TV Series Episode 2: Getting Female air force pilots into diapers

Episode 2: Getting Female air force pilots into diapers

(NB: This is a fictional story and references to real life articles and people are just to indicate how the story was inspired. No harm or malice intended)

Scene: Planes flying by.

Claire (voice over): The Tsunami, new subsonic bombers of the air force are the latest lethal weapons of the country. A stealth aircraft with both air-to-air and air-to ground weapons, it is the key first strike weapon to be used in any conflict. The inaugural squadron is 645 squadron, where only the maintenance people and the wing commander is male. All the rest of the pilots are female, since the new recruitment drive by the female Defence Minister.

Scene: planes swoop down and perform impressive manoeuvres

Claire (voice over): Due to their slow speed, pilots can spend between eight to twelve hours up in the aircraft and natural nature calls at least once in flight. Previously, it was simple by allocating pilots what were called “piddle packs”, but those suited the male anatomy fine. With females at the stick, the air force was given the Advanced Mission Extender Device by the Americans, but this was mostly defective and caused medical problems on the vulva. I’m here at 645 Squadron to figure out how to prevent a mess in the most advanced aircraft.

Wing Commander Joshua Dalton: We’re very thankful for Claire’s offer of help. My female pilots are Top Guns and excel in every area of their work but when it comes to flying long hours across the globe, they loose concentration when they have to fiddle around and pee.

scene: Claire is at the gate of 645 Squadron, dressed in blue tights, blouse and skirt. The male air force policeman not only runs her her through a metal detctor, but brings her in for a strip search (not shown)

Claire talking to Flying Officer Sandra Lee and Flight Lieutenant Laura Speirs

Claire: So you two are the newest and youngest female pilots to the Squadron?

Lee: Yes we are. Just out of university and flight school.

Speirs: I was an assistant intelligence officer before transferring to become a pilot. It’s becoming more and more of a trend to join. And not really because of the new policy. Ever since I’ve read about pilots Juliette Fleming and Nikki Thomas (see This article )

My mate was doing her washing the other day and she just hit the floor as a rocket landed worryingly close to the laundry. She was most indignant and told me, ‘If I’m going to get blown up, I’d be really p***** off if it was when I was washing my knickers?.

Lee: For me, it was about Flt Lt. Helen Seymour (see this article) as well as the early female ground breakers like Flight Lieutenant Julie Ann Gibson, Jo Salter, Kirsty Moore and Squadron Leader Elle Hillard (see this link). Also the first female to perform QRA, Flight Lieutenant Helen Gardiner see this and now Flying Officer Emma Atkinson this link.

Claire: Wow, cool. Well I guess let’s cut the talk and get into the plane.

Scene: Claire is helped into the Flight suit and other gear by Lee, whom she will be flying with. Her blue knickers are visible with a catheter like device attached to her crotch area.

Claire (as Lee is straightening her suit): This device I’m told catching the urine from the pilot’s urethra and deposits it in a bag that turns it into gel and is disposed off only when the plane returns to base.

scene: All dressed up, Lee, Speirs and Claire walk to the flight line. Unlike a normal fighter jet, there is no afterburner or moving down the runway. Instead, the plane moves vertically up so fast that its just a blur.

scene: They burst through the clouds and Lee performs some fancy aerobatics.

Lee: How are you Claire?

Claire: Trying to find my legs. Everything’s so tight.

Lee: That’s how it will be.

scene: Hours later, the sky is pretty dark.

Claire: Sandra, I hate to say this, but I think my bladder’s bursting.

Lee: Go ahead and adjust your suit so that you can pee.

scene: Claie doe so but a slight mistake causes her to spill her urine all orver her suit.

Lee (after hearing Claire’s exclamation): Yes that happens. Even worse if your the one at the stick. And we have another six hours to go…

Claire (grumbles).

scene: Finally, the plan is back on the ground and Claire joins the fighter pilot ladies for a shower and a hot tub.

Claire (to a group of pilots): So how many of you had accidents like I did while flying?

Almost all the pilots raise their hands

Squadron Leader Leanne Dale, Deputy Squadron leader: It happens even if you adjust the device correctly. And for long overseas missions, you just can’t take your hands off the stick and touch it down there.

Flight Lieutenant Nicola Stevens: Yes, once I just tried to squirm and nearly crashed into my wingman–or wingwomen.

Claire: Well, you can’t let’s nature’s call spoilt such an important duty.

Dale: Do you have a solution then?

The next day:

Claire returns with a duffel bag. After going through the strip search, she meets up with pilots Dale, Lee and Speirs.

Claire: Hi ladies. This(bring out an adult diaper) will solve your problems.

Dale (eyes popping out):Diaper? A Nappy?

Lee: You’re kidding!

Speirs: Actually, I think it may work.

Claire: Well, at least there’s one optimist. Simply put, instead of fussy around with your tube and device or what not, wear this adult nappy for your flights. it’s highly absorbent and can stand quite a bit of peeing. You don’t have to and you should fill it completely in flight but other wise it should solve your worries. Just pee in it.

Dale and the other do a bit of conferring and a test flight is done, with Claire helping them adjust their diaper tapes. They head off for a flight and many hours later they are back, all four of them are out of diapers.

Dale: Ok, who wants to start.

Lee (squirming): it went well but after two rounds of peeing and coming back, i found that i had rash on my groin.

Speirs: It’s not as breathable as i thought it was. Eight hours in a cockpit and diaper gets you a burning crotch and butt.

Dale (turning to Claire): I’ll be more practical. If we use nappies, what’s the cost going to be for a Squadron of around twelve for the long term? Will it be more than the current devices? Second, pilots will eventually face trouble in war. Yes, there’s some guides of women as prisoners of war, but definitely none when they are captured with diapers on. How will that go down? And I know my hubby is pretty liberal, but not all these girls would want to let their partners or boyfriends know they spend their work in nappies?

Claire nods and goes back to her lab. Working with a team of scientists, she experiments and then returns to the base.

Claire (to the quartet):He’s a smaller, more breathable adjustable kind of diapers which looks more like your average knickers than a diaper. It’s like a diaper as the tabs can be adjusted. But its undies-like as you can hardly tell there’s any abosrbent padding. It will last as long as the previous diaper and as for rashes (turning to Lee), I suggest you shave yoru vulva and use this cream provided.

Dale (thoughtfully): We’ll give it a go. Suit up girls!

Scene: All the planes land back safely.

Dale: It’s pretty good but I’m stilll wondering about how it would be when we eject and get captured.

Lee: Ma’am, if i may, it’s not pretty good, it’s excellent. I can’t even tell that I dumped my whole bladder just only!

Speirs: Yes, it’s great!

Dale (turning to Claire): It’s seems like you solved a great problem

End credits.

(NB: here are the specific devices some female fighter pilots may use: and

TV Series Episode 1: Getting high security female prisoners into diapers

This is a fictional TV Programme inspired by Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay trying to improve food. In this case, the female presenter Claire Welham is trying to improve lifestyles by getting females in diapers.

Episode 1: Getting high security female prisoners into diapers

scene: Pictures of a high security prison in some secluded spot is shown. Female prisoners in black long overall like uniforms shuffle through the corridors.

Claire (voice over): This is one of the several high security prisons in the country. For security reasons, we aren’t allowed to reveal its name or location. This one is dedicated specifically to a female inmates serving long sentences or those charge with serious crimes and need to be confined for a long period of time.

scene:Picture of females handcuffed behind their back. Their legs are chained and their mouths gagged with panel gags. All the chains are linked together to limit movement.

Claire (voice over): Apparently, each inmate is secured in chains and gags 24 hours a day unless it is meal time or a medical emergency. or when  they are given toilet breaks.  It is this fact that ech inmate is given several toilet breaks that attempts to break out or attack guards happen. I’m thus here to see whether my novel solution will work.

Commandant Richard Greys, head of the prison: We’ve heard of Claire Welham’s experience before and are willing to accept new ideas. So long as they aren’t too radical and too swift in terms of changing.

Scene: Claire walks up to the prison gates and is met by Greys and two guards who are armed.

Claire: Nice to meet you Commandant.

Greys (not accepting her shake): Well , you’ve come here to experience life as a high security inmate, Claire. Guards Toye and Pritchard will give you a full introduction.

Claire’s hands are immediately locked in double-locking handcuffs and the two guards half drag her off.

Screen blanks

Returning: We see Claire again this time  out of her blouse, skirt and tights and into a prison uniform.

Claire: Well what happened in between was that I was actually given a full stripa search but placed in this uniform. For matters of censorship, we won’t show you what happened but yes it did acutally happen. Now, the two guards will place me in the required fetters.

Guard Toye, speaking as he and the other guard lock her in: Claire is now being placed in electronically locked handcuffs. Each ring has a special code that only one guard holds so it is impossible to pick the lock like a conventional handcuff and if you try to over power a guard, he will most likely not have the cuff code that matches your lock.

Guard Pritchard: The same goes for her leg irons and her gag which is double locked behind her  head. All th chains are linked  to a waist belt which again has a lock.

With Claire unable to speak, she is led to her cell and allowed to move around.

Four hours later…

It’s dinner time. Claire is dragged out of her cell and marched  along with hundreds of other inmates similarly dressed and chained. Only when their chains are locked into the ground are their gags removed and they are spoon-fed by the guards. Without even cleaning their mouths, theri gags are replaced.

Toye: This is how tight security is.

The inmates however, are not marched back to their cells but directed to an open area with seatless toilet bowls. Groups of ten are then uncuffed and forced to urinate and defecate. Some inmates scuffle but are brought under control.

Toye: This is where the trouble starts. We get such rebellions once they are free from their chains; it just can’t be stopped. We thus arm ourselves with tasers and other non-lethal weapons.

Pritchard: Yeah this is the only activity and we train for it. it’s really frustrating.

Once it is over, the girls are brought back to their cells. At 11 pm, guards re-enter and strap each girl down to a hard bed with medical restraints. The gag is replaced with tape to prevent choking or swallowing and then the girls are blindfold.

Toye: Each cell has two CCTVs constantly taped and watch the inmates every move. If we detect any attempt to escape, however unlikely, we enter with a quick response team (scene is shown) and taser the inmate. She then is placed in solitary confinement for a few hours or days, depending on the level of punishment decided.

Pritchard: Only during the toilet break is there a an attempted prison break. Otherwise, the tight measures keep the girls in check.

Day Two:

5 Am: Claire is rudely awaken by the guards. She is dragged out and with the others, marched again to the toilet area where this time there is no scuffle. However, it is washing time and each girl is stripped by the guards but stilled cuffed. Naked, they are dosed with icy cold water and squirted with soap and mechanically scrubbed. After they are dressed, it is  breakfast, then brought back to their cell.

Toye: Toilet breaks are around four times a day, once just before lights out. We hardly get inmates with accidents. When we do, its so yucky so much that they clean themselves up.

Days later…

Claire is finally released from the experience and back in her normal clothes, she tracks down the Commandant. For the fun of the episode, she is handcuffed behind her back.

Claire: I can see how tight the security really is up to the points of the toilet breaks. it’s only then the inmates can escape.

Commandant: Yes, we know. What are your solutions?

Claire, (motioning to the package next to her): Get the girls in nappies–diapers.

Commandant (eyes open): Diapers? You are joking me.

Claire: Think about it. Since they are suppose to be under restraints  the whole day and only out of them when at toilet break, putting them in adult diapers will cut down that activity. The only time they’ll be out is when they change their diaper–which could be in a day or so depending on whether they fill their nappy or not. You can make them do both in the nappy or if you don’t want a mess, allow them only say two toilet breaks a day for shitting. The rest of the time, they pee in the diaper and are locked away.

Commandant: We’ll  do and experiment on a random sample of inmates, you included.

Claire: Me again?

Commandant: Yes you since it is your idea. Try it for one week and I’ll monitor the effects.

The test commences. Claire, along with none other inmates of the same wing, are in the usual chains and gag, while wearing  diapers instead of their knickers. The first day seems ok and they are subjected to only two toilet breaks. However, on day two during the toilet break, an attempt to escape by one of the diapered inmates still occurs. Day three, one of the other inmates suffers diaper rashes. The following days, most of the diapered inmates are in rash despite diaper changes.

Back in the commandant’s office…

Commandant: That didn’t go to well. I’ll excuse the escape attempt, diapered or not, that couldn’t have been stop. The problem is the diaper rash. And then, whether or not to let them shit in their diapers or just pee. But most of all, look how man diapers were changed. If we roll it out on the big scale, we can’t maintain it for long due to the cost.

Claire (still handcuffed for fun): Yes, I’ll get back to you on that.

Claire, exiting the prison and out of handcuffs, goes off with her pack of diapers. in a high tech lab, she is assisted by a team of scientists working out how to make a low -cost, high  absorbent and still high breathable diaper.

Weeks later…

Claire:  I’m back and I hope to roll out my plan on a big scale. This (she points to a diaper) new nappy will reduce toilet breaks to a bare minimum of two a day only for shitting and that action will be closely monitored by guards, who will disallow any more toilet breaks if that occurs. However, this diaper can stay on the females body for up to two and a half days before changing. The tapes will never lose its adhesiveness. it is breathable but we recommend imamates get their vulvas shaved to prevent rash and cost are reduced by reducing the number of tasers needed.

School girl’s punishment

This is a fictional story. Any reference to any real world events is purely coincidental. I have no qualms with the institutions in real life.

The principals of SBGS, MYGH and THIJ were summoned to the Department of Teaching one scorching afternoon.

“Ladies”, he began, “all your girls have faired terribly in terms of behaviour during and outside school hours. This must stop. I know you have light and simple punishment practices. This must change. I am giving you three a week to implement tough punishment practices and I want to see the them personally. If not, you will find yourself and each of your institutions literally gone. Remember, there’s no more Rights of the Child or Human Rights so you are free to perform anything you like. now get moving”.

Stunned by the demand, the three ladies retreated and each mulled over exactly how to meet the dateline. The week was over and the administrator first visited SBGS. “So, what is your plan?” he enquired. In response, the principal guided him to a room that had the strong odour of baby power. There, a student was strapped to an operating table and gagged with several strips of duct tape. In the place of her light blue sleeveless uniform was a translucent top that reached only to her waist. The student’s vulva was exposed and he watched as it was shaved with a blunt razor. After many muffled cries and impeded struggling, a thick disposable diaper lying under the girl was taped securely over her private part. She was slowly released but not before she was forced into some plastic underwear. “Sir, these are locking panties to prevent the student from removing the diaper. She will be kept in them as long as we determine and have to urinate in them. If need be, she too will defecate in them until the diaper is fully used. Only then will we changed it. The student is to wear only that shirt and the diaper for the whole day and that will be her standard uniform for as many days as we determine necessary. After school, she will not return home until we are satisfied and even then her parents must affirm that she is still kept in diapers when at home.”

“Very well”, the administrator said, taking down notes. He then moved to MYGH and was brought to the flagpole. There a female student was clad only in panties with her arms crossed around her breasts to cover them. The girl wasn’t gagged but as he watched, student walking past nearby picked up a something and threw it at her. Soon, the girl was covered with thick slim and grit. “Previously, girls were only told to remove bras and stay bra-less for the day. Now, they are forced to strip to their panties and chained at the legs to the flagpole. Students will inevitably pass by this area and each student must pick up the sponge filled with mud and other dirty liquids to throw at the punished girl. How long the girl stays there is up to us and the process may be repeated the following few days.”

“Alright,” he remarked and finally moved to THIJ. There he found a student strapped faced down with her naked buttocks exposed and her knees barely touching the ground. The whole auditorium was packed as the discipline master ran forward with a swish-crack as the extremely thin cane struck her skin and the girl yelled out “one”. “This is the first time female students are allowed to be caned. The minimum is ten strokes, skin is washes so that the scars are embedded but the pain will remain for a few hours. Afterwards the girl is forced to stand semi naked with her scarred butt for all to see”.

“Hmm”, the administrator thought. He then ordered all three principals back to his office. “You,” he bgan with the SBGS head, “You idea is ingenious and embarrassing to the girl. But it fails to fully humiliate the girl as she can choose to still control her own bladder and bowels”. “You,” he jabbed at the MYGH head, “You idea really humiliates the student, but she is only partially restrained.” “And you”, the said to the final head, “You may cause physical and psychological pain but unlike the previous two, you don’t really humiliate the student.”

“Nevertheless ladies, you have succeeded. For the future, all three of you must combine your methods. That means diaper the student; get others to throw mud at them and cane them hard. This way, girls will behave”.

Prison Hospital

Of Detentions and Hospitals:

By Claire Harrison

Usually sick leave for me means resting at home without bothering about any articles. This time round however, I had to submit this article, even when on sick leave.

It all started with a burning pain in my abdomen which came at irregular periods. My boss was naturally concerned and gave me a week’s leave and I rushed to see my GP. He declared it an appendix problem and was about to refer me to surgery when he noticed my usual hospital was full. “Oh, there’s this new place which I’m not sure about. Solihal’s Medical Centre. But it’s for the inmates of Duke Prison. Or I can transfer you to the next city’s hospital.” Without any thought, I chose the former, not wanting to bear with this pain any longer.

Solihal Medical Centre’s appearance at first sight was much like the exterior of a prison, barb wire fences and sentries patrolling. The guard even questioned my presence until he saw me clutching my side. Inside were uniformed officers clearly wardens rather than medical staff and it took me a while to find the reception, if you could call it a reception. It looked more like a security check point, with shielded glass and all. The male officer grunted at me as if I was a visitor and somehow I dropped my reporter’s pass when passing him my appointment card. “Press huh? Well you could find it a nice story.”

The wait was not long but the spasms continued to torture my side. Finally, two male nurses escorted me into what was labelled “preparation room”. Inside, I was greeted by an elderly male nurse who despite my protests helped me out of my skirt and blouse and into a paper gown. Suddenly, he yanked my arms behind me and snapped on handcuffs. Shocked, I was told that this was the regulation for the prison hospital.

If cuffs were needed, then so were medical restraints which greeted me as I entered the operating room. “Even when you are under anaesthetic, this is required,” explain Dr. Barnes, the chief doctor. That was all I heard as the mask slipped me into unconsciousness.

I awoke, slightly groggy and tried to move but still found myself restrained. I was on thin cotton mattress and found an IV tube strapped to my right arm. My bra was clearly missing and wires were taped above my breasts and to the sides of my head. Heart rate monitors and other devices made up my surrounds. My queries were soon answered as Dr. Barnes and a female nurse appeared. “Since I guess you are reporting, we added the monitors for you to get the feel of this hospital,” he began. I was to rest for five days to let the operation settle. Furthermore, I wasn’t to move much and in any case I couldn’t, not with the restraints in place. “Another standard for all patients is that of diapers,” he continued. “We can of course use canisters but that may increase the chance of escape by prisoners. The nurse will fix you up soon. Also, to prevent the planning of escapes, you’ll be gagged but enough to allow you to breathe.”

I asked him about safety, given this amount of physical restrictions. Nothing too dangerous, he replied, pointing out an emergency button and an over heard CCTV camera. “In fact, your additional monitors are linked to the central database which alerts us of any difficulties. Now, I’ll leave you with Nurse John.”

With that, I felt my knickers yanked away and the roughness of razors scratching my crotch. Nurse John was in fact a trained police sergeant as well as a nurse, with years of field work before transferring here. In addition to the ultra thick diaper, he added locking plastic underwear although this was only used for unruly inmates. “You’ll have to do most of your business here, because of your condition and second it is normal for us to come to let you use the toilet so often.” Finally, the gag was applied, a ball of cotton in my mouth followed by a strip of medical tape. Funnily enough, the wad hydrated my mouth and the tape was firm but not too sticky.

The rest of the day was spent lying down although TV with special programmes was allowed for a few hours. Sound was only permitted via retractable headphones. Evening came but I was to be without food for one day, creating hunger pans. Nurse John came by in the evening to check on my diaper and change the wad in my mouth, but other than that, I could not take a look at my surroundings. “We’ll see how wet you get tomorrow, he replied, before drawing the curtain and leaving me in darkness.

The next day, or what I considered day,  a male nurse appeared, explaining it was bath time. I was transfer on a cold metal gurney and still strapped she led me to a spacious area, much like the changing room in swimming pools, except that there were was the pungent smell of sterilising liquid. I was detached from the gurney but still kept in restraints, with my hands secured to chains dangling from the ceiling. My gown was cut off and I was roughly bathed by the staff.

It appeared that security was so tight that even patients/inmates had their teeth brushed by the staff. Back on the bed, I received the sting of alcohol swaps on my anus and crotch before the soft padding of a new diaper was attached. Nurse John allowed me to glance as my head permitted and I saw similarly figures at both sides of me, strapped down but silent. “The one on your left is convicted of second degree murder while the other eluded the police for years. They are not only strapped down but drugged so you should be thankful.” Those words were however little comforting words as he left me.

Around noon, a trolley was rolled in and finally I was given food, albeit, mushy porridge. Just like bathing, I wasn’t released from the restraints and queried the nurse about such measures. “Initially, we had a high amount of escape and attempted escapes because prisoners weren’t held down and some faked conditions. It may be extreme, but since two years ago, there haven’t been escapes since. We accept prisoners even from high security prisons.”

My face express doubts and he volunteered to show me around, with permission from the doctor. Half an hour later, I was restrained to a wheelchair with the IV tube still leading into my arm. As we exited the room, I caught more glimpses of my “roommates” who were sound asleep. “We’ve drugged them as we think they may get rowdy. Anyway, they need the rest to recover”.

I was wheeled back to the administration area where I witnessed the presence of armed guards and other rooms shielded with thick glass and automatic locking doors. CCTV cameras lined the ceiling everywhere so much that you would have thought this place was a nuclear silo or stored precious items. They showed me the operating theatre again, where there were a naked male and female, strapped down and gagged with leather gags. “This is an extreme case since both are known escape artists. Since their conditions aren’t that serious, we’ve restrained them as such. No one would dare escape naked.”

More “restrictions” were revealed as I was moved to another set of rooms. I wrote “moved” as I was blindfolded before reaching them for even tighter security reasons. Instead of just beds there were large cages with the patients/inmates wrapped in multiple straps, blindfolded and gagged. “These are those from the high security prison. The cages are electrified and depending on their condition they are drugged for nearly most of the day and allowed as little movement as possible.” Ouch, I thought, those poor souls are having it a million times worse that I had.

Exiting from a different direction, I noticed a line of people dressed in dark clothing, chained and hooded. “They are the prisoners who are cleared of problems. Again, all inmates are subjected to strict restraints until they are back in their original cells. It’s drastic but works.” To prove the point, I was shown the statistics of the prison before I was returned to my bed. Strapped down again, they surprised me with a blindfold. “Just to give you the feeling of what some patients are going through.”

So for the remaining days I remained gagged, restrained and blindfolded, with all my excretion done on a diaper. Finally, the doctor cleared me to return home. Just as my straps were removed, Nurse John was motioned aside and the Doctor reappeared. “How would you like to experience how prisoners are transported back to prison?” I paused and stilled gagged with tape, I nodded. As I tried to find my bearing after lying down for so long, my wrists were locked behind me with plastic cuffs and the doctor personally lead me to a side room.

With the snip of scissors, my gown was removed and being bra-less, I turned a beet root red, standing there semi naked. He held me firmly as he dressed me in a tight prisoner’s gown. “It’s tight to give you the “restrictive feeling,” he remarked. Handcuffs and leg irons were applied and my gag was replaced with a leather gag. A hood completed everything and I was guided out, my chains were attached to what I assumed was another inmate.

The rest was basically a ten minute march to the prison next door where I was given a strip search. The reason was to check for anything that prisoners may have stolen—one of the other crazy measures I thought. Thus ended my stay in a prison hospital.

New Detention Method 2

New Detention Method

By: Claire Harrison

This is my second article, once again on punishments in schools. This time, I visited an all girls school, Solhill Grammar School, to investigate how the girls have been disciplined.

This school had the highest number of drop outs and criminal cases for the last three years whith the girls committing acts such as assault and kidnapping. After much debate and consultation with the local police and parents, a new disciplinary action was passed.

“Ironically, we came out with the idea because of what a gang of students did to a young girl,” discipline master Mr. Roman remarked. “This young girl was stripped of her clothing and wrapped in baby nappies. Therefore, we came up with an idea of forcing girls to wear diapers as part of their punishment.”

Humiliation was the key factor I was told. A student that was caught with the tiniest breaching of school rules or activities outside school would be immediate brought to the nurse, who was a incidentally a male. The student would then be strapped to an operating table and her underwear and hosiery (if she is wearing one) would be removed. Her crotch would be shaved carefully with a diaper taped in place. The worse the punishment, the thicker the diaper and the longer the time she had to have them on. To prevent students from removing them, locking knickers would be attached. For further humiliation, each girl would be injected with a serum that would render them incontinent for the period of punishment to ensure regular usage of the diaper. Should they require any change, they had to informed who would then unlock their diapers and give them a fresh one to wear.

“How effective has this been?” Roman grinned and passed me a folder detailing the number of school offences and criminal acts since it was implemented. From a high or 500 cases each month it had dropped to 4 cases every sixth months with no offences committed in one year. Examining the statistics for each year, only the Year 11 students showed a relatively high number of cases—300 during the first two years of implementation. “Even the police presented us an award for this idea,” he said, gesturing to a plaque on the wall.

“It’s a really good concept in place of detention,” remarked biology teacher Mr. Hansen. “The girls still attend classes but during physical education they are given push ups instead, adding to the punishment. And some of them perform better when diapered.” I polled a number of other teachers who provided similar comments.

Having been tied up last time, it was only natural for me to similarly experience this school punishment. Changing into the green jumper and uniform, Roman yanked me towards the nurses room where I noticed two other girls already strapped to the table. Holding me firm, I watched the male nurse whose tag read Hendrich snap on the diapers. One of the girls had her mouth taped shut and Roman remarked, “She’s a yappy one.”

It was my turn next. Leather straps cut into my wrists and ankles with a broad strap around my breasts. “Tape her too; she wants to experience it all.” Yeah right and the stickiness of medical tape reached my lips. I felt my underwear nearly ripped off and a stinging cream applied. Within five minutes, the shaving was over. My butt was lifted temporarily and thickness soon surrounded my crotch. A ruffling sound was heard and soon the plastic underwear was locking across the diaper.

“What if I need to defecate ?” I asked. “You can’t”, he replied.” Not until your next change.” “Oh wait,” he said and brought over a rack that contained syringe. “Five days” read one and he injected me with it.

Almost instantly, I felt my bladder empty into the thick pad below and gave a yelp. “Welcome to your punishment. The girls are outside; you may like to interview them.”

At first the two students were too shocked to say anything and just cried until I coaxed them. “My parents will punish me even more when I get home!” Jane, a Year eight student protested, punished for shoplifting. “I just handed in my essay five minutes after the dateline!” wailed Year Seven Leanne Summers. Walking back to their classes, we passed a few other girls whose sniggering was clearly heard.

Even when they head home, their parents are handed a key and a packet of diapers so that their punishment would carry on throughout the rest of the day. In my case, Roman passed me a key a a pack of diapers but indicating he would unlock me during school hours. “Do use up the diaper before changing, I can only provide you with so many extra changes.”

Jane was the most distraught from her punishment so I followed Leanne home in her parents car, he father immediately scolding her the moment she entered. “Were you shocked when you heard about the punishment?” I asked him and his wife, squirming in my seat due to the thickness. “Not at all,” both replied simultaneously. “Leanne was always mixing with the wrong crowd and her grades were horrible,” remarked his wife. “Our house was vandalized once by girls from her school. But since the punishment was instituted, the surrounding neightbourhood has be crime free,” he added.

I stayed on for a while and witnessed Leanne being spanked by her parents before they gave her a change. With the school skirt evidently missing, I loaned a towel from the family and headed to several other households for interviews gaining similar comments with the exception of one family. “You probably need a lift home,” Mr Summers said.

Back in Solhill Grammar the next day, a teacher mistook me for a student and yelled at me for wandering around. By ten a.m., my diaper was quite full and I found Roman with another diapered girl. “Your diaper isn’t full; get back to class!” he shouted. The student kept on begging but received no compassionate comments in return. “They’ve got to learn to wet it to the full—anything less and they might even get their punishment period extended.”, he said, unlocking me.

Another round of question covered preventive measures such as sickness and the possibility of rash or other infection. “Hardly any cases” was the answer. If a girl had her menses, that would be no excuse except that she would be allowed to change more often. For really serious cases, the maximum punishment would be six weeks and a caning in front of the whole school but that had not occurred for a while.

It was Physical Education class for one group and Roman suggested I be “punished” by doing push ups. It was certainly even more humiliating with my thickly covered butt moving up and down. Following that, I met up with the school principal, Mr. Winkle who similarly mistook me for a student.

“How long do you expect this to continue? Surely it won’t last forever?” I asked. “We’ve tried stopping it for one month and the girls were back to their mischief. So no, not until the thought is entrenched in their minds will we stop it.” I tried many other counter arugments, but his stance remained.

Across the next three days, I continued interviews with more students, teachers and even the police with all acknowledging the usefulness of the scheme. Finally, the end of my “entrapment” was over and it did feel weird pulling up my knickers.

It was a punishment I’ll never forget alright

New Detention Method

New Detention Method

By: Claire Harrison

At Raddelborn Grammar School, the behaviour of students, both boys and girls was extremely appalling for several years. Recently, however, things have improved drastically. Grabbing my usual equipment, I passed through the school gates to learn the reasons for the change.

“It came about by accident really,” noted the Principal Mr. Thorborn. “One of our teachers had read a fiction book about House Arrest where the prisoner was still cuffed while under house detention. I happened to see the book on his desk and after one huge staff meeting, the idea can into effect”.

“The idea” was instead of writing lines, doing extra work or chores, students would be physically restrained in a set aside room, monitored by teachers. Various equipment such as cloth, clean underwear (donated by the students), rope, handcuffs, leg irons and even plastic ties are used, depending on the type of offence and number of times. For example, a student late for school three times would be bound with rope and cleave gagged, while vandals would get a hog tie with handcuffs and a stuff gag. “The worst punishment?” I asked the Head of Discipline, Mr. Vanu. “Oh, we keep the student really chained and gagged and even hooded till evening, checking every hour or so.” After the punishment, students are made to write a page of how they felt during the punishment and how they would not commit the offence again.

I caught up with two girls and two boys which have been through the “detention” at least once. “I thought it wouldn’t be much,” admitted Marianne Sturman, Year 7. “But once the restraints encircled your wrists and ankles, you really remembered those few hours forever.” “My hands couldn’t move after I was released from the cuffs,” said Patrick Hayes, Year 8, who was caught looking at his friend’s script during an examination. “I couldn’t figure out what to write after that and nearly got another hour of it.” Lilly Haliwell,  the same year as Patrick, was not so lucky. She was always a rebel and was finally caught hacking the school computers and contaminating the chemistry lab. A hog tie with an underwear gag for five hours was her punishment and she had to write double the account afterwards. “Look even the wrist marks are still there!” she said, half sobbing. Her parents, on learning about her actions, caned her daily and grounded her for the rest of the term afterwards.

What about the teachers? Surprisingly, only one out of the dozen I managed to interview was uncomfortable about it. “You’ll be surprised how parents and other school heads wrote to us after hearing the results,” Mr. Thornborn continued, showing me a report. Offences had dropped from 99 cases a term to less than 2 every two school semester. Grades of each year had dramatically improved. “What about the dangers?” I queried.

I was handed another ring file which detailed the exactly procedures. After each individual’s offence has been noted, it is matched with the guidelines determined by the discipline committee, which includes three parents. The student is notified of the detention (which is on the same day) and directly after school. It takes precedence over all other activities which still must be undertaken later and time is allowed for lunch to be digested. The school hires a local doctor to give the student a check up and should there be any problems, the restraining is scheduled later.

The room can accommodate at least 80 students, all who are either on the floor, bound to a chair or the wall. It isn’t that well ventilated to cause more discomfort but there is some flow of air. Since students have to be there for a period of time, they are forced to wear cheap disposable nappies first before being roughly bound and gagged. Those on the floor are not to touch each other and hence are allowed to roll around in a certain area. Those to the chairs don’t get much comfort as the chairs have their cushions removed and they feel the hard wooden frame on their bums. Those against the wall feel varying temperatures as the wall is electronically heated. Teachers patrol the room and there have been very few cases of students feeling sick halfway. For more humiliating purposes, each student is filmed with the film showed to the class the next day and the student forced to keep it forever.

I don’t know what came over me but I blurted out, “Could I try?” “Why not,’ Mr. Thorburn replied and added, ‘In fact, there’s a student facing her first but biggest offence today. Want to meet her?”

16 year old Leanne Choon, who was my height and build had three cases of plagiarism, three cases of exam cheating and three cases of truancy against her. I couldn’t get much out of the sullen girl, who kept her head bowed as Mr. Vanu held her. “oh, since you’re with us, why don’t you try the girls uniform. There should be some spares.” Being just under five feet and small, I guess school uniforms wouldn’t out grow me. I stepped out of my slacks and top into a blouse, skirt which reached just a third a way below my waist, black tights and flat healed shoes. I was half shocked as Vanu grabbed me too.

The medical check up was fast and well a little rough. It was practically almost a strip search and a look up at our medical history. The diapers came next and I struggled to get them on. Immediately, I was grabbed and pushed to my knees. A hand pinched my nose and I felt a silky material being rammed into my mouth. I half gagged on it and instinctively used my tongue to force it out. That was impossible as a leathery substance held it into place. Out of the corner of my eye, Leanne was already gagged and that was the last I saw of her as an opaque hood was tightened over me.

Next, the real restraining began as my wrists and ankles were encased in steel. Next was still another surprise as two thick bands—it had to be a long plastic tie or strong nylon—was wrapped above and below my C cup breasts, causing them to stand out. Ouch. The finishing touches were the chain forming the hog tie and straps around my knees.

“Ok, Claire roll but if you move further that you’re suppose to, you’ll know.” That meant that if I rolled out of my designated space, I would feel the hard shoes of the monitoring teacher. After a few minutes, it seemed better to remain still but with the tight restraints, that made hardly any difference in terms of comfort. Lying on my side seemed to be the best but the hogtie chain was really inflexible and my muscles were aching terribly. Suddenly I heard, “All girls, lie facing the ground.” With my breasts already emphasized with the straps, that meant more torture for them as they felt the roughness of the floor.

Time passed as the gags were really effective as I could barely heard the grunts of the nearby victims. Suddenly, I was yanked up from my position. “We’re letting you try the chair,” came the remark. The hogtie was removed and I was carried over a shoulder. I expected to be placed down on the hollow chair and described but instead felt someone yanking my skirt and tights. My hot diapered butt felt the coolness of air before the hard frame of the chair came next. More straps came across my chest and ankles, making sure that I could not move at all.

It was like another one and half hours before I was lifted out of the chair. Despite the hood, I knew my butt was now red and marked with the frame of the chair. “The wall” as the last and it was not simply placing one against the wall. My arms and legs were spread out in a spread eagled position, holding me against the concrete wall. As described, the wall’s temperature fluctuated. Finally, I was unchained and the hood was removed. It was like close to six o’clock and I had been in restrains and various positions for four hours. My diaper was a little soaked from sweat and my urine and I could hardly move my limbs to rub back the circulation. That however, was performed by a kind teacher.

“Want to write the detention report?” Vanu asked. I nodded and was ushered to another room. My hand took at least ten minutes to form the first word but I managed to write something worthy of a journalist in the time allocated. “That’s a pass,” Vanu remarked and finally my gag was removed. The stuff was a silky underwear which was unrecognizable. “Ow,” I finally said as I rubbed my jaw. “That really does teach one a lesson.”

I met up with Leanne who was full of tears and just wouldn’t move from the spot. “Come on, it’s over,” I said. “No-o,” she sobbed, “this is the beginning. My parents are going to give me more hell tonight.” I finally managed to coax the girl as we changed back into our knickers. “Oh,” Vanu said, passing me a disc. “For memories sake.”

It was a punishment I’ll never forget alright.


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