The trip home

The cell door clanged open. It had opened many times before but this time was much different. This time was a lucky break of freedom–going  home for a few days after my good behaviour record. I was really silly enough to be drunk and thus hitting a father and his daughter, maiming both for life. With a lousy lawyer, I was incarnated in a mix gender prison. Prison life was, well I don’t want to talk about it. That’s why I’ve been looking forward to this moment.

“Blampied,” the first guard said, calling my last name. “Assume the position.” I turned around, knelt on my knees and immediately felt the cold steel secure my wrists and ankles. They brought me up and out of my dingy cell I went, along the narrow dimly-lit corridor. As I passed the other prison cells, cellmate mates jeered rather that cheered at me, undoubtedly jealous at my own window of freedom. Screw them, I thought. They were never nice to me, at shower time, meal time or during recreation. I want this period of freedom…

After many twists and turns, I entered a brightly lit room. My chains were removed and I immediately rushed towards the clothes I originally wore when I entered the prison. Just before I could to touch my clothes, the head warden said, “Stop there. Strip.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me prisoner. Take of your jump suit, and your lower underwear.” I never had received such  an order from the wardens before, so I hesitated. “You heard me!” He bellowed and red in the face I unbuttoned the jump suit, tossed it down then gingerly lowered the prison-issued panties halfway. He gestured for me to complete the lowering then to lie on the bench  nearby.

“What’s going on?” I asked, not moving.

“Just lie there,” he ordered.

“What….hey!” I felt the second warden hold me down. “Tell me what’s going on!”

“You’re about to be put in diapers,” the first guard said and next I felt some icky cream spread around my crotch. “Hey!”

“Do you want to get your break home! By law, all prisoners transported home will not be allowed to use toilets on the way. They will be handcuffed. Therefore, they will be placed in diapers for the duration of the travel,” he announced in a monotonous tone.

“But this…this is outrageous! It is a violation of my rights!” I struggled but it was useless. They turned me around and slip the diaper underneath me. Soon enough, it was taped on.

“Get dressed,” the first warden said and slightly waddling due to the thick of this adult diaper, I slide on my strapless dress, with my prison-issued bra straps explicitly showing. Before I knew, it, the cuffs and leg irons were back on.

I was then led out.


I’ve worn pantyhose of various denier in the past and of course sanitary pads during my period. But this adult diaper was the thickest thing I’ve ever had around my waist. it naturally made me waddle like a duck and with the added leg irons, I could hardly walk properly. I guess I was thankful than instead of my normal heeds I still was in prison-issued flat shoes, but even then the darn nappy hindered proper movement. Damnit, this is ridiculous. Why couldn’t they let me use the the toilet? Do I really have to pee and shit in this diaper?


My thoughts were interrupted as I was brought into another rope. Here, my writing hand was released and I had to sign half a dozen forms declaring my good faith and that any unwarranted action on my part would result in serious disciplinary consequences. “Uh, sir, can as about the dia..”


“Keep quiet,” the warden in front of me said.




“Shut up. Stand up,” I was ordered. Instead of answering my query a belly chain was added, securing my handcuffs to my back and another chain was linked to my leg irons, further inhibiting my walking. Gee, I’m not a mad woman or a dangerous criminal. Why all these fetters.


“Sit there,” he barked and my chains were attached to the bench. Okay, I’ve done everything you guys ask now why the need for a diaper? Just then two new wardens, one male one female entered. S Richardson and B Hanks, I read their name tags. Without any words, they released me and escorted me out of the prison.


Both guards escorted, no dragged me out into the open. It was summertime when was first imprisoned, but now it was late autumn and the chilly weather sting my bare arms and legs. The diaper probably helped to cover some warmth over my crotch, but I still didn’t want it on me in the first place. The male Marshal opened the back seat of a car and I was roughly pushed inside. She reached over and I was buckled in, my cuffed hands jammed behind me. “Don’t try any escape tricks hunny,” she commented and move to the other side. How could I? I’ve been more secure than any pet tiger. With the female Marshal in the back seat next to me, the car started.

“Uh, Wardens,” I began.

“Be quiet,” the male one said, checking the traffic before changing lanes.


“He said button it  or we’ll shut you you up,” the female warden added and I felt silent. I can just understand the fetters, I thought but why must I be humiliated and made to wear an adult diaper? Why? Couldn’t they trust me me with peeing normally? And how about shitting? Do I have to poop in these? As I keep thinking these thoughts, I closed my eyes–I didn’t particularly sleep well last night given the weak comforts of the prison bed. So despite the chains, the weak heater and well the damn diaper, I fell asleep. I guess it was nearly two hours later when I woke up, feeling and hearing the vehicle bump. Due to the frosted side windows, I had little clue where we where. As I shifted myself, I suddenly felt the call of nature–it must be the cordial I had for breakfast. “Uh..,” I turned to look at female Warden next to me.

“What,” was here only reply, staring ahead.

“I need to pee,” I explained.

“Go ahead,” she still didn’t look at me.


“Look lady, you know what you have on, Now be quiet.” But, but, can’t you even stop for to let me use the toilet? I don’t want to pee in this diaper!!! I cried silently. Squeezing my thighs together, I hoped I could hold it for a while longer but no, I was extremely horrified as I felt the warm urine against my crotch and the diaper soaking it up. In all my growing up years since I was toilet trained, I’ve never once wet myself. Now, I’ve just pee-ed like a baby in what babies wear.

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed. Then my bladder emptied itself again against the the diaper. “Oh my!”

“Pipe down,” the female warden finally turned to look at me. Then to my surprised, she parted my dress and exposed the diaper. “Hmm, that’s quite a bit. It can probably hold another one or two.” Then her hands shifted my bum. “Good,” was all she said. What was…oh she’s probably checking if I leaked onto the seat. But damnit, I can’t believe I just peed on myself.

To Be Continued.

The damp diaper continued to press against my vulva as the vehicle chugged on. By now, My arms and part of my legs were aching from the chains but I was more concern about the urine-soaked “device” against my crotch. When will  they change me or will they let me soak it to the full before changing? With this dampness will there be any vaginal or vulvovaginal infections? Damnit, why couldn’t they just let me pee normally like a grown up?

I ran these thoughts over and over again through my head when suddenly, I felt the vehicle turn sharply and then reverse and stop. The drivers’ screen came down and the male Warden Richardson announced, “wer’re stopping for lunch. Now, ou’ll be in public but keep locked. Under no circumstance will you interact with any member of the public or you’ll won’t enjoy your lunch. Got it?” I nodded at these threatening words. He got out first, they I was brought out and finally the female guard. Before I could move a step, they pinned a card on me with the words “Prisoner in transport, do not talk.” How nice.

As they led me towards the small highway stop, the damp diaper again pressed against my bum and crotch. It wasn’t just the thought of inefections that ran through my mind, I also somehow felt like a little kid all over again. Just then, some people passed by and pointed at me. “Nothing to look, just a prisoner,” the Marshals called out. But they effect was there: I was a helpless lady, chained and wearing diapers…

The inside of the outlet was full and that made matters even worse as people stared at me, pointed and made all sorts of comments. Even at a distance, I could here comments such as “woman in chains”, “hey look there’s a convict”, “ooh cute lady all cuffed, must be dangerous”. As we moved to find a table, I heard a little girl’s voice, “Mommy, why is that girl in chains?” “She’s a prisoner, dear.” “Oooh…why is her bum so big? Is she wearing a diaper underneath?” I couldn’t catch the mother’s response but was feeling even more humiliated. Just get me home, please just get me home….

I didn’t get to pick my own food and instead found a small burger in front of me and a cup of cold water. Both of them started eating and I had to prod them to get my hands loose. “The cuffs go in front…” the female Marshal remarked. “But…” “Eat up and be quiet,” she ordered. Ten minutes later, I finished the greasy burger when I felt my bowels signal. Oh damnit, i thought. “I need to go to the toilet,: I whispered and they both rolled their eyes.

“No, no, I mean for…number two,” I didn’t want to use the ‘S’ word.

“Lady, you know what you have on,” the male Warden replied.

“But…please, do you want me to…to poop in this?”

“We’re not let you loose.”

“Please, please let me use the loo. It well smell otherwise. Do you want that?” I was begging now, not so much for wanting the toilet but because my bowel signal was stronger.

“Get her there. But watch over her,” the male Warden ordered. Thankfully, I was led to the disabled toilet. I expected her to removed my chains but no, she reached under my dress and untaped the diaper! “Get and you have five minutes. And you better not be playing any tricks.” I held my cuffed hands. “I said get in.” What the heck, I have to wipe my ass with handcuffs?! Well, at least it’s a toilet, I thought, sitting down. As I did my business, I took a look at my crotch. Suprisingly, there wasn’t any rash or red marks and it wasn’t really that damp. Many the adult diapers are that good.

“Finally,” the warden muttered as I got out. “Now, hold still,” she ordered.


“Putting on a new diaper, silly.”

“Uh, look Warden, ma’am, can we skip that? I think it’s really silly keeping me diapered. I don’t mind…”

“Shut up.”

“But please..”

“I said shut the hell up.”


“Lady, one last time, shut the heck up.”


“SHUT UP!” She pushed me against the wall of the toilet stall and I yelled, my spit unintentionally falling on her neck. “You bitch,” she snarled, and just unfolded the diaper and roughly taped it up. Then she she pushed me face against the wall, switching my cuffs to the back. Shoving rather than escorting me, I was back next to the car and she brought out something. “No, please, I’m sorry….” I wailed but she clilpped on the spit shield before I was locked back in the seat.


Shackled, a spit shield over my face and diapered, I could only sit back and endure the pain and humiliation as vehicle chugged on. This damn diaper, I don’t need it. Sure I just peed in it earlier but they could have at least stopped to let use a loo. Why were they so afraid that I would escape if I used the loo?

The vehicle continued to move and despite my uncomfortable and embarrassing state, I fell asleep. What seemed like maybe two hour later, I awoke, first to the vehicle slowly stopping and second, to a dampness between my legs. Oh my gosh! I peed again! In my sleep! Just as  I was about to shift and try to say something, I heard the female warden next to me growl.

“Looks likes there’s a huge traffic jam in the highway in front of us. We’ll never make it to your place in time today. So we’re going to stay overnight at  motel. Now, I’m going to remove the shield you be quiet and don’t give me any trouble, got it? If not it stay on forever.” I nodded and was grateful that the dread device was gone. A few minutes later, I was brought out to a chilly location with the sign “Hank’s Motel” visible. Held in an arm lock, I was was brought into the reception area where the burly receptionist naturally raised his eye brows. “One room with two beds,” the male warden requested. “And no, it’s nothing to gape over, prison business.” My skin shining red with embarrassment, they brought me up the stairs. Well, thankfully no guest were present along the stairs or corridor.

The room was a basic room with beds, a table and a TV. “Listen up,” they told me. “We’ll take turns to shower. You’ll be the last.” Great, warden’s privilege. The male warden was first while I remained cuffed and standing. When it was the female’s time, he allowed me to sit. Finally, after ages, the female warden clad a bath robe, brought me in. “Kneel and don’t try anything stupid while I remove your restraints. Remembering the results of my scuffle earlier, I didn’t but as my hands were free, I instinctively moved them to unzip my dress. “On your head,” she growled, and instead she removed my dress, bra and untapped the diaper. “Oooh, so you did still use the new diaper,” she commented, making me turn even redder.

“Hands in front,” she commanded and to my surprise, she cuffed me again.


“Shut the hell up. We’re not in prison any more. You have ten minutes to show, max. Now!” Naked and cuffed, I tried my best at showering, scrubbing especially down there. The shower was really inviting and of course better than prison showers but I must have exceeded the time limit as the female warden came in. I was brought out and expected to be uncuffed but no, she ordered me to stand still and wiped me dry before roughly tucking the towel around me. Back in the room, the male warden was missing but before I could ask that question, she laid me or rather pushed me down on the bed, undoing my cuffs and ordering me to put them on top of my head again.

“You’re diapering me,” I started.

“Duh. Now behave and don’t move unnecessarily. It will be quick. Any problems and I’ll get my colleague to do it instead.” Swallowing hard, she double wiped my pussy dry before smearing icky cold cream all over, including my anal region. Then, she rolled me over and slide a new diaper under. Before I knew it, it was taped on. “Here,” she handed me the same old prison bra and a prisoner jumpsuit. “You’re lucky we don’t keep you in your dress all the time. Hurry up and change before  my colleague comes back.” I did so and the cuffs locked my hands behind me again.


The Boarding School

A sort of take on the “No Child Left Behind” short story.



“Mum, please do I really to study here?” I asked the same question the umpteenth time as the helicopter moved closer to the island.

“Lucy, we’ve been through this so many times. Enough, you’re going to spend your time here.”

“But,” I protested then turn to dad. “Dad, please, I really don’t deserve this. Please…”

“You do,” My father argued. “Lucy, you’re grades have been atrocious across the past few years, not months. You need to buck up fast if you are to attend a university. This boarding school will help you.”


“That’s enough,” he argued over the whirl of the blades. As if to back up his argument, the pilot radioed that he was landing. Minutes later, the whirling blades came to a halt and the door opened. Immediately, I felt a huge gust of wind and I tried to hold down my long dark brownish hair and dress at the same time, lest I appear dishevelled and flash my self to strangers. We had taken a only few steps forward when a lone female appeared. She was rather tall, around six feet and dress in a tight dark blue skirt, heels, white blouse and blue vest walked towards us.

“Hi, I’m Amanda MacBurns,” she said, shaking our hands. “Welcome to this island and welcome to Verbessern boarding school. You must be Lucy Mehan.” I opened my mouth to reply but my mother quickly replied on my behalf. “Well, I’ll take her in from here. The schooling term is going to start soon.” My parents gave me a quick hug and with a wave, I was left alone. “Well, let’s go young lady,” the woman said, yanking my arm. Dragging my baggage and still trying to stop the wind blow up my dress, I followed her up a steep path and through an electronic gate. In front of mind was a medieval-like caste, with vines crawling up several corners There was even a moat and with one more step, I noticed that I was crossing a draw bridge. “It was look like a castle from the outside, but it’s much  more inside,” MacBurns quipped, moving faster with each step. Just as we moved another step, a shorter, younger girl in a school uniform–dark blue blazer, skirt, white blouse and black tie–came forward.

“Lucy, this is Sian Teddington,” MacBurns said. “She’s is a senior girl and will be your main guide for your first year here. Sian will take over from here and get your uniform sorted and and you into the proper dress code.” Without saying goodbye, MacBurns disappeared into a side door. Before I could formally introduce myself, Sian just annouced, “follow me” and moved off, leaving me to scamper quickly after her. After navigating through another few corridors, we reached a room marked, “uniform room.” I was instructed to enter and retrieve a uniform of my size. I easily found a blazer, tie, blouse and flat heels but just couldn’t find a skirt. “There’s no skirt here,” I called.

“That’s right,” Sian said. “Let’s go.”

“But,” I protested, “I need a skirt, I can’t a a full uniform without a skirt.”

“Let’s go,” she repeated. I protested again but just like MacBurns she yanked my arm. I kept on protested outside but she told me to shut up and literally pushed me towards another room. “Nurse’s office.” The sign read. “I’m not sick,” I protested.

“Get in, I’ll hold your luggage.”


“Just bloody get in. We don’t have all day; the session will be starting soon.” Still bewildered about the lack of a school skirt, I did so and found a middle aged lady in nurses’ uniform with the name tag, “Donna.” “Hi, I’m Nurse Donna. Do leave your uniform paack there and take off your dress and lower underwear please.”

“Wha..What?!” I exclaimed upon hearing the last few words.

“Take off that dress dear and your undies. Lower undies,” she repeated.

“Why?” I folded my arms in defence and moved back a bit.

“Dear, just do as I say,” the nurse said, getting up and advancing towards me.

“No, I don’t get this. First there’s no uniform skirt and now I’m in a nurses’ office for no reason. I’m getting out of…” before I knew it, the nurse was next to me and jabbed a needle into my arm. I immediately felt dizzy and collapsed into her arms. You would have expected me to speak or struggle but it seemed like not of my muscles could move and I couldn’t utter a sound. Neither could I hear a thing but my eyesight was still there. Helpless, I watched as the nurse unzipped the polka dot dress I had on, revealing my black bra and knickers. The latter was soon lowered and I would probably have turned red with embarrassment had I not been stunned. I was then lowered on some examination bed and strapped down across my torso. With my verticl position, I didn’t have a direct view but I could see the nurse holding some sort of device–it was an electrice shaver!!! Unable to hear, I just saw it move and she was shaving way my pubic hair!!! Please, please, I pleaded silently, this can’t be happening!!! Let me out of here!!!

The shaving stopped, or so I could see. Next, I saw her extract a tube and spread a huge blob of greyish cream onto her hands. Those moved away from sight but I surmised it was being rubbed against my exposed crotch. Let me out of this!!! Let me out of this!!! Next some weird whitish item appeared in her hands and I saw my legs and bum raised. Before I knew it, that item was secured over my waist. That wasn’t the last of it as something else was slid over the item. Then, she pricked my arm again with another filled syringe and suddenly my senses flooded back.

“What…” I yelled as she removed the strap, then looked down. “You…you placed me in a NAPPY?!!!”

“Please don’t shout here. Sian,” she called. “She’s all yours.” Sian reappeared and before I could protest further, both her and the nurse roughly placed my dress on. “Hey, hey,” I called after Sian as she dragged my bags towards another corridor. “Tell me what’s going on, why the hell was stunned and put in a nappy?” I repeated myself over and over until we entered what looked like a door. There were four beds inside and basic furniture and my bags were dumped on the only empty one.

“Get dressed in your uniform.”

“I want to know why I’m forced into a nappy!” I exclaimed again but only received a hand over my lips in response. “Listen, newbie, you follow instructions and keep your voice down. Clear? Now, get into that uniform before you spend your first day in detention. I’ll briefly explain.”

Seeing no other choice, I nodded and removed my half zipped dress. “All junior girls here are made to wear nappies, all the time and exposed. You don’t get the priviledge of a skirt unless you perform well in your studies and are on your best behaviour. Even after you ‘skirt’ up, you still have to wear a nappy until you graduate.” She lifted up her skirt to reveal a sort of similar nappy.


“Get dressed. And no coloured bra, white or beige only,” she snapped. Blushing as I exposed my boobs again, she continued, “You wear a nappy and it’s locked to you to prevent you from removing it voluntarily.” I looked down and realised it was a plastic pants that covered the nappy, and there was a padlocked on either side. “Only teachers, nurses and designated officials can remove the lock. You only get it removed if you need to poo or need  change. All dressed? Let’s go.” I followed her again, dressed in the blouse, tie, blazer, exposed nappy and locking pants.

To Be Continued.

As I moved behind the fast moving girl, I distinctively heard a plastic-ky crinkle. I had former heard such a sound when I visited an elderly home as part of a compulsory community work order. The second I walked through those doors, I heard that sound and saw several grey hair or hairless elderly people walking by at a snails pace, some escorted by staff. I was told that some of them had bladder weakness and needed to wear protection. Protection? I asked back then. Incontinence wear with plastic pants. What? I asked again. Nappies.

Now, I was in the same position as those old folks, wearing, well forced to wear a rather tight nappy secured in place by plastic underwear. “Sian!” I called after that senior girl. “Can you explain why I, we have to be…” My sentence was cut short as that taller senior girl spun around and cupped her hand over  my lips. “Listen Mehan, you keep you  voice down in this hallway and every part of this building. It’s not your home. You’ll get your answers soon enough if you bother to move.” With that she pushed me foward but trying to walk briskly was quite impossible with the thickness between my legs.

After navigating through corridors and staircases, we finally reached an enormous hall that was filled to the brim with other girls similarly dressed and nappied. The senior dragged me and the after a few more tugs, she pushed me down onto a chair. I tried to get comfortable immediately but I was further surprised as straps were buckled across my waist and ankles–I was secured into the chair! “Hey! What’s this?!” I cried, but the senior had moved away.

“This is hell,” I heard a voice next to me and found a blonde hair girl with dark blue eyes. “Hi, I’m Catherine, Cathy,” She instinctively tried to lift her hand to shake but it was naturally impossible.

“Lucy,” I answered. “This is suppose to be be a boarding school to help our grades not one to treat us like babies!”

“I know I was surprised as well. But the nurse was rather gentle and kind as she taped it on.”

“Gentle?!” I recounted the drugging and forced nappying.

“Oh, did you go through that? I obeyed the nurse and the senior.”

“But this is torture! This is humiliat…” my words were cut off again as some deafening voice called for silence. I turned to see an extremely tall beared man in long suit and tie step onto the stage. “Hello girls and welcome to your school away from all other schools. You girls are hear because all of you have  terrible academic grades and terrible behaviour. Well, looking at how you all are dressed now, I don’t think you’ll want to continue the latter any further.” The whole room burst into cries of protest.

“Silence!!! You girls are placed in exposed nappies for good reasons. As I was saying, you don’t deserve the treatment of female clothing if you  have been disobedient or rebellious. So at least for the next year, you all will walk, sit, eat, study and sleep with your nappies exposed. Nothing else except the locked undies will cover them. You will urinate in them until they are full or a staff or senior indicates that you should change. We will give you the dignity of defecating in toilets, but only at certain times. They rest of the time, you have to hold or use it. Only if you  show a strong improvement in your academic results and attitude will you be allowed to put on a skirt. Now, follow the seniors and staff and collect your necessary school items. Dismissed!!!” With that, Sian and that Ms MacBurns reappeared. The straps were automatically removed and with their orders, we followed them out, the crinkling sounds ever present.

To be continued

I followed the line of nappied students and it snaked into another room adjacent to the hall. Many students were gossiping amongst themselves as they lined up and I wait for a few seconds for someone to tell us to be quiet but nothing happened. So I turned to Cath and we exchange information about each other. I learnt that she has a long history of poor grades and failing subjects. Cath mixed up with the wrong crowd and had ended in juvenile detention twice. I told her the same history of terrible grades and how I skipped school and often came home late despite punishments after punishment. “This still doesn’t warrant being forced into nappies and plastic pants!” I cried.

“Quiet now, Mehan,” I turned to see a senior teacher pass me a bag and a thick folder. I opened the folder to see an extensive timetable with subjects. “What the hell, Physics?!” I saw my most hated subject appear many times on the table.

“Smack!” my cheek was stung with a huge smack by that staff/teacher. “Never say that again in this school, is that clear?” She bellowed in my ear.


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Miss. Sorry…” Bloody bitch, I thought.

“Stand aside there,” she ordered and I did so, rubbing my face.

“What subjects did you get?” That was Cathy and we compared our timetables. I got Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Art. She was to take Physics, Geography, German and Music. “Well, at least we are in the same classes for two of them,” I commented.

“I detest Music,” she whined softly, “why…”

“What’s this?” I pointed at a time slot marked in red. “Inspection time?”

“Could be when our nappies are checked,” she easily surmised. Checked? Oh my gosh..”Look, ‘poo time’,” Cathy  pointed at another read box, “they really want us to shit in the loo only at selected times.” What the hell, I thought. This is a nightmare…

“Follow me you two,” I head Sian order. “Folder under your left arm, bag on your right. And be quiet.” We both did so, and joined a line of students crinkling all the way through another lot of corridors and stairs. Finally, we entered a really brightly lit room. Sian ordered us to hang our blazers on the pegs and sit on different allocated desks. Catherine thankfully was allocated a desk next to me; I didn’t want to lose contact with her so suddenly. With my bag in a slot, I sat down and yikes! A strap came over my waist again. Before I could turn to talk to Cathy, a burly man came in. With a short introduction as Mr. Barnes, he bellowed for us to open one of the textbooks provided. As we droned through shapes and various forces, I started doodled but immediately was called upon by this Barnes. “Any one who doesn’t concentrate  again in my class will face detention or even punishment!!” he yelled.

Trying to focus on the boring and difficult topic, I suddenly felt a signal from my bladder. I had my last drink around two hours ago before I had sat foot on this island and school of torture. What was it? Oh lemonade or something. Damn it, in any other circumstance, I would have been able to get an excuse to visit the loo. But now I was locked in a thick adult nappy exposed for all to see. What’s worse, I was strapped to be chair and it didn’t seem like this teacher or any other teacher I would meet would let me pee normally. Damn it, I thought, what time does this silly lesson end? I started to cross and uncross my legs, hoping that it would hold my bladder. Instead it pushed the thick nappy harder agianst my crotch. I couldn’t hold it any further and the pee ame out, striking the nappy’s thickness. At sixteen, I had just peed in a nappy.

To Be Continued.

To say I was embarrassed was an understatement. This wasn’t some monthly period where I would stain my underwear. This was being into something that babies and people with no bladder control use not teenage girls. This was really enforced humiliation, bordering torture!!! Why oh why did my parents send me here? Was I really deserving of this form of punishment?

“…Over.” Was the word that broke my reverie and with a snapping sound, the leather strap holding me to the chair was released. Everyone around me started to pack up but I just sat there, still thinking about my urination. “Lucy, come on, I don’t think they like it if you are late for the next class. Lucy..”

I finally got up and Cathy came closer. “Did you…”

“Yeah I did. This is torture,” I whined.

“I know Lucy, but I can’t see any way out of it. Come on, pack up.” I did so and followed her out. As I did so, I didn’t really feel that much of a wetness around my vulva. Perhaps these darn thick nappies or what Americans call diapers absorb the pee well. Absorb the..I shouldn’t have peed in them in the first place!!!I shouldn’t be here!!!

My thoughts were interrupted once again as we were guided to some sort of canteen area. Sian and the other seniors ordered us to sit down and stop talking. As I did so, I realised that all the chairs and benches so far were plastic-coated or wrapped. What for since were already had plastic pants locked around us? “Whoosh!” Something was passed down towards me. I examined it–it was a wrapped up sandwich and some sort of drink. “Eat and drink up,” I heard one of the seniors call. I peeled the sandwich open and took a bit–yuck. It was some ultra-processed substance–I couldn’t tell if it was tuna or a farm animal. I tossed it aside and tried the drink. Yucks, Rhubarb or some sort of sour fruit. “Finish it all!” Sian’s voice demanded and I did my best to, nearly vomiting the detestable snack. Just as I got up and followed the line of girl’s I immediately fell my bladder signal again. This time, I just couldn’t hold it and once more I peed into the damn nappy again.

To Be Continued.

Darn it, I can’t believe I urinated again into something I detest!!! This is the worst nightmare I’ve ever been through!!! “Lucy, come on, they definitely won’t want us to be late!!!” I still stood there thinking of my humiliation so much that Cathy had drag me part of the way to the next class. Again, I didn’t feel the dampness against my pussy but the humiliation of peeing in one overrode that thought. The next class was a physics practical lesson which allowed us to briefly cover our exposed nappies but the lesson was incredibly hard to understand, especially the shifting of weights. I finally heaved a sigh of relief when it was over but it mean that the coats had to be removed.

The next class for me was Mathematics while Cathy went for her German class. I hate equations, calculus, and all that stuff that relates to anything numbers. As I sat trying to even write something credible on the sheets, I again felt my bladder signal and I squeezed and crossed my legs. That definitely didn’t help and as the teacher droned on, I peed, this time a huge amongst hitting against padded stuff around my crotch. “Mehan, what’s the answer for question 7?”

“Uh….” I stared down at my sheet.

“That’s certainly not an answer. Extended tutorial, this afternoon!!!”

Extended what? “But..”

“No arguments!” I mumbled something as I continued to not fill in anything on the sheet and instead peek glances at the nappy. The previous few pees didn’t change the shape of it but now it was slightly bloated. And wait, that yellow strip in the middle of it wasn’t yellow anymore. What the heck did that mean? Thankfully, the class ended but the teacher stuck a note onto my folder, indicating that I needed to attend extra an “extra session”. As I got up, the senior Sian yanked my arm. “This way,” she said and soon enough, I found myself in a toilet with no doors with other girls sitting in other stalls. With a warning to stand still, she reached over and unlocked the plastic pants. Yes, I thought, finally. The used or sort of used nappy was undone and I was told I had a few minutes to “shit”. “This is one of the scheduled stops, try and do it because you wont be allowed to for a long while.”

I sat there semi-naked and tried to but only a trickle of urine, not poo came out but it was such a relief to have the pants and dreaded nappy off. Before I could sit there any further, the senior returned. She didn’t have anything in her hand and I queried that. “Get up, we’re going to the nurse.”


“To get you changed silly.”

“But, I’ve be walking naked?”

“Clean your self up,” I did so and as I got up, she checked the bowl. “You didn’t poo?”

“I…I couldn’t,” I was embarrassed; after all who would have asked that at my age?

“Well, if that’s your case. I told you you won’t get another chance.”

“Why can’t you put me in the same nappy again?” Sian gave we an ‘incredulous’ look and pushed me out. I’ve never walked semi-naked before, well not outside my house, so even as there weren’t anyone else in the corridor, it was really humiliating. Soon enough, I was back in the nurse’s office. “Well hello again,” the nurse Donna greeted. “Lie down on the bed please.”

“Are…are you going to…”

“Strap you down? Not unless you misbehave young lady, now do as I say.” Not wanting a repeat of the previous forced changing, I slowly laid myself down. She had some examination light shown on my exposed crotch and then–zing! “Oooh! Ooaa! What was that?”

“A cleaning wipe. Could you please stay still,” she ordered with a firm voice and used one hand to hold me down as the ultra cold wipe was pressed against my crotch, my anus bum and even my thighs. “Phew,” I exclaimed as she stopped but before I knew it, she aggressively rub some gell against my crotch. “What the F…”

“Mind you language dear or you’ll face detention.”

“What….is that?!!!”

“Can you pipe down please. It’s cream to prevent rashes or infections.”

“You’ve put hundreds or stuff down there. Just get the bloody stupid napp…mmmmpph!!” She stuck a piece of tape across my mouth. I immediately reached out but the same straps came again and held me down. “I did say to watch your language young lady. I’ll be reporting you. Now…” she lifted my bum then slide a new nappy under, taping it tight as before. Still strapped, she roughly pulled up a new locking pants and secured it.

“Sian,” she called the senior in. “This girl has used crude and nearly foul language. Best to keep her mouth shut till she needs to speak.”

To Be Continued.

To the Davis Girls and Jaigo of Brigstock

Go have sex with Jeremy Corbyn Jocasta, Freyja, Avena Imogen Sayle Davis.

to the Davis Girls of Brigstock

to Avena Paris Davis, Freyja Celeste Davis, Jocasta Davis,

Please sleep with Jeremy Corbyn if he still has a sexual drive left. Afterwards, you can join him with neogotiating with ISIL and see if you foodie heads still exits.

Extreme Lock-up 5: The Student

Judge K. Sanders turned the page of her folder. “Next person: Charlotte Seager.”

The door clanged and two guards brought in a girl in school uniform. As per the regulations, she was handcuffed behind her back, with the cuffs attached to a waist chain and another chain leading down to leg irons around her nylon-clad ankle. She was hooded but under the hood a panel gag surrounded her jaw.

“Remove her hood,” the Judge ordered. They did so, revealing a brunette. Her face was all full of perspiration being under the hood and like all females arrested, her bra was removed, exposing her rather large breasts.

“What’s the charge?”

“Shoplifting and resisting arrest,” the Prosecutor announced.

“How does she plead? Guards, temporarily remove her gag.” They did so and saliva drooled down her chin. “Than..k you, your honour. Not guilty. Please…”

“Silence!” The Judge roared and banged his gravel. “Re-gag her!” Turning to the lawyers, he asked for opening statements.

“Your Honour, I represent the defendant. I ask for a motion of dismissal. My client did not commit the crime; it was staged and she was made to look like the perpetrator of this act.”

“Your Honour, this is….I object to this. The evidence I submitted produces explicit proof that she committed the crime.”

“The defendant,” the Judge corrected.

“I apologise your Honour, the defendant.”

“Your Honour….” the Defence started.

“Hold on…Both of you are taking sides. You defence counsellor, are simply making a statement. You  prosecutor, are starting a trial.  I want proper motions and counters next time.” Just then the clock hands moved. “We will re-convene tomorrow at 9 o’clock.”

“Your Honour,” The defence started.

“Make it quick.”

“May I plead on behalf of my client to have her under my custody? She will still be restrained and gagged. I also wish to have her, uh nappies removed. She may have resisted but this is too much for an underaged…”

“Defence, all girls will be treated equally. Denied. As for what is is made to wear, she will be in a chastity belt instead.” Charlotte wailed through her gag. “Silence!”

“As the jail is far from this courtroom, she will be remanded in the holding cells with a belt but when in this court, in nappies. Court is adjoured.”

Charlotte gave a struggle but the guards escorted her away. She was strapped down to a table, her soggy nappy removed and with only light cleaning, a chastity belt was locked around her. She was then cuffed to a chair in a holding cell.



The click-clock of heels was followed by the dragging sound of chains. The next sound heard was the unlocking of the door and Miss Lauren Staples was guided into the room. In the middle sat Charlotte chained to a chair and mouth still gagged. Lauren was ushered to another chair were her cuffed hands were switched from back to front and the ball gag she was wearing was removed. A small table was then placed in between them and only then was Charlotte’s panel gag remove. The chief guard warned them about the time limit and then left them alone.

“How are you, Charlotte?” Lauren began, wiping off the saliva from her mouth.

“How…do you think I am! I’m shackled and gagged 24/7, have me nappied and now in  a chastity belt! It sucks! This sucks! Get me out of here!”

“Sssh, Sssdh, I know it is dear. But I encourage you to keep your volume down dear, people can here you,” Lauren wanted to reach out to touch the teenager but remembered there was a CCTV.

“I’m not suppose to be here. Can you get me out of this?”

“I’m your lawyer. Look let’s go through your cases from the beginning again.” Over the next fifty minutes Lauren heard Charlotte’s account of the incident again. Just as Charlotte insist again on her innocence, the door clang again and the guards announced that time was up. Charlotte was re-gagged and so was Lauren. The latter’s hand were locked back behind her and she was escorted out through several doors before returning to the check-in or rather check-out desk. With one hand bound she signed several forms before her bra was returned to her. She quickly change back into it and only then were the rest of her chains and ball gag removed.

That was quite an experience, she thought as she caught a taxi back to her office. More the parts about being restrained when entering the police station and then courtroom rather than the whole case itself. The girl is toast, she thought and she typed out the remainder of her argument on her computer. By half past six, she was too tired to write anymore and headed home. Just as she unlocked her door, a hand reached out and covered her lips. “Guess who?” the voice growled.

“Mmmm…” she struggled and easily got free but the person held her hands behind her. “Tom. stop it damnit! Later ok? I had a tiring day and I need a good shower and rest.” He released his girlfriend but hour later as she slipped her nightie over her satin knickers, he tackled her, drew her arms behind her back and started to wind duct tape around her wrists. “Tom…” she whined.

“Hush, you have no right to argue,” he said then moved to tape her ankles. “Tom, I’ve a court case tomo…mmmmphh!” she ried as he stuffed a clean black pair of knickers in mouth and sealed it with a strip of tape. “Don’t worry, it’s a nice way to get you to sleep soundly and quietly. You’ll be free in the morning.” But alas, at hlaf past eight, she was still bound and gagged with no boyfriend in sight. Only after repeated muffled cris did he appear and cut her free. “Damn you, I’m going to be late and the judge will have my head for breakfast!” Lauren two of her tights before she was ready and made it to the courthouse half an hour before hand. “Try to change your record in arrival time, Miss Staples?” The courthouse guard

“Very funny, Guard,” she said, then surprised, the guard grabbed her hand. “I’m due in court today.”

“We’ll only released you ten minutes before the trial starts; you know the rules. We will allow to have your bra on.”

“But I have to write,” she protested.

“Ok, fine, hands in front,” he said said and cuffed her in front and then snapped leg irons around her ankles. He lifted up a ball gag and she shook head. “Open wide ma’am.”

“But i have to…mmmpph,” the ball was stuck between her teeth and strapped in place. “I trust that you won’t remove it until I do. Go ahead.” Glaring at him, she entered the office assigned for her and re-read through the arguments she formed, or rather the lack of it. This girl is toast, she thought. Well, the less time I have to spend it cuffed and gagged here, the better. After a few minutes, she got up to the ladies, finding it a little difficult to unzip her skirt and lower her tights. The handcuffs even scratch her crotch as she wiped it but then remembered how much worse it was for her client. Just as she exited the toilet, the same guard came up to her and announced that Seager’s parents were here.

“Mmmmph, remmmmph?” she lifted her cuffed hands asking for her gag to be removed.


Apology not accepted Ariana F***** Grande

Apology not accepted Ariana F***** Grande.

Open Questions to boy/girl “Jazz” Jennings

1) If you are a girl, do you have natural breasts or use fake breast forms which is therefore acting?

2) If you don’t like your naturally given dick and balls, do you tuck?

3) If you take androgen blockers to stop erection, it means you can’t masturbate like even girls do. How can you call yourself a girl?

4) If you still have you naturally given male genitalia, you definitely can’t menstruate. How can you call yourself a teenage girl who needs to buy pads/tampons and can’t do stuff during her time of the month?

5) Why dont you cut off your own penis?



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