in her seat Kerrie reached across and pulled my seatbelt down, locking me into my seat. “We wouldn’t want to get pulled over now would we” she smiled, before securing her own belt and starting up the engine.

Part Five


Kerrie took no chances with her driving, always staying well within the speed limit and keeping a safe distance from the car in front, just in case they should happen to notice she had a bound and gagged teenager in her passenger seat. I tried shaking my head free of the hood in the hope a passing driver might notice the tape over my mouth but it remained firmly in place, hiding my face.

At first I wondered where she was taking me, but the further from Crookesville we got the more familiar our route seemed to become. I’d been this way before, a couple of months ago with Sabby. We were headed into Swindon, to the squat where Kerrie had arranged to meet her, the meeting that never was. We were going back to where it all started, but why?

Sure enough Kerrie pulled up in the back alley behind the squat. Getting out of the car she walked round to the passenger side and leaned in; popping open the glove box she retrieved a torch, which she gripped like a cosh. Only then did she reach over and unfasten my seat belt.

Taking me by the elbow she dragged me out of the car and towards the rear gate. The padlock I had seen the policeman use to lock it just a couple of months earlier and which old Bob had subsequently forced open still hung there, broken and useless. Obviously no-one had been back here since or maybe they had and Old Bob just kept breaking back in.

She pushed me through the open gate into the overgrown back garden, I tried to pull away but with my hands tied behind me and my body cocooned in my puffer jacket there was nothing I could do.

Helpless to resist I was dragged into the house and up a wooden staircase into a musty smelling bedroom. Like the downstairs rooms I’d seen on my last visit it had been stripped out, though the remains of a venetian blind hung in the window and a couple of shelves still hung on the far wall.

In the corner furthest from the door and window lay what I took to be a bundle of rags. I fancied I saw the pile move slightly and hoped it was just a shadow. God forbid it was a rat.

“Welcome to your new home” Kerrie sneered, she whipped my puffer jacket from about my shoulders, pushing me further into the room as she did so. I tripped on a loose floorboard and collapsed to my knees; with my hands tied I couldn’t reach out to brace myself and it was sheer good fortune – and ten long years of gymnastics training – that stopped me falling flat on my face. Kerrie barely seemed to notice.

“Say hello to your room mate” she continued. She switched on the torch, focusing the beam on the pile of rags in the corner. To my horror the light revealed a girl’s face, half hidden under greasy, unwashed black hair, and caked with dried blood on the left temple. Her mouth was taped shut just like mine and a pair of hazel eyes peeked out from under her bloody fringe, staring dully into the light.

It was Suzee I realised with a start, Sean’s sister. How long had she been here? She smelled of sweat and piss so I guessed it must have been a few days at least. She wore a black wool cardigan over a slim line black knee dress, black patterned tights and brown leopard print pumps, a thick grey belt around her midriff. She lay there motionless, arms bound behind her back, bound ankles tucked up under her, her light laboured breathing the only sign she was still alive, her entire body slumped in defeat.

I shuffled forward on my knees trying to reach her, but Kerrie grabbed the collar of my cardigan and dragged me back. My shins scraped against the wooden floorboards even through my denim jeans; thank God I decided not to wear a skirt for once.

“Naughty naughty” Kerrie chided, her voice cold and sinister. She pushed me forward onto my face and grabbed my legs. I tried fighting back but was unable to stop her binding my ankles in the same way as Suzi’s Then just as I thought she was done I felt my feet being pulled up and tied to my wrists.

I felt Kerrie stand up and take a step back as if to get a better look at me. As I lay on my stomach hogtied and gagged it began to sink in just how desperate my situation was, I was a good twenty miles from home trussed up like a turkey in a derelict house and nobody had the slightest clue where I was. Kerrie could just leave me here to starve, assuming the house didn’t collapse on top of me first, and no one would be any the wiser.

I rolled over onto my side to get a better look at Kerrie, to see if there was any sign of compassion in her eyes but her attention was elsewhere, she stood stock still in the middle of the room listening intently, but to what?

A moment later I heard it too, a creak on the stairs, someone else was in the house.

“Ground floors clear Dave, I’m just checking the bedrooms now” A woman’s voice, fairly young by the sound of it, but who was she talking to? Were there two of them?

I wondered if I had strength enough to scream or kick out, to make enough noise to attract attention, but Kerrie towered over me and she placed her foot against my throat “Make one sound” she hissed “and I’ll crush your thorax like it was paper”

Looking into her eyes I had no doubt she could and would do it, so I lay there meekly and waited for her to make the next move. I could hear doors being opened and closed, footsteps as the girl checked out the upstairs rooms. She appeared to be alone so where was the man she’d been speaking to? Was he waiting downstairs?

Finally the woman came to the room we were in, the one furthest from the stairs. As the handle started to move Kerrie released her hold on my throat and stepped back out of sight, her finger up against her lips as if we were playing some sort of joke.

The door opened slowly and in she came. I could see her clearly through the light from the hallway behind her, she was no more than 20 with red hair down about her shoulders and a freckled face, she wore a yellow hard hart and luminous jacket over a black sweater, jeans and timberland boots.

In one hand she carried a large torch, in the other what looked like a walkie-talkie. She swung the torch around the room checking the corners. I was practically underneath her and I don’t think she even realised I was there but then her torch illuminated Suzee tied up in the corner and she gave a little gasp of surprise.

After that everything happened very quickly, Kerrie sprang out from behind the door knocking both the torch and walkie-talkie from the girl’s hands as she rugby tackled her to the floor. The girl tried to scream but Kerrie’s hand was over her mouth, stifling her cries. Somewhere in the struggle she’d lost her hard hat and Kerrie slammed her unprotected head down against the floorboards so hard it made me wince with pain.

“Is there anyone else with you?” Kerrie hissed, not removing her hand from the girl’s mouth.

Terrified she shook her head “Nmm”

“Is that the truth? If you’re lying to me I will kill you”


“Okay who are you and what are you doing here” Slowly Kerrie removed her hand from the girl’s mouth.

“L-Lizzy, – er- E-Elizabeth Brown. I-I’m just checking for squatters. The council are demolishing this whole street this afternoon, W-we need to check there’s no-one in here first. P-please you need to get out”

“Oh don’t worry I will” Kerrie reached over and grabbed the girl’s radio “But first you need to report in, tell your boss this house is empty”

Terrified Lizzy took the walkie-talkie in her trembling hands and pressed a red button on the side

“U-upstairs bedrooms clear” She said nervously

“Okay Lizzy” The voice came back “That’s the last of them. You can clock off now if you like, go get yourself some lunch”

“Th-thanks Dave”

“Don’t be late back” Dave continued apparently oblivious to the fear in her voice “This afternoon’s going to be a blast.” He laughed at his own joke “This is your first demolition job right? Looking forward to it?”

“I w-was”

“Cold feet eh. Well don’t worry about it. I’ve been doing this twenty years and I’ve not killed anybody yet”

“Th-that’s good to know”

Kerrie snatched the Walkie-talkie from her before Lizzy could say any more and threw it against the wall, then rolling the girl onto her stomach she began tying her hands behind her back with some rope she pulled from her pocket

“Luckily I thought to bring plenty of spare in case either of you gave me trouble” Kerrie said directing her explanation at me. “You can never be too well prepared”

“Puh-please” Lizzy was sobbing as Kerrie secured her in a hogtie “You can’t do this. They’re going to demolish this whole street. We’ll be killed”

But Kerrie ignored her. She fished a handkerchief from her pocket and forced it into the girl’s mouth tying it in place with another length of rope. Apparently being prepared didn’t extend to carrying rolls of duct tape everywhere.

Once she was done with Lizzy Kerrie came back over and double-checked my bonds then did the same with Suzee. Apparently satisfied she walked out closing the door behind her.

After Kerrie left us I immediately set about trying to free myself from my bonds. I’m not exactly inexperienced in escaping from tie-ups – growing up the only girl in a house with three older brothers it’s pretty much a standard requirement. But there’s a huge difference between being hogtied by a playful teenager and being trussed up by the bitch from hell. As hard as I struggled I achieved nothing, except maybe for wearing myself out.

Exhausted I reluctantly admitted defeat. There was no way I was going to get out of these ropes unaided…. Of course! That’s when it hit me, I wasn’t alone, there were two other people in the room with me, surely if we worked together…

Struggling into a sitting position I looked around the room at my fellow captives. Suzee was virtually catatonic, her eyes staring listlessly into space; she wasn’t going to be much help. So I turned to look at the other girl, the council worker, what was her name? Liz? Lizzie? She lay on her side curled up in a ball sobbing into her gag and shivering from more than just the cold.

Slowly I began crawling across to her…

It seemed to take me forever for me to crawl across to Lizzie by which time I could feel the sweat dripping off my body. I was just glad Kerrie had thought to remove my puffer jacket before hogtying me, I think I would have melted into the floorboards if I’d still been wearing it.

Twisting round so my back was to her I stretched out my fingers, trying to pull the gag from her teeth, but the rope bit tight against her cheeks refusing to budge. I could hear my breath, ragged beneath my own tape gag as I strained to reach the knot at the back of her head. It was hopeless. And it didn’t help that my hands were tied not only to my feet but against the small of my back too; it was all I could do not to kick the girl in the face as I struggled to remove her gag. Finally, exhausted and defeated, I gave up and slumped to the floor beside my fellow captive.

Up until this point Lizzie had been slumped in a semi foetal position on the floor but just as the last of my courage seemed to be slipping away from me she suddenly found hers. She pulled herself into a sitting position and twisted around, stretching out with her hands as best she could, her long thin fingers reaching for my face.

Realising her intent I wriggled slightly closer moving my head down so she could reach the tape across my lips.

I could feel her fingers picking away at one of the edges, carefully getting a purchase. “Now” She grunted and I pulled away, feeling the tape peel free like a plaster.

“Owww!” I wailed softly to myself spitting out the heavy packing. “Thank you” I added croakily, addressing the girl beside me.

She smiled as best she could through the rope gag., and twisted round offering her bound wrists to me.
I wondered what to do next, my mouth was free but my throat was too dry to call for help, even assuming there was someone around to hear.

On the other hand …My dentist wasn’t going to like this but needs must. Reaching over as best I could I began to pick at the knots around Lizzie’s wrists with the only tools available to me – my teeth.

I have no idea how long I spent chewing at the rope around Lizzy’s wrists, but it felt like hours. In the end all I got for my trouble was a dislodged brace, bleeding gums and a nasty taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of. And despite being a little damp the ropes were as secure as ever

I stopped when I felt my fellow captive nudging me with her bound feet, her steel capped boots digging painfully into my already sore shoulder.

“I’m going as fasht ash I can” I slurred, the misplaced brace giving my voice a pronounced lisp.

She looked at me and shook her head, then directed her eyes toward the corner of the room, pointing as best she could with her nose. “-ook” She mumbled “O-er –ere”

I followed her gaze and saw laying in the corner her discarded radio. “-e –an –al –o- -elg” She tried to explain “-one on” And with that she began pushing herself along the floor on her belly towards the radio.

Seeing what she had in mind I followed her lead. The radio had a big red button on the front, and it would take two of us to use it, one to hold down the button and the other to call out to the person on the other end.

It was slow progress, as tightly tied as we were even crawling on our bellies proved a near impossible task, but eventually we reached our goal. Twisting round Lizzie reached out with her bound hands grasping at the radio.

It took her several attempts but finally her fingers clasped the bulky wooden box. With an elated grunt she lifted it off the floor…

My face fell as I saw the radio literally collapse in her hands. It must have broken when Kerrie threw it against the wall, the casing was shattered and parts spilled out onto the floor. Another attempt at escape had failed.

I sank back in despair, tears welling up in my eyes. So this was it? Any minute now the building around me would be demolished and I would be killed. I wondered if my body would even be found among the rubble, and what of my parents? My brothers? What would they think? They’d probably have heard by now about my getting fired from the salon. Would they assume I was guilty and had run away in shame?

No, I couldn’t die, not without clearing my name. I struggled fiercely against my bonds, as if I might find some last reserve of inner strength and snap them but it was no good. I was completely helpless.

Lizzie nudged me gently and made shushing noises through her gag. I thought she was just trying to comfort me at first but then I heard it, somewhere across the landing a floorboard creaked

I froze. There was someone in the house. But was rescue really at hand? What if it was Kerrie come back to check on us? No why would she? She seemed confident enough we wouldn’t get free and with the demolition crew around she wouldn’t want to risk drawing attention to the place.

I figured we had nothing to lose, if it was Kerrie the worst that could happen was that she’d kill me now rather than later. Gathering up all my strength I shouted at the top of my voice “IN HERE! HELP US! QUICKLY! WE’RE IN HERE”

I heard footsteps in the hallway outside, hurrying in our direction, then the handle of the door began to turn…

Secondary School Tie Up Games: CHIJ

Wei Long had barely opened the door when his leg was struck by another BATA shoe-covered foot and more sounds protesting came. “Nommmmmpph!” A high pitched gagged cry came from a rather short girl in slightly blue pinafore with school crest sewn on the top left and white blouse. “She’s a little heavy,” panted Victor Chia Yong Wei, who  was half carrying Laura Yee Yi Hua, his ‘captive’ inside.

Laura’s muffles cries continued as she was pressed down yet another chair and then “OW!”, came the cry from Victor. “F….” He nearly swore from the pain on the bite then indicated gratitude as Wei Yong, Guoyun and Charles helped tape gag her and tape her to the chair.

“Oooh, crocodile bit you?” Charles asked.

“More like a freakin’ shark,” Victor grimaced, sucking at his fingers. “Gag her tight!”

“I thought you want a nice Rafflesian instead?” Wei Rong teased.

“She is one, just didn’t enter because of some parental story,” He replied, ignoring Laura’s gagged protests and glare. “Besides, the RGS girl isn’t free.”

“‘Kay, whatever.”

“So now we have a decent catch–SC, NY, MG and CHIJ,” Wei Rong announced. “Ready for the real fun?”


Secondary School Tie Up Games: MGS

Su Ying and Huiling cried again through their tape gags but Guoyun cupped his hands across their lips, muffling their cries as a girl in a pinafore with dark blue pleated skirt and white top entered. Over the pinafore was a sailor-like blouse with her school badge clipped in the middle. Behind her was a boy in long dark blue pants with a white  short-sleeved shirt with the inner collar coloured dark blue.

“I said, no, no, stop pushing me in Charles!” thirteen and six months old Shirleen Ong Swee Yen screamed as she was pushed inside.

“Someone pass me the tape,” ACS (B) student Charles Khoo Wei Quan snarled and he pasted not one but two strips of tape over the lips of the loud-mouth MGS student. With the help of the other two boys, she was dragged, despite her struggling, to yet another chair. The ACS(I) and Chinese High Boys had to tightly hold her down, nearly touching her almost C-cup breasts as the taped in limbs to the chair.

“Phew, she’s a tough one,” Charles remarked, pressing down the tape gag and ignoring her muted cries or her angry look.

“Yup,” said Guoyun.

“Not over yet,” Wei Long pointed at her lower uniform then the two captors figured out what he meant. “Mmmpph!! Nmmmph!!! Pervmmmmvrt!!!!” Shirleen screamed through the layers of duct tape as Charles pulled up and parted her lower pinafore. “Yikes!” the boys screamed in unison as the saw the light blue panties underneath.

“Shir, you’re not wearing shorts underneath?!” Charles asked.

“Yummm permmmrt! Pmmt my unifmm bammmck!” She cried through the gag and struggled against her bonds.

“Maybe we should; not fair to the other two,” Charles continued, pointing at the other girls who were also crying out through their gags.

“But also not fair since we agreed to make all zaogeng,” Guoyun remarked, causing more gagged outbursts  from the captives.

“Ok, we compromise. Her underwear still shows, but not much.” Ignoring Shirleen’s continued muffled protests, Wei Long, adjusted her skirt line so that her panties were just visible but not much.

Just as he finished, the door bell ran again.

“Ok, who’s next?”

To be continued.

Secondary School Tie Up Games: NYGH

“Stay here,” Wei Rong said, though naturally she couldn’t move anywhere. Just as he opened the door, a loud protesting grumbling was heard. First, the shape of a white long pleated skirt and dirty white shoes was visible, followed by the visibility of brownish shorts and uniform with sweat-stained white shirt.

“Hey! Hey! No, Bu Yao!!!” came the higher pitched screamed but the NYGH student, Zhang Huiling was shoved in by Wei Rong’s Chinese High friend, Wong Guoyun. “Hi, Ying…oh My Gosh!” she cried, seeing her old kindergarten classmate chair bound and gagged. “What…hey!” she too was shoved into another chair similar to the one Su Ying was bound to.

“Mmmmph!!” Su Ying cried in protest of her friend who she hadn’t seen in ages. The two boys ignored her as Guoyun held her down on her shoulders as Wei Rong pasted another piece duct tape across her lips. Bit by bit, they held her down and soon enough duct taped her to the chair in the same fashion as Su Ying. The last act was to part was to fold up her shirt to reveal the black short FBT shorts hugging her waist, causing her to give protest through her tape gag.

“Mmmmph!! Mmmpph!!!!” Both girls wailed at each other and the boys, especially because of their upskirt. “Oh shaddup will yah?” Called Wei Yong as both boys continued to some online game on their handphones. Despite that call the girls continued to protest through their gags. Wei Rong shook his head and disappeared short returning with two cloths in his hand.

“What…oh you want to stuff their mouths.” Upon hearing that, the bound girls yelped further.

“Ok girls, you shut up or these go in along with more tape.” Sighing, the captive gave in.

“Nǐ tài kèbóle,” the Chinese High Boy grumbled just as the doorbell rang again.


Secondary School Tie Up Games: SCGS

I can’t believe I intentionally missed the Chess try outs for this, twelve going on to thirteen Tan Su Ying thought as she shifted slightly in the chair. Slightly was the best adjective since her arms were literally stuck to the armrest and her legs were similarly ‘attached’ to the front legs of the wooden chair. Or rather, silvery duct tape secured them to the chair, with the tape wound tightly at her wrists, below her knee. A large strip of tape covered her lips. “Shmmmm,” she swore.

Hours earlier…

“Hey sis, remember what we talked about yesterday?” Her sixteen year old brother Wei Long asked as they both stepped off the bus.

“Har what?” I tried to pretend I didn’t remember.

“Play the games we used to play as children.”

“You wanto to regress issit…”

“No silly. We want to enjoy the good ol times.”

“I don’t think being a captive to you and your pals is considered any enjoyment. Besides, I’ve got to attend chess club later. It’s the time for tryouts.”

“You hate chess; you already got into guides.”


“Please? For your brother?”


He suddenly grabbed her in a tight bear hug. “Hey stop it! You’re making a scene!”

“If you don’t want to attract attention…” but we were already in the lift. Within two minutes, he managed to drag me inside our place and threw me down into one of our chairs.

Present time…

“Mmmp…” she groaned through the gag.

“Sorry, cant hear you…” he called, looking up from his homework. “Whymummphuopenmyl” she cried but he ignored me. What she meant was was it necessary to stretch my legs open to reveal my you know what. Ok, like every good school girl, she was wearing my PE shorts underneath for practical and modesty purposes but the was she was forced to sit, the edge of my white panties might visible. Just as she was about to protest again, the doorbell rang…


The Diaper Lover and the Intruder

“Freyja, you sure you’re going to be alright?”

“Fine Mom, I’ll be fine. I’m eighteen years old. I can manage myself.”

“Well, alright, but remember to call or text me if there’s anything.”

“Go on your trip Mom. I can manage myself. Really.” I tensed up for and additional sentence of anxiety but she finally gave me a hug and minutes later, she and her luggage were transported away. I watched as the taxi moved away from sight before scampering up to my room. Locking the door, I drew the curtains before dragging out the large cardboard box from under my bed. With the help of a box cutter, my body trembled as I slit the cardboard open, revealing the dark blue travel bag-size pack underneath. I continued to tremble as I used my fingers to slowly tear open the dotted line, despite it having a ‘scissors’ symbol. Finally, the plastic gave way to reveal the many rectangular shapes. Wiping my sweaty hands clean, I extracted one of the diapers out.

Yes diapers. Not something a senior teenager would wear or one who’s not suffering from any bladder control. Alas, I, Freyja Davidson, was a life long diaper lover. I have always been fascinated ever since I was a late potty trainer at three years old. Well, it wasn’t the fact that I got out of baby diapers late, but also growing watching cartoons and TV shows with young characters wearing for need and others for reasons such as comedy. Then in between movies and TV series came adverts of cute little children wearing nappies. So by my early teens, I had images of diapers floating around my head and the yearning to have that soft paddding wrapped around my waist/between my legs. I always yearned to pee in something like that so much that I tried to pee in a sanitary pad and well, ended up soaking my just the pad but my panties and the floor!

But now in my eighteenth year, my dream had come true. I had managed to save enough money and secretly bought a pack of adult diapers via the internet. To be on the safe side, I gave them a false name and the address of my neighbour who was away on overseas work but I knew that he kept a set of keys under his doormat so it was easy to retrieve it. I held the diaper in my hands, like a dog getting his largest bone, like a child with a shiny new toy. Elated beyond words, I ran my hands across the plastic and cotton-like material for severa minutes….

Ok, ok, time to fulfil my mission. Double checking my curtains were drawn, I dropped my jeans and panties off and pulled out the item from the pharmacy bag. I wiped my vulva and crotch area clean before spreading some icky and cold anti-rash cream. Then, I unfolded the diaper and laid it on the bed. No silly girl, I scolded myself, the other way around, tabs behind. Lying down on it, I finally drew the front side across my naked front and drew the top left tape first, then the bottom right and the remaining tabs. No, it still feels uncomfortable. I stood up and adjust two tabs so it felt more snug around me then adjust the sides and the lower crotch area. YES! I screamed. Drawing open my closet door, I examined my self. Diaper lover with a diaper on! I started dancing wildly across the room, enjoying the feeling. Collapsing on the floor, I again ran my hands around the diaper. Oh man, I don’t care if I fail next semster. I don’t care if I can’t find an internship. I’ll just wear diapers and….

And diapers aren’t just for wearing, I told myself. So I stood up and tried to relieve myself for the first time not in a toilet. Come on, come come on, nothing. Ok, that’s because your bladder isn’t that full. I head to the toilet and drank tap water; it should be clean enough. Nothing. I poured another cup but still nothing. I sat on my toilet bowl and tried. STILL NOTHING! Damnit, pee, please…the room light suddenly flew. What the heck, I thought, flicking the room and bathroom lights. A power failure now? Just when I’m so living my dream. Cursing silently, I groped around and found my flashlight and found my jeans. Yanking it up, I found then could hardly fit around my new ‘underwear’. What the heck I thought, I’m home alone and headed out towards the fuse box. Suddenly, just as I twisted the handle to the creaking wooden door next to the kitchen, a gloved hand wrapped itself around my jaw.

“MMMMPH!” I cried out loud and started kicking wildly then felt a circular object pressed against my cheek. “Honey, stop this or your head with be blown off. Got it?” The threat was too deadly to ignored and I did. “My hand will come off, you don’t scream and put your hands on your head. Clear?” Shivering in fright, I did so, and suddenly the lights came back on. “March, upstairs, to your room.” Back inside, I was ordered to sit on my bed and came face to face with a masked intruder. “I ask the questions, you answer directly. Who else is home?”

“Just….me,” I muttered.

“Answer clearly. The car is still in the garage. Who else is here?”

“Just me. Please, take what you…”

“I said short answers. When will your parents be back?”

“My…mother is away on a business trip…” Suddenly I saw him staring down. “Wait,” he exclaimed. “Are you wearing a diaper?!”

To Be Continued.

“I…” I started, knowing it was embarrassing to be be found wearing diapers. But being discovered by an intruder holding me at gun point was something that erases your embarrassment and just stuns you.

“Speak up? Why are you wearing them and not…” he pointed at my panties on the ground. “Those?”


“I? You incontinent?”

Incontinent? Oh yes, the medical term for one with no bladder control. “Uh….”

“Ok, understandable.”

What did I just say? A big lie. No, I’m not without bladder control. I just don’t want to be held hostage by you. Maybe that lie will cause to leave?

“Please…” I finally blurted out. “Take…”

“I’m not here to take anything. I just need a place to stay. By the end of Sunday, I’ll go. But right now, I need to stay. Hands down,” he motioned me. That’s some comfort I thought.

“What your name?” Why should I tell you? I thought. Just leave and let me stay in peace with my diapers. I told him. “Nice name. But you don’t look Nordic.” Why thank you.

“Ok Freyja, here’s the deal. I’m not going to harm you if you do what I say. Got it?” Well, hey maybe, but you’re still pointing the gun at me. I finally nodded. What else could I do?

“Ok, first, it’s early but I want you to sleep. Go put on your night wear.” I immediately got up then hesitated. He wants me to take off my clothes…

“Ok,” he read my mind. Open one closet door. Change behind there but no tricks or you be sorry.” One part of me told me to race to the bathroom lock it but judging the distance, I doubt I could dash that fast and he’ll probably storm in. Still shivering, I got out my PJs and changed, folding away my bra–I didn’t want him to see it.

“Your diaper still ok? No need a change?” Technically no and no, I didn’t want to change it with him here. I shookmy head. Still lying about the diaper.

“Open you mouth,” was the next command and one I didn’t expect.


“Do as I say,” then I saw the strip of cloth in his hand. “No, please you don’t need to gag me no…mmmmp,” he tied the cloth across my mouth and secured it, cutting into my lips.

“Hands in front,” he said pulling them in front of me and before I could protest further, he wrapped silver duct tape around me. I was made to lie flat on my bed and the final touch was rope that bound my ankles and further attached to one leg of my bed.

“Good night Freyja,” he announced, switching off the room lights and taking a seat on my sofa. Yeah, and I am going to sleep tight alright, though really, the bonds weren’t that tight. In other circumstances, I would have tried to break loose, but his gun was still gripped and pointing in my direction. Great way to start my weekend alone, I thought. I never liked sleeping back down flat so I turned, only to have him interject, “if you want to turn, turn to the other side.”

“Mmm,” I did so, not expecting that. Gee, is he going to stay up watching how I sleep? Then minutes past slowly and I still didn’t see the gun drop from his hand. Just then, I felt my bladder signal. Great, I need to pee but I’m bound and gagged with a stranger in my room. I can’t…I have a diaper. Damnit, you tried to pee earlier but only now you want to. Great going Freyja, I told myself and tried to sqeeze my legs. The diaper just felt thicker. I can’t hold it ….I finally peed, the urine striking the diaper and warming up my crotch.

To Be Continued.

I peed! Look mom, your only daughter peed in an adult diaper! At eighteen years old! I ran that thought over and again as the warmth crept all over my crotch and into my anal region. With my hands bound infront and touching the shape of the diaper, I could feel the outline grow bigger. I turned my head to look at my captor but he was still in the same position. Did he see me pee? Well he does “know” that I don’t have bladder control, thanks to my big lie earlier. Oh yay, I’m stuck with him and this lie until Sunday….

BANG BANG!!” My ears were deafened by the explosions as more masked men burst in, but these had the words SWAT on them. One of them reached over and removed my gag and cut away my bonds. “You’re safe now, Miss,” he said helping me up. Just as I stood up, my PJ bottoms dropped, revealing my diaper….

I woke up with a sweat and immediately shifted. No, my hands were bound in front of me and no, my gag was still on. Nothing had changed. “Good morning,” I then saw him towering over me. Darn, was it morning already. “Not a scream when I remove the gag.” How could I scream? My mouth was dried out from the gag.

“Th…anks,” I said, though wish the thanks would include him leaving and leaving me alone.

“I’ll let you change and shower. You would probably need a change.” I looked down but there wasn’t much of a visible bulge. Well, I do want to get out of the damp diaper.

“Here’s the deal. You can shower but one, the door remains open two, you have ten minutes.” He handed me a clean towel and one new diaper from the open packet. “Go.”

I gather a new set of clothes and raced to the toilet. I had planned to admire myself topless in the diaper but I was on this time limit. Then my bladder signally again. Heck, I thought looking down, I’m sure it can hold more and peed again in the diaper before untaping it. I didn’t have a rubbish bin in the toilet so left it on the floor and started the show. It was a ood one but I had to hasten it due to the time limit. Drying off, I clipped on my bra then remembered I had the new diaper. And I’m  suppose to be this ‘incontinent girl’ I remembered. Not wanting to lie down outside naked in front of him, I lowered the toilet bowl cover and taped up the new diaper, this time with a better result.

“Nice T-shirt,” he commented as I got out in time. It’s just a rock band T-shirt I thought.

“Open up,” he gestured and I didn’t protest this time as I was gagged again, this time with a thicker piece of cloth. “Hands of you head, move to the kitchen.” Usually, breakfast was in the dining room, but he instead dragged one of the chairs from that area into the kitchen. Before I could adjust myself, he hand bound my arms to the chair’s arms with plastic ties and then my ankles to each corresponding leg. Gee, this guy really takes precautions.

“How do you like your toast?” He asked then giving a short laugh, he held up his hands until I nodded my which number. I had envisioned a nice pancake breakfast but darn all I got was toast and cereal. He even fed me the food and spoon fed the milky tea –“I don’t want you near the cup”. Would I have really tried to have spilt the hot drink on him.

“Ok,” he said, wiping my mouth.

“Now what?” I asked, squirming.

“Your diaper ok? You don’t need a change?” Part of me wanted to just to get released but I shook my head.

“What’s the wifi password?”


“Just answer,” he said, drawing out his weapon and I gave it.

“Good girl, open your mouth again.”

“I’ll be quiet please no….mmmmmmph,” he stuffed a piece of cloth inside then pasted two sticky pieces of tape over it. “Oh, sorry, you can’t look,” he said, and my eyes were covered by a towel.

Great, I thought, bound, gagged, blindfolded and diapered. What a way to spend my Saturday.

To Be Continued.

Anyone looking at me this instant would think its the ideal kinky scene–bondage and diapers. But I was only interested in the kink of the later, never expecting the former. “Whhmmnnedthwimmffm,” I grunted trying to say: What do you need the wifi for?

“Listen honey, I don’t want to gag you tighter or you’ll suffocate. Now, please, be silent ok?”

“Ommmph,” I said dejectedly. So much in trying to be friendly. Ok, next I tried my bonds. If last night’s tape and rope restricted my movement, these plastic ties or handcuffs were tight beyond belief. I was definitely stuck to the chair. Well, I could try to shift, but that would only alert him again. Oh darn it!

So for the next hour or so, I could just sit there, my movements really restricted, my sense of sight and my voice curtailed. But I still had my ears and heard him type away, possibly on his labtop, or maybe mine, I wouldn’t know. Only occasionally would he grunt or say the word ‘yes’. What was he doing? Why did he need to camp out at my place? What sinister plot was he conducting or did he do? Rob a bank? Online theft? Hacking? Or worst, something like murder?

I ran the various criminal activities through my head until once again my bladder gave its signal. Oh bother, I thought. I could give him a signal through my gag that I needed to use the…wait, I’m diapered. And last night, he thought I’m an incontinent person, thanks to my partial answer. Well, I guess I will…I let my pee flow out, the same warmth feeling around my crotch and anal region. It was a long pee and I squirmed and gave a soft grunt through my gag. Did he notice? No indication. Did the diaper hold all the pee? Or did part of it leak out onto my sweat pants? Again, I imagined the scenario: The police coming to my rescue only to find me diapered….

“Bring, bring bring!” A familiar sound jolted me. It continued and then my blindfold was removed. “Phone call,” he said the obvious, the house phone in his hand. “You answer, and tell the person you are fine and not to come here. Any trick words, and you’ll be sorry. Got it?”

I half nodded and the tape and peeled off and he extracted the sooggy cloth. “H..ello,” I croaked, my mouth dried out from the gag.

“Freyja?” It was my mom. “What took you so long to answer?”

“Uh, I was in the toilet mom,” I lied, which well technically was right. I did just ‘use the loo’.

“Everything alright?” I saw him hold his weapon.

“Uh, yes mom.” No it’s not. I’m held hostage and your daughter is wearing a damp diaper.

“Did you have a good breakfast?” What?

“Yes mom. I can manage myself.”

“Well, ok. Remember to switch off the stove and electricity after you are done.” Sheesh, I know that! I’m not a kid.


“Ok, message or call if you need me. Bye.” Click.

“That’s good,” he nodded. Well yeah, I thought. Now he knows my mom is really away and he can hold me like this.

“Wha..t next?” I asked then saw him fold up the saliva soaked cloth.

“Noo…please,” I pleaded. “Uh, my mouth is dry.” He looked at me, nodded and poured some water. “That’s enough,” he said, part of the water dripping down my chin. “You’ll peed it all away.” Heh.

Without protest, the cloth was eased back in my mouth and sealed with fresh tape and the blindfold came on. Again, I just sat there, listening to his typing and grunting. Another slight pee came and I wondered how soaked the diaper was. The packet said it could hold nine ‘droplets’. How much was that in terms of urine?

Finally, what seemed like ages later, my blindfold was lifted. “Lunchtime,” he announced, but instead of removing my gag, he headed to the fridge. “Sandwiches ok?” It had to be since I couldn’t really talk. He made a fast ham and tomato sandwich and just before he sliced it, he asked, “Are you also bowel incontinent?”

To Be Continued

Bowel incontinent?! You mean shit unintentionally? No…I shook my head. “Good, I don’t have to worry about smelly poo then.” Thankfully, he finally removed the stuff gag but before I could say anything, he dampened my mouth and placed a sandwich inside. With the continuous feeding, I was in a way still ‘gagged’. Finally, he gave me some water then asked if I needed a change.

“Yes,” I replied, really wanting to get out of this chair. My bonds were cut off, but that was brief respite as my hands were bound in front of me and I was marched back up to my room. “Ok,” he cut the tape off and pointed to the pack of diapers.

“Uh,” I began.

“What? Change, oh, very well,” he thankfully realised I needed privacy. “Wait,” he plastered a piece of tape around my mouth. “You don’t need your mouth to change. Hurry up.”

Just as he left, I quickly yanked off my sweatpants and saw the indicator mark on the diaper was almost gone. I wiped down quickly and lying back down on my bed, I taped on a new one. Just as I pulled up my pants, my eyesight focused on my curtains. My windows were facing part of the street. Maybe I  could get part of it open and signal to someone below! I silently moved to the curtain, parted it and pulled the handle of the window. “Creak…” SHIT!

Before I knew it, my masked captor burst into the room, levelling his weapon at me. “WHAT THE HELL! GET AWAY FROM THAT WINDOW NOW!” He bellowed.

I stepped back but he moved over and threw me down on the bed. “You little devil, you  think you can escape huh!” He slapped me on my cheek, OW! “You think you can escape huh!” Ow, ow! He slapped me again. “Plmmm, Plmmm, Please!” I cried back, the tape partly peeling off. “Please! Stop! I just want to be left alone and enjoy diapers! Please….” he hand gagged me.

“What? I thought you have to wear diapers, not enjoy them?”

“I’m a diaper lover,” I confessed. “Not one without bladder con….” He slapped me again.

“Bitch! You lied to me!”

“I didn’t….mmmmph!” A cloth was jammed into my mouth again, part of it sticking out. Tape sealed it in and before I could cry again, he pulled me up.

“Strip,” he ordered, pointing his weapon at me.

“Whmmm?!” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Strip, you diaper girl. Or I’ll do it for you.” My skin glowing red from the slapping and the threat, I slowly did so, finally revealing my dark blue bra and well diapers. “Face down!” Just as I did so, I felt something cold and metallic  surround my wrists–I was handcuffed. “Mmmph!” I cried.

“Shut the hell up,” he growled and then I was lifted in a fireman’s carry and brought back down, this time to the living room. The gag was peeled or rather yanked off but before I could protest, he parted my mouth and jammed spherical inside. Straps cut against the side of my mouth and they were tightened and locked behind my head. “Mmmm…” I groaned softer. What was this.

“I said shut up!” He shouted into my ear. I just couln’t stop groaning  through this new gag as my ankles were once again bound with rope, then my legs bent and more rope attached my cuffed wrists and ankles, effectively hogtying me.

To Be Continued

With my legs bent at an angle–nearly ninety degrees–but with my arms also attached to the bindings, I forced to roll uncomfortably back and forth. Each time I did so, my C cup breasts would be squashed against the cold marble floor, causing me to yelp. After much rolling and groaning, I found I could lie to one side, but soon enough that would cause my bare arm on that side to go numb. So I just kept rolling from side to side the whole afternoon. Once again, at some point, my bladder gave its signal and I let it go again, the pee warm up my vulva and butt. Damn this binding, I thought. Ok, so I lied to him, but that wasn’t really my fault. Did it really warrant my semi-naked in my bra and this ridiculous binding and ball in my mouth?

“Beep, boop beep!” My ears heard another familiar tune. That was my cell phone!!! Perhaps it was one of my friends and he would undo this binding and let me reply. I tensed up and waited, but that failed to happen until I heard another message tone. Then another seconds later. Finally silence. Shit, shit, what happened? Oh damnit, he must have messaged back. Who was it? Which college or school mate? Which friend? Maybe they’ll come over, I thought. Then I’ll be rescued and this whole predicament will be over. But then my friends would see me with a diaper on. I’ll be the butt of all jokes for ages. Good going Freyja….

It was perhaps maybe just over an hour later which I felt another bodily signal. albeit not from my bladder. It was my anal region and it told me I need to take a dump. Yeah, ok, call it shit if you like. “Mmmmph,” I called through the gag. “Hemmmmph,” I called twice before footsteps came.

“What,” he grumbled levelling the gun at me.

“Immmneedtooopmmmm,” I tried to say ‘I need to poo’ in gag speak.

He just turned away. No, please. “Pllmmmmm,” I groaned, trying to squirm towards him. “Ireallnmmmtopmmm.” I really need to poo.

Thankfully, he turned back and still pointing the gun at my forehead, he eased the ball open. Saliva drooled out. “Please, I need to use the toilet. I need to…poo,” I croaked.

“You have a toilet on,” he cackled and lifted the ball back up. I shook my head wildly. “No, please, I don’t want to go it the diaper. Please, let me use the toilet.”

“No,” he replied. “Open back up.”

“Please!” I started pleading wildly, my anus really signalling. “Please, I don’t want to make a mess in…” He shooked his head but thankfully undid the rope bounds. My ankles were still bound so he dragged me all way to the nearest toilet. “Ok, do it,” he said then noticed my binding. “What the hell,” he grumbled, switching my cuffs to the front so that I could, with some difficulty, undo the diaper.

“Ok,” he gestured, still standing there.

“Please,” I just said. Oh my gosh, is he going to?

“Shit, Freyja,” he gestured. “I’m not leaving you out of sight.”

WHAT?! I screamed in my mind. Unable to see any way out, I didn’t argue and now with my crotch exposed to a strange masked man, I did my business. Naturally, I was red with embarrassment all over, having my own modesty violated. Damnit! I screamed in my mind, I’ll get you back for all this.

My business over, it was a pain trying to wipe clean with my hands cuffed in front of me. Just as I twisted around to hit the flush, he did so then he actually taped the diaper back up around me. In another scenario, I would have said thanks, but that was a little shock. Back out, he was about to reposition me in the hogtie when I asked to stretch. “Please, Mister,” I begged, “My arms and legs really ache.”

Staring at me, he thought for a few seconds but then nodded. It wasn’t much of a relief, but at least it was something before I was re-cuffed and the ball jammed into my mouth. It was back again to another session of squirming around, but as I did so, I felt the diaper loose. I had read forums and blogs online where they said diaper tapes would be loosen if you untape the re-tape the diaper. Shit, would it fall off?

Just as I ran this thought through my mind, I felt him touch my ropes and thankfully I was free from the hogtie. “Dinner time,” he announced and I was back again in the kitchen. This time, my hands were simple kept cuffed behind the chair’s back while he tied a rope around my naked torso, and again attached my ankles with zip ties to the chair.  Less than forty minutes later, I was finally relieved of the ball in my mouth, the saliva sphere resting against my chin as he forked up a pile of spaghetti.

To be Continued.

He lifted the load of spaghetti up. “Can, I please have my hands free to eat?” I asked.

“No. Not with that stunt earlier.”

Bleah. “I’m cold,” I told the truth, shivering.

“It’s not too bad,” he remarked. “Now, open up, or I won’t feed you.” Dejected, I did so, and he wiped the sauce that stain my lips. So kind. After a few more feedings, he turned to his own plate. He lifted part of his mask and then literally ‘whollopped’ half of the plate before stopping and looking at me.

“So you don’t have a bladder problem but suddenly you put on diapers,” he said. I didn’t answer. “Why?” Darn, here it comes.

I still didn’t answer so he asked again. “I..just like them.”

“Why?” Oh dear, it’s becoming an interrogation.

“Just, that I like them.”

“To pee in them?”

“Uh,” how do I explain this? “It’s just the comforting feeling,” I said.

“Oh, the softness,” he remarked. I didn’t say yes though that was the main reasoning. He fed me another scoop then stopped. “Is it sexual to you?”

“Uh, no,” I said, though yes I didn’t feel aroused a bit. That was before you stormed in and held me like this.

“And this is the first time you are wearing? How much did it cost?” I answered as he fed me.

“Do you parents know?”

“No. My mother doesn’t.” When will this end?

“Father?” I didn’t answer. “Ok, sorry to ask about him. I never knew my parents…oops.”

So ok, now I know a fact about him. “What did you need the internet for?”

“It’s a secret.”

“But…I just told you…”

“Girl..Freyja, the less you know about then better.”

“Not fair,” I whined as he cleared up. “Who messaged me earlier.”

“Your friend Cathy. She wanted to ask you out to a movie.”

And you said no to her in reply. Darn it! He saw my look then moved over to me. “Look, it’s of course not your ideal weekend. But I’ll make it up to you with some movie; I’m sure you have a DVD collection.” I do, but I would rather watch recent releases than old ones. He lifted up the ball. “Please, no, I’ll be quie..mmmmph,” he still jammed it inside.

“You are nice diaper Freyja. But still not so trustworthy.” I was released but allowed to walk freely up to my room. The cuffs were removed then still in his sight, he rummaged through my drawers and found a spaghetti top dress. “I think you’ll look nice in this, put it on.”

It wouldn’t exactly match my bra colour but I wasn’t in the mood to change out to something else. Dress on, he switched my bonds to tape. While that wasn’t exactly a relief, I was glad the tight metallic cuffs were off. Another relief came as the ball gag–yes I learnt it name–was changed to tape with stuffing. In the TV room, after taping my ankles, he pulled out a series of DVDs and started pointing at them. None of them seemed ideal at all, but I finally gestured at one. “The Wedding Date,” he read. “Never seen it but ok.” So there I was, taped up and gagged in a dress, with an intruder.

To Be Continued.

The movie, if you haven’t watched it, was about a lady who hires an escort to join her in her half sister’s wedding, where the best man is her ex-fiance. With some twist or twists, the movie ends with the escort becoming romantically involved with the girl and turning into the best man. Not the best evening at all. As the movie progressed and the protagonist flirted or was being enthralled by her escort, my captor movie closer and closer towards me, until his arm was around my shoulder. I gave a yelp through the stuff gag but he didn’t move away and instead held me tight against him as the characters on screen began to have sex. As I watched, I slowly began to feel and arousal across my body, one that I have had since I met my first crush at twelve. And that guy was now in loe with another girl.

As the movie neared its final part with more romantic scenes, my bladder again signalled and whih no way out, I released its contents. “Mmmm,” I groaned through the gag then did so as the pee continued. I felt not only the usual warmth but a small ‘click’ as my urination was done. Rats, the tapes were really getting loose. The masked captor turned towards me and asked, “Freyja did her wee, wee?” Red in the face, I only could half nod.

“Aw,” he said then glanced at his watch. “Let’s end here. Bed time.” The movie wasn’t that great, but neither could I protest as he scooped me up and carried me one hand on my back and the other under my knees. Back in my room, my bonds were undone and he told me to change to my sleepwear.

“Mmmmprv,” I said the word ‘privacy’.

“No, I’m not letting you out of my sight,” he said but I shook my head in protest. No way I was getting nude in front of him!!!

“Listen Freyja,” he pulled out his weapon, “I’m not going to ask politely again. Change out. Or I’ll change you myself.” I still shook my head. I don’t think you’ll do it, or kill me, I thought.

“Damn it!” He yanked down the straps of my dress and of course it fell down, but my diaper did as well. I shrieked and turned around quickly with my back towards him.

“Aw, little Freyja lost her diaper,” he cooed, and I turned red again.

“Ok, why don’t you lie down and put a new ‘love toy’ on.” I just stood there. If I did so, he would see my naked crotch.

“Ok, we’ll do it my way,” he said and I squeal as he pulled me down on the bed. My left arm was immediately handcuffed to the edge of metal frame of my bed and I immediately struggled until the weapon was inched from my face.

“The more you struggle, the more cuts you get or worse, you get a broken wrist,” he hissed at me. “Now, be a good girl and stay still.” I glared at him and squealed but he simply move down. The next thing I knew, he hands were wiping my crotch with the baby wipes. The wiping felt like rape–though  I never had sex before, and I kept groaning and protesting through my gag. Then, he swiftly laid a new diaper underneath and taped it tightly on.

“There, you see? All done.” I shivered as he recuffed my hands behind me and brought me to the toilet and removed my gag. “You need a good brush,” he commented and brushed my teeth. With the lingering taste of tooth paste in my mouth, I couldn’t say a word as he jammed yet another cloth across my mouth, cleave gagging me again. “Ok, are you going to be a good girl and wear your PJs?” he as he uncuffed me.

“Mmm,” and he allowed me to turn around so my breasts weren’t exposed to him. I was yanked back on the bed and the same night restraints applied–wrists taped in front of me, ankles tied. Then, a blindfold was added. “Mmmmph?” I questioned this, then felt him slide down next to me. “I need a proper sleep in a bed,” he commented. The final touch was him cuffing his wrist to my bound arms, so that was no way I could move suddenly. “Good night Freyja. I hope you don’t pee too much in your new diaper.”

To Be Continued

Oh My gosh, Oh My Gosh! Some one had just touched me ‘down there’! I had been molested!!! Ok, it was due to the fact that I didn’t obey my captor. But that didn’t give him the right to put on a diaper on me. Wait, a diaper. You Freyja chose to buy and wear diapers. You chose to be the diaper lover. But I didn’t chose to be bound and gagged and blindfolded…

As I ran these thoughts through my head, I heard his rhythmic breathing. Yeah, well at least he didn’t plug my ears. But why can’t I see your full face? Yeah you don’t want me see your face in case I can tell the police. But tell them what? That you touched my pussy without my permission? That you diapered me? Well that’s because I chose to wear them. What a story the police would hear….At least he doesn’t snore, I thought. but some minute comfort while I’m bound, gagged and blindfolded. And…oh wait, what’s that feeling? Oh gosh, I’m getting aroused thinking about all this. Darn….

With him next to me, my sleep was even more uncomfortable than the night before, so much that I had to be shaken to be waken up next morning. “Up and early today,” he announced, as the soaked cleave gag was removed. Being a gentleman for the moment, he gave me a small drink.

I was about to say something when he lowered my PJ bottoms. “Aw, not so wet eh?” Again I turned red in the face and mumbled something like ‘what the hell?!’

Being brought up, my bonds were removed and I thought I would be allowed to bath but he stalled me. “Why do you use up your diaper first,” he said.

“What?!” I cried then he hand gagged me.

“Softer. Why don’t you pee and use up your diaper?” WHAT?! I cried silently.


“Do it Freyja.” There wasn’t a gun pointed at me but I didn’t want to argue again. And yeah, I did need to pee so I did, partly squatting to do so. “Let me see,” he pulled down my pants again. “Better.” Too embarrassed to talk, I tried to turn to the bathroom but he forced yet again that ball gag in my mouth. “You don’t need to talk while showering, same time,” he said. Feeling more violated, I scrubbed furiously ‘down there’ as the water struck my body and gag. Damnit, please let this end…Towelling off, I just realised I entered the bathroom without a new change of clothes and even ‘underwear’–bra and diapers. Shit, shit, shit! That means I have to change outside in front of him! Throwing on my old night clothes, I exited slowly.

“Ah, just over nine minutes,” he claimed. “Oh, you can’t go down like this. Here,I picked out clothes for you,” he pointed at a purple bra, one of my short pleated skirt, and a translucent top. And there was a freshly laid out diaper.

“CmmmIplschammaln,” I tried to say ‘Can I please change alone’.

“No, no, not after yesterday’s stunt.” SHIT. “I won’t deliberately peek, but I’m not leaving.” Sighing, I turned my back towards him and got my top off first, clipping on the bra and then the new shirt. Then, as best as I could, I wiped my crotch and arse clean with the wipes and lying down, I taped on a new diaper. Skirt on, he nodded. “I suppose you hate that gag,” he said. Yes, please, remove it, I thought. He did so, but replaced it with one with a me sucking a tube and a leather panel. “Panel gag,” he said and I learnt something new. With my hands cuffed behind my back, it was down for breakfast.

To Be Continued.

My ankles once more were bound to each leg of the chair with zip ties while rope again secured me to the chair, passing above and below my boobs. The cuffs were switched to the front but that was little comfort since my arms and hands were stiffened by last nights bonds. As I watched him work up what looked like a large breakfast, my thoughts wondered back to the day before. He had seen me defecate and helped me tape up my diaper. He had made me dress down to only my bra and well diapers. Then he taped up a new diaper on me, thanks to that lose diaper and the fact I didn’t obey him. Yes, so he touched me, he molest me. He’s a creep. But wait, so far he’s fed me, not physically assaulted me, and while he did touch my pussy, he didn’t do so for sexual advances. So is he really a captor?

“Here you are, pancakes and bacon and syrup. There’s not enough butter in your fridge.” Of course not, but coincidentally, I don’t like a lot of butter on my pancakes, how nice. He gingerly removed the gag and boy did I really want it out. It was like sucking on a tube–no not a pacifer. As he cut up the pancakes, I tried to form a pleading look and drawing up my confidence, I asked, “Please, sir, can I have my hands free to eat?”

His masked face turned and stared at me for a few seconds before he reached over and undid one cuff, linking it to the arm rest. “One hand only.” It had to be more than enough. “Thank you,” I said.

“Don’t push it Freyja,” he grumbled, then lifted his mask started eating.

“I…I won’t,” I added, not wanting to get anymore torturous bindings like yesterday. “I don’t want to be forced changed.”

He stopped. “What? You disobeyed me yesterday. In any case, you like to wear right? I was just helping you.”


“But you should learn something. Captive 101, obey your captor at all costs. Besides, I used to change diapers.” Used to? I tried to press on that point but he clammed up and told me to eat up.  I was even allowed a short drink of coffee this time.  Parting my skirt, he checked on my diaper. “Good,” he commented on the dryness. “Please,” I tried again, “can I have a different gag?”

“What did I say about about  a captive?” I sighed and accepted back the panel gag which really muted out any sounds. The cuffs came back behind my back and the rope were readjusted in a firm but to too tight fashion around my arms and boobs. Positioned on the nearby sofa, he bound my knees and ankles with zip ties then whispered, “Look, I won’t blindfold you today but only if you promise to turn towards the seat and stay there. Ok?” It had to be How much more will this continue?

To be Continued.

I lay there, diapered and restrained, voice shut off by sucking on a tube. Again, anyone else looking at me would think this is the perfect bondage story for fetish lovers–diapers and adult restraints. But I ‘m just a girl who wants to explore the wonders of an adult diaper, not one with it and restraints on!!! As I ran this thought through my head, I heard him shuffle about more than then cursing silently. What was he up to? Stealing? Hacking? Planing an attack? What was so secretive about his work?

My head was suddenly yanked back and the icky panel gag was eased out.”Where’s your purse?” he asked.

“Why?” I asked back. I thought he didn’t want to steal items?

“Just answer.”

“Second drawer near my bed. Please, I don’t….” The gag went back on and before I knew it, my purse was in his hands. “Don’t worry honey, I’m not going to deduct alot of money from your debit card,” he said as I was spun around while I heard him enter my bank details. “All done, let’s have an early lunch.” After I chewed down the chicken sandwich I tried again to ask him how much money he ‘spent’.

“No worry, not much.”


“But as I said before, you don’t need to know what I’m up to.”

“But I’m not going to do anything about it,” I pleaded. “Please, I’m just a student…”

“Shut up unless you want the gag back on,” he snapped and I did so. Then he glanced at his watch. “I have to go out for a while,” he said. Yay, that means he will leave me alone and I can try to…”But first, I have to secure you.”

“You already have,” I muttered as I flexed against my pretty inescapable bonds.

“Not good enough. Not especially after yesterday.” Rats… “Please, I’m sorry I tried that.”

“Apology accepted but still…do you have a quiet room?”

“No, nothing.” What was his plan now.

“Basement?” I didn’t answer then I thought about it. “No please, it’s so cold down there. I’ll freeze; there’s no heating.” But my plea was not considered as he carried me back up to my room. I was quickly uncuffed and made to wear a thick jumper and place on pantyhose. “Ah, good I don’t have to worry about that,” he pointed to me dry diaper.

“Please sir,” I begged again as I was handcuffed at my wrists and ankles. “You can leave me here, I won’t escape. Please…what..not that’s dis….mmmmmph!!!!” He picked up a pair of panties and jammed it in my mouth. Yikes, he’s so perverted!

“You didn’t like that panel gag, this should hold you,” he said, wrapping tape around my jaw and trapping my hair with it. A few minutes later, I was bound to a chair in my chilly basement. “Don’t worry, Freyja, I’ll be back.”

To Be Continued (yes short one)

I sat there still bound, gagged and diapered once more. No, not just gagged, gagged with my panties in my mouth! That sicko! Wait till he gets caught I’ll ask the prosecutor to send him into the most miserable jail! But wait, the police will probably learnt about my ‘condition’, that I’m wearing a diaper? How could I explain it? Could I bluff that he made me wearing the diaper? I’m terrible at bluffing; the police and then mummy will find out. But it’s all his fault, I whined both in my mind and through the new gag which like others, muffled my cries well. Once more, he had also bound me well, and the handcuffs would ensure that I would be able to easily undo any bindings or push anything. Great, mister. I thought you are some simple criminal not a master of bindings. No wait, isn’t it called bondage?

As I made these thoughts and struggles, I began to sweat alot even in the cool cellar so I stopped. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and I could see the outline of the cellar. Our family stored lots of old furniture down here and there was an old air-conditioned controlled wine cellar here that dad used to store his liquor in until he passed away. I don’t remember if it was still operational and I couldn’t see it from where I was. Suddenly, a spider scampered the across the wall. Well hello friend, I thought at least you are free to move. What happened next was even more of a shock. Some insect, possibly a fly, landed on my left ear. “Mmmpph!” I cried shaking my head and it flew away. Then, it came back again, this time landing on nose! “Mmmph!” I shook violently, but just as it got off, I felt a dribble of pee coming out. OMG, did that shock just make me pee?

The fly or whatever launched it ‘attack’ at me again and again, landing on different parts of my face. It then headed for my shoulders but each time I shook it off. Then, of all places, it landed on the base of my neck and crawled down into my cleavage. I screamed and rocked th around violently until suddenly I tipped over and the chair fell down on my right side. Mmow! I cried both from the impact of the fall and then watching the insect crawling out of my boobs and all around my upper torso. Finally, it flew off again. Great going, I thought, then tried tugging against my bonds. But it again was hopeless, I couldn’t get free. An hour passed, maybe just over an hour when once more, I felt the need to pee. Oh well, there’s no other way I thought, and still lying sideways, I peed into the diaper. I think it makes a record for anyone wearing a diaper, baby or adult. No one else would have peed lying sideways bound to a chair.

TBC Very short

As I laid, there, I felt my bladder signal again and seeing no choice,

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