Halloween Horror

“Hello? Guys, I give up where are you?” Eighteen year old Charlie Hanks called. Games were often fun for him, but not when he was the only one on one side and his two other classmates on the other. Worse still, instead of his normal clothes, he was dressed in a school girl’s uniform, with blazer, white blouse, skirt, dark tights and one inch heels. He even wore a beige coloured bra with stuffing underneath and female knickers. This was all because he opened his big mouth and his two classmates, Lauren and Jemimah (Jem) felt insulted. After scoring lower than both girls in the weekly Maths test, he agreed to the forfeit of dressing like a girl for them and following them to a the local “Haunted House”–an old mansion rumoured to be controlled by ghosts. If he couldn’t find them within fifteen minutes, he would have to walk the street in the girl’s outfit with his pictures taken.

“Ok, I really give up, where are you….” Suddenly, a chilly gust of air enveloped him….

“PLOOF!” “Ow!” Charlie said, landing on butt. The skirt and nylon tights did little to cushion his fall. As her got up, he saw the trapdoor he fell through snap shut.   “Lauren? Jem?” he called, thinking that the girl’s really set him up to keep him locked in, deep in this haunted house for a while. “Games over, you two win! Where are you????” Just then, he noticed the floor he landed on was not dusty or covered with spider webs, far unlike the room above. What on earth was going on?

“And up you go,” Constable Claire Hartley said, guiding the handcuffed hooligan into the police van. “Last lot for the evening eh, Sergeant?”

“Ye…” her superior was about to reply before a report sounded through his radio earpiece. “Hmm… trespassers in that mansion off Hurley Road,” he announced.

“Oh you mean the ‘Ghost House'”, Claire replied.

“It’s not a ‘Ghost House’, Hartley; it’s on  local government property and you know who who’s in-charge,” Sergeant Daniels said, giving her a stern look. The local councillor was a rather influential politician who could fire people with the scribble of his signature.

“Go check it out while I get these ones processed.”

“Check it out?”

“Yes, why you have a problem with that? We’re short of staff this week. It’s not like it requires armed officers. Go a ahead and I get back for you later.” Claire was about to argue again but his look changed her mind. What a way to spend Halloween she thought.

Lauren had always gone skiing every summer and winter and she thought she knew what the cold was like. But the chill she was feeling right now was nothing like she ever felt before. Much of it was due to the fact that she was practically naked, save her flimsy black thongs. Her breasts were bra-less before her dress didn’t warrant one, but whoever striped her had kindly wrapped half a towel over it. That was the only kindness she was given as Lauren was strung, arms and legs in a diagonal position, in the middle of the some room. Her restraints were tight leathery ones and she felt as if her limbs were slowly being yanked apart second by second. Lauren would have cried out in pain, had it not being the ball wedged between her teeth and the ultra-sticky tape that reached all the way around her jaw, trapping her blonde hair against her head. Suddenly, the hood covering her was yanked away and her eyes widened as she saw a figure wearing a devil-like mask.

“Mmmmmppph…” she wailed immediately but saw the figure place his (???) fingers to the lips of the mask. “Be quiet,” a mechanical voice said. “Making noise would only dry out your throat even more or make you choke on your gag. Or wake up your friend.” Lauren’s eyes widen to see Jemimah strapped to a nearby table. Unlike her, Jem was in dark blue bra and knickers but she too was gagged with tape. “If you’re wondering where here tights are, well they do make a good stuffing,” the mechanical devil crackled. Lauren then noticed that other ropes were wrapped around her waist and one was…

“Ah, wait. You two must exactly look alike.” After a few minutes, the same rope was tied around Lauren’s waist and other strand went directly into her anal region and across her cortch. “Mmmmpphh…” she wailed, this time from the forced orgasm. “Aw…” the voice said. “Enjoy your arousal.”

It took Charlie several minutes to adjust to the dim light of this lower room. Finally he saw two narrow corridors in front of him. Well, which one to choose? left, right left, right…ok choose right he decided and head down that direction. As he did so, the heels he wore clattered against the floor which suddenly turned from marble to wood. Great, he thought, I really need to get back at these girl’s for dressing me like this. Just as he took one more step, a gloved hand clamped down on his lipstick-covered lips.

“He…mmmppph….!!” Charlie yelled. Immediately he put up a fight but with the heels on, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Charlie was immediate pinned down by his attacker who used one hand to keep him down and the other to unbutton the blouse he wore. “Hell.p!! Hellmmmm!” He cried as the other hand was pushed back against his lips.

“I recognise you,” his assailant said. “Well, not exactly the normal clothing you would be in would you, Mr. Hanks?”

How typical of a place for Halloween partiers, Claire thought, parking her police vehicle. She had heard lots of stories about this place before and after she joined the police force, though some of them were never verified. As she moved towards the pathway, she immediately noticed the damaged door and her flashlight saw two backpacks on the ground. Salihall Grammar, she read. The school with known pranksters, she remembered. Oh how these students are so going to damage the school’s reputation even more, she thought, entering the house. Suddenly, something hard smacked against her shoulder. Claire shrieked as her light shone on a skeleton. She regained herself and gingerly touched on of the bones. Plastic. Great work kids, planting this to frighten me. “Ok, people, this is the police. Enough with your wise acts. You’re in violation of government property! Come out!”

Claire cried out twice again before moving deeper into the mansion. Suddenly, she heard muffled sounds from a south-easterly direction. Ah ha, she thought. So there you people are she thought, moving in that direction. Now let’s see who you all ar…ZAP! The twenty four year old tumbled to the ground.

“Ah, another gal, just what I need,” the voice said. Within minutes, the gloved hands worked the young officer’s uniform and her lingerie was immediately exposed. Just as her hands were cuffed behind her back, the radio blared, “Hartley, your status. Report Officer Hartley….”

Typical newbie, Sergeant Daniels said, parking his card immediately in front of Claire’s empty car. Taking her time to find some Halloween teens. Just as he entered the grounds, he heard a muffled sound. Moving closer, he found a hooded girl and immediately bent down. It took him a few minutes to unwrap the tape before he heard the girl blurt out in a coarse voice, “My friends! My Friends!”

[i]Twenty minutes later…[/i]

“No sign of anyone sir,” the officer reported to Daniels. “We searched everywhere…”

“Well, search again, we have a missing officer and two teenagers,” Daniels barked. As the other officers did so, he headed over the the girl he found.

“Charlotte? That’s your name right. Can you tell me what happened?” Instead all he heard was a series of cries from her. Daniels tried again but the girl just stared at him and continued crying.

“OVER HERE!” he heard and bolted towards the cry. Officer Claire Hartley was lying flat down naked, with her wrists handcuffed, her ankles bound and her mouth taped. As one officer gently removed the tape, the policemen all noticed the knickers protruding out between her teeth.

“No one else, not a single soul sir,” another officer reported to Daniels. It was going to be another long night ahead.

“Sir?” Another female officer knocked on his door. “What about the student, Charlotte? Do you still want to question her?”

He thought and then shook his head. “Nah, she’s definitely shocked by what happened. Drive her home and I’ll continue this tomorrow morning.”

Hours later…

Lauren groaned again, not just due to the orgasm caused by the crotch rope, but due to 1) the hogtie she and Jemimah were placed in and 2) the masked “Devil” snapping pictures of both scantily clad girls rolling on the ground. After a few more shots, the figure climbed up the stairs and shut the trapdoor.

“Thanks, Uncle, you’ve been a great…” the masked man again placed his hands to his mask before removing it minutes later.

“Not until we’re clear of this place,” he spoke, finally in his normal voice. Then inserting the SD card, they both examined the pictures on the labtop and with a few more clicks, they were uploaded. Finally, both of them exited the hidden house into the unmarked car.

“Thanks again uncle. But what about Lauren and Jem?”

“Oh they’ll be there for another few hours, maybe a day and the police will know where they are,” he replied.

“But won’t they suspect? After all, you striped that officer and gagged with her own undies.”

“Oh I own the town, Charlie. I own the town.”

The End.

Victoria Justice handcuffed legironed

Victoria Justice handcuffed legironed

Thanks Sasha!

Ariana gets arrested and locked up for a reason

NB: This does not refer to  any real actresses in  reality.

Ariana, one of the leading actresses in children’s television, is no in her usual wardrobe, nor is  she dressed up for the screen. Instead, she is sitting on a cold wooden bench, her  hands handcuffed behind her and  her legs secured in leg irons. What has happened.

“Yes, I’m arrested,” Ariana explains, trying to twist her head so that her red hair won’t block her  eye. “No, I didn’t commit any crime. This is for show to inform young teens of the consequences  of committing any crime. “The state now has a standard set of procedures in arresting and processing  young criminals and I’m part of an initiative to show you what will happen.” Indeed, there are several cameras rolling. Suddenly, two  policemen  approach. Ariana is unsecured from the restrains holding her down  and is  lead to a table. There her hands are shifted to the  front. “Fingerprinting, ” she explains. “Afterwards, mug shots of her were taken, three of them: front, left side and  right side.

Ariana, still restrained, was next brought to a nearby room. “This is new,” she explains are her cuffs  and  restrains are removed. “Everyone, regardless of crime, gets to be be strip searched. It can be done by either male or female officers.” Due to regulations, Ariana’s strip search happens but is not shown. We next see her in an orange jumpsuit, hands shackled behind her, legs cuffed  and a chain around her waist and another connecting the two together. Ariana further explains, “I’m no longer wearing my bra and panties. Instead, prisoners have to be locked up 24/7. That means toilet breaks  are out except for number 2. Hence, I’m made to wear an adult diaper.” It was quite visible underneath.

Ariana is next gagged with a panel gag. We learn  it is necessary to prevent spitting  and  verbal assaults.

So do you want  to be arrested?

Never be late…

“BANG! BANG BANG!” I was suddenly aware that there was a loud noise. Eyes still closed, I stretched out my arms and was about to open my eyes when I heard another knock and then footsteps. “Wake up, Miss Seager, Wake up!”

“I’m…up,” I said in a super sleepy voice. “Wait a minute,” as I noticed am tall dark-haired man standing over my bed. He was dressed in normal blue jeans and wearing a white polo T-shirt.

“Who are you?” I said, slouching up in my queen-sized bed.

“Officer Michael Parkins,” his badge was hanging around his neck. “You missed your court trial yesterday, Miss Seager. And now you are under arrest.”

“What?! ioh..oh my gosh,” I cried, fully awake. I was suppose to defend myself against some miscalculation of funds–long story. “I’m so sorry!”

“You can explain that to others. Now, please turn around, hands behind your back,” the office ordered.

“Wait. Can I at least get dressed and call my….”

“You studied law Miss. New regulations say we can arrest people immediately on the spot, wherever they are, what ever they are doing. Now, turn around unless you want more charges slapped on you.”

I resigned and did so, a cold steel dug into my wrists. He brought me up and patted me down roughly. I was dressed in a pink thong and pink short baby doll, thus I flinched and turned red as he did so. “Kneel Miss,” I was going to ask why but I remembered the new rules, all suspects were also to be chained around the ankles. Thus he did so.

“I’ll let you put on your bed slippers and drap a bath towl around you, but that’s all,” he remarked. Minutes, later, I was seated behind in his patrol car on the way to the station.

At the station, I was led to a metal bench and my chains were locked to more chains, keeping me seated. After fifteen minutes, another policeman came in and told me I was to be processed. “There are no female on duty today and we must perform further body searches on you. We will not be rough if you cooperate.”

“I will, I just want this done an over with,” I said, resigning to my fate. I was brought into another room and my handcuffs, and robe were removed. Immediately following suit, my night clothes were removed and an intrusive search began, with gloved hands probing and my cavities.  Finally, they finished.

Re-cuffing my hands, albeit in front, one of  them instructed, “You get your chance to use  the toilet for number two, and that will be the last time for a while.”


“Cause you’ll be in chains and also nappied afterwards.”

The End.

Extreme Lock-up 4:Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor:

Treatment of my daughter:

Dear Sir,

I know the tough measures for the detaining  of females include young teenagers but  my fourteen year old was visibly shaken after  she was arrested for vandalism which in my view wasn’t very much–just a small spot on a wall. After being locked and diapered for almost half a day, she is now still quite shaken from the whole experience and refuses to go out, even to school now. I see the need to address crime, but has the police and government considered the pyschological effects?

Mrs  Tammy Benson

Re: Mrs. T. Benson’s article: Overreaction

Police’s official response:

Dear Sir,

I refer to the letter by Mrs. Tammy Benson complaining about her daughter’s reaction to being arrested under the new  rules. While she may be suffering from side effects, there is no need to demand  for the authorities to consider effects. Her girl  would have clearly understood the rules since they have been broadcasted on  the web, media, schools and signs all over the country. As much as one should feel sympathetic, all her daughter should do it seek medical help.

Mr. Cavan Bennett

Dear Sir,

We refer to first Mrs  Tammy Benson’s letter and Mr. Cavan Bennett’s reply. The rules are quite evident that all girls will be restrained and gagged but any medical conditions will be noted. Mrs. Benson’s daughter was proposed to be examined by the police doctor but she herself refused. It is thus her fault if she suffers psychologically from it but we would very much be open to assisting her recovery.

Inspector Mark Harrison


Commissioner Brodie Carson

Chief of Police

Approval of the new laws

Dear Sir,

As a parent of a very rebellious sixteen year old, I applaud the government’s new move  in fully restraining females, gagging them and diapering them  24/7 while arrested. I have  tried so many methods to discipline my child but none worked. Once she was arrested for underage smoking and drinking and subjected  to the new  rules, she has really turned  over a new  leaf. I urge  the government to ignore opposing views  and continue with this.

Thomas Mann

Extreme Lock-up: The Rules

The new rules:


1) All females age 13 and above until about age 60 will be subjected to it. Even foreigners and tourists.

2) This excludes handicapped, mentally ill or those with other medical conditions. Officers will access, case  by case.

3) Injured females will not be excluded by special form of restraints and slightly different treatment.

4) Foreigners or tourists will not be exempt from the rule unless their country sign preferential deals with the government. Signs and pamphlets will be distributed at all ports of entry to warn tourists and others of the new rule.

5) The rules are final; any female who tries to resist the measures will face rougher handling. Protests by any females against this will still arrested.

The details:

1)  Upon any arrest of a female for any crime, she will be handcuffed (always wrists behind her back) and ankles chained with legirons.

2)  A panel gag will be applied to the girl. If she is 13 or 14 years old, a tape gag of two strips of thick duct tape plus a breathable cloth as stuffing with be used instead.

3)  All such females, whether one such suspect or many, will not be transported in a normal police car but instead in a police van. Each girl will be secured inside cages and at least one male police officer per female in the van.

4) At the station, the suspect’s fingerprints will be taken with her hands handcuffed in front but then re-handcuffed behind her. Her gag will be temporarily removed but warned not to make a a sound as mug shots are taken.

5) Next, the subject can either be handcuffed to the waiting bench. She will not be allowed to use the toilet unless it is absolutely necessary. If she has to during this time, she will still be restrained. The toilet cubicle will have no door and the male officer (rarely female) will assist her in cleaning up.  If not, she is escorted to the examination room where up  to four male officers will be present. All bindings and gag will be removed and the girl will be instructed to strip off all clothing, items: jewellery, hairpins, earrings, rings anything  on her body. She will be asked to do this twice, and  if she refuses, the officers will handle the stripping and may turn rough depending how much the girl cooperates.

6) Once fully naked, a full body cavity will be performed by only one senior male officer, never by a female unless in extreme circumstances. He will check all areas skin and cavities: nasal passage, ears, mouth, anus,  vulva/vagina and double check that there’s nothing else on her body. A scanner will be used if necessary to double check.

7) Once checked, she  will be escorted to a side where a doctor will examine the subject to see if she can withstand further restraining and incarceration. If he disapproves, she will be held in this room under observation until she can be fit to be restrained or need further assistance. If he says yes, the girl will be locked, still naked, on to a medical examination table. If  her vulva is too hairy, it will be shaved, even  against her will, albeit gently.  A Tena Slip Maxi Diaper/Nappy will be taped on and secured with locking knickers. She will then be dress in a translucent gown that may or may not hide her breasts, depending the cup size.

8 ) The officers will take over, restraining her and gagging her as before. She will be led to a cell. Each cell for each female will obviously not contain a toilet. It will have a ring on the wall where the girl’s restraints will be cuffed to for at least one hour before she is released to moved, still gagged and restrained in the cell. There will be a small bed with medical restraints on. She will be restrained for 24/7 will a CCTV monitoring her in the cell. Before dinner, she will be allowed to use the toilet to defecate, but with on hand handcuffed to a ring  on the wall. Similarly after dinner, each girl will be allowed to use  the toilet for defecation as well an hour before lights out.

9) During meal time, she will be escorted to a canteen area but still will not released. Officers will feed her and of course  the food will be according to her dietary and religious requirements. Not a word, other and the sound of chewing and swallowing or she will be denied the rest of the meal.

10) At lights out, she will be released from the chains and locked flat down to the bed with the medical restraints. Depending on the results of her medical examination, her  gag will still  be a muzzle gag throughout the night, or changed to a duct tape gag or she will not be gagged sleeping but warned to be silent.

11) Every arrested female incarcerated will be allowed only to shower once a day and that is before  breakfast in the morning. She will be escorted to an open  area where guards will assist her in removing her nappy, clothing and restraints but placing on handcuffs with longer chains. Her ankles will be handcuffed to chains linked to the wall. Given eight minutes, she will be subjected to a shower with average  temperature, which will  turn on and off with barely enough time  to shower. Only liquid soap will be provided.

12) Escorting  to court. The girl will appear still gagged, shackled and in  the prescribed outfit in front of the judge. If her lawyer needs to converse with her, her or she  needs to apply for a permit for  the gag  to be  removed. Only when the girl is called upon to speak to the judge, will her gag be removed.

13) Prisoner transportation. Occasionally, the court may be held in a city further away or she may be extradited overseas. For such cases, the female shall remain in the same restraints, with the addition of a hood. This hood is to be tightly but not fully wrapped around her head to block out light and disorientate her but not to suffocate. It shall be used when bring her out of her cell and into the transportation van. Only inside the van should  her hood be removed. On rare occasions such as extremely hostile or uncooperative female, the hood will remain on forever. In transporting the female prisoner, at least two male marshals should be sited in the back, even  if she is locked in a cage. The suggested number should be four. If there’s more than one, this number should be  multiplied accordingly. The guards should not unnecessarily stop but if needed, at least two guards (therefore four  is better) should remain with the female or females at all times while the others rest or gather food. On no occasions (under medical or emergency) should the female be fed even  if  it is a long  journey.

Van Transportation: As mentioned, it should be either a cage van or just a normal one. Prisoner should be strapped in in a seat belt like strap to hold her and if medical exam allows, chains to be linked to be van. The van should not speed so as not to cause excessive physical harm. Routes will be randomly selected and there should always be a back up van and additional unmarked support vehicle.

Water Transportation: On certain circumstances, females may be transported by a special prison ship. Again, they should be locked down, whether chair or benh, though the latter will be more uncomfortable. Aas it is a ship, the vehicle’s velocity may not be

14) On  certain occasions, such as acts or lesser nature, the female may be allowed to be transported  via public transport. This  may also be so to humiliate the girl. She  may either be dressed in prison or civilian outfits but again, a nappy must be worn and no bra or metallic items should be on her to aid escapes.  In such a case, one marshal is an appropriate number to escort her but two or evne more if she is uncooperative. In terms of such prisoner

1) Visitors: Will have to apply for a permit to visit girls incarcerated for more that a few days. If the visitor in female, she will be handcuffed and leg-ironed but not gagged or diapered.

1) If the girl  is found  not guilty or is released, she will be provided with he own clothes back only after being escorted home, handcuffed and diapered. if her clothes were damaged as a result of the officers’ doing, she will be reimbursed.

All these rules are final and all must obey these rules.

Extreme Lock-up 3: News Story

Arrested Salesgirl appeal rejected, sparking mass protest

The Saturday Telegraph

By: Harold Hague

A 20 year old salesgirl lost her appeal  case and is reprimanded for a further 3 months  in custody. Charlotte Waldron, 21, was literally yanked out of her bed six months ago for failing to stop at a red light a miss paying her fine. “It was around 6 a.m in the morning when a squad of constables burst through my door. I was wrapped up in my duvet and  wearing only my translucent light knickers and nothing else on. Despite asking to get dressed, they instead grabbed me and  wrapped my blanket over my breasts, handcuffing my hands, ankles and gagging me with the infamous panel gag. After a bumpy ride, they paraded me through a street before bringing me into the police station, embarrassing me in front of the early morning public. Inside, they chained me to a bench and didn’t even re-tie the blanket for me when it fell and exposed part of my right boob. I was given the dreaded strip search and despite being almost stark naked, they still took time touching my intimate parts. I won’t say I was glad to be  covered in that revealing prisoner outfit either.”

Waldron’s claim is that she was removed of her dignity and very basic rights by not letting her dress and being intrusive in the body search. The police defended their actions, saying it was within bounds to arrest one  who failed to pay her fine and the cavity search was no different from those  conducted on other females. “We follow the law to the letter and Miss Waldron has not case. She in fact is the guilty party from the start,” Assistant Commissioner Tom Wyatt stated. “She should remember the new law which is posted everywhere”. Immediately after her six week jail term and  fine, Charlotte sued the police but the judge ultimately dismissed her case and re-imposed another sentence  on her.

This led to mass protest by first her female friends and relatives, all who ended up treated to the “strip, lock and diaper” process. Just before sentence, the judge allowed me to conduct this interview. Charlotte was in the usual restraints, her large D cup boobs clearly sagging. Most of the interview was ranting about her mistreatment so there was not much to describe. Checking statistics, the police did indeed see a reduction in crimes committed by females but it would only be a matter of time before more Charlotte cases popped up.


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