Halloween Horror

“Hello? Guys, I give up where are you?” Eighteen year old Charlie Hanks called. Games were often fun for him, but not when he was the only one on one side and his two other classmates on the other. Worse still, instead of his normal clothes, he was dressed in a school girl’s uniform, with blazer, white blouse, skirt, dark tights and one inch heels. He even wore a beige coloured bra with stuffing underneath and female knickers. This was all because he opened his big mouth and his two classmates, Lauren and Jemimah (Jem) felt insulted. After scoring lower than both girls in the weekly Maths test, he agreed to the forfeit of dressing like a girl for them and following them to a the local “Haunted House”–an old mansion rumoured to be controlled by ghosts. If he couldn’t find them within fifteen minutes, he would have to walk the street in the girl’s outfit with his pictures taken.

“Ok, I really give up, where are you….” Suddenly, a chilly gust of air enveloped him….

“PLOOF!” “Ow!” Charlie said, landing on butt. The skirt and nylon tights did little to cushion his fall. As her got up, he saw the trapdoor he fell through snap shut.   “Lauren? Jem?” he called, thinking that the girl’s really set him up to keep him locked in, deep in this haunted house for a while. “Games over, you two win! Where are you????” Just then, he noticed the floor he landed on was not dusty or covered with spider webs, far unlike the room above. What on earth was going on?

“And up you go,” Constable Claire Hartley said, guiding the handcuffed hooligan into the police van. “Last lot for the evening eh, Sergeant?”

“Ye…” her superior was about to reply before a report sounded through his radio earpiece. “Hmm… trespassers in that mansion off Hurley Road,” he announced.

“Oh you mean the ‘Ghost House'”, Claire replied.

“It’s not a ‘Ghost House’, Hartley; it’s on  local government property and you know who who’s in-charge,” Sergeant Daniels said, giving her a stern look. The local councillor was a rather influential politician who could fire people with the scribble of his signature.

“Go check it out while I get these ones processed.”

“Check it out?”

“Yes, why you have a problem with that? We’re short of staff this week. It’s not like it requires armed officers. Go a ahead and I get back for you later.” Claire was about to argue again but his look changed her mind. What a way to spend Halloween she thought.

Lauren had always gone skiing every summer and winter and she thought she knew what the cold was like. But the chill she was feeling right now was nothing like she ever felt before. Much of it was due to the fact that she was practically naked, save her flimsy black thongs. Her breasts were bra-less before her dress didn’t warrant one, but whoever striped her had kindly wrapped half a towel over it. That was the only kindness she was given as Lauren was strung, arms and legs in a diagonal position, in the middle of the some room. Her restraints were tight leathery ones and she felt as if her limbs were slowly being yanked apart second by second. Lauren would have cried out in pain, had it not being the ball wedged between her teeth and the ultra-sticky tape that reached all the way around her jaw, trapping her blonde hair against her head. Suddenly, the hood covering her was yanked away and her eyes widened as she saw a figure wearing a devil-like mask.

“Mmmmmppph…” she wailed immediately but saw the figure place his (???) fingers to the lips of the mask. “Be quiet,” a mechanical voice said. “Making noise would only dry out your throat even more or make you choke on your gag. Or wake up your friend.” Lauren’s eyes widen to see Jemimah strapped to a nearby table. Unlike her, Jem was in dark blue bra and knickers but she too was gagged with tape. “If you’re wondering where here tights are, well they do make a good stuffing,” the mechanical devil crackled. Lauren then noticed that other ropes were wrapped around her waist and one was…

“Ah, wait. You two must exactly look alike.” After a few minutes, the same rope was tied around Lauren’s waist and other strand went directly into her anal region and across her cortch. “Mmmmpphh…” she wailed, this time from the forced orgasm. “Aw…” the voice said. “Enjoy your arousal.”

It took Charlie several minutes to adjust to the dim light of this lower room. Finally he saw two narrow corridors in front of him. Well, which one to choose? left, right left, right…ok choose right he decided and head down that direction. As he did so, the heels he wore clattered against the floor which suddenly turned from marble to wood. Great, he thought, I really need to get back at these girl’s for dressing me like this. Just as he took one more step, a gloved hand clamped down on his lipstick-covered lips.

“He…mmmppph….!!” Charlie yelled. Immediately he put up a fight but with the heels on, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Charlie was immediate pinned down by his attacker who used one hand to keep him down and the other to unbutton the blouse he wore. “Hell.p!! Hellmmmm!” He cried as the other hand was pushed back against his lips.

“I recognise you,” his assailant said. “Well, not exactly the normal clothing you would be in would you, Mr. Hanks?”

How typical of a place for Halloween partiers, Claire thought, parking her police vehicle. She had heard lots of stories about this place before and after she joined the police force, though some of them were never verified. As she moved towards the pathway, she immediately noticed the damaged door and her flashlight saw two backpacks on the ground. Salihall Grammar, she read. The school with known pranksters, she remembered. Oh how these students are so going to damage the school’s reputation even more, she thought, entering the house. Suddenly, something hard smacked against her shoulder. Claire shrieked as her light shone on a skeleton. She regained herself and gingerly touched on of the bones. Plastic. Great work kids, planting this to frighten me. “Ok, people, this is the police. Enough with your wise acts. You’re in violation of government property! Come out!”

Claire cried out twice again before moving deeper into the mansion. Suddenly, she heard muffled sounds from a south-easterly direction. Ah ha, she thought. So there you people are she thought, moving in that direction. Now let’s see who you all ar…ZAP! The twenty four year old tumbled to the ground.

“Ah, another gal, just what I need,” the voice said. Within minutes, the gloved hands worked the young officer’s uniform and her lingerie was immediately exposed. Just as her hands were cuffed behind her back, the radio blared, “Hartley, your status. Report Officer Hartley….”

Typical newbie, Sergeant Daniels said, parking his card immediately in front of Claire’s empty car. Taking her time to find some Halloween teens. Just as he entered the grounds, he heard a muffled sound. Moving closer, he found a hooded girl and immediately bent down. It took him a few minutes to unwrap the tape before he heard the girl blurt out in a coarse voice, “My friends! My Friends!”

[i]Twenty minutes later…[/i]

“No sign of anyone sir,” the officer reported to Daniels. “We searched everywhere…”

“Well, search again, we have a missing officer and two teenagers,” Daniels barked. As the other officers did so, he headed over the the girl he found.

“Charlotte? That’s your name right. Can you tell me what happened?” Instead all he heard was a series of cries from her. Daniels tried again but the girl just stared at him and continued crying.

“OVER HERE!” he heard and bolted towards the cry. Officer Claire Hartley was lying flat down naked, with her wrists handcuffed, her ankles bound and her mouth taped. As one officer gently removed the tape, the policemen all noticed the knickers protruding out between her teeth.

“No one else, not a single soul sir,” another officer reported to Daniels. It was going to be another long night ahead.

“Sir?” Another female officer knocked on his door. “What about the student, Charlotte? Do you still want to question her?”

He thought and then shook his head. “Nah, she’s definitely shocked by what happened. Drive her home and I’ll continue this tomorrow morning.”

Hours later…

Lauren groaned again, not just due to the orgasm caused by the crotch rope, but due to 1) the hogtie she and Jemimah were placed in and 2) the masked “Devil” snapping pictures of both scantily clad girls rolling on the ground. After a few more shots, the figure climbed up the stairs and shut the trapdoor.

“Thanks, Uncle, you’ve been a great…” the masked man again placed his hands to his mask before removing it minutes later.

“Not until we’re clear of this place,” he spoke, finally in his normal voice. Then inserting the SD card, they both examined the pictures on the labtop and with a few more clicks, they were uploaded. Finally, both of them exited the hidden house into the unmarked car.

“Thanks again uncle. But what about Lauren and Jem?”

“Oh they’ll be there for another few hours, maybe a day and the police will know where they are,” he replied.

“But won’t they suspect? After all, you striped that officer and gagged with her own undies.”

“Oh I own the town, Charlie. I own the town.”

The End.

The Break-in

Mom and I walked gingerly down the stairs. We two females were along from a family of six: Dad was overseas on a business trip, my older brother was at some science competition, my younger brother was at Scouts camp and my sister was overseas in College. I was dressed in a blue bra, pink panties, loose shorts and T-Shirt. Mom was in a skirt and sleeveless blouse. The noise from outside interrupted both of us and we decided to investigate. There were news reports of several break-ins in houses two blocks away. The problem may have been solved if we had a working alarm system. The problem was we didn’t and the repairman would only come a week later.

As we turned around the corner into the back store room when suddenly, a shadowy figure jumped in front of us and mom was tackled.

Mmmph!!”She cried and so did I. The whole place was dark and the only light I saw was a silver shine. It was a knife! Screaming, I tried to turn back to run but was interrupted by a booming voice.

“Girl, unless you want to see your mommy’s throat cut, you shut up and stay there!” I weighed my options for a few seconds but decided it was too risky to let my mom be injured or worse dead. I gave in and he barked “hands on your head!” Complying, he prodded me to back up to the main living room. With my mom still hand gagged and held at knife point,i was made to disconnect the phone line and destory the SIM cards of my handphone and mom’s. My lovely contacts were gone! I had no time to stop a he then instructed me to lead the way to my parent’s bedroom.

Once in, he then boomed, “ok girl, go to her drawer and take out one of her panties.”

“You pevert!” I yelled, knowing that he was planning a to use my mom’s underwear to gag her. “Shut it! Just do as you’re told!” He replied, pressing the kinfe closer against my mother’s throat and causing her to give an muffled scream. Looking at her pleading eyes, I gave in and extracted on og her beige translucent panties. Lving in such a small house and helping out with the household chores, I knew all my parent’s underwear by heart but this was a new on for me. Hmm…

Dragging my mother closer, I was instructed to quick insert the silky (it felt sikly) piece of lingerie into her mouth as soon as he unclmaped hsi hand. With a “sorry mom” look, I managed to do so, causing her to yelp more. I eventually pushed it in and it cause her cheeks to bulge quite a bit. Throwing me a roll of black duct tape that seemed to appear from nowhere. “Tape it, at least three strips”. Finsihed, he pinched my mom to test the gag. “Good”, he said, then threw her face down on her bed.

I wanted to escape and was about to throw a wild kick in his direction. Somehow, he must have read my thoughts as I was lifted up and came face to face with him and his foul stench. “Now, Girl, behave as we’re going to have fun”.

Fun consisted of him hand-gagging me and ragging me to my room. Thorw to the floor, I was held down by his boot and the rumaging of drawers told me what was about to happen. What surprised me was the words “Choose your gag” as I was brought to look at my lingerie.

I starred at my array of underwear from my white boyshorts to my translucent pink bikini cut undies and my black silk and satin thong like panties. Dazed from the rushed of events, my head nodded and the peverted intruder commented “ah good choice but such a sexy pair of lingerie for a young girl”. Immediately, I was gasping for breath as he pinched my nose but that was followed by the sikiness of my blue panties against my tongue and oral mouth. The ripping of tape was heard and the unwanted feeling of stickiness against my lips sealed most of the sounds from me.

I expected my bondage next, but instead I was almost squeezed by the hold of his arms and thne felt him tug at my shorts. “Mmmpp!!!!” i cried, linking the action to the though to rape. My struggles were of course futile like a small fish struggling against the hook of a fishing line. My shorts were lowered to my waist and I expected my underwear to follow but instead I was flipped on my back and the feeling of plastic ties came against my wrists. He’s tying me up up before he does it, i thought, still struggling but expecting the worst. I’ll be losing my virginity no to some of the hot boys I always eyed but to some creep. I’ll get pregnant, miss my period and need to get an abortion where again something willl be inserted into my sacred hole…

To my surprise, the feeling of coarse rope was felt around my waist. “Owmmm!” I cried and the rope was tighten but instead of just around my waist, I felt the rope passing between my buttocks, against my anus and up against my crotch area. “Mmmpppppppppppppphhhhhhhhh!!!” What was this.

“Welcome, girl, to your crotch rope. You first time I should think”.

A strange tingling sensation in my crotch as well as the pain of the coarse rope was followed by the lashing on my legs together–at my ankles and legs. My struggling efforts were thwarted as I felt the ripple of sensations from my private part. “mmmp!” “mmmph!” I cried, less out of pain and more out of the strange feeling.

“Ahh,” the intruder exclaimed with a hint of satisfaction,”something a young teen like you have never experienced? Let me introduce to you your first orgasm and many more to come.” Orgasm??!!! I thought widly. Naturally i tried to struggle out of the tight bonds but he secured me further in a hogtie. Scooping me up, he dropped me back on my bed as another wave of the orgasm came.

“My, my look how stiff your nipples are,” he said, although I wondered how he knew since my bra wasn’t translucent. As I squirmed, he reached down and touched my bra. Sliding his hand around, I knew what he was goign to do next and could only watch helplessly…

My heart beat still continued at its fast pace as he un did my bra clasp and shifted he palm to the side of my left boob. “MMAAMMmmmph!”I exlciamed, knowing it was a feeling of arousal from both the stimulation against my clitoris and him rubbing my breasts.”Ah, doesn’t this feel good, girl? Nothing like your sex education class in school?” His teasingonly served to cause my to scream involuntarily due to the constant arousal rather that the strain from my bonds and gag.

His hand quickly moved to my other boob and I felt an shock of pain as he grasp my nippple and gave in a sharp twist. “Do you have a boyfriend?” My cries were ingores by him as he continued, “this will be good prep for you girlie.” This breast torture continued for a fruther few minutes before he withdrew. A rumaging sound was heard and the feeling of pieces of medical tape was felt against my breasts and a click sound was heard. Zing! Zap! a jolt of electrical current shocked my body. “Welcome to this timed device; you’ll get the shock every minute. It’s not fatal, don’t worry. And the tape is really strong and so are the wires so struggling is almost useless. Goody bye, enjoy the shocks.”

“AHHmmmm!!!” I cnontiued to cry with each shock to my chest area and he was right,as much as I rolled about on my bed trying to yank the wires off. Suddenly, another sound was heard–was the “torturer”back? “Leanne!”a familar voice cried. My dad swiftly yanked away the electric cables, and peeled off the tape around my jaw. Extracting my panties, I cried, “the rope!” and his confused look continued for a few more seconds until he saw whati meant. By the time he removed the tingling cord, my panties were wet from all the sexual exitment and my face was red from embarassment. It too another few minutes before my bonds were finally gone.

The end.


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