Secondary School Tie Up Games: Uniforms Off

“I really don’t know,” Huiling remarked yet again as she ate her Hailing Wanton Mee at some hawker centre near Sixth Avenue, her face mask down.

“Well, they’ve like seen you in your swimsuit and while in the shower, I’m sure they’ve seen your underwear,” Su Ying replied as she also ate a dish of Wanton Mee.

“You defending them?”

“Well, no, just hoping you aren’t leaving this. It won’t be fun without you.”

Huiling stared at her friend in both disgust and shock. Finally, after eating another spoonful noodles, she asked when the next game would occur. After hearing the date, Huiling remarked that it was s not possible; she would have her period then – no way she would let the boys see her bloody pad.

Two weeks later on a Friday, Su Ying returned home in her SCGS uniform wearing a light blue face mask as always required. She was shocked to see Huiling tape gagged and with Guo Yun holding a plastic knife against see her see her throat.

“Um, I thought the scenario was…” she began as she removed her face mask but her brother entered in view.

“Hands on your head sis,” Yan Long ordered then produced a piece of cloth and told her to stuff it in her mouth. It was then she realised Huiling’s mouth was also stuffed. Yan Long secured the cloth with one long strip of sliver duct tape.

“Hold still Ying,” her brother continued but she yelped through the gag as her brother started to remove her school belt and unzip her school uniform. It dropped to the ground leaving her white bra and classic green school shorts in view. “I said hold still,” he repeated as he pulled down her shorts, lifted each of her legs, allowing him to yank the shorts free. She stood there now with her pink bikini panties. Before she could further react, he brought pulled her arms behind her back and tightly taped her wrists.

“Ok,” Guo Yun released Huiling and attempted to lift up her NYGH blouse. Huiling instead shifted away, not exactly wishing to be undressed by him. The boys grimaced but then Gou Yun told her in Chinese to take off her school uniform. Minutes later, the NYGH student was out of her blouse, skirt, black FBT shorts and down to her stark white bra and white classic panties. Her wrists as well bound behind her with duct tape.

“Shall we go to the screen and see how the others are fairing?” Yan Long typed in his Skype ID and password and two Skype screens appeared. The first showed Shirleen in her MGS uniform and Victor grabbing her. He yanked her face mask – the white kind with the Merlion symbol – pinched her nose and jammed a cloth in her mouth. Before she could protest, he briefly hand-gagged her then whispered in both her ears. Shirleen couldn’t stay still as her school blouse and badge was lifted up and thrown on the faring nearby chair. This exposed her pinafore but soon he managed to figure out how lift it up, throwing it away. He took more time to remove her school shorts but finally exposed her black bra and light blue French cut panties. As with Su Ying and Huiling, a roughly clean cloth was pushed inside her mouth and she was soon bound and gagged like her SCGS and NYGH counterparts.

A new screen appeared showing another room inside another condominium. This time it was Laura in her CHIJ uniform and she was grab by Charles faster than the other three girls were pounced on. Charles told her not make a Hulling sound but she wailed as her undid her school belt. Disgusted, he pulled hr ponytail back causing her to yelp loudly. This allowed him to stuff a large torn piece of cloth insider her open mouth and he quickly secured it in place with the same long piece of duct tape her fellow girls got with an additional piece over her lips. With her protests now muted, he pulled down the sides of her school pinafore. revealing her school blouse and FBT shorts. “Black sports bra, oh well,” he sighed but continued to unbutton her blouse and soon that item was thrown on a table. He took more time to remove her FBT shorts as she gave some resistance. Finally, Laura’s beige seamless panties were exposed.

“Ok, good work guys,” Yan Long congratulated. “Don’t worry girls, no more stripping,” he assured the semi-naked students. “First play, try to undo your tape bonds but not your gags. Last girl who manages to gets a little surprise.” The four girls quickly shifted wildly, not wishing to be last. Su Ying came first, then Laura, then Shirleen and despite her efforts, Huiling came last. “Hold her,” Guo Yun told Yan Long and disappeared. He reappeared with an ice cube tray and Huiling shrieked as the ice cubes were pressed against her bare skin. After a few minutes of torture, Yan Long pulled him off and announced the next tie up was a hogtie.

The gagged girls protested but the four senior boys produced soft white rope and after some gagged complaints and struggling all four bra-and-panties girls were stood hogtied. “Ok girls, try escaping from these bonds,” Yan Long instructed. The girls struggled wildly again but only Shirleen managed to get part of the rope loose and her bra strap and Su Ying’s bra strap fell down to their shoulders. The respective boys re-adjusted their bra straps and called off this part of the game.

“What about a race?” Charles called over Skype and explained his idea. The gagged girls groaned again but rolled across the various floors, again not wanting to be last. Unfortunately, Laura and Su Ying tied last and soon both girls were shrieking through their gags as they were subjected to ice cube torture. As that finished, Shirleen cried, “Rmmele me! I hammmving my, Rmmele me!” It took half a minute before Victor cut her bonds off and she grabbed her purse and school shorts and ran off. The rest of them made queries until she returned wearing her shorts.

“What happen?” Victor asked loud enough for the others to hear. “Oh, you had your pe…”

“Dmm, smy it!” She cried through the gag. She was about peel off the duct tape but he caught her hand. “You want to leave or just sit this one out?” He asked. She indicated the latter but that still meant her hands would be bound behind her and she still didn’t have the chance to put any shirt or blouse on.

The next challenge was for the gagged girls to sing their various school anthems while still gagged. “We have the lyrics on our phones, now go!” Yan Long declared. The three remaining girls did, and there was no clear loser or winner this time. Just as the boys were about to speak, Huiling’s handphone rang. Groaning, Guo Yun peeled off her gag and pulled off the cloth to let her speak. “I have to head back home,” she declared in Chinese. With her bonds cuff off, she quickly dressed in her shorts and school uniform, hugged her still bound and gagged SCGS friend, donned her mask and left.

“What next?” Charles said with the three girls left and one sitting out. The boys hadn’t planned much and finally just declared to leave the girls as they were but if anyone wanted to leave they could. An hour passed, and Shirleen really cried through she had to go. With only Su Ying and Laura left, the former called to her brother she needed to use the toilet. “Yeah, yeah,” Yan Long refused at first. “Plmms!” She cried and he finally cut away her bonds. Returning, he grabbed her and bound her with both tape and Palms rope into a ball tie. Laura on the other hand was taped to a chair. Another half an hour passed and Charles had to leave so let Laura go as well.

“Want to watch a movie sis?” Yan Long asked but Su Ying pleaded to be released. Ignoring her, he put on a random DVD. “Don’t worry, you’ll be free before our parents return home.”

The End.

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Secondary School Tie Up Games: Circuit Breaker

“Thirty-two…” Yan Long breathed.

“Thirty-two what? Cm? Push ups?” His sister Su Ying asked as they tidied up the household laundry.

“32B,” he held up one of her beige bras. “Pretty good for a fourteen-year-old…”

“Hey give that back!” She cried but he held it up high. Being much taller and stronger, he held the undergarment out of reach. Soon, sister was chasing brother all around their condominium until Su Ying fell on the ground. “Ok, I’ll give you back your bra,” Yan Long remarked. “Provided you put on your school uniform and be willing to be bound and gagged…”

“You really are a pervert and have fetish,” Su Ying replied, quickly snatching back her underwear. “You…”

“You love it don’t you,” he interrupted. “Say you do.”

“I…” But her tone and the movement of her eyes said otherwise.

“Say you like being bound and gagged,” he continued his taunt, holding her wrists.

“I…”She was sweating now. “Ok, I give.”

“You put on your school uniform, and if you want this bra.” Minutes later, just as Ying zipped up her sky-blue sleeveless uniform, Long pounced on her again, winding some white DIY brown rope around her wrists behind her back. “Ugh, can you switch to something less…painful?” She winced.

“Fine.” Soon her wrists were re-bound with masking tape. It wasn’t exactly comfortable but she didn’t complain this time. “Ok, what’s the scenario this time.”

“This,” he dragged her to his room and sat her down on a chair. He had logged on to his Skype and the account CharlieK was logged on. “Hey Yan Long, looks like you caught your sister again.”

“Tell us what got Charles, hehheh,” Yan Long responded. After a quick typing by both boys, the account Shirleenrocks was added to the conversation, and Shirleen appeared on screen. She was dressed in her ‘sailor-moon’ MGS uniform but to Su Ying’s surprise, her wrists were handcuffed in front of her.

“Hi all, this is so crappy,” she raised her bound hands. “Can’t believe I fell for this.”

“Well you didn’t meet the mark for your online physics test. And I coached your twice.”

“Well, no dare ever goes to…ok…Are Ying’s hands bound her back? I guess I’m lucky.”

“Uh no so fast. Find one of your socks and stuff it in your mouth,” Charles prompted.

“Or what?”

“Or Ying here gets a good tickle torture,” Yan Long said and started so. Su Ying was a bit ticklish and started yelping against the mass of tickling, especially her open armpits – after all her SCGS uniform was sleeveless. “Ok, ok, ok!” Shirleen screamed, got up and returned, jamming one of her ankle socks into her mouth.

“Hmmpy?” She grumbled on screen. It did look comical but Su Ying knew it was anything but. “There’s tape to your…seal your sock with at least two strips tape. Now,” Charles continued. “Show us your ankles and tape them up.” Shirleen groaned through her new gag and did so. In the process, her uniform pinafore lifted up but she remembered to wear shorts underneath.

“Nice. Now, wrap your hands behind your bound ankles…slowly…yup, that’s it!” Charles exclaimed and Yan Long clapped his hands.

“Ok, so you proved to me you can do self-bondage across the web,” Su Ying noted. “Or should that be self-binding since this is PG? Those weren’t real handcuffs, right?”

“Toy,” her brother remarked then typed in a new name, Vicisgreat. Victor appeared and after pleasantries were exchanged, another account, Laura*loves*Yee entered the group chat. Laura was in her CHIJ uniform but on the floor at a foetal position. Her sock-free ankles were bound with duct tape and her wrists were attached to those bonds with cloth and also bound with tape, albeit lightly. There was a thick stripe of cloth between her teeth.

“Whommse frmmkin idea wmm this?! I kmmmp zao geng…” Surprisingly, the last two words came out fine from her gag speak. ‘Zao geng’ meant ‘open coffee shop’ or opening your legs to flash your underwear, or upskirt. But as with Shirleen, Laura was wearing shorts underneath, her black FBTs.

“You were watching South Korean soap opera instead of completing your Maths assignment,” Victor countered. “Pretty good bindings by the way.” Laura continued to whine and roll around, providing views of her shorts underneath to all participants, and occasionally showing the edges of her panties.

“Right. So, where’s Huiling?” Su Ying asked about her best friend. Again, after some taping, Guoyunpwn was logged on. “Just a minute,” the HCI student called and then after a nearly fifteen-minute wait, Huilingluvu joined the group. As with the other girls, she was also dressed in her school uniform but seat in a normal wooden chair. She was really seated, her arms resting on the chair’s arms, both secured with a strip of packing tape. She was also gagged with an OTM cloth gag.

“Hmm all, thmms really sum..I memm sucms,” She said through gagged speech. As she did so, she shifted her chair to reveal that her ankles were tape to the legs. “Amazing,” Su Ying noted. “How did you manage to tape yourself to the chair’s arms like that?”

“Take much time but she did it,” Guo Yun commented.

“Alright,” Yan Long turned his laptop away. “So, you see my young apprentice…”

“Can your Star Wars line. What’s next for me?” He dragged her back to her room and to her dismay, started rummaging her drawers. “I guess this is age appropriate,” He held up one of her socks. “No…” but she regrettably let her brother stuff it into her mouth. He quickly sealed it with a long strip of tape that reached from ear-to-ear. He then sat her down on her bed then stopped.

“I’ll be binding your ankles and… I hope your wearing shorts under your uniform…what?!” He exclaimed as she shook her head violently and tugged at her bonds.

“No, I’m not taking it off just to let you put them on…wait,” he spotted on her PE shorts and her towel. Wrapping it around his eyes, he held the shorts and helped her put it on. “All done?” He called and she gave a positive reply through her gag. He proceeded to tape her ankles and then knees. Su Ying thought that was the end of it until he ordered, “Hop it.”

“Mmmp?” She queried.

“Hop, girl. Hop,” he repeated. So, with his help, Su Ying hopped all the way back to his room.

“What took you guys so long?” Charles asked.

“Missy hear didn’t wear her shorts – yes can you believe it – so I had to help her put it on, no, I didn’t look, I blindfolded myself,” Yan Long replied.

The gagged girls, Shirleen, Laura and Huiling voiced their replies, some in disbelief others in discomfort to their bindings and the sight of Su Ying.

“What do guys think or my work?” Yan Long asked.

“Hmm…maybe tape isn’t strong enough,” Charles responded.

“Well, I don’t think I’m gonna stick tape across her uniform,” Yan Long said and Su Ying nodded.

“How about using rope? Hog Tie?” Guo Yun suggested. Despite Su Ying’s yelping, her brother soon connected her wrists and ankles together and left her rolling on the floor.

“Thammm evil,” Huiling cried from her bound chair position and the other girls agreed, with Laura and Shirleen agreeing. The boys watched the helped girls until the creaking of a door came from Huiling. Her account logged off immediately and minutes later she appeared, bonds and gag removed.

“Guys and girls, my parents just returned,” she said whispering. In the background, they could hear talking and then Huiling replied back in Mandarin. She typed ‘Have to go’, and then signed off.

“Oh well,” Guo Yun sighed. “Hope the other girls don’t have to go.”

“Typmmcal,” Shirleen whined, hoping the toy cuffs weren’t creating any cuts or scars in her wrists. Fat hope…

“You lmmve seeimmg us lmthis,” Laura groaned, closing her legs together as best as possible.

“As I told Su Ying earlier, you girls love this,” Yan Rong added. “Say it.”

Shirleen refused to say but her eyes immediately showed otherwise. Laura eyes were neutral but her cleave gag chewing also gave the game away.

“Say it together in gag speech,” Yan Rong ordered, helping his sister up. “We love being bound and gagged.” Of course, being stuff tape gagged and cleave gag it didn’t turn out very well for Shirleen and Laura, especially Shirleen. On the second try, Su Ying was roped in, but the gagged talk was too hilarious and everyone, boys and girls were laughing.

However, Shirleen soon had school lessons to attend to so slipped her arms back in front of her, found the toy handcuff key and was soon free. “Bye guys,” was her last comment as she logged off. Laura also had to tidying up her house and complete her work so with some yanking, she got herself free as well. Charles, Victor and GY with no girls to pair with, also signed off.

“Well that fun while it last,” Yan Rong quipped as he patted his sister’s hair. “Still ok?” he asked.

“Get the hogmie ofmmff,” she whined.

“Excuse me?” He feigned not hearing her but started to undo the hogtie. Just then, his handphone rang. Digging around with one hand while undoing the knots.

“Hi Mom,” he answered, quickly shifting his hand to cover his sister’s taped lips, adding a further gag.

“Hi, hope all well. Was trying to reach Ying’s phone but no one answered.”

“Uh yeah, I think she’s busy, shower or something,” he lied. Su Ying’s eyes raised up and he further cupped her mouth.

“Showering? This late in the day?”

“Uh yeah, well yeah, we did the laundry, and cleaned up the house,” he half lied.

“Ok, but remember to do your school work. And ask Ying to call me when she’s done.”

“Uh, hold on, she’s here,” he grinned, covering the speaker then peeled off the tape and eased out the soggy sock.

“Hi..Mom,” Su Ying answered, trying to present a neutral voice. “Sorry, yeah I missed your call…no just wanted freshen up…yes am on my school work…what?! Now, ok, see you, bye.”

“Mom’s coming home for a break! Get me out of this now!”

“It’s just tape; surely you can figure it out,” her brother cackled. It was just tape but took Su Ying many tries before she got her wrist bonds torn off, then again, more time to undo her knee and ankle bonds. In the process, she had several ‘zao gengs’ but only flashed her PE shorts to her brother. “Don’t do this again!” She cried as she fled back to her room.

“You love it, say you love it!” he called. But truly, this wasn’t fun under the ‘Circuit Breaker’ law.

The End.

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